Lee Min Ho Fan Meeting

I almost forgot about the Lee Min Ho Fan Meeting happening on Sunday, June 20 at Kyunghee University. I got my Lee Min Ho ticket two weeks ago on June 5. I bought the ticket on May 27 at around 5:30 PM, just a half hour after opening.


It’s been a year since I was “in the company” of screaming fans when I attended the Super Junior CD fan signing event. I also saw Lee Sun Gyun, the lead actor in “Pasta” last year in Gwanghwamun but the people at that event weren’t as “crazy” as the schoolgirls I saw at the Super Junior event.

I wonder how the fans of Lee Min Ho will be like. Hopefully they would allow cameras.


  1. I envy you Ms. Betchay, you’re so lucky!
    If they allow cameras, please do share your pictures of Min-ho.
    God bless!

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