New Spousal Visa (F-2) Requirement for South Korea

F-2 is the spousal visa issued by the Korean government to spouses of Korean nationals. Here are the documents required when applying for the visa as of February 28, 2011:

Required documents for spousal visa:
1. Application form
2. One passport sized colored photo
3. Passport Original (6 months valid)
4. Copy of Passport First Page
5. NSO Marriage Certificate Original
6. Korean Marriage History Original (Within 3 months)
7. Original &Copy of Police Clearance or NBI (Within 3 months)
8. Original &Copy of CFO certificate
9. Original Medical Certificate of Filipino and Korean (Within 6 months)
– For Korean, should be issued by Hospital or Public Health Center. For Filipino, should be typewritten/computerized with Hospital letter head, contact number and Physician’s signature. Please check example of Physical Examination
10. Original Invitation Letter from Korean
(should be in a specific format as required by Embassy)
11. Guarantee Letter
(should be in a specific format as required by Embassy)
12. Korean Credit History Original
13. True Copy of Korean’s Financial Document
(ex. Land title, Property contract of lease, Bank Certificate, Property Tax, Income Tax Return, etc.)
14. Korean’s Police Clearance(Within 3months)
15. Korean’s Certificate for marriage Guidance Program

* Additional Document

* If you are introduced by agent legally registered under Korean Marriage Law
– Copy of Certificate of Business Registration
– Copy of Certificate of Insurance Saving Fund
– Copy of Personal Contract between Korean and Agency

* If you are introduced by relative or friend
– Copy of any valid ID or Passport

â–  Processing time : 15 working days
Visa Fee : 1500Peso

The guarantee letter and invitation letter are in a format required by the Korean Embassy. I’ve attached them here:

Guarantee and Invitation Letters

The files are compressed in a zip file. You may use a file extractor like 7zip. The files are in the HWP or Hangeul Word Processor format. To view the files, you’ll need the Hangeul Viewer program.

A lot of the documents in the list were not required when I applied for the F-2 visa almost eight years ago. Aside from these documents, the Philippine government also requires that a Filipino married to a foreign national should attend the CFO seminar.


  1. Yikes, super-dami naman ng requirements. OK lang kung madali lang lakarin yung docs. Pero some of these requirements take time. Lalo na yung sa Philippines. The couples have to coordinate and plan for all of these things para maayos nila. Sa paglakad pa lang ng requirements parang litmus test na for the couples.

  2. maybe you know or you have the idea on processing divorcement here in korea or in philippines…i hope you can help me thanks…

    1. HI! If you’re a Filipino citizen, you cannot file for a divorce in Korea. Your husband should be the one to divorce you. If his petition is granted and you eventually got divorced, you’ll need to report it to the Philippine Embassy. You’ll also have to file a petition before a judge in the Philippines.

      If you’re a naturalized Korean, you could file for a divorce. You’ll need to file for a divorce at the Family Court.

      1. ay ganun ba un ate betchay… hirap pla,,,, cla lang m rights mag file ng divorce,,,, but hopin d na dumating samin un…. ate bechay pwede ko makuha contact number mo.. para pagdating ko jan korea pwede kita makontak… kc dami ako nbalitaan s ibang nkpangasa ng korean… un iba d pinalad,, but hopin d ako isa dun… but im still praying for those pinay suffering on their husbnd… pls ate bechay.. tnk u and more power.. hope to see u soon….. GOD BLESS

      2. hi!po ask ko lang kung saan po pwede makakakuha ng (marriage relation certificate) kc isa po yan sa ask nila req.ko sa korean embassy po ba yan nakukuha hope you will help me thank’s

        1. bhe marriage korean certificate mku2ha m yan kng san kau ngseminar bgo kau ikasal kc aq s munisipyo aq kmuha nyan. yan ung ipa2sa m s cfo.

  3. oopps sorry i forgot there is no divorce in philippines what i mean is just want to know the processing of divorcement here in korea and how to file it in the philippines….doe sif i get divorcement here in korea my name would be clear in philippines?
    thanks and godbless…

    1. Hello po! wanna ask everyone here if u have any idea about the schedule for seminar for cfo(South KOrea).Im from the province and I just wanna make sure the fix date,since I’m still working and it will helps me also to lessen my expenses.Hoping for your positive response.

      1. ang seminar po s cfo is every Tuesday and thursday kc 2days seminar and worksho. depende sau kng anung dat gus2 mong pmunta ng cfo Tuesday and thursday lng ang schedule nla.

  4. thanks for the answer…i really do appreciate it…if things got worsten then i have to ask my husband for a divorced coz now our relationship is not getting any better..we just got married last november yet its hard to leave with him…i dont understand his character…thats why im asking for options…thank you…im not yet naturalized korean i just came here last march 20…

  5. i just want to asked, if there is a requirements regarding in how many days the korean man will stay here to get a korean visa?
    Is he still appying a visa if ever he stay here for 8 days?

    1. Hi Judy! Sorry I’m a little confused with your question. A Korean does not need a visa to the Philippines if he stays for 21 days or less.

  6. Hi Ate Betchay,

    With the Korean’s Certificate for marriage Guidance Program, is it available here in Phil since my husband is staying in Phil for over a year now.
    Thank you.

      1. Hi Ate Betchay,

        After calling Embassy, my husband doesnt have to attend the Guidance program as well as the Police Clearance because his been staying here in Phil for over 3yrs.

      2. hi miss betchay ask ko lng po kung ilan taon ako makabalik sa korea kc 5 years po akong tnt tapos po nahuli ako nung august 2011. tapos po umuwi po ung bf kong koreano nagpakasal po kmi nitong april lng 2012. pls reply po

        1. Hi bean,tnt din ko eh,pakakasal din kami.natuloy ba kasal mo.balitaan mo naman ako oh.tinanong kaba sa kr embassy nung kumuha ka ng legal capacity kung naggaling ka ng korea.makikita nila yun record mo na tnt ka.balitaan moko pagkumuha ka ng visa sa embassy ah.kung pwede tnt or hindi.

  7. Hi Betchay, I just recently got married to a Korean guy in SEOUL. ( Christian wedding ceremony) We are planning to register our marriage. The problem is I have C-3 visa. Is there a way to extend my visa or change it to F-2 visa while I’m still in SEOUL? THANKS!!!!

  8. Hi Ms. Betchay! 🙂

    How about married to a foreign worker in korean. My husband is an American working in korea as english teacher. Can i apply for spouse visa?


  9. hello dmi npla nting aswa ng korean..
    aq nga hirap n hirap n s pagla2kad ng papers..
    finally monday file nq ng visa…
    sa wakas nkaraos din..haixt

  10. hi angelica,congarats dhil nkaraos kna s mga papers mo,bka pwde mko help,ano2 requirements for f2-1 visa?d2 pko s korea,uwi me next month 24 pra ayusin mga papers pra mkpagaply nko.

  11. hi!nathalyn,..frm wer u d2 sa pinas?..i read ur message to angelica,mki sabay sna me mag aus ng f2 visa sau,..wat kia requirements?!…:)

  12. hi, ask ko lang yun sa NBI clearance po, ano yun name na dapat nakalagay, yun single pa or yun name na ng hubby ko? thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Niel, ask ko lang, ano kaya grounds kung bakit nadeny visa mo?. Meron din palang nadeny sa residence visa….. Katakot naman…..

      1. oo merun din.hindi ko alam kong anu ang dahilan po kasi kompleto naman lahat ng papers ko.tiis nalang tau tapos magdasal nalang.

          1. Ms. Bechay, ano po ba mga possible reasons bakit po nadeny ang F2-1 visa? pwede po bang itanong un sa consul kung bakit? thanks po…..

  13. Hi po ms.betchay..
    Thanks for all the info..
    I got my F21 visa last June but I had to come back dito sa pinas after a month.
    I am planning to go back sa Korea after 8 months..
    Should i apply for F21 visa again?
    Are the requirements the same?
    Ano po yung F6 visa?I heard it’s the new F21 visa?
    Shoukd I apply for F6 visa instead?
    Thanks po..
    I’m very confused sa papers..

    1. Hi Joy! As long as your F-2-1 visa is valid, you don’t need to apply for the visa again. You’re also exempted from re-entry permit as long as you don’t stay out of Korea for a year. Yung F-6 visa ay bagong spousal visa (which will replace F-2-1) pero hindi pa siya in-effect. Mga late 2011 daw iimplement.

      1. Hi Ms.Betchay.I think medu malabo pagkastate k ng situation k.Bale I got my F21 visa last June 2011 pero umuwi ako ng pinas after a month.something urgent came up in that case,hndi na po valid visa k po diba?I am planning to go back after 8 months..ano pong kailangan kong gawin?Mag aapply poba ako ulit ng F21 visa?kasi umuwi ako ng pinas after a month lg.thanks po..marami po kayong natutulungan..God bless po.

      2. Hi po Ms.Betchay..I think medu malabo pag ka state ko ng situation k..Bale pumunta ako ng Korea last June 2011 under F21 visa pero umuwi ako ng pinas after a month without re entry permit..I am planning to go back to Korea after 8 months kasi nagtatrabaho Korean husband k abroad.What should I do?should I apply again for F21 visa?kc I think po hindi na valid ang visa k..tama po ba?kc I only stayed in Korea for a month lg.sana matulungan nyo po ako..thanks po..

        1. Hi Joy! As long as hindi pa expired ang F-2-1 visa mo at within one year eh babalik ka ng Korea, eh hindi mo na kailangan mag-apply ng visa uli.

          1. Hi po Ms.Betchay.Maraming salamat po sa reply..My problem is ma expire po by September ang visa k po.I am intending pong bumalik dun after 8 months pa po kasi my Korean husband works as a seafarer po.Ano pong dapat kong gawin in this case?Ms.Betchay maraming salamt po.Marami po kayong natutulungan.God bless you po.

          2. hi ms.betchay! yung tanung ko po sana about their medical exam.susundin ko po ba tlaga lahat na nka sulat dun? ito po yung list ng medical exam nila.
            eye disease,dental, hapatitis po di sinabi kung hepa A or hepa C. Digestive Disease Circulatory Disease Urolugic Disease Chest X-ray Sexually Transmitted Disease Ear, Nose, Throat Disease Respiratory Disease
            Neurological Disorder Skin Disease Mental Disorder Serum Test AIDS and Hearing.

  14. hala.may nadedeny din pala na f21?im processing pa naman .last week andun ako embassy to apply pero ni-require pa kmi ng additional docs like bank cert khit mat itr na c hubby, tas yung sa medical nya na kumpleto nman lahat.tas yung id ng friend nmin na ngpakilala samin.ang sungit pa nung koreana dun sa window 2.d ko lam kung kelan ako balik to apply. ano nga ba ang possible reason bket may nadedeny na f21.parang natatakot yata ako.dati kc nadeny na ako for tourist eh.. worried to da max na ako 🙁

    Ate Betchay?any comment po?

    1. I was there last week to process my visa, same thing, I submitted all the documents they asked. May mga additional documents ding hiningi, and thank God naprovide naman agad ng hubby ko…. Sana lang alam natin mga possible reasons why meron ding nadeny na visa…. Let’s pray…… 🙂

      1. tama nga. so napasa mo na docs mo? kelan mo mkukuha ang result?antay ko pa yung additional docs from hubby eh. saktong friday kse ako baka nxt week na uli.. pray tayo maayos ang visa natin

        1. I went there last Monday, sinabi nila sakin kung ano mga kulang na documents, naipadala naman kaagad ni husband kaya last Friday nakapagfile din ako ng visa. Didn’t we see each other there last Friday? 🙂 We could share ideas Cherrie, since we have the same situations here… is it ok if I’ll ask your email? thanks so much…..

    2. Hi cherrie,

      Nag file rin kami diyan ng hubby ko etong aug. 10 lang. Pinublema namin ung bank cert niya kasi galing siya sa bankruptcy. pero inaccept naman nila ibang docs namin. Wait nalang namin release ng visa.
      What number mo tawagan kita.


        1. ako din Cherrie, give me your number… I guess I added you on facebook… ako ung may hunggul na name…. kung ikaw un I hope you can send me your number sa FB or is it your number sa FB? nakita ko kasi may number dun….. 🙂

      1. hello po…tanong ko lang may required amount po ba ng bank certificate ng asawa?asawa ko kasi ganun din eh

        reply nman po please mag aapply din po kasi ako

        1. hi jessica,,, if ur still wondering how much should ur husband have in his bank ,,well as far as i know, there is no minimum amount,embassy just want to see at least how much at mga naging transacations also, and embassy dont say how much ang needed for the bank acct,

    1. hello joy. expiration of visa (F21 is 90 days).once u receive ur visa u should use it within 3mos.then once u enter korea u should need to apply at the immigration for the alien card. (NOTE: visa expiration varies according to its classification).hope it helps ^^

      1. Hi Seul ah..Thanks for the reply.This is my dilemma.I went to Korea under F2 visa and stayed there only for a month and m here sa pinas due to some personal reasons.I want to go back there after 7 months.What should I do?Do i need to apply again for F2 visa?have you heard of such case?maraming salamat talaga..

        1. didnt u apply for alien card when u are in korea? if so, u dont need to apply for F2. But if u didnt, Im not so sure but I guess u need to re apply for F2 if u wanna go back to korea after 7mos. coz there is validation on it until 3mos lang…why don’t you call in the korean embassy for the clarification.. And dont worry I’ll try to ask someone about it:)

          1. Seung ah you’re an angel..Thank you so much.I wasn’t able to apply for an ARC..I am really anxious about my visa.I cannot go back there before the expiration of my visa because my husband already went on board.Medu tight ang schedule nya eh..Thanks seung ah..

  15. sobrang nakakainis ung koren girl sa embassy….. pinacheck ko sa husband ko ung papers ko before ako pumunta ng embassy to check kung tama at kung may kulang,,,, and then,,,, pinacheck ko ulit sa pulis inside the embassy,,,, at walang kulang,,,,i arrived 9 am,, nag antay ako untill 11:30am,,,at binalik sakin ang aking papers dahil kulang daw,,,, pinacheck ko ulit kay mamangf pulis,,,, nakatatlong balik ako that day kulang daw talaga ang documents,,, i ask what document ang kulang,,, pinaalis na po ako at nag intertain na ng ibang costomer,,, nag tanung nlng ako ulit dun sa pulis na nag aasist,,, sav sakin BUMALIK NALANG AKO BUKAS KC MAY TUPAK YUNG TUMATANGGAP NG VISA!!!! NAPAKANONSENSE NYA!!!! NAPAKAWALANG KWENTA NYA!!!!,,, NASAYANG ORAS NAMIN AND PAMASAHE,,,,KARMA NLNG XA HUMARAP, SOBRANG SAMA NG LOOB KO,,,,,

    1. saang window ka? kung sa window 2 ka.may topak tlaga yung babae dun.tas ang style nya pa is iipunin nya yung mga papers at pauupuin ka muna.tas tatawagin ka nya at kung may kulang ibabalik sayo requirements mo. kaya d nko bumalik sa window na yun

        1. Nagbibigay sila ng copy kung may kulang sa documents… ung meron akong kulang the other Korean high-lightened the documents that I have to provide.. tapos she filed all the documents and gave me a piece of paper na meron na ako, she even wrote some documents na wala dun sa requirement list nila….They are checking all the documents naman, kung ok na they accept it right away… when I came back everything was ok…. Just waiting for the visa….

  16. hello po. . .itatanong ko lang po mag aapply din po kasi ako ng f21 visa,kompleto n sana requirements ko kaya lang yung medical result ko po is positive daw ako sa Hepatitis B…maaapektuhan po ba nun yung application ko?ano po dapat gawin??
    one thing more may required amount po ba ung sa bank certificate ng husband?
    really need you advice 🙁

    1. hi jessica… accredited hospital ba ung pinagpacheck up mo? usually the doctor will suggest what u should do. kung kinakailngan magpagaling ka muna or what.

      1. Hi po, is it necessary na credited ung hospital for the medical if you are applying for f21? un lang po ba ang nirequire ng embassy?

        1. Hi Lei..The embassy has a list of accredited hospitals..As far as I know,ung cnabi ng guard sakin nun,ung accredited hospitals lang ang ina accept ng embassy.

          1. hi Joy, I have a copy as well. I went to one of the accredited hospitals mentioned, actually it was one of the biggest hospital in the Philippines,however; I was referred by the internal medicine doctor to get the tests needed at a diagnostic center since it would took time before I could get the results from their hospital. Therefore, my medical certificate is still from the accredited hospital I’ve been to, the thing is that the result was came from a diagnostic center. I am quite bother about it, because the embassy might not allow it and it would result to denial of my visa. I’m praying though. 🙂

      2. hi Jessica, are u a Hepa B reactive carrier?Some wud refer that to Hepa B Healthy carrier kc walang symptoms.Depende yan sa ibang tests aside from HBS AG screening. ilang test ang ginawa sayo at saang clinic o hospital ka ngpatest? Try mo mgpa second opinion sa ibang doctors, they’ll advise you to have complete test like HBsAG,Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc, SGOT, SGPT, ALK Phosphatase and even Liver ultrasound. there are 2 types of Hepa B kse, one is Acute and d other is Chronic. Hepa B is contagious through contact with an infected person’s blood, semen, or other body fluid. But, You cannot get hepatitis B from shaking hands with an infected person, hugging an infected person or sitting next to an infected person. Alam ba ng husband mo na diagnosed ka wd Hepa B? From what i know, ur husband needs to sign a weaver that he’s informed na may hepa b ka and ur fit to travel abroad. yung hindi lng ata inaaccept are those who have Sexually Transmitted Diseases like AIDS. i know someone who has Hepa B and she’s already in Korea now.

        1. alam nya po kasi itinawag ko na sa kanya. . .yungwaiver po ba kailangan may authentication?if ever meron san po nya ipapa authenticate?thanks a lot po sa reply 🙂

          1. hi Jessica, sori kse nsa province ako walang signal ang broadband ko. tama c Lei, kelangan c Doc na gumawa ng test mo ang mgbigay sayo ng result at yung waiver depende sa hospital kung irerequire nila ang waiver.ill add u sa yahoo messenger ko.

      3. opo accredited kaya lang ung nurse lang nagbigay ng result nagkaproblema pa nga po kasi sira yung printer ng hospital kaya sa labas pa nagpaprint…i dont which among the papers from my medical result yung pinaprint sa labas. . .may nag explain din na doctor bout dun sa positive daw ako sa Hepa b pero hindi ko un kilala kasi hindi nman xa ung nag medical sakin

        1. Hi Jessica, you better ask the internal medicine doctor sila ung mas nakakaalam regarding your situation. Meron ka bang doctor na nilapitan?, mas mainam kasi kung sa doctor ka muna lalapit before conducting the test, they are giving request kung ano ang dapat gawin sayo for the medical, pag nakuha mo ung result dapat ang mag discuss sayo ng result is the doctor who give you the request also. Iba kasi talaga ung kumukuha ng mga test dun sa doctor…. Sang hospital ka ba ngpunta?

          1. Sa Taguig Doctors Hospital po. . .nagpamedical lang ako dun tapos paka bigay ng result ang sabi kahit positive daw ako sa Hepa B binibigay pa rin nila result kasi embassy ang magdedecide kung iaaprove yung visa ko o hindi. kung gusto ko daw magpagamot sa kanila pwede din daw po kasi pag daw ok ung visa ko pwede din daw sa Korea n lang ako magpagamot. . .

    2. hello jessica..i saw your message dito sa blog…im also married to a korean and im planning to go to korea next year….we have the same medical case kasi….im also positive sa hepa b..i just wanna know what did the embassy require you to do after you passed your medical exam?? i really need your information..thank yoo jess..

      1. hi tricia,pasensya na ngayon lang kasi ulit ako nkacheck dito sa site.dito na ko sa korea ngayon bale may pinadala lng na sulat asawa ko nun regarding dun s medical result ko na alam nya situation ko at dito n lang ako papa check up ulit

        1. Hi Jessica,
          May situation ko now ay katulad syo dati. pa share nman po sa akin kung saan nag padala ng letter yung husband mo. sa Korean embassy ba o syo tapos ikaw nalang ang nag dala sa korean embassy? Nag bigay ka din ba ng waiver sa korean embassy?ulungan mo nman ako kung ano din ang dapat kong gawin… many thanks!

          1. hi jing..
            di ko makita comments mo. you said we had the same situation which means u got your F21 visa noon pero bumalik ka kaagad ng Pilipinas? kelangan ipadala sayo ng husband mo lahat ng requirements na nakalagay sa taas. tapos ikaw na mag apply sa embassy. click mo lang yan na link para makita mo mga requirements parang ulit ka sa simula. Pero ako hindi na required yung husband ko sa Marriage Guidance Program kasi meron na siyang Permanent Visa dito sa Pinas kasi he lives here in the Phil foor more than 6years.

        2. Hi jessica,
          Ang situation ko now ay katulad sa situation mo noon . Please share mo naman kung anong ginawa mo. saan nag padala ng sulat asawa mo sa korean embassy ba o syo tapos ikaw nalang ang nag bigay sa embassy? nag bigay ka din ba sa korean embassy ng waiver? Please I need your answer…Many thanks.

        3. Hi Jessica,
          Yung sulat ng asawa mo regarding sa medical ay direct nya ba itong pinadala sa korean embassy? o syo muna pinadala ang sulat tapos ikaw lang ang nag dala ng sulat sa Embassy?
          Maraming salamat .

  17. oh my! ang dami naman na ng requirements. sino po may internet phone dito kelangan lang sana namin ng fiance ko ng makakausap about sa pagaasikaso ng fiance-visa. ^^thankyou!

  18. Hi Ms. Betchay,

    After I get my NSO marriage certificate should I need to bring it again at KOrean Embassy for notarization after I send it to my husband in Korea? or should I send it directly to my husband? Kindly advise. Thank you. ^^

    1. Hello Chinny, when I got my NSO, I sent it directly to my husband in Korea. My husband and his friend was the one who translated it in hunggul, since it should be translated into hanggul. Then he submitted our NSO at their city hall. When he got our marriage history he had it notirized in Korea.

      1. hi there sis ask ko lang sana kung ano yung mga inasikaso niyo ng husband mo para makakuha ko ng fiance visa at kung mahirap ba? pinagiisipan kasi namin ng fiance ko kung kami na mismo yung magaasikaso o ipapaasikaso namin sa agency binabalak namin magpakasal this year.. hope to hear from you soon ^^

          1. Hi Peachie. kami agency din nag asikaso ng wedding papers nmin hanggang sa visa kse we dont have time bcoz were both working.gusto ko nga kmi mismo mag asikaso kaya lng walang time so agency nalng.depende sa inyo kung saan mas easier

          2. yup.. can i get your contact no or yung contact no. ng hsuband mo para makausap siya ng fiance ko if its not too much to ask from you..hope to hear from you soon.. nakakastress lang kasi hindi namin pareho alam kung saan kami maguumpisa at kung ano dapat namin unahin.. hoping you could help us.. 🙁

          3. hi there sis kami nalang magaasikaso my mga pinagtanungan kasi ako na agency yung nagasikaso ng sa papers nila pero parang sila rin lang naman daw yung nagaasikaso bibigay lang daw samin yung list ng documents na kelangan.. hehe! sana hindi gaano mahirapan .. nakuha mo na ba visa mo sis? ^^

          4. Hi ate cherrie!

            Nasa korea ka na po ba? Pwede po ba malaman ung agency na nagasikas0 ng kasal nyo? Natatakot po kasi kami ng fiancee ko baka mapeke kami.. sa agency lng rin po kami lalapit..

            I’ll hope for your reply po…

  19. Hi,,Ms Betchay

    Itanong kulang po,,kung wala na poh bang interview sa Korean Embassy,,Kung mag apply nang F2 Visa.

    God bless us,,Indeed.

        1. diane,

          Try mo Taguig medical Hospital. 2k lang ata. basta korean visa kamo alam na nila. after 2-3 days makukuha mo na depende kung normal lahat.

      1. Paano po ba malalaman kung accredited ng Korean Embassy yung isang hospital? May list po ba ng mga hospital na kailangan po na doon magpamedical?

  20. tanong ko lang kung kelangan bang ichange ang last name ko to my husbands last name.nagtaka kasi siya nung sinabi kong ililipat ko pa yung name ko sa name niya.Sa korean practice daw kasi, di nililipat ng babae ang last name nya sa asawa nya.yung status lang daw ang pinapalitan.thank you.

    1. that right Meliza, Korean wives does not change last name when they get passport is still my maiden worries pg nag-apply ka ng visa.hindi nila tinitingnan yun.

  21. Thank you for this site, it helped me a lot… I hope that this site would help others as well…. God Bless us all……..

  22. Peachie, Where do you plan to marry, sa Korea ba or sa Philippines? if it’s here you can do it easily, as far as I know kasi wala namang fiance visa ang bound to Korea, tourist visa lang…. Regarding the agency, it is much better kung you do research and ask other people what to do, pag agency kasi malaki ang bayad…. I did all the things by myself and my husband through research and someone who knows about it… pwede ka nalang magtanong sa embassy what to do first…..

  23. ask ko lng po ano ang pinagkaiba ng NSO Marriage Certificate tsaka ng Korean Marriage History Certificate issued within the last 3 months ksi invite po sna nmin mama ko dto sa korea,wait ko po reply nyo ASAP..mrming slmat po and more power

  24. Hi po Ms.Betchay.Musta po?Is it alright po mag re apply ng F2 visa?Mine got expired and I wasn’t able to have it extended.Can I still use my Cfo certificate?wala naman pong expiration ang certificate di po ba?thanks po.Your blog is a huge blessing to many..

  25. hello po mag ask po ako dto po kmi sa pinas nng anak ko sa koreano.kso mo ung ank ko d2 ko pinangank sa pinas kaya di pa nka mngalan sa koreano tapos po biglang di ko na macontk ung aswa ko pno po kmi maka blik sa korea kng di ko na makausap ung aswa ko.antay ko po rply nyo salamat mo

    1. Hi Mariane! Kung hindi naparehistro ng asawa mo ang anak ninyo, eh hindi siya Korean citizen. Mukhang inabandona ng asawa mo yung anak ninyo. Hindi ka naman makakakuha ng F-2 visa kung walang sponsor na asawa. So kung pupunta ka rito, tourist ang aplayan mong visa.

  26. hi po maam betchay ano po kailangan pag mag apply po ako nng tourist visa.pra po pag kamarating ulit ako sa korea maayos nmin prblma ko sa anak ko kawawa po kc,maraming salamat po tlaga god blees po

    1. You can go to the embassy and ask for a copy of their credited hospitals. All the credited hospitals will be given to you if you ask the police men inside the embassy. 🙂

      1. thank you po. problem ko lang kasi Ms Lei nasa Davao me and to go to manila just to get the list is n0t very practical for me…i’m hoping someone would help me. thank you.

        1. Meliza, have you been to the embassy before?, kasi as far as I know pupunta at punta ka sa manila for some documents that you need to submit sa embassy, like legal capacity of your husband. If, in this case makakakuha ka ng copy from the embassy.

          1. actually we’ve been there requirements na nabasa ko kasi walang nakalagay na dapat accredited hospitals lang so akala ko pwede kahit saang hospital. nakapamedical nako dito sa davao nung pumunta kami sa manila..baka po yung hospital ko dito sa davao eh di kasali sa listahan.San Pedro Hospital po ko nagpamedical.

          2. Hi bean,tnt din ko eh,pakakasal din kami.natuloy ba kasal mo.balitaan mo naman ako oh.tinanong kaba sa kr embassy nung kumuha ka ng legal capacity kung naggaling ka ng korea.makikita nila yun record mo na tnt ka.balitaan moko pagkumuha ka ng visa sa embassy ah.kung pwede tnt or hindi.pag kuha ng legal c ano ang usually na titanong sa naman oh…

      2. hello po^^^
        ask q lang , im here in cebu poh. so meron po bang website na nagpapakita ng lisahan sa mga accredited hospital?.. thank u po.

  27. Good day po Ms Bechay! I’ll just want to ask if in processing my F2 visa its okay if I’ll just have the marriage license and not the marriage certificate from NSO? Thank you so much

      1. Thank you po Ms Betchay. Well ask ko lang po if my accredited po bang hospital for medical dito sa cebu? Dito kasi ako nag paplanong mag pa medical kasabay nang CFO ko.


  29. hi po s lhat..ask k lng po…me case b sa inyo n ngprocess ng f2 visa dto mismo sa korea…xe ako dto n ko kasal..and right nw dto p ako pero eps p visa ko..

  30. helo po ms betchay…tungkol po s marriage phil embassy seoul po kmi ngpakasal. tpos nung ngrequest ako ng marriage cert. sa nso. report of marriage lg nbigay nla xe outside phil. kmi korean embassy pa stin iho2nor nila un xe dto indi po tnanggap ng immigration..kya un ang problma k ngyn..sna po mbgyan nio po kmi ng advise..tnx po..and more power s inyong lhat..

  31. Hi everone! I just want to ask if you have any idea bout the schedule for seminar at CFO for South Korea.I’m also a Korean wife,I’m planning to attend a seminar at CFO,but i wanna make sure the fix date since I’m here in the province and I’m still working.hoping for your positive response.
    thank you!

  32. hi tanong q lng puh anu mga needs n documents ng mga koreano kpag mag se2minar s korean embassy db bgo mag pkasal mag seminar mna cla pra mkuha yng legal capacity nya tnx puh w8 for ur answer.

  33. have you heard the news wherein 3 pinays were held to depart for seoul this week? they posed to be wives of 3 korean nationals so they can work in korea…so sad about this…it was in the philinquirer news web.

    1. Like the others here have said, the Embassy has a list of accredited hospitals. I think it would be better to follow their recommendation.

      1. Thanks Ms Betchay..^^ ahmm Ms Betchay when my hubby and I went to Korean embassy for him to get his legal capacity to marry, I asked the consul if it’s ok if I will be having my medical in the province, he said it’s fine, they will verify it nmn din. But I’m confuse since they give a list of accredited hospitals.

  34. Hello po Ms. Betchay,just wanna ask regarding my visa(F21).I went to korea last april 14,2011 pero bumalik ako sa pinas because we decided na mag divorce ng husband divorced kami sa korea last june 2011 at umuwi rin ako june 29,11 sa pinas.but still kasal parin kami sa pinas(we got married sa pinas).hindi ko ipinasa ung divorce paperfrom korea sa philippine embassy.And now,nagkabalikan kami ng husband ko.
    So plan namin na bumalik ako sa korea.
    Nakakuha ako nang allien card 1 yr ang expiration.
    pwede ko pa bang gamitin to and we will just register our marriage again sa korea?
    or do i really need to get a visa again?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you!

  35. Thanks a lot for your response Ms. Betchay,i do appreaciate your blog and its really a big help for us to know some some information.More power and God Bless!

  36. Annyong haseyo everyone! I am going to pick up my green card certification from CFO today then proceed to file my papers for visa application…Pls wish me luck.Kamsahamnida!

  37. Hello po Ms. Betchay,just wanna ask regarding my visa(F21).I went to korea last april 14,2011 pero bumalik ako sa pinas because we decided na mag divorce ng husband divorced kami sa korea last june 2011 at umuwi rin ako june 29,11 sa pinas.but still kasal parin kami sa pinas(we got married sa pinas).hindi ko ipinasa ung divorce paperfrom korea sa philippine embassy.And now,nagkabalikan kami ng husband ko.
    So plan namin na bumalik ako sa korea.
    Nakakuha ako nang allien card 1 yr ang expiration.
    pwede ko pa bang gamitin to and we will just register our marriage again sa korea?
    or do i really need to get a visa again?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you or anybody that can give thr opinion.Thanx!

  38. hi ms. bethchay ask ko lang sana kung sa pagkuha ng medical certificate maselan ba sila or basta accredited yung hospital at saka ok naman yung results ng physical exam ok na?

  39. hello po….ate bechay..i got married a year ago to a korean planning to go to korea as soon as he gets his job…and we already have a baby pero he’s too young pa…kaya hindi ko pa cya dadalhin there with me..i have a question po…kasi may asthma ako..makakaepekto po ba iyon sa resulta ng medical exam ko? pwede ko po bang malaman ang mga medical exams na kailangan kong ipasa? maraming salamat po!

      1. thank you po for the info ms. chinny,,im quite worried po kasi..bake hindi ako medically fit to go…have you ever heard of a visa cancelled because she didnt pass the medical exam? may mga kilala mu pa ba kayo na nakapunta sa korea kahit hindi nla napasa lahat ng med exam? salamat po..

        1. Hi Tricia
          Well, I’m not sure about that. Korean embassy verified everything before they give you a visa, and they have their sets of qualifications if they will approve it or not.

  40. Hi Guys,hi ate Betchay!I’d like to ask anyone who was able to get an F21visa for the second time..I had it this year and something came up and I wasn’t able to have it extended.So my visa expired last month.I’m planning to go back to Korea early next year..I hope someone can share with me who has successfully applied for the F21 visa the second time around.I’m kind of worried..Thanks!

  41. hi, just wanna ask if the korean embassy already gave a releasing date of your visa is that a guarantee that your documents are okay? Thanks!

  42. mam bechat gd morning po..may tanung ako po ng apply ako nung spouse visa noong set.20 tapos ang realese ay oct.12 ngayun pag punta ko don sinabihan ako blik ako sa oct.14 ky i verify pah daw nila..abu ebeg sabihin po?wait ko po rply nyu salamat po.

    1. Hi Niel.I read your post a month ago..I hope makuha mo na visa mo this time..If you don’t mind,I wanna ask you something..So did you pass the same requirements?Did you use the same CFO certificate?I wish you well Niel..I hope ma approve visa mo..

  43. Good afternoon.. My husband is a Korean. Nag-aayos po kami ng documents para sa CFO, medical certificate at spousal visa application. Kakakuha ko lang po ng NSO Marriage Certificate namin. Next step namin eh sa CFO. Ask ko lang po kung madali lang po ba kumuha ng Guidance and Counseling Certificate sa CFO? May nadedenied pa po ba dun? and ano po ang karaniwang reason?

  44. hi mj..opo lahat ng requirement kompleto po ako..may mga requirements dn ako na wala jan sa lista nila kasi humingi sila sa akin halos 3 buwan ako ng process sa requirements ko lng…oo may CFO ako bsta lahat merun ako..sana po maka visa na ako kasi mis ko na asawa ko.salamat po mj.

    1. Hi Niel!I am praying for you..If you don’t mind,can I get your email address..My itatanong sana ako sa iyo.This is your third time applying,right?So the same CFO certificate ang pinasa mo?Wala namang expiration yun diba?I called the CFO office,they said I can still use the CFO certificate as long as the same ang partner.I am kinda worried kac nakapunta ako ng Korea this year,wasn’t able to have my visa extended bago ako umuwi.So mag apply ako ulit ng F21 visa.Sana mabigyan ka na talaga ng visa..Good luck Niel!

  45. @Niel Abalde — Punta po kami sa SMEF Quezon City (CFO) sa Monday, paparegister po para magpaschedule sa 2 day seminar.. Paano po un? Pag nagregister kami, wala nang seminar and then bibigay na po agad yung certificate?

    1. oo magpa register pah kayu tapos seminar pagkatapos ceminar bigay agad ang CFO certificate..bsta complete lng lahat ng requirements mo.

  46. –eto lang naman po diba yung mga kailangan kong dalhin? Ano pa po kaya yung sinasabing “other documents as may be required by the counselors”???? tsaka kung magparegister po kami by Monday, kelan po kaya kami massched for 2 day seminar? the next day na po ba agad or sched pa po for another date?

    Requirements for Guidance Counseling
    Two (2) valid identification cards (IDs) with photograph;
    Duly completed guidance and counseling form to be issued by SMEF-COW upon registration;
    If married, certified true copy and photocopy of marriage contract on security paper from the National Statistics Office, or Local Civil Registry Offices; or original and photocopy of marriage contract duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate (if married abroad)
    Other documents as may be required by the counselors; and
    Payment of P250.00 counseling fee.

    1. nakalimutan ko na kasi kung anu requirements sa CFO bsta punta ka lng don sabihan ka naman nila kung anu requirements nila..depende sa schedule by gruop ata yun bsta nakalimutan ko na kasi..sorry.

      1. okay.. salamat.. tom na kami punta dun para maschedule na kami for seminar.. sana walang maging problema sa lahat ng lalakarin namin.. thanks sa mga info.. after ng seminar, apply na medical naman.. ^^

  47. good am po. ask lang po ako kung spousal visa ka po pwede po bang one way ticket to korea lang ang bibilhin?di ba ako makukwestyon ng immigration? salamat po…

  48. wow grabe naman ng requiremnts now good thing di ko naabutan toh.. i just came here in korea last march 9 2011 and in that time they already change the policy regarding spouse visa actually one week after i process my visa ngchange na pla sila.. i was so lucky back then,. okay lng yan sa mga ngproprocess pa! fighting!^^

  49. Pag nagpa-authenticate po ng family census and certificate of relation sa Korean Embassy, makukuha na po ba agad? And pag nagpasa na po ng mga requirements for spouse visa sa Korean Embassy, ilang araw po bago malaman yung result?

    1. yung authentication mkukuha mo agad kc tatatakan lng nmn nila nag apply ka ng f21 visa, 15 days yun. pero pg tumama sa holiday jan sa pinas, maeextend ang releasing date ng visa mo. dapat kumpleto lahat ng docs mo, meron kc na kahit kumpleto na, may nirerequire pa rin silang other docs, depende sa mga sinubmit mo.

  50. Ask q lng po, if ung 15 working days na un eh kasama ung Saturdays and Sundays? kc po sbi ng friend ng husband q, bale 22 working days daw kc ung 15 working days eh from Mondays to Frindays lng po..

    1. It depends kung anong day ma fall ang application mo.Yup 15 working days exclude Saturday,Sunday and holidays.So say for example,nag apply ka nung Oct.7(that’s Friday),you can get your visa most likely by Oct.28.Don’t worry,upon acceptance of your application,they will give you the claim stub which states the releasing date of your documents.

      1. Hi MJ,

        I just want to ask..kse db nkapunta kna sa Korea by having an F2-1 visa before. So your applying again right? Kse just want to share my experience..I applied for my marriage visa a couple of weeks ago. By that time complete n tlga requirements ko. Pero nong npunta ako sa Window 2, hindi nya chicheck ng mabuti yung mga requirements, may kulang pa daw ako. Since I already went to Korean twice, I can read na rin Korean translation. Tumawag muna ako sa husband ko then bumalik ulit ako sa knya..inisa isa ko sa knya lhat ng sinabi nya na wala ako. So ok na..then suddenly hiningan ako ng land title..i told her na wla kmeng land title since ngrerent lng kme doon ng husband ko..meron nmn akong bank certificate and company certificate ng husband ko. Mejo tumaas na yung boses nya pero ako ngeexplain pa rin ako ng side ko..then biglang sabi nya hindi nmn daw cia yung mgdedecide kng makakakuha ako ng visa kung hindi yung consul. Sabi ko na lng Thank you ~~..Then to my surprise inaccept nya yung application ko and binigyan ako ng releasing date. hehe..Well, i said it to my husband and he told me na yung mga korean mahilig tlga mgtest kung tlgang alam ko yung mga details about my husband. Since mrame ciang tinanong nsagot ko nmn lhat kya inaccept nya na. Well, hopefull I could get a visa na rin. I will tell you pag nkuha ko. ~~

        1. kakakaba nman po pala.. sa Friday po aq magpass ng mga requirements.. sana wag nman nya aq maxadong tarayan.. God bless sa lahat.. ^^

          1. Just be prepared na rin. And wag ka matatakot sa kanya. We have the rights nmn magexplain if ever magtaray cia. Marame din kse akong narinig na hindi tlaga tinatanggap yung mga applications nila pag kulang yung papers nila. Basta handa ka lng if tinanong ka nya. Just be honest lng. E kung wla ka nmn tlgang mapprovide na gnun why worried db? Just explain it to her.
            Goodluck ^^

        2. Hi Chinny!Oh thanks for sharing your experience..It’s a relief for me.By the way,is this your second time applying for F21 visa?When you went to Korea before,under F21 visa or tourist?Oh Chinny maraming salamat..I am so anxious these days kc baka hindi ako payagan mag apply ulit or you know..Can I get your email ad?maraming salamat.I’ve been waiting for someone to share the same experience with mine.I am praying na makakuha ka ulit ng visa.

          1. Hi MJ
            Sorry i just had a tourist visa before. I came here in the Phil last May. I’d been there twice. Anyway, just secure all the necessary papers and try to call first the Korean embassy. I believe mkakapagapply ka ulit. Mejo intimidating lng kse pag nagapply sa korean embassy. Basta be ready lng sa lahat ng mga questions nila. Here is my email add, if you have any question
            Goodluck ^^

        3. Hi Chinny,

          Sorry for jumping here but i would totally agree with you, the korean at the window 2 is scary indeed. My husband was the one who processed my F21 visa and not me, while he was in embassy he was told that i was lacking of 1 medical test. When my husband arrived in Cebu i was totally stress bcoz i know i took all the test i even confirmed it to my doctor. So the following day, i called her and explain well to her everything that i already took the exam and i asked her to check the results thoroughly. Ayun, thanks God nman..she said sorry and she said to just wait for the releasing date. Because of that, waiting for 15days wasnt easy for me, I was too nervous i would get denied and my baby and my hubby would have to leave me in Phil, hehe! So my point is that if they would return your documents without saying anything, you need to ask why and explain to them well. I arrive here in Korea last July.

  51. Ask q lng po.. isa po sa requirements is the police clearance or NBI.. so any of the two po pwede dba? ala pa po kc aqng NBI.. i’m thinking kung kelangan q pang manguha or kht police clearance nlang okay na.. Hmmmmmm.. ^^

      1. Ah.. okay po.. salamat po.. bute at nakakuha aq agad kahapon ng NBI.. Hmmmm.. Ask q lng po.. di ba po 9-11AM lng po ung pag kuha ng visa tas 2-4PM po ung result.. so that day dn po malalaman kung approved or denied ang visa?

  52. Done passing all the requirements in Korean Embassy.. Ala nmang tinanong saken.. Complete lahat ng documents q.. Sa Novermber 23, 2011 ung releasing date.. I CLAIM IT! I WILL HAVE IT! ^^

      1. Thanks! Hmmmm.. I know God will provide my visa for me.. All of the requirements were complete.. He didn’t ask anything when the guy in Visa 1 window check my documents..

  53. hi there jonah.. buti ka pa tapos na sa pagpprocess ng application mo at nakapagpass kana ng documents mo baka pwde mo naman akong turuan kung ano yung mga steps sa pagaasikaso magsstart palang kasi ako sa Jan. and gustom ko sana na may idea na ako para hindi ako gaano mastress hehe! ilan months mo inasikaso requirements mo? thanks in advance ^^

    1. Hi Peachie, last September 11 lng kme kinasal ng hubby q.. tas wait lng ng NSO marriage certificate/contract. Pag nakuha mo un, pwede kna magstart. Ipadala mo sa hubby mo ung isang original copy ng NSO marriage certificate/contract nyo para iparegister nya dun sa Korea. Ang ginawa kc namen ng hubby q, nagparegister xa dun tas inackaso na nya agad lahat ng mga documents na kailangan qng ipasa para visa application para isang padala nlang lahat ng documents.

      Korean Embassy website:

      Yan ung mga requirements sa visa.

    2. hi peachie,
      pareho tau mgstart p lng mag ayos ng papers. nung mbsa q nga din ang mga comments d2 prang nkakastress nah! hehhe.. and same here,gs2 q din magka idea qng anu ano b ung mga uunahin.tulad nun CFO seminar, at ung medical san mas mgnda at accredited na Ospital for Visa.. Sna nga may mkasabay n din aq maglakad ng papers or sna mksabay n q sau ;))

      1. Hi Peachie & Medz.. Kinasal kme ni hubby q last Septmeber 11, 2011. First, kelangan nyo muna makuha talaga ang NSO marriage certificate/contract. Pag nakuha nyo na un, pwede na kau magstart ng mga kailangang gawin..

      2. about sa medical, may binigay na card saken dun sa korean embassy. Tumawag muna aq sa kanila and tinanong q kung accredited cla ng korean embassy and then sabi nla “Oo”.. and then halos ng nag-aapply for spouse visa dun nagpapamedical. same day makukuha nadn ung result. 2500 ung medical pero pwede tawaran til 2300.

        Here’s the link:

        1. hi Jonah, thank you so much sis sa info mo…
          by next week pwde n q magstart mag ayos ng papers nmin..inaantay q n lng ung s NSO Marriage Certificate ,,
          maraming salamat po sa tulong moh^^God Bless…

        2. Hi Jonah!Dun kba nagpamedical sa godswayclinic?Same day makukuha na ang result?I had my medical before sa ibang clinic,it took almost 4 days.Mas madali pala kund dito na lang ako next time.Thanks sa info!

      3. hi there medz oo nga sobrang dami na ng requirements ngayon before konti lang tapos 5 working days lang yung sa visa ngayon 15 days na.. hehe! haaay! till 3 week pa kasi ako ng dec sa work eh.. mas mauuna ka ata na maglakad ng papers kesa sakin.. balitaan mo ako ha? para pagturn ko na at least my idea na ako diba… good luck sa atin sis 🙂

  54. Kelangan umattend ng CFO’s guidance and counseling session, dalawa ang office ng cfo.. pili ka nlang kung san ang mas malapit sau.

    CFO website:

    Note: Punta ka sa CFO for registration and paschedule ng 2 day seminar.

    Requirements for Attendance to Guidance and Counseling Program
    – Two (2) valid identification cards (IDs) with photograph;
    – Duly completed guidance and counseling form;
    – If married, certified true copy and photocopy of marriage contract on security paper from the National Statistics Office, or Local Civil Registry Offices; or original and photocopy of marriage contract duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate (if married abroad)
    – Other documents as may be required by the counselors; and
    – Payment of P250.00 counseling fee.

    * Pero P400.00 ang binayaran namen. 2 certificate ung makukuha sa CFO after matapos ang seminar and makumpleto mo lahat ng requirements.

  55. Eto ung kelangan mong mga documents na requirements para makuha mo ung 2 certificate sa CFO after mong magseminar.

    – Family Census (Certificate of Marriage Relation translated in English authenticated by Korean Embassy
    * Kelangang ipadala sau ni hubby mo toh. Ipapaauthenticate mo ito sa Korean Embassy.
    – Legal Capacity / Proof of Singleness
    – Photocopy of husband’s passport with proof of arrival and departure in the Philippines
    * Lahat ng arrival and departure nya dito saten.
    – Original / Photocopy of MC/BC/NBI
    – Photocopy of Marriage License + Notice & Application
    * Okay lng kht ala nang Notice kung wala.
    – Wedding pictures with Solemnizing Officer & Parents
    * 2 pictures lng kailangang ipasa. 1 picture together with Solemnizing Officer and 1 picture together with family.

    Pag complete kana sa lahat ng requirements pwede mo na agad makuha ung 2 certificate. Pero pag kulang pa.. Any time nman pwede ka kumuha. Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

  56. That’s it. Pag complete mo na sa CFO and mga requirements for visa application. Pwede ka na punta sa Korean Embassy for Visa Application.

    * Visa application is Monday-Friday 9AM-11PM ONLY!
    -yan ang nakalagay sa Korean Embassy

    and then they will give you a claim stub. dun nakalagay ung releasing date ng visa.

    * 15 working days pero ndi kasama ang Saturday and Sunday and Holiday. ^^

      1. thank you so much sis sa mga info really appreciate it. ask ko lang ilang weeks bago mo nakuha yung Marriage License/ Certificate niyo? saan yung mas malapit na CFO from the korean embassy? sis is it ok if I’ll ask your email? thank you so much! Good luck sa atin lahat ^^

        1. No problem. nagpa-First Endorsement kme nung nagfile nmen ng Marriage License/Certificate kaya after 15 days nakuha na namen.

          Location of SMEF-COW Offices
          SMEF-COW Manila
          Good Shepherd Convent, 1043 Aurora Boulevard
          Quezon City, Philippines 1108
          Tel. No.: (632) 913-6439
          Fax No.: (632) 913-6438

          Location of PRISM Office
          2nd Floor BDO Building, 2422 Taft Avenue
          Tel. Nos.: (632) 525-3114, (632) 525-3783, (632) 525-4314
          Fax No.: (632) 5253114

          -mas malapit sa PRISM, pero sa SMEF aq nagCFO.

          Here’s my email:

          1. hi jonah..
            sis saan mas okay na CFO 250 yung para sa certificate tapos another 400 para sa sticker ganon ba yon? sis hindi ko masyado nagets ito “nagpa-First Endorsement kme nung nagfile nmen ng Marriage License/Certificate kaya after 15 days nakuha na namen” taga batangas kasi ako hindi ko pa mandin gaano kabisado sa manila.. 🙁

          2. matagal daw kasi bago makuha yung marriage certificate sa NSO totoo ba? taga saan ka sis? my fb account ka ba? i’ll be sending you an email tomorrow pasensiya kana ha masyado ako matanong.. may idea na ako this time thankyou!

          3. mas malapit aq ng taft..kso sis bat s SMEF k kmuha ng seminar? may pgkkaiba ba yan?or mas mgnda b kmuha s SMEF? kc jan mas mdmi kmukuha kesa PRISM..

    1. Hello there Jonah!

      Its daisy,Just wanna asked, ikaw lang ang nag asikaso sa lahat ng papers mo? No need to get agency for assistance.
      Asked ko rin po na ang first step talaga ay kung makuha mu na marriage license Contract mo from NSO, kailan mu yang e padala sa hubby mu duon sa South Korea para authentication sa civil
      registry nila. Mga ilang weeks kaya yan mabalik sayo.
      I really need ideas right now.
      Thanks and God BLess!

      1. Hi Daisy,

        Yes, aq lng po nag-ackaso ng papers q.. Ndi na need ng agency.. Kahit ikaw kaya mong ackasuhin and then sure ka pa na ndi peke lahat ng documents na ipapasa mo.. Ung saken po kc, talagang hinintay q muna ung NSO marriage certificate nmen before aq nag-ackaso ng iba pang documents.. Mas maganda 2 copies na ung hiningi mo sa NSO para ung isa ipapadala mo na sa hubby mo and then ung isa eh sau para sa pag-aackaso mo d2.. 2-3 days po ung pagpapadala ng documents.. sa DHL po eh 950 above.. depende sa location ng hubby mo sa South Korean.. pag province, mas mahal lalo na pag malayo ung DHL sa kanila.. aabutin minsan ng 2000+.. Ipaparegister nya dun and then kuha xa ng marriage certificate nyo dun sa Korea and then Family Census and Cetificate of Family Relation.. mas maganda na kumpletuhin nadn nya lahat ng mga documents na kailangan para sa visa application para isang padala nlang..

        1. hi jhona pag kumuha ba ng legal capacity ang fiancee mag fil up sxa ng form.ako di ba may fil apan din na form.tsaka pwede makahingi ng konting tip sa mga tatanong ng consul sa filipina?1st time ko eh.tnx

  57. Hi Jonah,

    Pagpassport lang binigay sa yo… most likely may visa ka. Pero pagmay-binigay na piece of paper sa yo, DECLINED yun. Nakalagay dun yung mga reasons why di ka binigyan ng visa.

    Nakuha ko yung F21 ko nung 24 Oct. mga 530pm na yta. May pinasagutan sa akin, tapos naghintay pa ako sa interview ng consul.

    Ako yung huling binigyan ng visa nung araw na yon. Nagulat nga ako ksi may interview pa.

    Have faith and I am sure you’ll get your f21 visa. God bless!

    1. Ano po ung pinasagutan? Mga anong question po? Hmmmm.. May interview pa? Ano po ung kadalasang tinatanong?

      Thank you po sa info.. atleast may idea na aq sa mangyayare.. ^^

      God bless everyone.. ^^

      1. Hi Neil,

        Sorry now lang ako nakareply. Nakuha mo ba yung visa mo?

        Yung sa akin, di na ako tinanong masyado kasi nasagutan ko naman yung mga questions.

        Siguro nakatulong na kinasal kmi sa Seoul, 4 times na pumunta sa Korea in a span of 1 year. At dala ko yung church wedding photos… kaya ang bilis lang ng interview ko. Ang matagal lang yung paghihintay, pero worth it naman.

    2. Hi Hannah!I was wondering,lahat ba ng nag apply nag undergo pa ng interview?After the interview,tsaka pa mag de decide ang Consul kung mabigyan ka ng visa?It’s getting more complicated.

  58. Hi Peachie,

    Hmmm.. di ko alam kung saan mas okay na CFO pero sa SMEF aq nagCFO.. mabaet ung mga tao dun.. Hmmm.. ung “First Endorsememt”.. di ba after ng kasal ung marriage certificate ipapasa or ipapafile sa municpyo kung saan ikinasal.. tas nung nagpafile aq sa municpyo, sbi q gusto q makakuha agad ng NSO marriage certificate.. un ang ginawa sa marriage certificate namen.. pina”First Endorsement”.. kc pag pina “First Endorsement”, after 15 days ipapadala na ung NSO marriage certificate.. kukunin mo nalang sa muncpyo kung san kau kinasal at saan kau nagfile..

    Here’s my e-mail:

  59. And then, ung P250 na cnasabi.. ndi xa P250 kundi P400.. tas pag kukuha ka na ng certificate.. dalawa un na certificate.. ung isa ala nang bayad un.. pero ung isang certificate na kukunin mo sa CFO un ang may bayad ulit na P200.. ewan q lng kung may bayad pa ulit sa sticker.. kc sa November 23 q pa makukuha visa q and after q makuha dun palang aq papasticker.. i’ll let you know kung may bayad ulit ung sticker.. ^^

    1. hi sis..
      ask ko lang ano yung mga possible na questions or ano yung mga tinanong sa inyo nung consul during the interview?? ^^ thanks in advance..

    1. Hi Niel, Tomorrow mo p lng makukuha if ever yung visa mo? i’ve read before na sabi mo sa October 14 babalik kna lit sa embassy to check if approved visa mo? What happened? May mga requirements pbng hiningi?

  60. Wow that’s a good news Chinny.. Very good.. Thank God you already have your visa.. God will provide everything that our heart’s desire.. I’m excited to get also my visa on November 23.. God bless everyone..

        1. Ung pagkuha ng legal capacity.. Pag punta nyo sa korean embassy, lahat ng couple pupunta kau sa isang room.. tas may ididiscuss ung consul senyo.. in korean and english language.. tas iinterviewhin c hubby mo and then ikaw dn.. kelangan magkatugma sagot nyo.. after nun, may pipirmahan c hubby.. and then after nun, magkukwento ung consul about life ng isang korean man and filipina wife in korea.. after nun, tapos na.. wait nlang kau for the release ng legal capacity sa isang window.. tatawagin kau isa isa..

          1. ung possible question is about you and your hubby lng nman.. Sa CFO, pagpunta mo kc dun paparegister ka tas may info sheet ka na sasagutan and then ipapasa nyo un and then may orientation kau.. after ng orientation, isa-isa kaung tatawagin.. may itatanong lang about senyo ni hubby and then bibigyan ka ng maliit na paper tas nakalagay dun kung kelan ka nakasched for 2 day seminar and then meron nadn nakalagay na mga requirements na kailangang ipasa sa kanila after ng seminar.. if nakumpleto mo na un, pwede mo na isubmit sa kanila yung mga documents na un and then makukuha mo na ung 2 certificate.. and then pag nakuha mo na ang visa mo, balik ka ulit sa kanila for CFO sticker na.

          2. hi pwede malaman yu sample ng question na pipil apan sa papel kung ao yun mga tanong tsaka hangang ilan ang question na sasagutan?help naman oh first time lang kumuha ng legal capacity bf ko sa embassy nila eh,sana may magdownload ng sample.

  61. Guys!
    I just wanna know if who among you get or process their CFO here in Cebu. Is it okay to get my CFO here in Cebu even if I’m also a spouse of Korean man. I just wonder because I’ll read all your comments and it seems all of you get your CFO at Manila.
    Really need info and ideas.
    Thanks and God bless!

    1. Thanks April!

      Well asked ko lang po april kung may accredited din po bang hospital dito sa Cebu? Kasi dito nalang ako mag aaply cause I know the place much rather than in manila.

      Thank you and God bless you

  62. Yes.. many accreditted hospital in Cebu,its up to you if go
    in Cebu Doctor Hospital,Chong Hua Hospital.
    Amen.God bless us,Indeed.
    thanks to you,too.

    1. Hello there April!

      Thanks a lot for the Info. I just now have an idea where to go.

      Can i have your email if its okay with you, I’ll just want friends.

      Thank you and God BLess!


  63. hi there,
    hindi ko maopen yung format dito bakit kaya ã… .ã… 

    10. Original Invitation Letter from Korean
    (should be in a specific format as required by Embassy)
    11. Guarantee Letter
    (should be in a specific format as required by Embassy)

    1. Peachi, me too.. di q dn nabuksan yan.. pero ung hubby q naopen nya yan.. ask mo nlang c hubby mo for sure magagawan nya ng paraan yan..

  64. thank you sis.. in hangul ba dapat yung format? haay buti ka pa tapos na ako nguumpisa palang ilan taon kana sis if you dont mind me asking at taga saan ka?kkk

    1. Yes, in hangul po xa.. sbi ng hubby q.. maybe alang program ung laptop or pc para mabuksan ung guarantee letter and invitation letter sa website ng korean embassy.. pero xa meron kaya nabuksan nya un.. tell your hubby nlang, for sure lam nya kung pano maoopen un.. Hmmmm.. I’m 22 yrs old.. From Bataan.. ^^

      1. i see you’re still young how about yung husband mo.. hehe! interview talaga..kkk sorry ha! korean yung program na nakainstall sa pc ko.. hehe!hindi ko lang masyado maintindihan kaya hindi ko maopen ngayon…^^

        1. My husband is 34 yrs old.. just few questions lng.. Hmmmm.. per couple nman ung interview kaya maririnig mo ang mga pwedeng itanong.. just be ready..

  65. Hi Jonah,

    Sorry for the late reply. Congrats!

    Kinasal kasi ako sa Seoul, wla rin couple interview. Di na pumunta si hubby sa MLA. Kaya siguro ako nagfill -out ng interview questions.
    Tapos, may interview with the consul…sya rin nag-approve ng visa ko on the spot.

    Meron ako nakasabay na deny yta sya, 2nd time na nya nag apply ng f21 visa.

    Parehas yta na declined… kasi di nya masagot yung mga questions. At peke yung wedding photos na sinubmit nya.

    Kung may couple interview, di mo na yta kailangan nung magfill out ng questions and interview with the consul.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Wow, congrats for your visa!!! ^^

      Ah.. nagkaroon kame ng interview nung kumuha kame ng legal capacity ng hubby q sa Korean Embassy.. And then, di q sure kung may kelangan pang questionnaire and interview sa consul sa pagkuha q ng visa sa Nov 23..

      What do you think po?

  66. Hi MJ,

    Depende yta, kasi yung case ko… We got married in Seoul. Bumalik lang ako ng PINAS para ayusin yung visa ko. Sabi kasi ng IMMIGRATION sa Mokdong..kailangan umuwi ako para sa F21 visa.
    Kung buntis sana ako, bibigyan ako ng F21 visa. Kaya lang hindi pa ako buntis nung nag-apply ako.

    Ang alam ko pag may couple interview di na kailangan magfill out ng interview questions and interview with Consul.

    Pero kung may questions sila sa application ng visa mo, mag fill out ka ng interview questions and interview with Consul.

    Ako kasi walang couple interview, nagsubmit lang ako ng requirements, tapos binigyan na ako ng paper after 15 days bumalik daw ako to get my visa. Di na rin pinapunta si hubby. Yung case yta namin rare.

    Kasi ang alam ko dapat umuwi yung husband for couple interview. God is good.. kasi malapit lang sa amin yung immigration office sa MOKDONg… so di na pinauwi si hubby sa PINAS.

    1.yung nadeny tapos magre-apply ..sigurado ako magfill out ka ng interview questions and interview with consul

    2. pag may nakita sla na discrepancies sa requirements mo like yung marriage certificate… you will need to fill-out some interview questions and interview with consul

    3. pag naglie yung husband mo about his financial background,criminal records etc… kasi ang alam ko nagbackground check sla..pumupunta sa house sa Korea.

    1. hello po miss hannah! just wanna ask something.. i read your post na kinasal ka po dito sa seoul…requirement ba talagang mabuntis para makuha ang visa? nung umuwi ka sa pinas , what are the requirements you submitted? kinasal ka ba sa pinas before or sa seoul ka lang kinasal? or nung kinasal ba sa seoul ,kelangan ba ulit ikasal sa pilipinas for applying visa? kasi now, i will try to apply my spousal visa here and we married sa seoul… im just worried baka ideny or pauwiin ako sa pinas because i heard also na dapat buntis daw para malaki chance pagkuha ng f2visa…actually, i have working visa here but it will last until february…
      I hope i can get an answer…

    2. hello hanah, noong ikinasal ka d2 sa seoul korea anu ano ang mga requiremnents? your experiences will help my sister a lot..thanks!

  67. Hi Jonah,

    basta complete ang requirements mo, walang fake approve ka na. wla na interview with the consul.

    pero marami nadedeny dahil sa problem sa medical.. pag weak ang lungs, may hepa or may ibang sakit.

    mahigpit na sila.. kasi marami domestic violence tapos maraming Koreans di nagsasabi ng totoo sa spouses nla.

    Sinasabi nila engineer,businessman etc . pero farmer pla.
    Meron naman, di pa dumarating yung Korean kasal na sa PINAS… alam mo naman sa PINAS basta magbayad ka may marriage cert ka na.

    1. hello po miss hannah! just wanna ask something.. i read your post na kinasal ka po dito sa seoul…requirement ba talagang mabuntis para makuha ang visa? nung umuwi ka sa pinas , what are the requirements you submitted? kinasal ka ba sa pinas before or sa seoul ka lang kinasal? or nung kinasal ba sa seoul ,kelangan ba ulit ikasal sa pilipinas for applying visa? kasi now, i will try to apply my spousal visa here and we married sa seoul… im just worried baka ideny or pauwiin ako sa pinas because i heard also na dapat buntis daw para malaki chance pagkuha ng f2visa…actually, i have working visa here but it will end until february…
      I hope i can get an answer…

  68. ahhh.. kc dito kme nakaplan magpakasal nun kaya kelangan talaga nming dalawa ni hubby ang pumunta sa korean embassy para makakuha ng legal capacity.. ininterview kme dun and nakuha namen ang legal capacity nya.. and then kinasal kame nung Sept 11, and then nakapag-apply na aq nung Oct 28 for visa.. nung nagpassed aq ng mga documents.. okay nman.. ala nang hiningin additional documents.. binigyan na aq ng releasing date.. and sa Nov 23 po aq balik dun to get my visa.. ^^

  69. ask lang po qng ang first endorsement ba tlga sa NSO aabutin ng 1month or tlgang 15days lng? kc ang advice skin is 1month daw..ang tagal kaya nun.. and san po mismo q un kukuhanin sa NSO mismo or s City Hall? pls help.. thank you ^^

  70. and then, mag-iwan ka ng contact # mo sa city hall kung san ka magfifile.. and then, kontakin ka nila pag dumating na ung NSO marriage certificate mo.. mas maganda kung dalawang original copy na kunin mo kc ung isa ipapadala sa hubby mo and then ung isa sau..

    can i get your email medz? thanks. ^^

    1. hi jonah,
      tnx so much sis sa help mo..heres my email add:

      un ang nkalimutan q sbhin c city hall n 2 copies..pwde q nmn ihabol ung another copy db kc nung nov 9 lng aq nagfile s city hall. cge nxt week balik aq dun kc mejo may kalayuan smin ung city hall qng san kmi kinasal.
      kya nga mejo nhirapan aq ng pbalik balik.. salamat po.. buti k pa nagaantay n lng ng visa mo… sna aq din d mxado mhirapan s paglakad ng papers..^^

      tnx ulet ;))

      1. okay.. i’ll send you message in your email.. Hmmm.. i think, call ka muna sa city hall kung pwede kamo pahabol para sure ka kung pwede para di ka maxado mapagod.. if di pwede, pag nakuha mo na ung NSO marriage certificate mo, kuha ka nlang ng NSO marriage certificate online.. bayad ka nlang sa bank and then isesend nman na un sa bahay nyo within 3 days.. ^^

  71. no problem.. Hmmmm.. napagdaanan q dn kc yan kya i know ung feeling nyo at this time.. kya i’m just returning the favor i received nung aq pa ung nagsisimulang mag-aus.. ^^

      1. hi peachie, nagstart k na ba kmuha ng NSO marriage certificate? bka sa end of nov aq mkkpag start maglakad ng documents. buti nga anjan c jonah npagtatanungan q din.1st q ggwin is ung s seminar s CFO.dun n lng yta aq sa taft PRISM kc mas malapit aq dun. kso d q nga sure qng okei din dun..

        ang tanong ko po Ms.JONAH, kc once nkuha ko na ung sa NSO and sbi mo nga dlwang copy ng NSO pra sbay kmi ng hubby q magprocess, so habang inaantay q ung s hubby q na mga documents okei lng ba jan aq magstart sa PRISM ung CFO seminar muna kunin q and medical s GodsWay bgo aq magproceed s embassy? kc mejo malayo ung embassy smin. pls help*_*
        ty & God bless^^

        1. Hi medz, i send you message in your email.. Hmmm.. btw, advise q lng po na mas maganda kumuha ng 2 copies ng original NSO marriage certificate para po ung isa ipapada kay hubby para maaus nadn po nya dun ung mga kelangang documents nyo at the same tym, nag-aaus nadn po kau d2 ng mga kailangang aucn.. kc po ipapasa ng hubby nyo dn un sa Korea.. Hmmmm.. yes po, okay lng po na magstart na kau magseminar for CFO and then kung ala pa po kaung NBI, kuha nadn po kau kc po kelangan po un at ndi po police clearance kundi NBI.. sa NBI po kc pag may kapangalan ka, ndi sau maibibigay ung NBI mo at the same day ng pagkuha mo ng NBI kundi papabalikin ka pa ng ilang days.. i think after 10 days pa before mo makuha ung NBI.. kaya mas maaga mas maganda.. and then pamedical na po kau..

        2. Hi Medz,

          pag nakapagseminar ka na sa CFO, before mo makuha ung 2 certificate, may ibibigay clang list of requirements na kailangan mong ipasa para makuha mo na ung 2 certificate..

          Requirement List:
          1. Family Census – Certificate of Marriage Relation translated in English authenticated by Korean Embassy
          2. Legal Capacity / Proof of Singleness
          3. Photocopy of husband’s passport with proof of Arrival and Departure in the Philippines
          4. Original / Photocopy of MC/BC/NBI
          5. Photocopy of Marriage License + Notice & Application
          6. Wedding Pictures with Solemnizing Officer & Parents

          ung #1, yan po ung isa sa mga documents na kailangang ipadala ni hubby sau.. pagnafile na nya dun ung NSO marriage certificate nyo sa Korea, makakakuha po xa nyan.. and then pag napadala na sau ni hubby yan, kelangan mong ipaauthenticate yan sa Korean Embassy and then ipaxerox and then ung xerox lng ung ipapasa sa CFO.. sa seminar sa CFO, magpapakita cla dun ng sample copy ng mga yan.. ^^

        3. hi sis, naku hindi pa ako nakpagstart sa magaayos ng papers ko paano hindi ako magkapagfile ng leave sa work kaya magppass nalang ako ng resignation ko next month wala akong choice eh .. wala naman kasi akong matatapos na asikasuhin kung 5days akong nasa office… haaay! ikaw ba? ang bait ni jonah noh… sobrang dami ng info.. wish ko hindi ako makanda wala wala sa manila.. sis inadd pala kita sa fb ha.. hope you dont mind…kkk!

  72. hi there wish someone can answer my question.
    i got my spouse visa last March 2009 i only stayed for a couple of days and my husband and i went back here in the Philippines..
    now, i wud like to ask on how will i renew my spouse visa?
    or do i still need to comply all those requirements and go back from the start? since in my first application i already gave my original certificate from CFO? thanks

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I think you better call Korean Embassy for that.. but i think your visa is still okay.. and you don’t need to go back from the start of visa processing.. BUT its better to be sure.. Call Korean Embassy about your situation.. God Bless!! ^^

  73. @Jonah Hi there Jonah!Did you have your medical sa God’swayclinic?The one you posted?Makukuha agad ang result within a day?I had my medical before sa ibang clinic,it took 3-4 days kc eh.So I am considering dun magpa medical sa God’s way.I hope you can give me some info.Thanks a lot!Good luck sa visa mo.

    1. Hi MJ,

      Yes po, sa God’s way po aq nagpamedical.. Morning po aq pumunta mga 11AM and then I got my medical results and certificate around 2PM-3PM po..

  74. Hi there Jonah!

    Thanks a lot for all the info. and even answering my question. It really helps me a lot. By the way can I get your email Add. I just really

  75. hello to everyone ,this coming jan. dadting ang hubby ko para magpakasal pwede bang pumunta KMI sa korean embassy para maginquire kahit wla pang married ceritificate frm NSO ano po bang ibigsabihin ngCFO .ANONG address ng GODS WAY CLINIC.bale 1week ang vacation niya ako nalang ang magaasikaso papers namin d2,pwede bang sa judge nalang me magpakasal para mabilis.thanks GODBLESS!

    1. Hi Claire,

      kung magpapakasal po kau by January, kelangan nyo po muna kumuha ng LEGAL CAPACITY ng hubby nyo po sa Korean Embassy kc po requirement po yon sa pag-aaply for marriage license bago kau magpakasal..

      ung CFO po (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) dun po kau magseseminar pagkatapos nyo pong ikasal and makuha ung NSO marriage certificate nyo.. isa po un sa mga requirements sa visa application..

      Here’s the link:

      God’s Way Clinic:

      May i get your email? Thanks! God bless! ^^

    2. hi there claire,
      oo pwde ka naman punta ng embassy kahit maginquire lang kayo CFO stands for – Commission on Filipinos Overseas
      yung sa address ng Gods way clinic check mo nalang sa ibang post dito yung mga post ni jonah siya kasi nakakaalam..kkk! baka magkasabay pa tayo magasikaso ng papers.. Godbless sis!

  76. hi everyone,
    can somebody help me here..i need an advise, i really dont know what to do kasi my bf is coming here on january 14,2012 and were planning to get married in it possible to get married there even if taga bacolod ako?and ano po ba ang dapat ko e prepare?pls do help me guys..
    God bless ate Bechay.

        1. Hi bechay can i aak about sa mdcal if ever po b my hepa hindi kna mkkpsa for marrige kasi need mdcal certicate tnz i need your reply po.

  77. hello everyone 🙂
    i just want to ask. i have f21 visa. kagagaling ko lang ng korea last nov. 20. i already have a ticket going back to korea by dec. 25. kaso ang nakalagay sa visa entry ko S. hindi ko kasi napansin yun nung una kong makuha yung visa ko kaya hindi ako nag-apply ng Alien Registration Card sa korea. hindi kaya yun maquestion? hindi ba dapat multiple entry yung nakalagay dun para makabalik ulit ako ng korea?
    ang validity ng visa ko hanggang jan. 2012.
    i need some advise please…..
    thanks and God bless po.

  78. goodluck sa atin na mga nag-apply or mag apply ng visa. nakakakaba naman pala at may nadedeny pa.

    sana approved pag binalikan ko na next week.

    God bless to all of us 🙂

        1. oo, stressful pa man din..nagpass kana ba ng requirements approval nalang ba hinintay mo? ako kasi sis nagaasikaso palang ng requirements ko.. kkk!

          1. nagpass na ko last october 15, pinapabalikan sa kin sa dec. 7 sana approved sya.

            ang hirap pa naman mag ayos ng requirements lalo na pag malayo ka pa. naka 2 beses pa ko pumunta sa embassy sa pag apply ng visa kasi hiningan ako certificate of employment ni husband. wala naman nakalagay dun sa requirements.

          2. next week mo na pala malalaman sis ok na yan approve na yan! pag nagkataon magkasama na kayo ng husband mo na magcchirstmas.. Godbless sis ^^

          3. salamat sis 🙂

            yun sayo din approve yan ^^

            lahat ng effort natin worth it. sana magkasama na din kayo ni hubby mo..God bless sis.

          4. thankyou sis..
            sis anong fb account mo add kita 🙂 sana nga makasama ko na si hubby ko para maasikaso ko naman siya ..kkk!

  79. Hello everyone!

    What are the other accreadited hospitals of Korean embassy here in CEBU for medical. Cause I really bothered now where to go.

    Pls Help!
    Thanks and God Bless us all

    1. ms,daisy…taga cebu din ako…chung hua hospital puntahan mo…pero ako dtu nah ako sa manila ng pa medical..may mag lista ako sa mga hospital.galing talaga sa embassy..toledo city po ako..dtu nah ako sa korea..

      1. hi niel..
        what about sa bacolod?what are the accredited hospitals?sana mtulungan mko.d ko talaga alam kung ano gagawin at ano ang first step to get medical examination.

  80. athena,,naka punta nah ako sa bacolod pero wla hospital nah naka lista sa embassy na nasa bacolod..kung ako sayu sa cebu ka nalang magpa medical..ganyan talaga ka hirap ako nga 2 beses akong na diny..

    1. hay naku..i was once denied too.nung last july na apply ako ng tourist but d ako next year pupunta fiancee ko dito tapos papaksal nlng kmi para mka kuha ako nga visa.hay cguro mas mabuti sa manila nlng ako mg papamedical nyan.thanks neil.

  81. i would like to ask, kasi nagapply ako today for my visa requirements and due to lack of time and katangahan, i wrote the wrong birthday year of my husband in my application form,,, pauwi n ko when it cross my mind… hindi ko man lng nadouble check… do you think madeny po ako sa releasing date ko? thanks

    1. mam kristel,ang embassy po pag may mali ka tungkol sa asawa mo diny ka talaga..di mo alam yung bday nya..nako mahirap yun…ako nga 2 beses akong a diny konti lng mali mali ko gumawa ako ng full of statement ng sorry ako sa sa awa ng diyos na bigyan ako ng visa..

      1. Hi mr.niel ibalde if you won’t mind me asking.. Anu-ano yung nga Mali mo nalagay? Na big deal sa kanila.. Huhu Baka may Mali din ako nalagay dun..

  82. wow ! I never thought that a lot of filipino’s there in korea now .

    by the way I need ur help guys , I just wanna know where can I go to do Physical Examination (MEDICAL) ? and How much ??
    they give me a list the center’s and hospital’s and i tried to call them but they said they don’t do physical examination for visa … weird .. hahaha 😀

    Need ur help guys … please answer me as soon as possible !!
    thank you !!

  83. wow ! I never thought that a lot of filipino’s there in korea now .

    by the way I need ur help guys , I just wanna know where can I go to do Physical Examination (MEDICAL) ? and How much ??
    they give me a list of the center’s and hospital’s and i tried to call them but they said they don’t do physical examination for visa … weird .. hahaha

    Need ur help guys … please answer me as soon as possible !!
    thank you !!

  84. mam princess kung nasa manila ka punta ka sa general chinese hospital at kung nasa cebu ka namn punta ka sa chung hua hospital..

    1. Thank You Niel , taga quezon city po aq , how much po sa general chinese hospital ? at ilang araw po bago ma’release ang result ?
      Nakuha mo nba ung Visa mo ?
      pasensya na dami q tanong ha .. 🙂

      1. ang sa akin midju malaki na gastu ko kasi may mga sabit ako aabut ang gastu ko 15thousand….pag wla kang sabit kunti lng naman ma gastu mo…oo makuha agad pag wla kang sabit..oo dtu na ako sa korea.

  85. Hi Princess,

    Yes, sa God’s Way Clinic aq nagpamedical.. D2 na po aq sa Korea.. Nakuha q ung visa q Nov 23 then Nov 28, d2 na ako.. Can i get your email? Thanks! God Bless! ^^

    1. By the way.. 2500 ung bayad sa medical exam sa God’s Way Clinic.. and the same day mo nadn makukuha ung result.. mabilis lng.. ^^

  86. This is my first time to see this site and i’m very thankful… I’m asking for all your prayers para po maaprove na yung visa ko.miss na miss ko n asawa ko.
    Hmmmm,ask ko lng po, san po bnda ung taguig doctors hospital… or yung Gods way…? I hope po my mkpgbigay ng location…thank you…

  87. Hi guys!I would like to ask kung the same pa rin ang requirements stated above?15 working days pa rin ba ang processing?Thanks!

    1. Hello Ping!

      Yes same parin yong requirements and still 15 working days parin ang processing ng visa.

      Take note lang Ping na kailan talaga na ang invitation at guarantee letter I hand written ng husband mo. Kasi yon ang required ng embassy. Pero kung yong Guarantee letter mo ay computerize kailan mu pang e papa notarize yon bago e submit.

      Take care and God bless us all!

  88. Thanks Daisy!I had my spouse visa last year kaya nga lang umuwi ako ng pinas.Kaya kailngan k ulit mag apply..Salamat sa info!Good luck sa yo.

  89. pwede po magtanong nang details about sa F6 visa. sa ngaun ang status ko po ay F2 ano po ba ang kaibahan nang F2 sa F6?
    maraming salamat po…

    1. Hi Joy, ang alam q about sa F6 visa is kelangan mong pumunta sa immigration office kung san mo po kinuha ung alien registration card mo and then nirerequire nila na umattend ng 3 hours seminar program.. un lng po.. Hehe.. i don’t know lng po kung sa pag renew nlang ng alien registration card magpapalit to F6 or anytime pwede.. ung F2 kc for 1 year and then ung F6 is 2 years..

  90. dear madam, pki sketch nmn po skin kung ano ang dapat ko po sakyan n bus papunta s korean embassy sa taguig city at kung saan po ako baba, d2 po ako manggagaling sa alabang mag apply po kc ako ng tourist visa, tnx po i need ur responsed & please send my email address. thank you so much.

    1. angel…mag lrt ka tapos baba ka ng edsa rotonda mag taxi ka nalang edsa papuntang embassy kasi malapit nalang yan 130 pesos lng ang aabutin ng taxi..sabihin mo mickenley along c5 road.alam na nila yun

  91. Hi need your help guys. I’m from Davao. I’m reapplying for a spouse visa. Just got confuse by the Physical Examination. Kasi it stated in the requirements that any hospital will do as long as it has a contact number and the physicians signature. But as i read your blogs parang meron accredited hospitals lang ang embassy na dapat dun ako mag pa medical. I’m from Davao and i need to fix my days of stay in manila. Salamat

  92. hi there Jessica,

    Yup may mga accredited na hospital ang embassy dapat doon a pumunta meron sila list ng hospital at diagnostic center doon sa embassy – yung Godsway Diagnostic Center itry mo kasi karamihan sa mga nagaaply ng spouse visa diyan ng papamedical same day makukuha mo din yung results.
    here’s the address: 468 United Nation Avenue, Ermita, Manila Philippines.
    Email Add:

    1. Thank you so much Ms.Peachie for the response. I understand. Maybe sa Manila nalang talaga ako papamedical para mas sigurado. I have another concern pag nakuha ko na po visa ko kelangan talaga ako mag claim or pwd representative nalang with my claimstub kasi saying PAMASAHE ko airplane. Tsaka merino na ako sticker sa CFO pag ba apply ulit pag my visa na ako ulit do I still need to get a new sticker from CFO or the old one will do na? Salamat.

      1. Hi Jessica, about sa pagkuha ng visa.. mas okay kung ikaw ang kukuha and then dalhin mo padn ung mga important na papers kc minsan sa pagkuha may hinihingi pa na ibang documents.. or tell your husband to call the korean embassy ilang days before mo kunin ung visa mo.. kc ganun ginawa ng asawa q.. tumawag xa dun para iconfirm ung status ng visa q.. and nalaman na nmen agad na approved na ang visa q.. kaya di na aq kinabahan nung nagpunta aq dun.. ^^

        1. Thanks ms. Jonah.. Sa April 10 pa tentative releasing date ng visa ko. Do you know someone na nadedeny sa spouse visa!? In what grounds? Kasi I’m a bit nervous now.. Kasi last 2009 I got my F21 visa tpos bmalik ako agad sa pinas.. Now doon na Ksi kmi Titira asawa ko..huhuhu approve sana.. 🙁

          1. Hi Ms. Jessica, yes.. may mga nadedenied dn.. nung pagkuha q ng visa q.. halos karamihan nadenied.. ung kasama q nun sa cfo seminar nakasabay q sa pagkuha ng visa.. di nya nakuha ung visa nya ang sabi sa kanya, tatawagan nlang daw ulit xa.. tas meron naman, hinihingan pa ng ibang supporting documents.. and may ilan ding nagsasabi na depende dn daw un sa papers ng korean spouse.. kung nabigyan kna ng visa before.. in my opinion, mas malaki ang chance na mabigyan ka.. Just keep on praying.. God bless! ^^

            1. Thanks Jonah.. Sana nga makuha ko talaga. Huhu kakatakot na pala mag apply ngayon. There are No days that I didn’t pray and still keep on praying na Sana nga okay na yung sa akin.hehe Ibang iba ksi requirements sa F61 kesa F21 visa ko noon.. Yung mga nakasama mo sa CFO bago Lang din cla kinasal?

              1. Welcome.. di q lng sure.. you can check this:

                ung isang babae i know bagong kasal lng dn and ung isang kasabay nmen e nag-iisang lalaki sa korea cla kinasal.. parehas clang cnabihan na tatawagan nlang daw cla..

                1. Ganun ba.. Kasi may scam marriage awareness na kasi ang embassy. Kami 2008 pa kmi ikinasal tas 2009 nagbakasyon LNG kami ksi I’m still studying here dat time. Nasayang yung visa ko. Sana nga okay yung sa akin. Salamat ulit.

                  1. ask lng po!gusto ko sumama sa husband q sa october xia maalis papuntang korea ,panu po b kumuha ng tourist visa.acctually po,im complete requirement for f-2visa ,ang problema po nag prepared kami last year2011.pwede p po b ung magamit.ei 2012 na nagaun sana ma2lugan nyo aq tnx u so much my contact #09056215989

        2. Thanks Jonah.. Sana nga makuha ko talaga. Huhu kakatakot na pala mag apply ngayon. There are No days that I didn’t pray and still keep on praying na Sana nga okay na yung sa akin.hehe Ibang iba ksi requirements sa F61 kesa F21 visa ko noon.. Yung mga nakasama mo sa CFO bago Lang din cla kinasal?

  93. Hi po..
    Would like to ask kung saan po makakuha ng Marriage Guidance Program Certificate. Kasi po wala pong ganyan before when i got my F21 visa. Tapos nagtawag mister ko s embassy ok lng daw na wala pero pag punta ko doon kelangan daw meron.pls i need your advice guys.

  94. dear mga sis.
    gusto ko po sanang mag tanong tungkol sa kaso ko,may asawa po akong koreana,6yrs na po ako r2 ngaun.bale 5yrs kaming nag sasama at nuong dec 23 2010 kami kinasal.3yrs po akong tnt r2 at gusto ko na po sanang umuwi para mag aply ng visa.gusto ko po sanang malaman kung mga ilang buwan po ba aabutin ang pag aaply ng visa simula sa umpisa hanggang sa makakuha ng pagmumultahin po ba ako sa pagkaka tnt ko ng tatlong taon?
    maraming salamt po.

  95. andito pa po ako rito sa korea at pauwi na po nitong march 29 ano ano po ba ang mga dapat kong dalhin na papeles para hindi na po ipadala pa ng asawa tama po bang umuwi ako ngaun sa panahong ito?

  96. ask ko lang po if need pa ng requirmen sa pag kuha ng visa kahit ang nagpakilala sa akin sa koreano eh kamag anak ko?thanks

      1. hi ate san po nakakakuha ng cfo?kc by april pa ako mag aayus ng mg requiremnt ko eh.tsaka dapat po ba lahat ng nasa requirement completo po ba dapat laha?salalamt po

    1. Hi AIsa, mostly wala na interview sa embassy during your application. You only have to comply all the requirements stated above. It will more efficient if your husband will going to call the embassy. Kasi karamihan sa requirements eh from your husband. sa CFO punta ka lang sa Quirino. Open sila Monday to friday. 2 days yung seminar. this are the requirements to get an CFO certificate;
      1. Two (2) valid identification cards (IDs) with photograph;
      2. Duly completed guidance and counseling form;
      If married, certified true copy and photocopy of marriage contract on security paper from the National Statistics Office, or Local Civil Registry Offices; or original and photocopy of marriage contract duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate (if married abroad)
      Other documents as may be required by the counselors; and
      3.Payment of P400.00 counseling fee.
      4. Family Census – Certificate of Marriage Relation translated in English authenticated by Korean Embassy
      5. Legal Capacity / Proof of Singleness
      6. Photocopy of husband’s passport with proof of Arrival and Departure in the Philippines
      7. Original / Photocopy of MC/BC/NBI
      8. Photocopy of Marriage License + Notice & Application
      Wedding Pictures with Solemnizing Officer & Parents

      1. hi po,ung sa asawa ko completo na raw lahat nasa akin na mga requiremnt nia,ako nalang hinihintay ang tagal ko raw sabi nia hahaha… interview pa po ba pag dating sa embassy?ang dami naman requirment sa pagkuha ng cfo huhuhu

    1. Hindi naman talaga ganun ka hirap. A month or two matatapos karin kaya nga lang it “takes two to tango”.. kelangan talaga help ni hubby mo para sa mga requirements:)

      1. hi po,ung sa asawa ko completo na raw lahat nasa akin na mga requiremnt nia,ako nalang hinihintay ang tagal ko raw sabi nia hahaha… interview pa po ba pag dating sa embassy?

        1. as far as i know during the submission there is no interview, as long as your documents are complete. Sa pag claim daw meron pahabol na interview but its case to case basis. Meaning it depends sa case mo if wala na follow up questions ang consul. But it will be best if pagkuha mo ng iyong visa eh magdala ka ng supporting documents.

    1. hi po… nakakuha na po ba kau ng visa nyo? ask ko lng kz ako tnt ako sa korea ng 5 years kya lng nahuli ako tpos pinakaslan ako d2 ng bf kong koreano. ano nga plang ginawa mo?

  97. hi po,ung sa asawa ko completo na raw lahat nasa akin na mga requiremnt nia,ako nalang hinihintay ang tagal ko raw sabi nia hahaha… interview pa po ba pag dating sa embassy?ang dami naman requirment sa pagkuha ng cfo huhuhu,d pa ako nanakuha ng nso ko na marriage caertificate dami namn palang need

  98. Family Census – Certificate of Marriage Relation translated in English authenticated by Korean Embassy
    san ko to pwed ipagawa?

    1. May English version niyan sa “dong samuseo”… tanungin mo ang asawa mo, sabihin mo na humingi ng English version. I’m pretty sure meron niyan kasi yung isang kakilala ko yung English version hiningi niya sa district office. Sabay pa kami kumuha noon. Sa kanya English, sa ‘kin yung Korean.

        1. Hi Aisa! Hindi ko alam kung meron sa Embassy eh, try mo baka sakali. Or pwede mo pa-translate na lang in English yung dokumento.

  99. Family Census – Certificate of Marriage Relation translated in English authenticated by Korean Embassy
    san ko to pwed ipagawa?kasi need ko na may workshop pa ng 2 days huhuhuhu

  100. hi po ask ko lang po san po to Family Census – Certificate of Marriage Relation translated in English authenticated by Korean Embassy
    san ko to pwed ipagawa?kasi need ko na may workshop pa ng 2 days huhuhuhu

        1. Nung nag-seminar ako, merong mga hindi nabigyan ng certificate. Pero kung kasal ka na eh don’t worry, wala naman na reason na hindi ka nila bigyan.

  101. dear madam; gusto ko po sanag tanungin kung kailangan po ba ng asawa kong koreana na dumaan pa sa interview at kailangang umuwi r2 para sa interview; samantalang required lang po iyon sa mga bagong ikakasal tama po ba?kami po ay kasal na noon pang dec 23 2010.nagtungo na po ako sa korean embassy kaso kahit ang window 1 and 2 hindi nila rin alam kung kailangan pang umuwi ng asawa ko para sa interview o hindi na…

  102. hi……..5 yrs. n akng kasal s korean national…2007 nag apply ako ng f2 visa q pero it was deny……..hnd n ako bmlk s embassy s makati before dhl i grab the oppurtunity to work in uae…nag aaply ult ako ngaun ng visa pero sobrang dmi ng req…kailngn p bng pmnta ng hsbnd q d2 s pinas while processing my visa……… me ate betchay

  103. hi.ate betchay… marreid to a korean national 5 yrs frm now…nag apply ako ng f2 visa q before pero bnlk ang iba kng kailngn dw pmnta ng hsband ko for interview…..hnd n q bmlk s embassy s makati before dhl i grab theoppurtunity to work in uae……..apply ulit ako ngaun ng spouse visa ngaun kailngn p bng pmnta ulit ng hsband q dito s pinas while im processing my visa?help me and give me advice kng ano ang dpt kng gwn ate betchay

  104. ask ko lang po kung pwed po ung Certificate of Marriage Korean version pwed ko po ba ipatranslate sa Korean embassy?pls answer my question po salamat

    1. Hi Aisa! Hindi… walang translation service ang Korean Embassy… at mas mabuti wag mo change ang name sa passport mo

      1. hi po ate betchay ask ko lang
        Korean Marriage History Original (Within 3 months)
        Korean’s Certificate for marriage Guidance Program
        san po e2 kinukuha sa korean kung taga gyeongsangnam ung husband ko?

      2. hi po ate betchay ask ko lang
        Korean Marriage History Original (Within 3 months)
        Korean’s Certificate for marriage Guidance Program
        san po e2 kinukuha sa korean kung taga gyeongsangnam ung husband ko?di daw po kc alam kung san kukunin salamat po

  105. gud am ma’m,kinasal kami ng husband ko last jan 18 2012 ngaun hindi na kami nakaatend ng couple interview, isa pa na delay kasi yung NSO marriage certificate namin..andito ako ngayon sa korea nagssama na kami ng husband ko.pagbalik ko sa pinas dala kuna requirments ng asawa ko.pwede ba akong mag apply ng visa kahit d umatend ng interview? or kailangan pang umatend kasama ang husband.anung dapat kong gawin pls advice me tnx…

  106. hello po ask ko lng if anu na ba ang bago ngayon na requirements sa pag apply ng marriage visa….hindi ko po kasi alam kung paanu din aq lang din isa ang magprocess nito..hope po matulungan nyu ako…thnks

  107. hi miss betchay ask ko lng po kung ilan taon ako bago makabalik sa korea? 5 taon po akong tnt dun tapos po nahuli ako nung august 2011. pero nagpakasal nman po kmi nung bf kong koreano d2 sa pinas nung april 2012 lng po. ask k lng po matatagalan po ba ung pagbalik ko sa korea

  108. hi miss betchay ask ko lng po kung ilan taon ang penalty ko bgo ko makabalik ng korea kc 5 taon po akong tnt dun. nhuli po ako nung august 2011 pero pinakasalan nman po ako nung bf kong korean nung april 2012.ask klng may pag asa pa kaya akong mkabalik sa korea mis ko na po ang aswa ko.

    1. Hi bean! Kung nagbayad ka ng fine, three years ang ban. Pero kung married ka na, mas mabuting magtanong sa Embassy at i-process na ang application mo. May nakasabay ako noon, mga 9 years ago na TNT tapos nahuli tapos umuwi sa Pinas at pinakasalan ng Korean. Nakapag-apply siya agad ng visa pero tourist visa ang binigay sa kanya. Pero 9 years ago pa yun ha. So mas maganda na itanong sa Embassy.

  109. hi po ulit miss betchay ask ko lng po if sakaling mabigyan po ulit ako ng pagkkataon mkabalik ng korea ok prin po ba kaya ung passport ko kc karrew ko lng po nun dun s korea eh. d na po pwede un. kailangan ko na po bang palitan un at gamitin ang apelyio ng asawa ko.

  110. good day po…pa help naman po ask ko lang po san kinukuha ung form po ng guarantee letter at invitation letter sa embassy po ba? meron po ba kau alam pa send nman po skin ng sample form…maraming salamat po..

  111. hi po.. magtatanong lang po sana ako ksi po asawa ko po ay koreana bali 4yrs napo kaming nagsasama kaso di po nya ako mabigyan ng anak dahil may diperensya sya.ngaun po gusto ko npo humiwalay sa kanya..ang tanong ko po ay ano po ba ang pede kong gawin pRa po makapag stay dito sa korea..F2-1 po ang visa ko.matatapos npo nextyear

  112. hi po.. magtatanong lang po sana ako ksi po asawa ko po ay koreana bali 4yrs napo kaming nagsasama kaso di po nya ako mabigyan ng anak dahil may diperensya sya.ngaun po gusto ko npo humiwalay sa kanya..ang tanong ko po ay ano po ba ang pede kong gawin pRa po makapag stay dito sa korea..F2-1 po ang visa ko.matatapos npo nextyear o uwi nlang po aq sa ppinas?sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako maraming salamat po

    1. Hi Antonio! Kailangan kang i-divorce ng wife mo. Pag tapos na kasal ninyo, tapos na rin ang visa mo so dapat umuwi ka na. Ang paraan lang para makapag-stay ka ay pag nag-change ka ng citizenship, pero kailangan kang i-sponsor ng wife mo.

      1. mam betchay pano po ba magdevorce at pwede po ba madivorce kung F2-1 po.ang visa change citizen nmn po?pede po ba un kahit wala po kming anak at mahirap po ba un?salamat po

  113. Ms. Betchay,Good afternoon. Tanong ko lang po kapag kasal na sa Korean, ano na po ba dapat gamitin na apelyedo sa passport? apelyedo na ba ng husband? o puwede pa din po yung apelyedo sa pag kadalaga? Thanks po….

    1. Hi Jin! Yung apelyido mo… hindi tradisyon sa Korea ang mag-change ng name so gamitin mo ang apelyido mo. Later on, if you change your citizenship you could decide on changing your name to a Korean one.

      Pwedeng hindi mo palitan ang passport mo.

  114. hi,po sa lhat..ask lng po me pagnka oneyer k n dti sa korea as a spouse visa tas umwi ka d2 sa pinas for some problem,gnun p rin b ung req na ippasa q like sa bgo req ngaun?kz pinbblik n aq ng aswa qng koreano dun 2yers aqng and2 sa pinas.pls..i want sumone to clear me this matter.esp,ate betchay

  115. Gud day po! Mam Betchay ask q lng po myrun n po aq mga requirement para sa f-2 visa ang problema po last 2011 ko iprenapared ngaun poh 2012 na pwede po bp b yun magamit? pls contact me i need have about visa,panu poh mag aply ng tourist visa sa korea ?husto q po sumama sa husband q sa october 14.xia maalis papuntang korea pls! help me po para kung anu ga2win .tnx u so much

    1. Hi kris! depende sa expiration ng visa mo… pero dapat kasi enter ka ng korea within 3 months na nabigyan ka ng visa… so kung hindi, apply ka uli ng visa…

  116. Hello po i need help im married w/ korean last 2009 then umuwi ako sa pinas noong 2010 for some reason and now ok na kmi ng aswa q he want me to go back but my problem is expired na yong F21 visa q ano po dapat kng gawin? Please help and about sa allien card may expiration po ba?

  117. ask ko lng po,augost 22 po ang releasing date ng visa ko pero pgpunta ko dun the guy ask na wait for a call until now ala nmn po ako naricv na twg mula sa kanila tumatawg nmn po ako sa kanila lagi sagot nila ala pa daw po visa ko,meron po ba sa inyo nakaxprience ng ganito mam betchay anu po kya mabigyan po kaya ako ng visa mis kona po asawa pls po?

  118. sa mga nakaxperience po sa korean mbasy na tatawagan lng kpg dumating na ang visa,how long does it take po na nagintay kau kc augost 22 pa po releasing date ng visa ko until now ala pa,my sakit po kc asawa ko at baka alang mgbantay pg naopera n paa nya my anak pa po kami dun.

  119. Hi po,

    im a filipino daughter po of a divorced korean citizen.plan po ng mama ko na this sem break mag bakasyon po sa south 20 years old na po.possible po ba na ma approve ung pag apply ko for a visa?tsaka ano po need na requirements.wait ko po reply nyo..thank you so much.

  120. Mga sisters help naman. Agency ba an nag assasist sa documents nin.u? Baguhan lng aq.. Gusto q magpakasal ng civil sa nubyo kung koreano ano bang gagawin q pra makasal sa civil?

  121. Hello …. korean embassy in the philippines does not have any accredited hospital for the medical or physical examinations. i have been asking around doctors and hospitals and they all said that the korean embassy’s medical check list is so vague. unlike in US, CA and AUS embassies they have an accredited hospitals and it’s easy for the spouse visa applicant to secure that requirement, but with the Korean embassy there is none. maybe guys you can help me on this and can share with me which hospital you went to for this physical examination requirement.

    thank you. =)

  122. hello,

    kmusta po sa lahat, married po ako sa korean i just want to know about visa processing do i need to go to dfa to have a red ribbon of my NSO marriage certificate? …another is where is the of CFO seminar? i hope someone can answer my question pls help me


    1. Hi Juvy! It’s best to have your documents red ribboned. Also, have your college diploma and transcript of records notarized by the DFA. Para pagpunta mo ng Korea wala nang aalalahanin pa. As for the CFO, visit for info on where the seminar is held.

    1. Hi Lyn! It’s possible to get married in Korea but you’ll still have to go back to the Philippines to have your visa processed.

  123. Hello,
    I just want to ask to Miss Betchay.
    Ma’m, nag apply po ako ng F2, naisubmit ko na po lahat ng requirements ko sa embassy. Then binigyan nila ako ng schedule for the temporarily release of my visa dated January 17, 2013. When I went there at the embassy I thought that would release me my visa.. instead they invited me to go inside the room together with the 2 applicants of f2 also.. then a korean staff handed us a paper to be filled up. Those are 2 pages of questions regarding the information of my husband and how well we know each other.. then after answering those questions, I went to a window 1 and the korean staff writing something at the back of my schedule slip saying “wait until we call”. until now they are not making calls on me.. I told my husband in korea to call the Korean embassy.. Instead he asked help from the korean immigration.. and immigration po ang nag kontak dito sa korean embassy at ang sabi daw po na to wait for 2 or 3 months para daw po sa interview ng immigration na gagawin sa husband ko.

    Bakit po ganoon katagal? sa palagay nyo po may problema po ba sa mga documents ko? may ganito ba talaga na nangyayari?

    I hope na matulungan nyo ako sa mga questions ko na masagot… Matagal na rin po ako dito sa pinas…


  124. hi.pleasE help. My wife is F5 holder. W are both in manila now. W applying an entry vusa to korea. What are the documents needed tet o acwquire visa?
    Please help. Thank you..

  125. hello po Ms. Betchay

    ask ko lang po if I would still need to apply for a spousal visa if my husband (he works and lives here in the Phil)and I will just go to Korea for one week to visit his family for Chuseok this September…

    could I just apply for a tourist visa instead? because I read that there is a 2 day CFO seminar and additional paperwork before applying for a spousal visa……

    or is it possible to apply for a visa as a housewife?I am currently not working because my husband advised me to take a break from work to focus on our new life together, and to allot more time for processing our papers and my visa, since we just got married this May ,I do hope that you could help me with this ^_^ thank you so much ^_^

  126. Embassy po ba nag rerequaired kung saan kukuha ng medical certificate,? If yes po pwedi po bang makhingi ng idea kung san ako pwedi mag pamedical ?salamat

  127. nag pakasal po ako dito sa korea..nkatanggap nrin po ako ng f6 visa.. pero wala akong visa sticker sa passport ..all i have is ung alien registration card ng korea .. plano ko po umuwi ng pilipinas next month..pinag aalala ko po is baka magkaroon ako ng problema sa airport immigration ..makuquestion po ba un?or wala na iba problema basta ipakita lang ung korean id? sana po sumagot kayo pls.. thnks po^^

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