2009 3rd Flea Market for Foreigners

An invitation to those who want to meet Jaz in person! Kidding.


There’s a flea market (ukay-ukay) on Saturday in front of the Seoul Flea Market. You’ll find booths (more like tables with umbrellas) where foreigners (i.e. non-Koreans) sell their used stuff at reasonable prices.

The Seoul Flea Market is located near Sinseoldong Station (line 1 and 2) exit 9. Aside from the Foreigner Flea Market, there lots of stuff at the main flea market building. There’s also a nearby E-mart at the basement of Lotte Castle. This is one of my favorite E-mart branches as it is not very crowded. There’s a Burger King and Starbucks too.

The Foreigner Flea Market is on Saturday, May 30, from 1-4 PM. Other Pinay bloggers will be there too. 😉


  1. Are these “flea market for foreigners” a regular occasion, like the end of every month?

    We will arrive in August, 2009, and would like to find some used items for our family.


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