The Shouts of Reds

It’s D-15 until the 2010 World Cup and this is going to be my second in Korea. I was not a fan of soccer before I came here. In fact, I didn’t understand the game until my husband explained everything to me while we were watching a 3AM match sometime during the Athens Olympics in 2004. During the 2006 World Cup, I watched the game alone. My husband was in China and I was in Korea to take care of our then 3-week old baby.

I love that the South Korea’s color is RED. I love RED. In fact, my Lumix camera is RED. And my big tote bag is also RED. 😀

Anyway, South Korea’s theme for this World Cup is called “The Shouts of Reds” sung by the rock group TRANS FIXION. I could still remember the 2002 song – O Pilsung Korea – sung by Yoon Do Hyun Band. I miss YDH’s show – Love Letters. The 2006 World Cup song – Reds Go Together – was performed by Buzz. Here are the videos of Korea’s three World Cup songs.

The 2002 World Cup Song – O Pilsung Korea (sung by Buzz on this video)

The 2006 World Cup Song – REDS Go TOGETHER

The 2010 World Cup song – The Shouts of Reds (Trans Fixion)

And here’s the Hyundai version with Big Bang, Kim Yuna and Trans Fixion.


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