Lee Min Ho had plastic surgery?


The price of fame. Lee Min Ho is the tv star of the moment and the consequence of being one is that he’s subjected to scrutiny. He currently plays the male lead in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” on KBS 2 playing the rich, spoiled and bratty Gu Jun Pyo.

A plastic surgery clinic had posted a picture of Lee Min Ho on their site. He was posing with two doctors on the photo taken sometime in December 2007. Lee Min Ho has double eyelids and a handsome profile. Could it be that he had them fixed? His management company had denied that he had anything done saying that he’s naturally handsome.


  1. I’ve seen couple of his past videos when he was just barely starting and yeah something seems to have changed but it doesn’t look like a major tweaky. Hehe

    Edens last blog post..Quick Update

  2. exactly!hehehe as long as he can act and carry his looks well, i dont see any problem. 😉

    Btw, love ur site!

  3. oh my god
    i’m sosososososo disappointed
    coz he said he didn’t do any plastic surgery and he’s 100% natural.
    how come he’s lying infront of every1??!
    but i knew it he looks really different from last few years
    lee min ho -LIAR

    1. What’s up with you?
      He say the true that he had not
      You mind your own problem..
      There nothing change between
      Boys over flower as Gu Jun Pyo and Mackerel run as cha geun chong I think he is super cute In Mackerel run I guess pretty than Jun pyo in BOF.

    2. hey!.. don’t talk like that.. don’t judge a person by his looks…. hey .. who knows maybe you did change something to your self too.. … i think Lee min Ho is a great guy!1.. =)

    3. I don’t think any one can juge a person by this kind of thing. Every one wants to look good. If I had a part of my face making me look not so good, I would go for a surgery. I think its a way of ppl taking care of them selfs. I think your just jelouse that he looks soooooooooooooo grate. Love you LEE MIN HO!

  4. OMG! I can’t believe this, he looks 100%natural…
    from his eyes, nose, etc..
    He’s freaking hot in BOF! naadik ako sa kanya…
    tapos plastic surgery pala? >_< anyways, I still love him!
    Gu Jun pyo~ haha.

  5. I love how people who went under the knife look like, but I think I won’t have any romantic relationship with such. If I’m oblivious to the person’s med history, however, I might end up tying the knot. hehe.

    If you’re gonna ask me whether I’d go for a surgery or not, I could use a rhinoplasty. haha. But I wish I could still find someone who doesn’t hold the above-stated principle. Me and the double standard me.

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  6. i dont give a damn about if its true or not. will you haters just let it go. wats wrong with wanting to inprove your looks???

  7. wOw…!!!so he is bRavE to faCe tHe kNifE oR what so ever…
    baSta i sTiLl loVe hIm…:)
    so what! if he done a plastic surgery Thats nOt a big deaL!!!
    he can act well,he can get faster the attention of people and he
    is cool and good looking man

  8. oh my god, it’s sad i so love him…………:-(
    ohwell,it’s not just his face which hooked all of us, ayt?
    it’s also the personality of goo jun-pyo’s character himself. ‘loveyoustill! :-*

  9. i personally dont like men who had plastic surgery to look great, it only means one thing—vanity
    i think plastic surgery is more acceptable if its a woman who had it

  10. It is very sad that such great people don’t want to preserve their uniqueness and surcome to the influences of a vane society. It will tell you a lot about what kind of person he is to.

  11. If it is a move that will help his career then it might be well justified, besides, it does not look that major anyway. Alexis, it is unfair to make assumptions like that.

  12. i think he didn’t have any plastic surgeries at all…his looks are the same in his younger years…though i can say he became more handsome now…
    he was on an accident about 2006 and he broke 9 bones..and stayed in the hospital for 7 months and until now there’s a rod on his leg and he needs a surgeon right?check ups maybe… that’s why he has pics with surgeons….

    he is a very frank person as i’ve seen in interviews..

  13. I still love him, plastic surgery or not! I wish he comes to the Philippines! BOF is a big hit. 🙂 Thanks for this great site. I think I am Korean in my oast life. hehe

  14. yeah!!!

    that;s right!!!


    no matter how many times he change his image…

    he still the same LEE MINHO….

    he can’t change himself-the tue “he”


  15. it doesn’t matter naman kung nagpa-plastic surgery xa…
    gusto nya lang maging presentable tsura nya to us…
    kya choxe lang
    super gwapo kaya nya….
    hay…thanks to his looks
    maraming gurls nagsusway…ngayon….
    go GU JUN PYO!…i mean…LEE MIN HO….


  17. I believe this isn’t true. People are just making up nonsense rumors because of his fame. Obviously, they’re jealous.

    BUT, if this is true, then we can’t do anything about that, it’s his choice. It doesn’t matter anyway. He’s still hot and that won’t change. haha! <3

  18. sino kalang bang nababaliw sa koreano sino kalang ba I’am just trying to protect you but you never listen okay ekompara natin si lee min ho vs gerald anderson a nong e bobotus nyo si lee min ho pa ano naman si gerald kasarilimong pilipino hindi mo e boboto anong klasikang pinoy kung hindi mo sha binoto parang e nalis mo pag kapinoy mo ang daminamang pogi na artista sa atin ha si sam milby piolo kong na babaliw ka sa koreano wala akong pake alam i pag laban niyo ang pilipinas if you just still love him I DONT CARE you don’t know who I’am

  19. there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery!
    to the fact that it feels better
    surgery only changes the image of the person but I do not think it changes personality is the most important person
    and most of the actors
    makes surgery
    So there is nothing wrong

    lee min ho so go go go! you’re the best

  20. ngeee.. affected ka ba “lol?” hehe.. ask ko lng po 🙂 ano ba pinagsasabi mo? may nag sabi bang pangit c gerald? sam ? and piolo? and sabi lng namin, gwapo tlga si lee min ho whether or not nagpa surgery xa, wala pa din nabago … papable pa din 🙂

  21. Wahaha.. Its 0k. True 0r n0t, i d0nt care if he really has underg0ne a plastic surgery.. As you can see, there’s just a tiny bit difference.. He’s already hands0me and g0odlukin.. He juz wana enhance sumthn n his face. the fact s there.. he is truly and naturally hands0me even bef0re he has the surgery.

  22. Lee Min Ho, I have finished to watch the drama movies BBF last week ago. That’s really nice , touch and romantic story , It will make me smile and feel happy after watched it . maybe your look can make me smile and comfortable.hehe..So, Min Ho,no matter how u look , I still love your movies and support u .gambateh . cheers ..:)

  23. @christeny… i agree with you.. after i finished it, i cant help but think about it all the time (most especially Lee Min Ho :)) and now, i started watching it again.. and again and again.. especially the “new caledonia” episode 🙂

  24. uso naman sa Korea stars ang plastic surgery, true or not, gu jun pyo at ji yeong pa din! =)since ang original oppa ko na si jo in sung e,nasa air force ngaun.. hehehe, sila muna loves ko..=)

    myes last blog post..Heat Mania

  25. aheM ahEm ….

    2mngN Lng kau s pLigid ….
    mRmi amN gWpoi dn ahh …
    Lyk mE ….. hahahahahahahahahaha ….

    “ku re mi ha ju gu ro tuen bugers”

    from; south korea ….

  26. yeah , I also watch it again and again .not bored at the end , my mother also started to suspect me , is it love lee min ho already ? i say that he is handsome and cute guy , sure want to look more at him ,hehe..:)

  27. its not a big deal having a plastic surgery,.if lee min ho really does it,well look at the outcome?!..palibhasa gwapo kaya ginagawan ng issue..kng ganyan naman kagwapo ang result ng surgery,..aba’y mga panget,bilisan nyo at pumili na n kau s pinakamalapit n surgeon clinic!!!hehe..kiding aside,..no matter what other people say or think im being mesmerize by this goodlooking guy,.hope 2 c u in person GU JUN PYO!!

  28. its okay as long as he looks good i still love him i think i want to merrie him but i know thats only i my dream his too far away from phil but om from america but im in a vecation rith now in the phil i wish i could kiss in real life but its us to be only in my dreams!!!!!!!!!


  29. Umm.. I was really shocked in that statement…but a think that his natural beauty.. He is really a good looking and handsome guy… lee min ho.. Forever..

  30. no doubt he is more handsome b4 his surgery but anyway he is still my idol…lee min ho we love you..it will never fade..

  31. boys over flowers is so wonderful movie
    koo hye sun and u are so sweet and cute….
    sorry i dont see u in manila but im so happy today
    co,s i have a comment to you..
    have a nice day…….

  32. OMG… i’m still shock but i still want him no matter what he do…

    see yah lee min ho.. muahxxxx

    i hope ur visit here in philippines u have so many fans here specially me….

    Love u

    saranghe!!!!!!! lee min ho… muahxx

  33. so what it doesn’t matter he’s a good actor and that’s the point..even if the issue is for real it doesn’t matter anymore but its against the law of the GOD

  34. if i goin to meet Lee Min Ho and ask bout it. that will b the time that im goin to believe. im a little bit disappointed but still you liars! u cant deceive me.

  35. oh my god …..i’m your number 1 fan … Wish you all the best I love you…hahahaha
    I hope you will visit Philippines because you have lots of fans here..
    LOVE YOU….
    Please try to visit here….
    with much love …..JADE of Tarlac..hehehe

  36. he didn’t have any surgeries!
    the reason why he has pics with surgeons is because he broke his leg badly during an accident!

    don’t worry guys he clarified everything he said he’s 100% natural!

    he’s really handsome!
    look at the photos and review it is the same his nose just problem with the angle!
    his face just matured since his on maturity age at the time of those other pics!

    minho is quite an honest gut reviewing all his interviews…
    so honest.. try knowing his interviews..and you’ll believe minho won’t lie to his fans!

  37. hi lee min ho!…i believe that you didnt had a plastics surgery because you dont need one…^-^…because your cute enough to pass it up!…^-^…keep up the good work!…always takce care!…

  38. HI lee min ho . we always watch boys over flowers…..when you have kissing seens we’ve always shout .luv u

  39. whatever they say..ang gwapo talaga ni gu jun pyo..im crazy for you gu jun pyo..how i wish to kiss you..mwahh! i love you gu jun pyo………..i billion times………gRAbehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  40. patal! lee min hoo had his surgery on his kneecap not on his nose…duuuuhhhh!!!!..ur’e not thinking…you never learn do you??? think again.. use your head!!

  41. anyang lee mih ho you know what i learn korean language here in america saranghey lee min ho…………………thats mean i love.MISS YA

  42. YOu Said you like pure girls? so, u must search for her..i think your such a great guy, s0 find a girl whose abs0lutely pure inside and 0ut, kipsafe..gbu

  43. hi to lee min hoo im one of your fans …..im 14 years old girl and i want you to be my friend….i hope that someday i see you in my personal life……you have many fans here in philippines and i am one of theme…..god bless

  44. hi lee min ho! just stay wat u are, im hapi watching u on television, never mind those people hu are saying dos things. olweiz remember ” THE MORE THEY TALK ABOUT U, THE MORE THEY INSECURE” am i ryt? hope i can c u n person.. more power! Take care:)

  45. .+okie lng khit anung mging itchura nia noh+.
    .+vzta sia prin yn ang leemin ho nah nkila2 nmin z b.o.f+.

    .+no one can change u in my world lee min ho+.

  46. Yeah… it does look like Min Ho had something done on his nose but when you look at him, it seems like his nose is just wrong. If he did have surgery, which I doubt, he should’ve done right. Its possible that he did have surgery, maybe from an accident like what Cameron Diaz did. She broke her nose from a skiing accident remember?! Maybe even for health purposes like Ashley Tisdale and Owen Wilson.

    Oh well, if you’ve money to burn… why not spend it?
    Yes, I’m really curious about WTH is going on in the world since I’m w/ my family touring Asia.

    You know you love me, XOXO

  47. ummmmm…..

    u know its natural in korea to have plastic surgery

    but other says when you have plastic surgery you’re a monster

    but my comment to lee min ho

    its okay lee min ho i accept your own decision to have plastic surgery………

    i’m a huge fan of yours



  48. it doesnt matter if you had gotten a plastic surgery or not. but if it is for the better good of your job so why not… i still adore and love lee min ho kim joong if they gotten plastic surgeries… or not..

  49. i dnt believe it and i won’t believe it either!

    that two men standing just beside lee min ho are men of insecurities! they just can’t accept the fact that lee min ho is naturally a handsome guy and a very famous too!

    for those who tries to ruin lee min ho’s career,you better stop it now! there’s no good benefit you can gain from it because it’s untrue!

    obviously,the picture(as they say BEFORE) is an edited one!
    come on!

  50. doesn’t really matter though.
    he’s still handsome. i like his smile.
    makes me smile too.. hope to see you in person Lee Min Ho.

  51. hello lee min ho.. hope that u’ll read my comment…

    we’re happy and proud to know u.. i have so many things to know about you..

    hope i can see you in person and i love you so much..

    i’m your number 1 fan here in the philippines..

    hope to know you better,, hope i can talk to you in person..

    hope i can hold your hands.. i’m really attracted with your hands and nose.. i love it..

    hope that i’ll be your friend.. even in friendster only..

    my e-mail is yoyen_97@yahoo.com.. i’m proud to say my e-mail especially if you’ll add me.. i really love you.. mwaahh… :))

    take care always and hope that you’ll visit manila and hope to see you soon…

  52. hi lee min ho im palestine i one of your fans in boys over flowers i hope that you have so many projects will come, and i hope so that i will meet you personally..soon

  53. lee min ho…even though ur so far in philippines we hoping that u have to visit our country..ur my idol..even though u had a plastic surgery but as long as u look good… thanks

  54. i love lee min ho u know i give my whole body to uu im ready when u say sex i sex uuuuuu im beautiful cute and friendly this is my address tubigon bohol pooc or.

  55. its seems that even the face of the lovely lee min ho would undergo scrunity why is it so? more importantly he got a face to show and yeah a talent to pursue! i love him go bordz! 🙂
    lots of love and hugs! im supporting you gu jun pyo!

  56. no i dont think so,,,!!!! because he is reakky handsome to be a “retokado”

    i really love him!!!!!

  57. haha..well,i dont care if Lee min-hoo had plastic surgery on his face to make him “more” hOndsome..because even though his not been sureged, i still like,love,and idolize him as an artist,model and a man who’s very lovable and very nice.cute. honsome bOy “EVER”..hehe..
    i love you Lee min-hOo..

    im yOur #1 fUn..

  58. yobosayo!
    Chonun anna mae rahgo hamnida!
    i hpe u will visit here in the philippines…
    That’s it…
    Anyonghee kahshipsheeyo…

  59. that’s okay min ho..
    as long as you give happiness to your many fans..
    by the way advance happy birthday..
    I wish you all the best..

  60. ♥ Lee Min Ho!!!…….. Is that true? ♥

    ♥ It’s okay!! well I Love your new face, If its only true ♥

    ♥ I don’t think you can do it ♥

  61. I don’t think Min Ho had undergone surgery.
    For all we know, those doctors could just be fans posing for a picture with him.
    And really, if he did undergone surgery, I just don’t care.
    I super love him and I’m gonna marry him someday. LOLZ!
    In my dreams!

  62. ITs really that you was undergo in plastic surgery. BUT YOUR NEW FACE WAS VERY CUTE AND HANDSOME.

  63. lee min ho your so cute ang gwapo mo talaga visit naman you in the phillipines alam ikaw siguro ang korean artist na paborito ko gwapo mo kasi i love you lee min ho sana makita kita here

  64. wELl???who care at aLL daT he unerg0es plAstic sUrgery??
    it w0nt mke uz change,,,i siL luv u???

    mArrY me plZ????lol

    more power,,,mwaahugz

  65. don’t care if you had that surgery.. even f u don’t ur still the most handsome guy for me!!!! I LOVE YOU GU JUN PYO/ LEE MIN HO!!!

  66. i just the dont care if that issue is true or not as long as he did nothing wrong to people that doesnt matter anyway. still i still really love yah!hope you visit here in the philippines especially here in Cebu!many girls are going soo crazy abt6 yu and the F4! God bless!

  67. hello lee min ho, i just want you too know that you really really cute!!!!! i watch boys over flower on my dvd player 5x already but still im watching it, hope 2 see on Philippines with ” JI HOO”

  68. Gu Joon pyo your so handsome hope you will visit the philippines and see how beautiful the place is..Keep up the good work..im one of your big fan…

  69. hmmm…..whatever he still lee min-ho that i adore in boys over flower.he’s the one who makes me laugh everytime i watch bof.so,if ever he had plastic surgery it does’nt matter because i love the way he act and not the physical appearance although thats also his asset.for me im not judging through the physical appearance,what i been looking for is the character of a person.god bless you all.

  70. Really??!!
    well i don’t care if that’s really true i still love him because i think he didn’t undergo in any surgery!!..
    i love your show boys over flower u r very handsome their good luck to your acting career in Korea and i hope you visit here in the Philippines!!.. I am gonna wait for that!!..
    tc olways advance happy birthday tom!!
    wish u all the best!!..mwuuaaahhh;)

  71. hi; lee min ho your so hundsome guy you know that i wish more project in korea. lee min ho love goo hye sun******

  72. WHATEVER…!!!!!

    f thats true,, well,,, i dont care….
    lee min ho is perfctly handsome w/ or w/out a plastic surgery…

    i rili luv u… mwuaahhhh….!
    more powr to ur show…

  73. So what if he undergo plastic surgery? He is still cute and handsome! I think its bullshit. Almost every actress or actors went for plastic surgery and also became so famous.


  74. …eVen if lEe miN ho undeRgonE surGery iT doesnT maTter righT??,,,he iS still thE samE…buT hE is sTill cuTe…i lUv u min hO…wish yoU comE heRe as soOn as poSsible…damIng babaE anG magkakanDarapA saU…(isA n q duN)…hEhEhE…moRe proJects tO comE gU juN pyO!!!!…ingAtz plAgue!!mwAh..

  75. Unbelievable !! I think I have just started to like his gesture.. But by knowing this .. I considered it again … But………..Really??

  76. if lee min ho had plastic surgery, so wat? we r in a modern world, full of technologies and other stuffs! he can do watever he want to do as long as he’s not hurting and other people. if it is true, please don’t deny it. i still love lee min ho! very handsome and beautiful personality! love you gu joon pyo!

  77. I <3 U I <3 U I <3 U I LOVE YOU very much lee min ho pls.come here in the philippines ill wait 4 u would you be my boyfriend im only 14 but age dosent matter right anyway pls.come here in the philippines ill wait 4 u i love you very much take care always stay prayfull your so tall handsome cute so what if you have plastic surgery you still my number 1 i want to marry you ……….

  78. I am surprised that so many people r surprised about the plastic surgery? Dont u guys know that its a common thing there to hv plastic surgery?? I really adore Lee Min Ho and I do wish it is natural, but I wont be surprised if he had done it. I would be extremely surprised if any of the main cast havent done it.

  79. i don’t care…even if lee min hoo undergo in a plastic surgery…for me…wht ever he looks like,i like him…love you lee min hoo…

  80. hi lee min hoo!!!!!
    your so cute!!!!
    i love you!!!!
    im verry praud of you!!!!
    my love in crush!!!! pls you add me in your messenger!!!yeda_marie thats my yahoo messenger you add me plz!!!! thank you!!!mmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!love you????

  81. Hey guys! that’s not lee min hoo, that’s KIM RAE WON of korean dramas ATTIC CAT and LOVE STORY IN HARVARD!!!!!!!If you don’t believe me try to search it in google, just type KIM RAE WON and you will see what i mean. Lee min ho is naturally handsome and i will do anything to prove it.

  82. and even if it’s true, they shouldn’t be posting any pictures like that just to humiliate a popular celebrity…..as a plastic surgery clinic(and a medical setting), it is their duty to maintain any information about their patients confidential…… posting comments like this is a good practice for me since i’m planning to become a lawyer…..

  83. being an ardent fan of kim rae won…i wud like to add to sum guests entry….i 110% assure all of the visitors…all of those pics feature lee min ho n not kim rae won…check ur reference before making any comments….n i dont think kim rae won luks like leeminho in any way….he is much more n more charming!!!!!

  84. …elow guyz… lee min ho is very adoring actor.. and i dont think that he had a plastic surgery beacause he is naturally handsome


  86. ,.’ d0n’t u know lee min ho is a professional model b4 he a TV star in boys over flowers and i am a model also i met him b4 he is jun pyo, he is a 100% handsome and his so kind i never forget that he broth me in his house. ahahah.. well he is my friend in fasioncsen’s

  87. ,.’as his friend i am so proud of him, he a supper star now and i want to meet him before he got married. He will be a secret married in kim yan jeen a professional model in macao

  88. hi…lee min hoo.u know u are so very handsome.i like u! i love you!u know i think i am ur no. 1 fan,from philippines.

  89. .hii lee min hoo..iam from indonesia i very-very like you oke..
    .you handsome and you can make heart girl love you
    .like me i like you.
    .add my friendster:ayyu_lolla@yahoo.co.id
    .if you have friendster oke

  90. hi! min ho xana mag met ta u sa per sonal yan talaga ang pangarap ko sa buhay ko!ang gwapo mo talaga ! u r so verry hondsome i love u min ho!….

  91. well paninira lng yan kay min ho dhil subrang gwapo nya lng tlaga!!!!!!!!!!mamatay cla sa inggit!!!!

  92. wow….i dnt cre wt other pipol say….hai im 1 of ur biggest fan here in d philliphines,,,,hope t c u soon….

  93. i think lee min ho didnt undergo surgery its just a gossips because he is really handsome and he is so popular thats why they are saying that!gogogogogo lee min ho dont mind the issues just do your work well

  94. I don’t believe he had undergone a plastic surgery. He looks so perfect. I love his facial features. I did research about Lee Min Ho because I really admire him. I saw his photos during his earlier years, he really looks cute! This plastic surgery issues are all made-up of his detractors. Leave him alone! Love you Lee Min Ho!

  95. hi when i first saw you in boys over flower we promise that i and my best friend will o in Macao then we will go in Korea then we will see you I’m your addicted fan see there in Korea I’m Christine nice to meet you INGAT{take care}

  96. ..,hi,, boiz over flower is my favorite..,and i always watching that t.v show.i like kim bum one of character of boiz over flower..,coz he is beautyful eyes..,and very cute face..,he is my insperation,,.hehehehe..,kapal..,and also i like the image of ji hoo and lee min hoo..,

  97. sarang he yo lee min ho your my idol your the best hope that you and goo hye sun will be together…………goodluck and more blessings to come……..mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  98. 4 me,i dont care,about lee min hoo plastic surgery and his face b4!!!!!!!!!!!!!bcoz i love him so much!im her #1 fans!gogogogo jun pyo mwah

  99. ………. no comment……….. i don’t care about the issue……………… lee min ho i love you……….. mwuah……………..

  100. hey man!whats the big deal?we know that maximum pop..of Korea and japan had their plastic surgery.so………WATS new?????better you guys stop interfering in his life.i know you guys are jealous because everybody cant be this much handsome though s/he has surgery. right#######

  101. jun pyo can you please visit here in America beacuse if my classmate want to meet you in there and meet her family and is hot in there,and so far u know i really wanted to meet you in personal sarangheyoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE CARE YOUR SELF SEE YA!!!soon in korea i hope so BYE

    1. “lee min ho,,dont mind da oder say,,”..basta!!?”31 fan mu parin aq!!”qng nd kaw ang ba2cta d2 sa pinas!!aq nlng ang pu2Nta dyN!!”hahaha!!!”someday!!sana mang yari!!weehhh!!

  102. So what if he indeed really had a plastic surgery? who cares? if you look at “before picture” He is handsome already. He is really an ideal man… A Extremely Sexy, Gorgeous, Amazing and exceptional thing. I love you Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), so much! I love Ji-hoo as well, but I love you more!

    Take Care! I will never stop dreaming of having bumped into you… I’ll be the happiest person then Aja!!!

    Hugs and Kisses…

  103. Who cares.Observe that picture, Maybe he had plastic surgery, but the thing is, His looks before and his looks now, are still the same. Aright? don’t get pissed people. [Laughs] Just support him.

  104. i don’t care if he really had a plastic surgery..
    for me, he is still handsome and we’re really crazy for him.
    we love you lee min ho..mUahh..

  105. 바람막이쪽 최소한도 ho가 수술을 채택한 경우에 누구가 걱정하는지. 중대 사건은인 무엇. 실제로, 만들기에서 책임있는 그에 관하여 틀린 문제점 공간 그의 심상 권리 다른 지독한 사람 및 닥터?! 그는 수술을 한ㄴ다는 것을 있건 없건 간에, 그는 아직도 잘생기 아무도는 이제까지 저것을 바꿀 수 있다. 나는 그를 사랑한다!

  106. Don’t care bout the news..had a plastic surgery or not,he is stil d same..HANDSOME..saranghanunde my sweety cuttie minho

  107. hi brother,
    You are so handsome. I like your plastic surgery. I want to meet with u. But i can’t because of my parents. I can’t go to your country. So i feel upset. So i wish you’ll be always successful in the future.

  108. hey
    wats the prob in doin surgury coz he’s handsom frm beginnin .he even looked gud before widout surgery so i luv u Gu jun pyooooo(Lee min ho )
    luv u soooooooo much

  109. hey….ano pla ngaun kng nagpaplastic surgery xa ….wa nah kau keber ……basta para samin handsome parin xa ………kng cnu kah man nah nani2xra kay gu jun pyo(lee min ho)naiinggit kah lang…..cheeeee……

  110. who cares kahit cno nman pwedeng mag pa plastic surgery d b tska pera nya nman yong ginastos hndi inyo mapanghusga kayo!!!!!!!kung manghuhusga lang din kayo edi sna d n lng kyo nag comment bkit d nyo n lng intindihin ang gusto nya!!!!!!!!

  111. who cares khit cno nman pwedeng mag pa plastic surgery tska d nman inyo yng pinambayad ky Wla kayong dahilan pra husgahan cya bkit nkita nyo nb ba yng mukha nyo sa salamin?tignan nyo muna yng sarili nyo bago yong ibang tao tsaka bkit pa kyo nagcomment kng manghuhusga lang din nman kayo

  112. waaah? i think what he’d done is just okay.. for those who contradict for what he have done, you don’t have any rights to act like that. if you don’t like lee min ho, it’s your very own prerogative.. he’s still the LEE MIN HO, the GU JUN PYO guy we’ve been idolizing.. god bless idol lee. 😉

  113. xcuze meh. .u hav no opurtunity to say that bad issue to lee min hoo,u rely,rely,rely dont care bout hiz lyf,,weder itz true or not,well, im continue idolizing him bcoz hiz so handsome,hiz my driming guy..i wnt 2 see u in przon..see u soon. .luv yah. .)saranghee(

  114. plastics surgery became normal 4 today’s generation…….. expend money to look like handsom or beautiful is not a bad thing……I LOVE lee min ho not bcoz of his face but bcoz of his smile,talking style n his hard work ………….. M from NEPAL n I LOVE YOU Lee……

  115. how can you say that Lee Min Ho had plastic surgery? you’re so foolish.
    Although he had made that we’ll like him. If you’re Lee Min Ho, how will you feel? how stupid you are.

  116. ,,,wow ..as what i can see in that pic above,,as i observe closely,his nose does change a little bit……but it doesnt matter it’s his face he can do anything to it,,,but you should be contented of what GOD had given you…having a plastic surgery is a really bad thing to do,cause ur just showing to others that ur not contented of what u have now,.god had given u that face because thats what fits ,god wouldn’t give anything that doesnt fit you or makes you look bad,,god made us perfect,..so be contented…always remember god give his all to made us so we should give him back the best results of his job well done in making us perfect….even just 4 being contented,cause what u have is what u deserve,.what you is what makes u deserving….always remember…

  117. i dont care if he had plastic surgery!!! what is important is how he looks now!!! boy, he is really a cutie!!! i just love him! 🙂


    1. i agree with u actl…
      if someone who has ugly features were to go for a plastic surgery…it is actl not very possible for tt person to become pretty/handsome at once
      if someone who has the looks, initially…plastic surgery will only be altering a little of his/her feature
      which is actl..quite nth[this shld be the koreans’ mindset]
      but some ppl juz wanna bring him down or wat…then they say he has artificial beauty, which on the other hand, is quite true too
      but if anyone wants to find out…u can go be his girlfriend then …(he’s wanting one currently…)
      he most likely wouldnt want to tell the whole world tt he did anw…-.-

  119. hi…i dont believe that he had a plastic surgery!!!!!!obviously, he has a natural beauty..daaaah!! those who made that rumors, you’re just jealous with LEE MIN HO…

  120. he looks like he did…
    he straightened the top of his nose…
    he sharpened his chin…
    and his face looked thinner(haha, this is not counted)
    these are juz wat i found from the pics above…
    but even so, it is 80-20 tt he had a plastic surgery..it’s as common as taking exams there…

  121. hey!! even though he had a plastic surgery doesnt mean he isnt minho.. now a days people is getting plastic surgery anyways just triyng to be perfect so it doesnt realy matter..haja haja fighting!!seranghae minho..

  122. i love the way u r man,although u got plastic surgery but u r still u ,,,.just try ur best and Stay COOL, Aja..Aja lee minhoo

  123. Lee Min Ho whether plastic ?

    To me it is not an issue at all, more important is to appreciate his contribution in acting Gu jun Pyo !!! He made this character ALIVE !!! looks so handsome and yet cute & funny….smart and yet a little stupid….ruscally yet a lovely guy ! He and his F4 acheived the Best F4 amongst all F4s (Taiwan,Japane, Philipines…….)

    Hope he will take good care of himself….and develope himself further and to achieve more !

    Good health & Sunshine at all time !

    All the Best
    Michelle 🙂
    3oct 2009

  124. lee min ho rox!!!He is just the HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!!!i dun care whether he had plastic surgery or not he always stands a place in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Lee min Ho Nose & height :

    Though his nose is big but sharp!
    Big nose is man’s privillege, that is man, masculine !

    He has a good height186cm, fits & body in good proportion scale.

    He is handsom not only because of his Look(Face)his height makes him even more handsome !!!

    Hi ! Lee Min Ho, Stand tall with confidence !!!

    Take good care of yourself !

    All the Best

    A good height in good proportion

  126. superficial matters are not that important. what’s important is that he’s a talented, amiable, and cute person. :)) he will make it far. :DD

  127. Lee Min Ho is talented, tall & outstanding :

    Yes, he is Tall & Outstanding !
    Yes, he is talented and made a good success in BOF & his Commercial films ( CF )!
    He works whole heartedly, put in his efforts in playing his role & duty !
    He has a humble spirit to learn and to improve through out the whole drama, even during his fan meetings & Media interviews….a humble heart……..he gains more !
    His spirit & his efforts in his work is being appreciated !

    He may not know, he actually has a very sexy voice !
    Bassy-rich vocal in singing and talking….
    added on his height and good look,
    He is a young version of Elvis Presidy !

    He can be a super-model too, hope he will keep on his good work, continue to gym train his Body-build to maintain himself.
    Hope to see him with more & more Brands of varies Fashion-company will engage him as their Model !
    All clothings on him look good ! All posters and CFs are excellent !

    He looks good in any Hair-style ……..
    especilly in Extreme 2x he tied-up his hair, he turned into another character………
    Gu Jun Pyo’s Curly hair & his Straight hair style in BOF all suit him perfectly !

    His CF full of varieties…… with a very wide range….
    Dunkin Donuts, Cass Beer, Extreme 2x Cass Beer, Etude Cosmetic,LG…Coke…Levis…..Trugen………….etc……
    is there more & more to come ????

    He is only 22 years old,
    if he takes good care of himself, continue to maintain an on-going healthy attitude in his career,
    he can achieve more in each year from now to his 50s !
    seems till now, he does not has CF of hair care ? Shoes ….watches …..
    Plan for 2-3 more CFs in each year….his life will be very splendid & fruitful when he reach his 50s!

    I do hope to see him in movie or drama as James Bond – An Oriental James Bond = Bond Lee !
    A secret Agent from the East /Orient –
    License to kill…..
    besides Agent’s task,
    he will kill more girls/women then western James Bond !!!

    He is suitable for acting in science-fiction/futuristic dramas or movies too !!!
    He has an outstanding Face-feature with full of expressions…….
    he looks good in different angles by which the photographer may creates excellent effects
    through shooting, every shooting can be an Art-piece !

    Least but not last,
    Let the Management of Lee Min Ho works hard to Develop him further – this Tall Outstanding Young man!
    to Guide & Sustain him in his future endeavours……….
    strengthen him and build up his career path Last-long (Lasting) and Healthy !

    Good Health & be of Good Cheers

    Best Regards,

  128. Annyong hasseo…..junpyo…i dont really care if you’ve done a plastic surgeon….Nothing will change….youre still my idol eversince…..I really hope that i will meet you soon either their in the korea or here in the philiphines…Lee i will be there in korea soon wish i will meet you there….Kamsahamnida…..Saranghae..Saranghae..SAranghae…..Look we have a good combination…my name is mars & yours is jun pyo…So it can be JUNMARS…hehehe..
    here’s my friendster,,hope you’ll be post a comment…Junpyomars@yahoo.com,,,,my password is Junmar…Kamsahomnida..Saranghae

  129. so wat plastik surgery is not something bad if it was y would the othere famous ppl do it plus it is his life and don’t forget that he changed to look better for us

  130. I like Ur Series.And i also like u.
    I want to u more successful.
    May I know ur birthday?
    May I know ur contact address?
    bye bye 😛

  131. its not true. natural na tlaga yung ka-gwapohan niya inggit lang sila kay lee min-ho dahil isa siya sa mga pinakagwapo sa south korea.♥

  132. i think its true that lee min hoo had plastic surgery…but im not inlove to lee minho he is all urs…^_^ and hopeing we can be friend..joke…^^heheheh its possible… to make friends of u…ur now famous dude…good luck.. thats all i can say..^^~~keep smiling…

  133. It’s okay for hollywood to have plastic surgery…such as shaving their noses so it looks smaller, eye surgery too, lipo, brow lifts, etc…so why can’t other countries do it too?

    I mean imagine shaving a piece of bone such as your shin or finger off of your body? It’s the same as inflating/increasing an area you’d like to change. So let’s stop being hyprocrites.

    1. me too,i love f4! and boys over flower

      especially LEE MIN HO as GU JUN PYO


      I WISH TO SEE YOU!!!!




    2. me too,i love f4! and boys over flower

      especially LEE MIN HO as GU JUN PYO



  134. its ok to had plastic surgery but i think it is more good if u have ur own natural beauty
    and idont believe that lee min ho did a plastic surgery bec of his marks on his face
    irili rili love lee min ho

  135. Hey,
    I don’t care if he had done the surgery or not dut by seeing him in the drama”Boys before flower” he is the best and will remain the best. And also wish you a happy new year.

  136. i love lee min ho no matter what they say about him..
    i think he is naturally beautiful…………
    i love you lee min ho….

  137. It does’nt matter as long as he is handsome………..
    PLASTIC SURGERY???????? It’s normal now a days…………
    you people should know…..that………..



  138. Annyong Hasaeyo! Lee Min Ho, i’m super addicted to you! please visit us here in the Philippines, i’m really determined to register and join in all your fansites, international or watever, wherever! i wish you’re able to read this.. I love you so much! Sarang Haeyo oppa! please visit us, we’ll be glad to see you here! More Powers to you oppa, i love you u’re my everything! HAHA. 😀

  139. so what if he got plastic surgery, he is still handsome and good looking.We all know that many of the actor’s and actreses’s are having a plastic surgery.

  140. ဲPlastic surgery is not strange .
    All people in the world want to be pretty or handsome or beauty.
    So all people in the world do this .
    But I don’t believe this because Lee Min Ho is handsome and he can attract to people with his original features.


    And the first picture might have been edited, it’s easy to make an edited or a fake pic dude! the feeble-minded people do it all the time… They pretty much don’t have better to do in and with their lives, they are rational but they are always idle so they tend to pick on other people…



  142. for me i dont care if he really done plastic surgery i still like him soo much..,omg everytime i am watching u on the tv its like i wanna leave my husband just to watch u wahaha..just kidding..,but surely ur very handsome..,

    I love you gu jun pyo—–>>lee min ho

  143. i think this place is a “land of surgery”!!!
    i am certified lee min ho anti-fan!…to those that also hate him add my fan HATERS!!!!!
    hate him this much!!!!

    his such a scum!a pervert!!!!
    doesnt he have mirror in his home…well i should give him if he want …
    to those who post this site…thanks yah!!!!really like it!its better for him to reveal his secret.!!!

  144. it doesn’t matter to me if he had his face done, as long as he is still cute for me.. i dont care…. love you lee min ho mwah………

  145. lee min ho your so handsome i love bof i love your character as gun pyo i wish you come to philippines to have a concert


  146. i dont care if lee min ho had a plastic surgen for me he always looks handsome ………

    cnu man ung naninira na un sa kanya !!!!!!!!

    they are all insecure with lee min ho

    we love you lee min ho

  147. how are you.,sarang he♥
    ,.,plzz asked sandara park haba ng hair nia
    i know you cant understand me because i am pilipino.,.,
    hi hellow how are you in fine thank you.,,
    bye.bye i going there joke!!!

  148. lee min ho is not having a surgery the picture that has shown their is diff.the left side is different ,he is still young on that picture the right side of the picture shows different he is more mature on that picture…the picture that has been shown is different but it doesn’t mean his having a surgery it’s just part of maturity of a person

  149. dah!…you can’t fool me..i know who’s the other guys(leftside)..That’s troy(Lee Yul) or Kim Joong Hoon of Princess Hour or Gong..the one who plays as the cousin of the lead actor which is Joo Ji Hoo(Lee Shin).you can’t fool us..hahaha…come on compare them..i know!

  150. no matter wat people say don strain urself n don loose ur confidence believe ur self n keep up ur carrier …. somebody is ter always for u..love u

  151. u act perfect in BOF ur act makes me to turn on u… n ur smile s amazing ..pls smile always..really wanna see u if the creator permit…

  152. i like your performance especially in F4 . i like your laughing . you are a winsome boy. i wish to know your email and website . i am from myanmar and invite you to visit my country. i wish to make a friend with you. i love you as my brother. may you be happy, healthy &prosperous!

  153. ahnyunghaseyo lee min ho………. by the wy i’m jennylyn from philippines im your no. 1 fan you know lee min ho i dont care if the truth is you are plastic surgery or not, what matters you are lee min ho is a good person, handsome, friendly and kindness…….. take care always, and i will continuing supporting you, no matter what happens…… take care always and godbless………

  154. even if u have a plastic surgery u are so handsome I love u!!!!!!!!!!!very very very much darling.oh I
    think that they can’t see your cuteness too

  155. we love you lee min ho.we are crazy about you! you are the cutist boy in the whole world.you are naturaly handsome.plz come to iran

  156. i dont belive this..i dont care if he did or did not…be in ur self no matter what happen…ur still be my idol..i love..u…hope to see u in person…

  157. si lee min hoo nag pa plastic surgery ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. anneonghaseyo lee min ho as goo jun pyo!!!!! you know what i love your character in boys over flowers jun pyo!!!! i hope you came here in philippines!!!!i love you so much!!!even if you are plastic surgery!!!!i love you!!!!

  159. are ya sure??what!haha..
    I don’t believe this..
    this is nonsense!
    like what lee min ho’s management said “HE IS NATURALLY HADSOME”
    no one can deny that..
    hmmnn..and if this is true..
    I’m speechless.and disappointed..
    but for now i gotta beleive what I want to.

  160. i don’t believe this , but if its true i think theres no way u can do this coz look at the before picture his nose was still nice , why would he do it . well I hope Its not true .

  161. hai buenas tardes aloha!!!!!!
    hai lee min ho!honey how r u?
    me,im fine aha..
    take care always and keep up the good work!!muaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

  162. lee min ho is handsome, either before or after .. even he didn’t have the plastic surgery .. thats all i can say .. i’m still addict to lee min hoo . i hope you came here in philippines!!!! .. because i’m not sure what year i will go again in korea :]]

  163. no matter wat ur the best n will remain.give a dam to the rumors. ur the most handsome man born on the earth.lots of love

  164. lol!!! LEE MIN HO crazy fans all around….hmmmm…hey just dropped in t say I Love ……..///You////…. LEE MIN HO…………………………………………………………………………..’s( CURLY HAIRDO )

  165. i think he just gain some weight
    it’s really weird if he did nose job
    because in the before-and-after photo his nose doesn’t look really change
    and it just the different angle of photo

  166. hey i don’t care u have done surgery or not. i still love u. u r the most handsome and cutest guy in the world and don’t lose ur confidence.

  167. hey when i see u in F4 i was so crazy about u so don’t waste ur carrier.i will always love u and support u.my country is nepal so if u can than plz come to visit us love u so much………..

  168. hey, u r so cute and love u so much forever.you are looking so handsome in the upcoming film and wish it will be a great success.please don’t lose your confidence.

  169. hey…..U R so handsome , i love your lips and your nose cause they’re very sharps… what the tips your handsome ??
    nb : i’m girl…. ^_^

  170. hey if u come to nepal there are many fans waiting for u i really love u.my mails are not going in other sites.so i mail frm here.so how u doing and eat nutritous food and take care of ur health ok byeeee and sarangheyo oppa!!!

  171. ur da worlds bst. even though u had a plastic surgery u r da bst. ur attude in boyss over flower is soo nice. ur sweet smile is da bst.

  172. why did you change your handsome face,your handsome enough to change your face.have you loosen your mind? actually even though your having an plastic surgery,don”t worry i’m still the # one fan of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. jeje i’m sorry if i’m so dramatic but no matter what happen your still my # one actor in my heart actually your the first guy i’ve ever idolize like this sometimes pls.come to phil. pls. i want to see you in personal actuaally i born in sepul south korea but im staying in phil. rightnow but im coming back this june in korea im going to meet you there if ever im not lucky to see you in phil. but i can see you in korea even its a little bit longer but i will do it for you,

  174. lee min ho you know what im proud to be your fan because other people says that your such an scum but for me your the only man who can fill my emptiness in my heart actually i wnt to see you in personal in phil. coz i cant see you in phil. but i always see you in television im watching bof every 6:30 in evening!!!!!!!! i wnt to say this to you.
    I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
    no matter happens im always there to help you ingats mahal na mahal kita tlga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. ..that’s just a rumor!!!! and if ever Lee MIn Hoo aka Jun Pyo undergo a plastic surgery…What then now?????e kelangan sa role nia as Jun Pyo!!!
    …………………………… envious…………………………….

  176. omg… i juhst found ouht…lol
    im lyk yuur biggest fan…omg..
    yuu had a plastic surgery…
    yuu suhqk!!!! :L:L:L:L
    i feel lyk killn maself….

  177. I don’t believe that Lee Min Ho had surgery . But , You are a greater actor for movies . I think , Plastic Surgery is’nt important but very important things is you will be better than better try hard to action . I hope , your new movies . FIGHTING ,,, Lee Min Ho

  178. some people just get more and more good looking as they grow older and it’s the same in lee min-ho’s case. i think it’s all natural 🙂

  179. i dont believe that cause lee min ho is naturaly handsome
    who’s the stupid guy who distribute this stupid intrigues

    anyway i dont care hu u are i just want u to know that youre so


  180. Lee min ho wonderful all the conditions and this does not change his love

    اتمنى انكم فهمتو لاني ماني متأكده الكلام صح

    ^^ع العموم لي مين هو اتمنى تعرف ان لك جمهور عربي

  181. I do not care whether Lee Min Ho had plastic surgery or not.

    What matters is, he is really handsome and a guy who can really act.

    He is really a star material. He has the height, the right body and handsome face.

  182. i though that he is naturally handsome and good looking.But i really dont believe why he doing this. By the way, he can cover it up by his good acting.whatever -lee min ho suck and fuck-

  183. Hye, y’all i’m from Malaysia this is what i want to say about y’all…I don’t know why y’all don’t believe that lee min ho had plastic surgery… Don’t you see that picture? There’s a lot of thing change at his face… But i know y’all love lee min ho so much right, so y’all don’t believe that lee min ho had plastic surgery… so think positive ok *_* I love lee min ho too… But i can accept that lee min ho had plastic surgery… Ok that all bye…+_+ #_# ^_^

  184. I don’t really believe that lee min hoo’s been through a surgery.well maybe those people who brought up that gossip envy lee min hoo.=)

  185. Thats not a big deal to publish;most of the stars does that. its common….. everyone have n should have right to do what they want……….

  186. I really like u….
    Plz reply me I m just waiting for your reply……………..
    just write 2-3 words but reply………

  187. oh guys! come on! come to think of it. Lee Min Ho is getting high popularity to his fans, rumors are just there to come and discourage the support and love to him. Do not rely on the pictures shown above, the pics might be edited not the real face of Min Ho. The before pic of Lee Min Ho above, thats not him! Imagine that he will face in front of you, its really not him right? I’ve got many point to prove that thats not him. A good looking person will always be!

  188. it’s ok if he had some plastic surgery… we know face value is important to all artist, this what we first see to them… the important he is great actor and an idol!!!! we love lee min ho here at the philippines:-D

  189. ””’lee min ho””””””””””””””’saranghe””””””””your so handsome’ that’s why i always dream of you……fighting lee min ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. i will never believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lee min ho had a natural face and if you guy’s had envy him .plssssssssssssss””””””””””……. STOP MAKING NEWS ABOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! live him alone….. LEE MIN HO SARANGHE <3

  191. jun pyo you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!! fight fight fihgt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU WHATEVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. its his life..better nt to interfere!! ..wht if he had dont tht afterall we all want to look gud!!
    and posting these kind of things is smewht a negative publicity..so guys MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS!!!

  193. hayzz plastick surgury is popular in korea most of them is had a fake face because of plastick sugery so those people had….. no offend had ugly face no problem whethere you are ugly the most important is your face is original NOT FAKE!!! and always remember it doesnt matter whether your not natutal handsome or pretty the most important is all people’s love you and accept you as the real you..
    so..lee min ho YOU FAKE!!!! :)) :p

  194. it’s true actually. the plastic surgery is part being an artist. esp if you’re popular. almost all of the korean artist had plastic surgery. but its okay. that’s life. i love lee min ho and always will. :))

  195. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it cnt b…………itz allllllll fake!!!!!!!!!N evn if Lee Min hoo did plastic surgery ill alyz luv him n so will da oda fanz tooo!!!!!!!!!It dznt mak ny difference 2 us!!!!!!I luvd him,I luv him n vill luv him till ma last breathe!!!!!!!

  196. ha ha ha you’re suck!!!
    better you stop being actor and singer…
    and you know what my grandmother’s voice
    is better than your voice…
    your voice just like a stupid pig voice ha ha ha!!!

  197. ohh!!!!!!really………..actually lee min hoo is so handsome in televisoin……but i cant believe this………..sooooooooooo lee min hos had a fake face …….but i dont care ill alweyx love him……………wat ever…………….

  198. OHHH..NO I can’t believe tht lee min ho had take a plastic surgery..i love you lee min ho..whtsever happen..since you’re so cute and so handsome..

  199. wat da fusss……. if he had did it den wats da probbbb…….. he has his own life… sooooo dun make it a big issue… we luv him … is it wrong to b hansome

  200. is it wrong for someone had plastic surgery for their happiness??? why are you all look down at him??? are you guys jeolous about his face??? or you guys hate him cause your girlfriend love and admire him??? think okay… so stupid

  201. i don’t care for me he’s still handsome to my eyes and its doesn’t matter if that is not he’s real face. i don’t care! as long as he’s making us inspired

    i still love my idol LEE MIN HO

  202. lee min ho my schoolmates,we all protested coz of ur movie.we love it. ur sooo cute. we all are mad abt u and abt ur movie. my frnd tanya,she lyks u very much and she is so mad abt u dat she writes u letters and in those letters she tells u everything ,her feelings everything possible. jun pyo if i become ur maid also ,i’ll be very happy and i’ll be on cloud9. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  203. He is a good actor and that`s the most important thing. Of course he is handsome if he went through a plastic surgery or not. I mean he is an actor and he is doing a good job. It really doesn`t matter if he is supernatural or not. Why are people always looking for TO BE PERFECT nobody is!

  204. its really not a big matter. having a plastic surgery is common 4 the stars like u. oppa i still like u not as jun pyo but as min ho oppa.saranghaeyoo

  205. hi lee min ho your so handsome, cute, good looking guy, rich, gentle, loyal, intelligent, good actor good luck in your career. saranghae and godbless u.

  206. I don’t care if he had plastic surgery or not because there are so many k-celebs that have plastic surgery.I will always support lee min ho…

  207. dont make a plastic surgery!!!remember..always be thankful to God because we had born in a perfect condition..apperciate it…

  208. im ur number 1 addicted fan..!!!!!!grabehh kaloka k lee min ho..!hopefully masundan agad ung city hunter…:)kakaadik k kc ang gwapo m sbra…!!!

  209. banyak nye komen……….aku sentiasa suka kat li min ho walau pun dia dah kawin atau sampai ke anak cucu……….

  210. Oh really????!!!!
    If it’s right no problem beacuse when you LOVE some one,you don’t mind s.th like this.
    Lee Min Ho saranghae gue so much(-_-)

  211. hi jun pyo………… this is pavi from india.i am just crazy about you………….
    love you so much………………..

  212. WOW who is that?
    Dam fake news minho had nothing change
    those new are so stupid they get jealous of
    my oppa….and he is natural beauty all his fans
    If he had nOne of your problem.

  213. as people…. if you want urself to become beautiful… u do a lot of things buy that buy this u test all products.. until you find the right one for you…. and root of that u want to become beautiful
    am i right?

    as an actor you earn big money…. u think u can used ur money to urself because u earn that… we have freewill to do anything as long it’s not against the law…

  214. for me it is okay to have plastic surgery but to act like you did not get one is rather disappointing. if they had the guts to get it why chicken out on admitting it?..no one is perfect.a little tweaking still means they got one done. why must one act like they have looks that are god given when they really meant going through the knife.

  215. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    hi dear im mohades from iran
    u are very nice actor
    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  216. He got some kind of accident while playing soccer and he said in one of the writings I’ve read, he made it straight a bit from the top…..see the previous photo on the left….it’s nothing major, he’s still naturally handsome!!!!!

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