Big Bang’s Dae Sung in a car accident!

As I was taking my break, I visited my favorite Korean portal site and was surprised to see the number one most searched item – “대성 교통사고” or Dae Sung in a car accident.

The report says that Dae Sung, a member of the group Big Bang, had a car accident at around 4 o’clock this afternoon after shooting for SBS’ Family Outing in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggido.

He was brought to a hospital in Anseong in the same province (Gyeonggido) and is being examined. Now I’m not really a big Big Bang fan but I ordered a lot of their items this morning for a big Big Bang fan!

Back to work…


    1. he’s ok na daw… oo nga he’s so popular… i mean, the group is so popular in korea that the news quickly reached number 1

  1. Is Dae Sung going to jail? I just heard about this, I live in Europe but I’m still a big fan of Big Bang. I hope he is okay!

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