An OFW in Gimhae robs jewelry shop

We will always be proud of the hardworking Filipinos in South Korea, but it is a shame when we hear of stories about how a few resort to crime when difficulty arises. Such as this story of an OFW in Gimhae who was seen on CCTV employing an unusual tactic to rob a jewelry shop in a southern city of Korea.


At around 7:30pm on November 17th in Gimhae City (near Busan), a man wearing a hood and a mask entered a jewelry store with a fire extinguisher. He pointed the extinguisher to the owner of the shop so he left. This gave the man the chance to take out about 30 pieces of jewelry amounting to 23.7 million won (close to 1 million pesos). When he ran away, a 48-year old Bangladeshi, who is a naturalized Korean, saw him. The Bangladeshi had known the owner of the shop for a long time so he tried to stop the thief.

It turns out that the thief is a Filipino. The 44-year old man lost his job at a factory last March and because of debts in Korea and back home in the Philippines, he thought of stealing from the jewelry store.

On November 18th, the Bangladeshi was awarded by the local police for his bravery while the Filipino man is in jail.

Capture: MBN News
Capture: MBN News

I feel sorry for the OFW in Gimhae, but he should not have resorted to thievery to pay for his debts. We’re not forever young and there is an age limit for EPS workers. So while we have jobs, learn to live within our means and try to invest in any way we can. There is PAG-IBIG Fund that is available even for Filipinos in Korea. We could invest little by little as security for the future. As they say, we can’t be OFWs forever.

Here’s the video of the story in Korea.


  1. Nkakababa nmn ng dangal nating mga filipino dto sa korea..brod hindi lng ikaw ang napahiya sa ginawa mo kung di lahat ng lahi natin dto..kung ano man yung reasons mo bkit mo yun nagawa sna nmn inisip mo yung magiging epekto nito sa iba..

  2. Bkt nmn maaapektohan ung iba??ang ginawa ba ni juan ggwin dn ba ni pedro??chaka ndi lhat ng tao perfect mgisip!!

    1. ang mali at mali u should not tolerate it. . . in general ang sinabi Filipino so we’re affected sana kong magnanakaw xa pangalan nio nlng ginamit para nmn hindi apektado lahat ng ofw dito what I saying is exact name diba hindi nmn ganun categorical then generally we are all affected. . .

    2. Kc po iba ang mga koreans mag isip …puro news pa dto sa korea mga pinapatay na koreans sa pinas kulang na nga may mga korean na nd nilalahat pero mostly sa kanila idadown ka tlga ..ipagtanggol pa namin ang bansang pinas makikipag away pa kami pero sadyang masama na ang tingin nila sa mga pinoy…

  3. Nakakahiya namn ginagawa ng atin kababayan.. 😡😡😡😡 dinala ang kati ng kamay sa ibang bansa.. anu nalang masasabi ng taga korea ? Wala nang dapat pagkatiwalaang pilipino..!! Anu ba namn yan..!!!😡😡😡

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