How to get a Korean boyfriend

I had a good laugh watching the hilarious production of “How to Get a Korean Boyfriend” by Cherish Maningat-Bae, a Filipina stage actress married to a Korean, and Kring, blogger of My Korean Boyfriend.

You shouldn’t take their advice and the video seriously, though. ;p


  1. did I say this by far is the most hilarious ever video I have ever seen?????damn! that I aegyo practice sure is so funny…Im never going to do aegyo ever just get my way of things!!!hahahahaha…it sure made me never a cheesytycute person to begin with so the aegyo is just so…..ewww….???no offense meant!!!

  2. hmm..i dont know where to hide when some of my westerner and korean friend saw that video..that woman made alot of fun.. i don’t even find the blog of lady Kring informative so much more as urs, urs is alot more informative and very helpful, thanks 2u..that’s why ur right ms betchay dont take their advice seriously!!..i also find video of her advising for so called 5 essential things to buy in goodness….but some are somehow helpful….

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