Korean 14th day holidays!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day that isn’t for me and my husband. We just thought that we don’t need a special day to express our love for each other, since we do it everyday in simple but meaningful ways.

In Korea, Valentine’s Day is celebrated the way it is done in Japan. (Korea was colonized by Japan in the early 1900s). Girls prepare chocolates to give to their boyfriends. A month later, the boys give hard candies to their girlfriends on “White Day.”

Here’s a list of other “14th day” holidays as posted before. Not every “day” in the list is celebrated though. I think they were designated by clever businessmen for the gullible Korean lovers 🙂

January 14: Diary Day
The day of presenting your lover with a cute diary and a basket of flowers

February 14: Valentine’s Day
The day when girls and women present their boyfriends with chocolate and confess their love

March 14: White Day
The day when boys and men present their girlfriends with chocolate and confess their love

April 14: Black Day
The day when people who have no lovers eat black Chinese noodles together

May 14: Rose Day
The day when lovers present each other with roses to express their love

Yellow Day
The day when those who were unable to eat black noodles on Black Day go to eat yellow curry rice

June 14: Kiss Day
The day when lovers kiss to confirm their love

July 14: Silver Day
The day when lovers exchange silver rings to make a promise for the future

August 14: Music Day
The day of presenting a CD with love songs

September 14: Photo Day
The day when lovers take pictures to keep memories of their love

October 14: Wine Day
The day when lovers drink wine and share love

November 14:Movie Day
The day when lovers go to see a movie holding hands

Hug Day
The day of giving hugs to your loved ones

December 14: Money Day
The day of spending generously for your lover


  1. 나 한국인인데 이거 발렌타인이랑 화이트 밖에 몰랐네 ㅋㅋ 이거뭐임

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