Getting a tourist visa to Korea for Pinoys

I still get emails about this. I guess the previous one is too tedious for people to read. HiKorea Portal site has a list of required documents, for those who’d like to visit Korea for a short time, depending on their purpose. I’ve also listed the basic requirements if you would just like to tour Korea. The short-term or C-3 visa is given for the purpose of tourism, transit, visiting relative, conference, religious ceremony.

Applications if of course done at the Korean Embassy in the Philippines located at the Pacific Star Building in Makati and Buendia Avenues. AFAIK, they only accept visa applications in the morning. They return the passports in the afternoon. The visa processing takes about a week. “Documents received” on your passport means you have been denied. If you were, you might need to wait for six months before you could apply again. The C-3 or short term visa is free for up to 59 days of stay. A Philippine passport holder can only get a tourist visa for up to 90 days (for a fee).

If you are a spouse of an English teacher or a professional Filipino worker, you could apply for the dependent or F-3 visa.

Here is the list of requirements for the tourist visa:

VISA REQUIREMENTS FOR BUSINESSMAN (as posted by visitor Joshua on May 12, 2008)
-Application form (typewritten)
-One passport size colored picture
-Old and new passport
-Passport (Original and photocopy of first page)
-(Must be at least 6 months valid)
-Business Registration Permit for SEC or DTI (photocopy)
-Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(photocopy)
-PERSONAL Bank Certificate (original)
-Individual Income Tax Return – ITR (photocopy)
-If invited to Korea: Original Invitation Letter notarized in Korea & photocopy of the Invitor’s Passport (first page only)


1. Application form (typewritten)
2. One passport size colored picture
3. Passport Original (Old and New)
4. Passport photocopy of First Page (6 months valid)
5. Copy of U.S., New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Korea, and Canada Visa (if there is)
6. Employement Certificate (Original)
7. Personal Bank Certificate(Original)
8. ITR (Income Tax Return) (photocopy)

* If Personally invited to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Invitor’s Passport

* If invited by Company to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit

Document requirements according to the status

Overseas Koreans over 60 years old
– Documents that prove that they are overseas Koreans, as well as those that prove their age(a copy of family register, a certificate of incumbency, household register, identity verification document)

Minors whose either biological parent is Korean national with domestic address
– Document which states the reason of invitation
– Documents related with Inviting parties (a copy of family register, a copy of resident registration, a front and back copy of a certificate of residence, etc)
– Document which proves that he/she is a biological child
– Documents related with the invitees(I.D card, family registry specified all family members, etc)

Those that had come into Korea more than 2 times without record of illegal stay
– Document which proves the purpose of entry
– Documents related with the invitees(I.D card)

Those proven to have had Korean nationality at birth through registration in Korean family register
– A copy of family register(removal) and family registry
– Identity verification document (ex ID card)

Men of merit and their direct relative
– A certificate of a men of merit of national independence or national
– A medal certificate
– A conferment certificate
– A copy of family register and family registry
– Identity verification document (ex ID card)

Those employed under industrial training, training employment or employment license system, that have no record of desertion, and had previously returned to their own country before their period of stay had expired.
– Documents that proves their previous employment.
– Family registry
– Identity verification document (ex. ID card)

Those that are invited by the spouse or cousin of those that have domestic address
– Documents related with Inviting parties(a copy of family register, a copy of the resident registration, a front and back copy of a national identity card)
– Document which proves their relation(Family registry, Genealogical table, old photo, letters communicated for a long-time or KBS-dispersed family certificate, etc)
– Document which proves the financial capability of inviting parties or their spouse(a certificate of incumbency, a copy of business registration, a certificate of bank balance, etc)
– Documents related with the invitees (I.D card, a certificate of holding office, etc.)

Attendance of various Events · Meetings
– Documents proving purpose of stay
– Documents proving · introducing the Meeting
– Documents related with establishment of the institute opening the meeting (a copy of business certificate, a copy of corporation certificate, etc.)
– Documents related with the invitee (ID Card, a certificate of incumbency)

Those that are going to take part in wedding
– Documents related with Inviting parties(a copy of family register, a copy of the resident registration, a front and back copy of a national identity card)
– An invitation card, confirmation of reservation, etc.
– Document which proves their relation
– Documents related with the invitees (I.D card, census registry specified all family members, etc)


  1. The F3 visa application procedure is still unclear and in my opinion the current way to get it for Filipino’s at least is flawed. My family submitted all of the above documents including my a copy of my E7 visa and Alien Registration Card and yet they were still issued tourist visas. The reason I’m so worked up about this is because I have to pay for two return airfares for them to be able to get their passports stamped with an F3. I have no idea why the Korean consulate in Manila refuses to process F3’s or if they do in some cases what the criteria is. Just venting ;-D

  2. ^^ i just got an email from someone who asked me before about getting a F3 visa for his filipina wife… his wife will now be coming to Korea… did you get a confirmation of visa issuance first from the immigration here?

    wendy (of Wendy’s Domain) is also here on F3 visa

    1. Hi Miss Betchay! E2 nnmn po ako..hehehe..Ika2sal po ksi kmi ni hubby ko sa August 28..and we are planning to invite my parents mga wat date of August ko po kya sila papuntahin sa Embassy for visa application? how many days po ba b4 mairelease ang visa? And is it ok po ba na 1 week ung kunin nilang visa? Ano po kya mga requirements? Thanks po! 😉

  3. Hi Ms. Betchay! I have been reading through all the threads on Korean immigration and I see you have been so kind to provide information to “clueless” souls like me.

    I have been issued an F3 visa (I believe it is). My American husband told me I should bring my passport to the Korean Embassy for visa stamping. He already gave me the visa number (or is that how you call it)? My first question is: What are the procedures to have my passport stamped? Do I go there as early as 6 or 7 am to stand in line? Thank you.

    My 2nd question will be: My husband and I have not yet started the adoption proceedings for our daughter so legally, my daughter still shares my maiden name. Because Korean immigration doesn’t see my daughter’s legal relationship with my husband, she can’t be issued the same dependent visa as I have.

  4. Hi Ms. Betchay! For some reason, I mistakenly hit “enter” and my message was posted without my question relating to my daughter’s issue.

    My question is: Is there any chance (no matter how nill) that my husband and I can have her come to Korea? It really pains my heart to leave behind my 3-year old daughter in the Philippines that at this point when I should be concentrating on leaving, I am already thinking of going back.

    Please help me. Thank you so much.

  5. Please help me and give me hope that my angel has a chance of joining me and my husband. Thank you.

  6. Hi Betch! Thanks so much for your kindness. I also sent you my reply …with some more questions ( sorry ).

    Right now, I’ve been thinking of just applying for a tourist visa for my daughter. If this is possible, please advise what sort of documents do I present to the Korean Embassy since my daughter is a minor. So it will be that I will be on an F3 and my daughter comes in as tourist for 3 months and I come home again to Philippines with her after 3 months.

    Thank you so much for your generosity, Betch.

  7. @AzureWolf >> it’s fine.

    @Martina’s mom >> sorry for the late reply… i’d rather send you an email 🙂

  8. I will just ask you,what are the requirements to be needed to invite my sister in law to come here to visit me and my wife?I already sent the some of my documents but the officer said that my sister in law needs to get the bank statement and the income tax.How about if she dont have enough money in the bank and no income tax coz her company that she work didnt pay income tax?Are you allow her to process the visa without this two documents?thanks and Im patient to hear your reply.

  9. Hi, thanks for the tips you’re sharing here in your posts. I really wanted to go to South Korea. When I was in college, i was a volunteer tutor to some Korean college students who visited our university. Since then, i have the passion to teach Koreans but i’m not a teacher, I am Marketing major and currently working as an Acocunting Assistant. I would like to seek for an advise what will I do to get a visa to Korea? I don’t have an ITR right now because i just graduated last year. I resigned from my previous job before the date of filing of ITR. What can you advise me to do? Please send me a message on my email. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.

  10. hi tonette, just like you i don’t have an ITR too. but still im going to try my luck for korea. im planning to apply mid of october or last week of october, just trying to complete all my requirements. not all but some, if i get lucky. i’ll keep you posted.

    btw, do you have any friend who’s korean or who’s in korea right now?

  11. hello midmi, are you in manila? same here, im planning to apply this october,.I do have other requirements as an employee…all i need is ITR, and i understand that it’s too early to file for an ITR for the year2008, and too late for the year2007…i really don’t know how to have my ITR…i hope i can talk with you…

    Yes, i have some Korean friends waiting for me there…i met them when they visited d university were i spent my college…i was a former English coversation volunteer in my school..

  12. yes, im here in manila. yes, my fiance’s korean.. i heard that we should have money in the bank, parang show money ganun? and an invitation letter will be a great help daw. ako pinapaasikaso ko yung invitation letter, pero nistastart palang din eh..

  13. ako din, i’m waiting for my Korean friend to send me the invitation letter…yup, we need a bank certificate for that matter…anyway, i’ll give u my number 09204503504, please text me…i wanna talk with u pa but i have to go home..gabi na kz, still at the office…please keep in touch…

  14. @Tonette >> F3 is dependent visa… if you have a husband working in Korea with an E7 visa, you may stay in Korea with the F3 visa… it’s like a resident visa but you can’t work… the E7 is the visa for skilled workers/professionals… if you want to work here as an accountant, e.g, that’s the visa that you need and your employer has to apply for that visa for you…

  15. Hi betchay, thanks for your reply. Actually, i don’t have a plan of working there as of now…all i wanted is to travel there and meet my friends. One of my friend will be leaving korea soon and it will take years again for us to see each other, that’s why i want to grab this opportunity to see them in korea…i don’t have a husband yet…i’m just 20 years old and working for more than a year…
    Is it possible to have a tourist visa given the COE and other requirements as an employee, eventhough i’m only working for more than a year?
    I hope you can give me more advise…thanks

  16. Hello! I have been reading all your blogs about Pinoy life in Korea. I am here now in Korea (Gangwon-Do Province) but I go to Seoul every weekend because I am officially here to train fencing as I am a national athlete in the Philippines. While I am here, I want to work part-time. Maybe you can help me with your networks. Or if not, it is still nice to know that there are Filipinos here that make you feel close to home even only through online correspondence. More power to you!

  17. hi tonette, how much would you present as your show money? im wondering kase eh.. matagal na din ba yung bank account mo? i was thinking of opening an account at citibank. hay… sana we’ll be blessed to have the visa ^_^

  18. yup midmi, meron na ko bank account pero di pa ko kumukuha ng bank certificate, kuha nalang ako after ng lahat ng ibang papers ko…un

  19. ah owkies, ako din ganun gagawin ko. kelan mo plan magsubmit ng papers sa embassy? im sorry hindi kita matext hindi kase ako masyadong nagloload..anyways, here’s my number 09169098393.. hope to hear from you soon! take care. God bless satin! ^_^

  20. hi tonette, how’s your application? i’ll be going to the embassy na tomorrow…i got the cho-cheong-jang na also.. keep in touch ha? God bless! ^;^

  21. hey! hi i’ve been reading all your message here to get some tips how to get a korea tourist visa.i am wondering if madali or not cuz this will be my first boyfriend is an american and he is working in korea as an esl teacher he wants me to visit him there kaso i dont know what are the things that i need to do and the requirements that my bf and i need for the visa..please help me…

  22. mr. michael wallace,
    can i know if youre sister and law and your wife are already in korea now? because you said that your sis in law has no income tax return and no enough money in the bank..did the embassy issue a visa for her?because im just like her and my bf wants me to come and visit him but i dont have sufficient money in my account

  23. for us filipinos who wish to go there at korea?? is it required to have personal bank statemnt account??how much would be the requirements??thanks

  24. I am an aspiring English teacher in Korea and I am totally blind at how to achieve it. I know nobody for me to ask what to do. I guess I just have to read the thread… But for somebody like me who just finished BSED English last March with zero teaching experience, what is the probability of getting there and landing a good job? Can I expect at least 75%? Thank you.

  25. Just this week I went to Korean embassy at Pacific Star in Makati to inquire. I did not get much information and took home a visa application form and a list of requirements.

    I feel nervous because I am alone doing this. I hope there can be somebody else out there reading this thread with the same plan as I do.

    My timeframe actually is to start teaching there by mid next year. would it be wise for me to apply now for visa? What should I take care first? Here is a short list of the tasks that I think I need to accomplish. I actually do not know what to do first or if there is something else that I need to do.

    – get passport
    – apply for visa
    – apply as an English teacher on line.

    Please advice. Thank you so much!

  26. To. mr.raymund,
    can you tell me what are those requirements needed that the embassy gave you?My bf is working in korea as an esl teacher in GB school but i know koreans want native english speaker, but goodluck for your application.

  27. I threw the copy…My main reason of going there is really to scout the place. know how to get there when I am already working on it. However the requirements are pretty much the same as what Betchay posted above this thread:

    1. Application form (typewritten)
    2. One passport size colored picture
    3. Passport Original (Old and New)
    4. Passport photocopy of First Page (6 months valid)
    5. Copy of U.S., New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Korea, and Canada Visa (if there is)
    6. Employement Certificate (Original)
    7. Personal Bank Certificate(Original)
    8. ITR (Income Tax Return) (photocopy)

    * If Personally invited to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Invitor’s Passport

    * If invited by Company to Korea: Original Invitation Letter in Korea & photocopy of the Korean Company Business Permit

    Actually I am not sure I have seen the bank certificate in the list that i got. But it is pretty much the same…

    I advice you visit the place. It is located at Pacific Star Building Makati cor Buendia Ave. 18th floor. I believe you can also get there contact number through the net.

  28. hello ms betchay..

    i just want to ask some questions…
    i’m currently working as a part time phone english teacher and a full time man-to-man teacher in an english academy.
    i’m about to resign from my part time job and one of my students offered me a job in korea as the private english tutor for his 2 daughters.
    i’m rally interested in his offer…pero di ko lam kung pano ko ipprocess ung papers ko…
    should i apply for a working visa..??

    pls… i really need your help. btw i’m not an Educ graduate..i’m a nurse. may effect po b un…?/

    pls help me..tnx in advance

  29. @ rosalyn martinez : hello, im one of those filipinos who had queries and anxiety in applying visa for korea but now im here in korea. Yes, you need to have a bank certificate to present to the embassy. pero ako i didn’t ahve any ITR but still i was granted a visa. God has been so good! How far are you with your papers?

  30. hi midmi, my apology, i haven’t check the site for more or less 2 weeks…just read your message…Godbless

    I postpone my application for the visa which was supposedly mid october…my mom’s friend offer me to study/work in UK and an Aunt called up offering a job in Dubai…that’ why i had a second thought which one i should pursue first…but both my papers in UK and Dubai are on process…and i had complete requirements in Korean Visa Application.. i still don’t know when i’ll be going to the embassy…

    Godbless with your application..plz keep in touch..and i hope you’ll give me feedback with you application…thanks

  31. hi, will somebody give me an advice? if i will apply for a korean visa and unfortunately i’ll be denied, can i still apply for a visa to other country? Being Denied in one country has an effect on application to another country? Please give me an advice about this…i didn’t pass my requirements with the korean embassy because i am afraid that if ever i’ll be denied it would have an effect on my application for student visa in UK…thanks

  32. @ tonette: hello, that’s okay. im already here in korea and have extended my stay up to january.. it’s nice here.. and i think about your query, i think it won’t affect your visa application to other countries if ever you’ll be denied basta have faith in your application.. and iba naman ang system ng korea to other countries i guess.. besides, you’ll apply for a student visa in UK not a tourist so the process is different coz you have a school and all the other papers for UK.. Oh well, just give it a try! ^^

  33. thanks for that…anyway, how did you apply for the extension? what are the requirements? i’ll apply for korean visa next week, i’ll try…what are the requirements you’ve passed in the embassy when you applied? i have read that you have no ITR…so what are your supporting documents? thank you very much…
    praying that i’ll be granted a visa…thanks

  34. hi tonette, you’re welcome. yung sa extension, i just went to the immigration office here and paid 30,000 won with my passport and then they asked until how long would i want it to extend tapos yun na.. madali lang naman mag extend.

    sa supporting docs ko, prinove ko lang that i won’t overstay in korea because i’ll be leaving for canada to work as nurse on feb, i showed them some docs and all that.. tapos gumawa ako ng letter stating my reason as to why i didn’t have an itr…

    1. hi tonette…good day…i read all your post, my couz and I are also planning to travel in Korea…I am employed, but no ITR..ung pinsan ko naman is nag-aaral pa but well supported by her parents and relatives..i have two questions and 1 favor:

      1. what are the requirements needed for me?magkanu dapat laman ng bank account?
      2. what are the requirements needed for my couz since student pa lang xa..

      and favor: can i have a sample letter where u stated ung reason mu why u don’t have ITR..please

  35. OIC, i do have an attachment for ITR, Form2316, but i dont have 1700…but i guess it would be helpful also…so maybe I’ll present also some documents from my application to UK…thanks…pls pray for me to have my visa…thanks…

  36. hi… i was an exchange student in busan last year. i stayed there for a year. i would love to come visit my friends in korea next year after my graduation. i am planning to get a tourist visa since my student visa expired already. i still don’t have an ITR but i can produce a bank certification. will that be enough? what other requirements will i be needing? and how many days can i stay there if i only have a tourist visa? your response will be of great help! thank you.

  37. @ angeline…it is your advantage that you have a korean visa before…it would be easy for you to apply…maybe you can ask midmi what she did about the ITR because she also have no ITR presented at the embassy…

  38. good day betchay..
    I am trying to check some sites to answer my queries about visiting korea with an american husband. Right now, i am here in the philippines studying for my second degree and my husband working in korea as training manager in camp casey. Since, chirstmas is approaching i want to spend that with him as my vacation in school as well. I would like to know what are the requirements and documents required in obtaining visit visa with american husband working in KOrea. Hoping for your positive response in this regards. Thank u and God bless.

  39. ***hi midmi, kumusta ka na diyan? i’m sure you’re enjoying your stay there. malapit na rin kami ni jaime magsubmit ng application with requirements. sana nga mabigyan kami ng visa.

    ***hi tonette, have you already applied for your visa? when is your plan to visit South Korea? Godbless

    ***hi Nikka, when is your plan to visit your husband? i’ll also visit my husband next month and jaime and I will apply for a C3 visa 3rd week of November or last week of this month. pinag-uusapan pa namin if direkta na kami sa Korean Embassy or thru travel agency. meron na rin kaming nakausap na travel Agency at Koreano ang may-ari. Godbless

  40. hey can you give me an answer is it really need that the invitation letter must be notarized in korea or the invitors can direclty send into me by just a formal letter?please help i just really need to see my fiance…tnx

  41. ^^ your invitor should get the invitation letter from a law office… then send the letter to you so you could bring it when you apply for the visa

  42. @ midmi

    you and I are on the same boat. may korean bf din kasi ako.
    I’m going there november to be with him. mind if I add you up sa ym? thanks a lot~!

    1. jamie..would u mind if we chat sometime..same problem po kasi korean bf din ako,,wala ako itr student pa lang ako..hinahanapan kasi ako ng embassy ng emplyment certificate at itr ng parents..wala ako nun kasi bf q ung nagpapaaral talaga saken..kung my invitation ba from my bf no need na ba ung mga requirements na yun?balak kasi namin umlis ng 3rd week ng october.hope u reply soon

  43. ok tnx ms. betchay for the info i thought it will be just a formal letter wrote by him..and im so scared for all the comments ive had read parang lahat ata eh i really need to get itr eh wala naman po ko job as of now and i dont have a big money on my bank account and my fiancee will be the one to pay for everything and he is working in ochang as an esl teacher in GB do you have any idea para po hindi ako madenied pagkuha ng tourist visa?or is it betterna mag travel agency na lang ako?

  44. @khay: i didn’t have an ITR too, but i had just enough money in the bank to present during my visa application.. having a travel agency doesn’t guarantee you to have your visa approved eh. ako din kase naisip ko yan dati, pero mapapalaki lang ang gastos mo. mas magandang ikaw na lang din mag process plus your experience poa diba?

    i think the cho-cheong-jang is a lot of help.. yung invitation letter.. hmm..

  45. midmi..thnx for the advice and all the statement here makes me scared..parang lahat denied eh..and where will we get that cho cheong jang?how much money you have in the bank?is it 100,000php is enough? do i really need to show them my money even my finace will be the one to pay for eveything?
    thnaks guys youre advice are very big help!

  46. hmmm…ako i didn’t have much money just enough, bank certificate lang naman tska super recent lang nung bank account ako pag open ko nga in 3 days nag apply na ko for bank certification.. i only had 114K, and me too i had a guarantor yung mom ng fiance ko but then i still had to show some money eh.. the cho-cheong-jang makukuha nya sa mga law offices here in korea ang alam ko korean citizen dapat yung mag rerequest nun.. hmmm… but then others here (in this site) have more knowledge than me though.. sana nakatulong ako kahit papanu..

  47. oh well i see kase ive read some comments here na esl din bf nya and is an american also kaso nadenied so i think it’s really better if his korean friend will be the one to get that letter…and anu naman yung requirements ng guarantor?how did you start applying for the visa?was it easy?and how much it all cost for the processing?
    thank you again

  48. hello everybody, i hope it’ll help this experience of mine to all those who wnat to come here in korea. i invited my mom and dad to come here in korea. in korean embassy in manila they receive 90 days visa but when they arrived here in incheon they gave they change it and make it 2 months. i went to immigration office and asked if it’s still extendable but they said that it’ll be be extended for 1 month only. stict na sila ngayon masyado. dahil daw marami lumayas na foreigner like chinese parents. so ayan damay tayo lahat.

  49. hello to everybody, ill just have a question and i hope someone will come to help me.Im here in HONGKONG and im going take my holiday for two months in the philippines this coming february and for the meantime i want to come to korea to visit my, what shall i need to do? and what are the requirements? thanks and more power….

  50. @ellen >> you’ll need to apply for a C-3 or tourist visa… you’ll need to prepare the following to apply for a visa from the philippines:
    – your passport
    – application form
    – latest ITR
    – certificate of employment
    – bank certificate
    – invitation letter from a korean citizen (optional)

    you’ll have to ask the Korean Consulate in HK if you could apply for a tourist visa from there… AFAIK, you can only for a tourist visa to korea in the country where you are a national

    1. hello.. i want to ask.. is it possible to get tourist visa staying 3 or 4days?
      passport, bank account tska invitation lang kasi from my boyfriend meron ako..
      i can buy my own round trip ticket..
      yung source of income ko is commision basis only tska personal employer wala talaga akong maibbigay n ITR or certificate of emplyment..

      im hoping for your reply..

      from Nikki^^

      1. Hi Nikki! Kahit commission basis ka, kailangan mo magpakita ng proof of income. Hindi talaga tatanggapin ang application mo pag hindi kumpleto ang dokumento mo. Kung wala kang ITR, pwede yung land title, certificate of stocks, golf club membership, condo title kung meron. Kailangan mo mapakita ang “ties” mo sa Pilipinas.

  51. hello every body, help me with my problem. i’m a business woman but my i just got my dti last august i want to go to s.korea and i only have 100k as a show money what will i do. any travel agency you know that can help me with this

  52. yong frien ko kasi gusto nya akong mag visit don pero eps sya so wala akong invitation letter. i have my dti permit just got it last august and then i also have my mayor’s permit, bank certificate (5000+ dollars) ano po pa bang other documents i have to present and then. sabi kasi ng friend ko ang nakakatakot daw kasi ung A to A ano po bang kakailanganin para di ako questionin ng immigration tanx very much hope for your help

  53. my bf is korean n working here sa phil. his fam invited me together w him this jan, is that possible invitation letter should be fr my bf fam, or pwede na rin sya yung nakaname .n yung bank account should be possible big amount im also working in bank so i will just stay there for 2 weeks…pls. help is that true not that easy to get korean tourist visa

    madels last blog post..Filming location: Full House

  54. Hi guys, where can I get the application form for Business-type Visa? Is there an online application form? I hope the requirements are written in the application form. ^_^

    Can an agency help us with the application so that we wont have to go there personally?

    Btw, is there a Korean Embassy Website? Can’t find it.. 🙂 Thankies!

  55. would like to ask if it is possible that my invitor’s representative will have my cho-cheong-jang be notarized in behalf of my invitor? My invitor is very busy, he wanted a representative to get a copy from the law office, sign it if his signature needs to be affixed and bring it back to the law office by his representative to be notarized? Also, how much the invitor needs to pay for the cho-cheong-jang? Thank you very much

  56. can’t i have a tourist visa for Korea if i’m not employed?
    i mean, is it really necessary? what if i already stopped working? i already got an invitation and sponsor. this bulletin showed that i need to hav an ITR and certificate of employment.

  57. how to get korean tourist visa? do i need to present a certificate of employment and ITR? i just resigned 2 weeks ago..please help..

  58. @midmi: hmmm possible kaya ako makapunta sa korea even my bf is just a teacher there?hirap kase i really dont know what am i going to do i just want to see him and besides im taking my masters degree now..baka naman me alam ka pa na best information how to get there…help!!!

  59. @khay: there’s no harm in trying. show the embassy all the necessary docs..pati cguro yung master’s mo and all..are you working? or any past jobs, ako kase wala ding ITR but then i just showed my docs sa embassy and made a letter stating the reason why i didn’t have an ITR and job right now.. i think a cho-cheong-jang would help too IMO.. coz they’ll trust you more if that’ll be the case..

    @anne: ako din nung nag apply ng visa i didnt have a job and no ITR at all. i was too anxious too, maybe you can ask your past employer to give you the certificate of employment kase dapat i-prove mo na you won’t overstay here.. you’ll never know the answer din unless you try eh..ako nga bago i-hand sakin yung visa ko sa embassy, tinanong pa ko nung girl about my purpose of going here in korea..pero sa immigration sa airport no questions asked naman.. ^^

  60. hi i want to go back to working there before for 1 year.i went to korea oct 23 2007 and go home to phil for vacation in july 1st and came back to korea by july 27th.but got a problem with my boss so i decided to buy my own ticket and leave with out telling my my alien registration card the date is untill april u think i still can go back to korea as my boyfriend is working there and he wants me to stay with him.thanks

  61. ms. betchay, ask ko lang po kung ano ibig sabihin ng ‘Korean Embassy Application reserve’ na tatak sa passport? does it mean the visa was denied? un daw kz nakalagay sa passport ng kaibigan ko nong kunuha nya ung passport nya from the embassy kanina…tnx po

  62. hi, i just wanna know what to do, kasi i have an american bf just assigned in US airbase sa korea last month and he wants me to visit him there. can anybody here tell me what kind of visa shall i get and what are the requirements? kasi he doesnt know what to do din eh. thanks!

  63. hello!
    I’m anne, I would like to ask from you, my mother-in law works in Seoul as a domestic helper is she allowed to invite me to go to Korea?

  64. hi! midmi. i read about your visa application and good for you, you were granted a visa. i’m so much interested to go to korea but i know how hard it is to get a visa. could you please tell me exactly what are the requirements that you submittted when you went to the korean embassy? and how long did it take you to wait for your visa? please give me some advices. thank you so much and be waiting for your reply. God bless:)

  65. @anne >> only Korean nationals can send invitations… if your MIL’s employer is Korean then he/she can invite you 🙂

    @cha >> you should apply for the C3 or tourist visa since you’re not yet married

  66. hello
    ms Betchay, thank you for replying. My mother in law plans to give me a letter of invitation on january 2009..Thank you for giving me an idea on how to get an invitation. I’ll tell her that it is better to give me a letter of invitation from Korean National. She works in a diplomate there..My sister in law visited there last month and she was invited by her mother’s employer.I just want to ask if how much I will be presented on my bank certificate.Thank you very much..more power.

  67. hello,i have a problem and i have to find an answer. i was in korea as tourist invited by a sister who married a korean natinal then i overstayed for 3 months for some important reason and i surender, when i exit my visa was stamped with 68-(1) on the remarks at the imigration in seoul airport. now i need to comeback in connection with the reason that i was in korea. what will i do so i can comeback, need some advice regarding this matter, hope there’s someone who can help me. at di ko po alam ang ibig sabihin sa tatak sa passport ko nag hanap po talaga ako nang paraan kung paano makabalik. salamat

  68. hi guys my nane is vina!! ask ko lang po coz i dont have ITR for my tourist visa, vut i have c.e.o,
    midmi: ive red that u dont have ITR what gnawa mo po para ma issue ka nila visa, any other supportin documents, i dont have work right now vy the way, pero ung U.S military Bf koh xa mg handle lahat expenses koh, what will i do for that.. pls advice me. is the ceo is present..
    ty guys i hope that u can help me for this.. Godvless..

  69. @vina

    Much better if you will buy round trip open ticket for atleast 3-6 months para madali ipareschedule if you want to stay longer. Based on my experience sa check in counter palang ng Asiana Airlines sa NAIA hinahanapan ako ng return ticket. Unless you have a military id or an alien card I guess you wont have any problem with your 1 way ticket. And also its cheaper to get roundtrip ticket.

  70. hello,i have a problem and i have to find an answer. i was in korea as tourist invited by a sister who married a korean natinal then i overstayed for 3 months for some important reason and i surender, when i exit my visa was stamped with 68-(1) on the remarks at the imigration in seoul airport. now i need to comeback in connection with the reason that i was in korea. what will i do so i can comeback, need some advice regarding this matter, hope there’s someone who can help me. at di ko po alam ang ibig sabihin sa tatak sa passport ko nag hanap po talaga ako nang paraan kung paano makabalik. salamat

  71. @vina

    yes, i didn’t have an ITR but i presented my COE, also some supporting docs like i am waiting right now for a job in canada and wrote the embassy a letter that due to my flight sched for canada i surely won’t overstay in korea… tapos some money in my bank.. but like what april said, a round trip ticket would be better^^ hope it helped…

  72. hi! guys advice naman nyo ako tungkol sa visa ko paano pabalik sa korea need your advice much..kailangan po tlaga ako sa sis ko may nfection po kasi sya pagka tapus manganak.
    din i need to comeback pra kunin nlng ang baby nya pauwi dito..yon kasi ang 3 months overstay ko tinuro kasi yan sa immigration pagpa xtend namin na hindi na nla matatakan ng xtention visa ko pro i can stay more 3months then xplain nlng pag out sabi makabalik pa daw ako.makabalik pa kaya ako tlaga nasa mindanao kasi ako gusto ko maniguro bago punta manila mahal kasi ang pamasahi.pls advice naman kayo guys..i do believe na maraming alam ang mga adviser dito lalo na kay miss bechay…plss. need it asap.thanks



    I just want to share my experience and a really positive result at Korean Embassy. My C3 visa was approved yesterday (December 22, 2008) at around 3:30pm. God is soooooo good. He truly answers prayers! I can now visit my husband and spend the holiday with him.

    I arrived at Pacific Star Building at around 7am, December 17, 2008, i’ve waited outside the building with the other applicants (some are applying for tourist C3 visa and some are applying for E9 visa). Of course, I was really nervous, just like Ms. Betchay, I really hate waiting, hehehe. The guard in gray uniform gave us “visitor’s registration form” to fill up and surrender/give/submit it to the reception desk with a valid ID. After that I proceeded to the elevator going to KE at 18th floor. Upon arrival at the KE, the friendly policeman checked my bag for inspection then he gave me an electronic number. When my number was flashed on the lcd monitor display at window 3 (1st time applicants) I submitted my complete requirements (1. application for visa form – handwritten; 2. original passport; 3. photocopy of 1st page of passport; 4. 2×2 picture; 5. Certificate of employment and compensation; 6. ITR for 2007; 7. Personal bank certificate) to the lady who’s wearing an eyeglasses (is dat MS. PARK???). She’s very nice because when I gave her my complete requirements she asked me if “how long will I stay in South Korea” then I answered her question politely and of course with all the SMILE on my face,hehehe. After that she double checked my papers then gave me a claim stub for the schedule of the release of my passport. By the way, I did not have any invitation letter. I just really tried my LUCK and wowoweeeeee, visa was APPROVED…

    While waiting for my number to be displayed on the LCD, I had an observation regarding the other applicants, some have invitation letters and there’s this girl from Cagayan (we’re both ILOCANA,hehe) asked/seek my help because she was not prepared so she asked me how to fill up the form and of course i helped her and explained to her (para mawala rin yung kaba ko kasi waiting makes me nervous,hehe). When she submitted her requirements, the lady in Window 3 returned back her papers and she told the girl to come back next time. The girl felt upset/sad because she came from the province but to no avail, she was not entertained due to incomplete requirements.

    I’m so thankful for my friends especially Midmi and Jaime, keep in touch ha, thanks for all your help. And of course to Donna thanks for your advices and the things you shared regarding C3 visa and most importantly MS. BETCHAY, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR WEBSITE, IT IS HERE WHERE I LEARNED SO MANY THINGS, THIS WEBSITE REALLY HELPED ME A LOT. IF NOT FOR YOU MS. BETCHAY, BAKA NAGKAKANDARAPA PARIN AKO TILL NOW.

    For those who will apply for C3 visa, complete all your requirements (REAL,NO FRAUD) before submission and just relax, smile, have self confidence, be sincere and PRAY PRAY PRAY.

  74. Hi everyone :)Good gracious! I didn’t know this site exists. This is really a great help to those Pinoys who want to go to SK.Personally, it has been my long wish to work as an ESL teacher in Korea but this desire slowly faded when I knew that non-native English speakers can’t work there legally.With those information I have read,I have gathered my confidence again.I am still starting and I know it’s still a long way to go. I remember, one of my students before personally invited me to work in Singapore as an English tutor.Because I didn’t have any idea on how to get there, I refused despite my student’s plea. Now, I think I have the confidence to try…. Good Luck to everyone. God bless us all.

  75. Merry Christmas and a happy nee year to everyone. I’m quite confused right now because I have a Korean c-3 visa but I don’t exactly have any idea about the information stamped on my visa. I called the embassy today but it was closed. Could anyone help me? My final entry date is Mar 4, 2009. Period of Sojourn is only 15 days. Is it possible that I can leave Mar 3 or Mar 4 and stay there for 15days? Or I should leave our country before 15 days expires? Thank you very much.

  76. Ms. Betchay,

    Happy holidays! My korean boyfriend would like me to go to Korea this march for a month. It will be my second time to go there if ever i will be granted a tourist visa. I would like to ask for the documents necessary to get a visa & the procedures please. We are actually gonna get married this may but we do not know if it is much advisable if we will get married first here in the philippines or in korea. Please shed some light. thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Hi Lay! When did you first come to Korea? The requirements, even if it’s your second time as a tourist, would be the same as when you first applied. As for where it is better to get married, it is easier in Korea if you could come here and you have all the documents for you to be able to get a certificate of eligibility to contract marriage from the embassy. If you decide to get married in the Philippines, your fiance would have to be there for at least three weeks from the time you apply for a marriage license until the civil wedding ceremony.

  77. Hi Ms. Betchay! I went there last Aug & stayed there for one week. Sorry for the inconvenience po pero is it possible for me to know the documents that i must accomplish before going to korea this march? thank you so much po.

  78. Ms. Betchay,

    Follow up question din po. could i also asked for the procedures & seminars that i need to attend before our civil wedding? i don’t know what to expect with my life in korea but how i wish i can get a job as well there. i hope to work in hsbc in korea as i am working in hsbc philippines but is it possible if i am not a korean citizen? Am i gonna have a dual citizenship after the wedding? thank you po again.

  79. @ lay >> read mo na lang sa taas yung requirements for employees… if you’re planning to get married in the philippines, your fiance has to get the certificate of eligibility to contract marriage from the korean embassy… he only needs to present his family registration to the officials there… then both of you has to go to your city hall and apply for a marriage license… they’ll tell you the procedures regarding the seminar and everything else… when you come here as a filipina married to a korean national, you can get the F-2-1 visa… it will take two years before you can apply for a korean citizenship and dual citizenship is currently not allowed in korea… you’ll have to ask HSBC about the possibility of transferring to a korean branch… of course, you’ll have to learn korean language din di ba?

  80. ang dami kung natutunan sa mga letters niyo..
    thank you talaga sa inyo..tagal ko na kasi gustong bumalik ng SK..nawalan lng me ng hope na makabalik pa kasi akala ko mahirap na bumalik pag walang company na susuporta..

    mag aaply sana ako ng tourist visa..marami akong friend na naiwan dun at nagtatrabaho pa rin witht heir legal contracts..makakatulong po ba yun sa akin?

    tenchu..more power sa inyong lahat..

    keep on prayin’ blessed !

      1. hi ms. betchay..we do also plan to travel in korea (my couz and I)..the prob is i don’t have an ITR but I’m employed, and …yung pinsan ko naman is nag-aaral pa but well supported naman and with sufficient funds..we are planning to stay there for 4-5 days lang..i heard that ms. midmi got a visa without the ITR..can u help me make that letter where in i can state the reason why i don’t have it..and kailangan ba notarized?and magkanu dapat laman ng account ko?..and to my couz..anu mga kailangan nya?we don’t have any relative sa SK..we just want to travel and visit korea…pls kindly help us…we need to go there before the next school year..since bakasyon ng pinsan ko..she wishes to go there kasi as a gift from her parents and she wants me to go with her….

  81. hi ms betchay, im so glad i found this site. i am here in sokcho for over 2 months now and im on F-3 visa. i live with my american husband who works as esl. if i will work even a part time job, what will i do with my visa? change it? i just want to be productive and i want to work even part time since i got nothing to do and in this way i can also learn hangul, i think communicating with them on a daily basis will help me learn faster. (i self study their alphabet now. my husband help me from time to time but i dont want to hassle him too much since he is busy with the winter camp) do you know anyone from this area? im also planning to get a driver’s license since we have a car, is it possible for me with my visa? thanks and happy new year.

    1. Hi Ms.Anne, If you want to work here in korea even a part time, You have to get the Working Visa, means you get the employer, get your passport stamp as Working visa, leave the country then come back as a working visa. If you don’t do that and still get the job as a F-3 Visa and they caught you, you will be banned here in south korea forever. I am a A-3 Visa and can only work inside american base. I think it’s not fair but we can’t do nothing about it.

  82. hi..everybody!ask ko lang po kung pwede p me makabalik sa korea…ive been working there for more than 1 year..just went home last year november…i dont intend to work anymore so i just want to get tourist visa…my korean friend is the one going to invite me to come to korea and his company will guarantee me…but when i go to korean embassy they told me to comeback again coz they are looking for itr and employment certificate….thats the only paper i dont have…but when i got back here in phil last year i started working again so i have employment certificate but i dont have itr because its just 1 and a half month since i go back to work…i have the copy of my itr from 2006 same company…do u think they will accept it?thank u…

  83. Hi Betchay.I am glad that this website exists.YOu really help a lot of Filipino thru this website.I have few questions to ask.First, I met a Korean man through a common friend and he has been courting me for 5 months now. He seems kind. In fact, he had meet my family and had visited me a couple of times here in the Philippines.Last December, while he was on vacation he proposed marriage to me. But I was skeptic,though he seems honest. I want to make sure that he is not committed to anyone in Korea.( he is not my bf yet)Last night ,he
    made a long distance call and told me that he is sending his testimony of single hood. Is that enough proof that he isn’t married? I think he’ll get it from the Korean embassy .
    And one more question, he wants to get married first in catholic church here in the Philippines and have another ceremony in Korea.
    What are requirements that he needs to provide in order to be married here in the Philippines?

    Thank you so much! Cheers!

  84. Hello Betchay!

    I’m Nemrod of Baguio city. One of my friends is inviting me in South Korea for our Reunion. May I know what are the requirements for tourist visa going to korea. Is it possible for me go even i don’t have any financial certicate? My friend’s will pay everything for me and I will stay to their house. They will take care for me there. Your reply is highly appreciated.

  85. hello Ms. Betchay,

    I just want to ask if there’s a minimum balance required for the bank certificate that they require. I don’t have enough money in my bank account to prove that I can support my needs during my stay in Korea. Is it ok to provide bank certificate of the person who invited me and guarantee letter from him that he will be the one to support me in all my expenses in korea? The guarantee letter, kelangan ba notarized din? Thanks po. I hope to hear any advise from you..^^

  86. follow up question po..tinatanong ba sa embassy how long will I be staying in korea? and if ever i will indicate one week and then after if ever maapprove, i’ve decided to stay for 2~3 months, same lang ba ung babayaran ko? for the visa and the extension? thanks!

  87. gudpm po..thanks for ur website nakakuha po me ng korean tourist visa kanina lang by 2pm….kaya lng po gusto ko sana stay for 1 month pero ang nilagay po nila sa visa ko ay 15 days lang at nknote na NO FURTHER STAY..pwede po kaya me makaextend hanggang 1 month pagdating sa korea….thanks.more power po!

  88. @ lea

    huh? talaga? bakit ganun? ilang days ang nilagay mo sa application form mo?
    Balak ko kc sana ilagay lang sa application ko 1 or 2 weeks, but in fact im planning to stay longer. Kc limited lang ung amount na nasa bank account ko although shoulder talaga ng bf ko expenses ko pagdating dun.

    anyone, please help answer the queries of ms.lea..

    and also, if i will apply for my visa now..and then by first week of april p balak ko umalis, is it ok? hindi ba maxado maaga?

    hope to hear any response from anyone.

    thanks a lot!

  89. @ moonlady

    1 month ang nilagay ko sa application ko pero ang nilagay ay 15 days lang na may note n no further stay..ok nmn ung bank cert ko kc more than 400thousand…shoulder din ng bf ko ung stay ko dun… ngapply me jan 28 then by feb 4 nakakuha na me ng visa…hope makatulong sau moonlady..gudluck…i’l try nalang sa korea kung pwede maextend dun….

  90. hello ms. betchay…kagagaling ko lng po ng korea last january 24 i stayed at seoul in itaewon for 3 months and i fell in love with korea…i was able to work as a musician..but unfortunately didnt get any sponsors…pero ok lng po kasi masaya..ang experience ko the way ininvite po ako ng mom ko ang amo nya po kasi is from peru question is how many months po ang palalampasin bago ako mag appy uli ng C3 tourist visa…? salamat po

  91. @ lea,

    thanks! pls inform me if ever maextend mo ung visa mo sa korea. pero mas ok na rin at least hindi ka ndeny..^^
    How’s Korea? haha! buti ka pa mkakasama mo na ung bf..hehe!
    I really hope na makapunta na rin ako dyan..
    Have a great stay in Korea..^^

  92. hello ms. betchay…kagagaling ko lng po ng korea last january 24 i stayed at seoul in itaewon for 3 months and i fell in love with korea…i was able to work as a musician..but unfortunately didnt get any sponsors…pero ok lng po kasi masaya..ang experience ko the way ininvite po ako ng mom ko ang amo nya po kasi is from peru question is how many months po ang palalampasin bago ako mag appy uli ng C3 tourist visa…? salamat po

  93. Hi,
    I want to visit korea for only a week. I read all the requirements above. I am a student and don’t have ITR. I’m pursuing further studies.. Is the ITR a major requirement? Are there any information on how a student could get a visa? I will be supported by my parents…
    Thanks po. 🙂

  94. hello miss betchay how much money [show money] do i need to process a tourist visa for korea? please help me it is really my dream to go visit korea..and what can i do so that my visa will not be denied? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon..

    please email me..

    1. hi ejay! i don’t know exactly how much money do you need… but common sense will tell us that the more money you have, the better isn’t it? i think more than the bank account, it’s also important to have a stable job that could be a proof that you won’t overstay nor work in korea… if you already have a visa from other visa-requiring countries like US, Japan, Australia and EU then it’d be easier for you to get a Korean visa

  95. Hi miss betchay.. I read most of your reponses and they are really helpful. I tried to click the portal but I cant understand cause it in Korean.

    Anyway, I am Nuri, a 22 year old student in an Open University so I work as an online partime teacher for Koreans. I only work for 4 hours a day for almost 3 years.

    My boyfriend is a Korean and he wants me to visit Korea by August or October this year for a 2 week visit. What should I do? I havent traveled to other countries but I have plans of visiting Hongkong or Singapore before I go to Korea. Please help me. I almost got crazy upon searching for the answers. THANKS A LOT!!!

    1. hi Nuri! same procedure as above, you’ll need to provide docs but if you’re a student, you could submit your student registration instead of employment certificate

  96. hi moonlady….

    im so happy na extend ung visa ko untill 3 months…madali lang pala mgpaextend just pay 30,000 won…1 day lang me ngapply then granted agad…hope na mapasa ka sa application mo…godbless

  97. To Ms. Lea again,

    What reason did you give for your extension?tnx
    Nagsubmit ka ba ng invitation from Korea sa embassy? anong reason ang nilagay ng bf mo sa invitation?

  98. to louie:::: reason na nilagay ko is i still wants to see korea and nilagay ko sa reason na balak ko magstay ng 3 months talaga kc un ang maximum tourist stay sa korea pero binigay lang sakin is 15days s philippines at may note n no further stay…then i said gusto ko p magstay ng matagal to explore korea.and yes i submit invitation from korea to embassy but my bf didnt invite me coz he is not a korean citizen so ask nya friend nya na korean na invite me as a friend or him and his wife..then ung reason nila is ive been here before in korea for work but i havent seen many places in korea coz im busy at work always.then they said i want to meet all my korean friends..

    1. Not true. Blacks, browns and yellows could also teach EFL in Korea as long as they have a passport from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.

  99. good morning!i just want to ask kung papano poh yung process ng tourist visa because one of my student invited me to go to waiting for your reply.thank you

    1. hi Sharon! you just need to prepare the documents above in the ‘Visa for Employees’ section and go the Korean Embassy really early… remember that your documents should be complete before going there as they don’t accept incomplete docs

  100. mam bechay magkano po ba dapat amount sa bank para ma approved visa? dapat po nakalagay sa bank certificate amount ng account sa bank? pano po kaya yun nagpadala na ng invt. letter koreanang hipag ko kaso walang notary,, Accept po kya yun?

    1. hi des! money sa bank? the more the better and yes, nilalagay ng mga banks ang amount ng deposit mo sa bank certificate… as for the exact amount na dapat meron ka, hindi ko alam… pero siguro dapat enough or more than enough to support your trip to south korea… but more than the bank account, mas maganda kung may stable job ka na may magandang income 🙂

  101. hi bibi…i have read your wondering about marrying a korean man. i am married also to a korean man 10 years ago. ang kailangan lng ng koreano kunin d2 sa korea ay: family sencus, single certificate, at un birth certificate nya..good luck to you..

  102. mam bechay…ask ko lng po sana this is my second time applying for a C3 visa i would like to ask if honored din ba nila ang ITR form 2307 instead of 1701 stating my paid taxes sa company ko..kasi po 2307 palng ang issue sakin..
    pls reply po kasi mag fifile na ko sa monday please i need your response salamat [po

  103. Hello!
    ask ko po sana pano process ng adoption. I have a son Filipino citizen and now I am married to a Korean, plan ko po kasi this year i process n papers ng anak q or invite ko po muna para mas mabilis ko siya makasama. pano po ba dapat ko gawin? and ano po ba mga kailangan ko papers?
    thank you in advance, and thanks for making this blog ma;aling tulong ito lalo n sa kagaya ko n bago pa lang s korea.
    maraming salamat and God bless

  104. Magkano po ba kung babayaran ng boyfriend ko ang penalty ko?Isang taon na po akong overstay d2 sa korea dahil nagdadalantao ako…sana po pakisagot asap

  105. hello po,, ask ko lang po sana at least how much po dapat ang money na nasa bangko ko, bago nila i grant ang tourist visa? please reply po sna kayo agad, salamat po ng marami.

  106. i found a site stating that some countries can go to korea visa free as long as they stay there for 30 days only, unfortunately philippines is not included on that list,,,i was wondering, there are alot of koreans here in the philippines and yet we are not given that privilege to go there without any visa…:( just makes me sad..anyways…thanks for the info about the visa!

  107. hello… when applying for a (C3)tourist visa for Korea…will i need to have a confirmed ticket from Philippines to Korea? is it a requirement?

    1. @Len – Nope. A confirmed ticket isn’t a requirement and it’s advisable NOT to purchase a ticket before you get a visa.

  108. thanks ate Betchay…this is my 2nd application…was there last year and now we’re planning to get married na. my certificate of employment is from my employer in China and my ITR is more of like a declaration lang na i’m paying my taxes here coz i’m my taxes in China as well. his invitation letter he stated that he wants to marry me and that’s why he is asking the embassy to grant me the visa again..

    do you think I have a good chance of acquiring the C3 visa again?

    more power to you…

  109. ms.betchay ask ko po sna if i can still use my visa to travel in korea.apr.19,2009 po ang expiry nito.pero apr.15 palang ako nakakuha ng booking,,matatanong po ba ako sa immigration kung bkit ngyon ko lang ito maalis?do i need to bring medical cert just in case tanungin ako ng immigration?

  110. ms betchay…
    ill just like to ask my interviews ba pag mag aaply ka for tourist visa?i have money in the bank i have my tutorial center but hindi ko pa napaparegister and im taking masteral im just afraid na baka madeny ako..can you give me some tip to answer their question..a korean friend will invite me.
    hope for your responce.

  111. ms. betchay

    anu po ba yung nagiging reason bakit nadedeny? parang lahat ng nabasa ko dito eh puro na denied..natatakot po tuloy ako.

  112. hi there every one im so happy to see this site i have a korean boyfreind he is an architec matagal na kaming magkasama dito sa pilipinas, dito sya nag stay para makasama ako but still gusto nya na samahan ko sya pabalik ng korea, kaso sa pag search ko sa mga blog dito ang hirap pala!hay…
    talaga bang mahirap mag apply ng korean visa?
    and bakit ba may na dedenie?what i need to do para hindi madenie ang pag apply ko!!

  113. sabi ng mga nakakausap ko mas madali daw kumuha ng korean visa if married na sa korean boyfriend! is it true? mas madali na nga ba kapag kasal na.?

  114. hi everyone specially syo ate betchay! ate betchay halos nbasa ko na yata lahat ng mga comments dito about sa pagkuha ng tourist visa…C3 visa at F3visa lng ung nakikita ko dito… ask ko lng po kc ung nklagay sa invitation letter ko is B2 visa nman, ano po b difference non. at ang nag-invite po kc sa akin is american citizen na nkabase sa Skorea.isa po syang army… sna po mpansin nyo tong msg ko…slamat po.

  115. hi all — i need to know the visa requirements for tourist. yung nandito po for business and employee — same lang po ba nung sa “employee” ung for “tourist” ?? thanks po. also, how much po ba yung money na dapat meron sa bank account?? 🙂 im just planning to stay for like 3-5 days max.
    i dont have any friend there — i just want to visit. 🙂
    i hope that you can give me an idea — thanks po. 🙂
    i would really appreciate it.

    1. hi mai! if you’re an employee, those are the papers that you’ll need to prepare; if you’re a business owner, then refer to the list for “business”… good luck!

  116. Hi po Ms. Betchay and to all your avid contributor in this site 🙂
    tatanong ko lang po kung magkakaproblema po ba kung pagsasamahin ko yung student at work documents ko pag nag-apply. Di pa po kasi ko tapos at nagwowork po ako ngayon. natanong ko lang po ito kasi may nakapagsabi sakin na masmalaki daw po ang chances na ma-approve kapag student ka palang. thanks po in advance sa tulong niyo.-izce

  117. mam betchay… about po doon sa question ko meron po bang B2 visa… un po kc ang nirequest ng friend ko n nagsponsor skin… sna po masagot nyo nman ung question ko kung idea kyo about doon o wala tnxs po…

  118. hi!ask lng me if dadaan pa sa travel agency sa pag apply ng korean visa for wedding invitation kz nsa cebu cla,ilan days kya marelease ang visa and magkano ang knilang mbbyran?thank u so much in advance.

  119. ask ko lng kasi4x na po kami nagbalik-balik sa korea.c-3 visa po hawak namin,nung ng pang 5 po try ko pa ring mag apply ng visa pero nadeny and this year apply po ako ulit pero dininy ulit.nabasa ko po ngayon sa laws ng korea na pang 4x ng nagbalikbalik sa korea no need ng mag apply ng tourist visa.pwede pa po ba kami pumunta ng korea say this month kahit wala ng visa at tinatakan ng application recieved yung passport namin.kasi balak ko po buy na ng ticket na lng para pumunta ng tingin nyo po madepart kami dito sa philippines at admit kami sa korea.tnx po.

  120. Hi, dear.

    Quesstion: I just want to visit Korea for four days for a short holiday. I also have a US visa. What documentary requirements will I need for a visa and how much will it cost. I do not know anyone in Korea. I am just visiting for a long weekend. Sorry for the questions but there is no website for the local Korean embassy in Manila. Hope you can answer. Thanks! God bless!

    1. Hi Mac! If it’s just for four days, the tourist visa is free. Just refer to the requirements above for an employee if you’re employed or the one for business owners.

  121. mam, good morning po. I would like to ask something regarding how is the possibility of getting tourist visa in korea. I am currently staying here in Korea and i will be home on 7th of next month. I am now related to a korean national and scheduled the wedding on may 23. I just wanted to know if i can apply for a tourist visa and what would be the requirements and things that i need to do so that my application will not get turned down. I am hoping for your soonest reply. and I am very much thankful in advance. God speed.

  122. Hi Ms. Betchay! im a filipino citizen but living here in the u.s my husband is currently deployed in osan air force base in korea, im going there next week and the korean consulate here in los angles gave me an A3 visa…gusto ng friend ko bisitahin kame,nasa pinas xa ngayon.. tanong ko lang kung pano at saan pwedeng kumuha ng invitation letter para sa friend ko…tnx

    hope to hear from u soon!

    1. Hello marge, i am a military dependant too at nasa korea ngayon, i want my sister to visit me here too., any info’s that you know so far? ty in advance.

  123. thanks ms. betchay sa mga nasasagot mong mga tanung sa site na ito ur really a help.. any ways ask ko lang po sana paano po ba ako makakakuha ng visa kung isa sa mg a requirments is ITR, or any documents ng mga nagtatrabaho.. eh ako po kasi hindi pa nakapag trabaho? meron papo bang ibang paraan para dun sa mga walang trabaho dito sa pinas?

  124. Hi are you again?
    Ms. betchay, I have an ITR but has no payment record of taxes so far.I’m currently working in a new company which has no working permit yet ,the reason why they can’t pay our taxes. Would it affect the application of my visa? It’s my pleasure to receive an answer from you.Thanks a lot.

  125. Mmkay… open question for anyone who can answer, please 🙂

    I’m 18 years old (student), Filipino Citizen with a US Permanent Resident Visa, but I’m studying in Philippines at the moment, so I have to get a Korean Visa here. I’m trying to go in December of this year (’09), and I’m wondering how early can I apply for the visa?

    I’ve heard if I get denied, I have to wait 6 months to do it again, so I’m thinking if in case I get denied, I do it early, so I can apply again early of next year. It’s a tourist visa to visit my boyfriend, and close family friends. Thing is, since I’m a student, I don’t have an employment cert. or ITR, but I have a personal bank account with $15,000+ (Php. 720,000+) in it (in the US)… do you think I”d still have a problem? Plus, I can get an invitation letter, no problem.

    I’ve heard in other countries, they usually like visa applied for only within 3-months of your expected travel date. Does that mean I should wait til September? What do you think my chances are of getting the visa?

    Exactly a year ago (April 2008), I traveled only to Jeju Island on a direct flight from Manila for a month, but I didn’t require a visa. I know on the application they ask when the last time you visited Korea was, etc. Will that have helped?

    All of my documents are my own, with my name; none of my parents.

    1. Hi Xian Mei! If you have a visa from a first world country, it’s almost like a 99.9% guarantee that you’ll get a visa. If you’re a student, then just show the documents that you have. Even just your US visa is enough (it was enough for my mother).

  126. Hi,
    I want to apply for a korean tourist visa and i’m planning to go to korea this december 2009. I went to the Korean embassy awhile ago and they told me i should apply on November if i’m planning to go on December since the visa will only be valid for 3 months.

    My question though is if ITR is the same as the BIR form 2316 and if not, would the 2316 form be sufficient?

    also i’ve read in the previous comments that it’s not advisable to buy a ticket first if you still don’t have a visa but the thing is if i buy the ticket after i apply for my visa which is november, the fare as well as the rates would be much more expensive since it is the peak season. i’m planning to buy the ticket this week or next week while it’s still cheap, should i take the risk and buy a ticket now without getting a visa?

    by the way, i also read in one of the comments that the rate for being granted a visa if you have a US visa is 99.9% and i currently have a US visa, so should i just book a ticket now and later apply for a visa since there is a very high chance that i’m going to get one?

    Please help me.. thanks!

  127. by the way, i’m just going to stay in korea for 5 days. i just really wanted to see the place. staying at a hotel probably. i don’t have a letter of invitation. but as i previously mentioned, i do have a US visa… kindly advise…

  128. thanks ms. betchay sa mga nasasagot mong mga tanung sa site na ito ur really a help.. any ways ask ko lang po sana paano po ba ako makakakuha ng visa kung isa sa mg a requirments is ITR, or any documents ng mga nagtatrabaho.. eh ako po kasi hindi pa nakapag trabaho? meron papo bang ibang paraan para dun sa mga walang trabaho dito sa pinas?

  129. hi po Ms. Betchay,yung friend ko po kasi sa korea asked me to visit her this coming choosuk festival(oct 2-3), pero pinag-aapply na po niya ko ngayon ng visa para makabili na raw po ako ng ticket, magtatanong lang po sana ko kung advisable na mag-apply ng 90 days visa or 60 days lang then irenew nlang after…
    May tanong din pala po ako about the Personal Bank Certificate, isasama ko rin po ba yung joint account namin ng mama ko or yung sakin lang po? sayang din po kasi pera ko din yun 🙂 thanks po in advance.

  130. hi.. i was just wondering if there’s a chance for me to aquire a c3 visa(korea) even without ITR.. i just graduated from college and my parents are sending me to korea for 2 weeks as their grad gift.i dont have work yet so i cant provide them my ITR or emp cert. just wanted to ask if it’s possible for them to grant me a tourist visa?

  131. Hi Ms. Bechay,
    Ask ko lang po saan makakuha ng four pages invitation letter tulad sa sample yong nakapost sa blog mo? Pls. help yan na lang ang kulang ko para ma i submit yong requirements ko sa Korean Embassy. Thanks.

    marlita pacates last blog post..Hot Pink Seoul!

    1. hi marlita! minsan naman eh hindi four pages… just ask your korean friend to get it from ANY law office in korea

  132. hello po, good day! ma’am ask ko lng po sana about my case. ive been in korea for 3years contract under EPS. may chance po ba n mkakuha ng tourist visa and ano po ang need n requirements? thank you !

  133. college student po ako, tanong ko lng po I’ve heard na may “parang” needed amount of money na “required” para makakuha ng visa sa korea, pra lng mlmn nila na may pang-gastos ka tlga or you won’t be planning to TNT there, un po kc sbi ng mga kakilala ko totoo po b un?

    1. hi xander! if you’re still a student, then you can use your parents’ documents (their ITR and bank certificates) and your school registration too when applying for the visa

  134. thanks ms. betchay sa mga nasasagot mong mga tanung sa site na ito ur really a help.. any ways ask ko lang po sana paano po ba ako makakakuha ng visa kung isa sa mg a requirments is ITR, or any documents ng mga nagtatrabaho.. eh ako po kasi hindi pa nakapag trabaho? meron papo bang ibang paraan para dun sa mga walang trabaho dito sa pinas?

  135. I’ll be traveling from Philippines to US via South Korea stopover.. recently, there has been change in my flight schedule, now, there is 24hr waiting time till i get on board enroute to US.. if I reschedule my flight, i would be paying for fees. Instead of paying the fee, can I get outside Seoul airport to stay on hotel without visa?

    1. Hi! You’d be able to get out of the airport without a visa. I think your airport should provide complimentary accomodation and transportation service for you.

  136. Hi! Quick question po. Has anyone tried getting a Korean visa outside the Philippines? Ms Betchay, not sure if I remembered correctly, pero you mentioned po your Mom is living in the US, did she get her Korean Visa in the States? Kasi a bunch of my friends and I plan to visit Korea on March or May next year. I know its a long way off pero I just want to make sure I cover all the bases para hindi hassle. I’m currently living and working here in SG but I’m not yet a PR or a citizen so I still hold a Philippine passport. I was wondering kung someone has gone through the Korean visa application outside the Philippines and how was their experience? I don’t get much info online regarding visa applications done outside the Philippines. Tapos wala pang masyadong info yung South Korean embassy here in SG online. I currently hold a 10yr multiple entry US visa as well. Anyway, I hope you have an idea on this. Need all the info I can get. Thanks very much!!!

  137. hi betchay! i have been an avid reader of your blog for 6months already… my husband is working as a US army based in Tongducheon… we got married here in the philippines last April 2009…i have applied as a tourist visa in the korean embassy, Single being my status, last May 7 and i got denied even if i have all requirements (real) submitted but i just didn’t put anyone in the guarantor (coz i still did not have our marriage cert. NSO copy), so they must have sensed that i will stay there to be with someone… but i want to know, he will be applying for me as his dependent, he got all the requirements needed for the immigration office there.. is there anyway you can advise us what to do? will it affect my visa issuance because i got denied last May? please help me.. thank you

    1. Hi Mrs. Helm! Sorry but I don’t really know. The only way to really know is to apply and just follow all the requirements. Maybe one of our readers could share their experience with you. Good luck though!

      1. but i want to know ms. betchay, if my husband will be the one to apply for me with F-3 visa in the immigration office in seoul as his dependent and wait for my number for issuance of visa to be given by him and send to me? he is a US military under SOFA visa or is it A1/A3? or should i be the one to apply here in Manila for f-3 visa? thanks ms. betchay

          1. hello ms betchay i have the form 700_19 and accreditation letter i wanted to apply an A3 visa here in philippines if its applicable po. I was married in US and we haven’t report our marriage in philippine embassy in LA before I come back here in PH. what are the requirements to apply for A3 visa as a US army contractor dependent po?

            1. Eto yung sa married to military personnel ~

              Visa Requirements for Filipino Married to Military Personnel Stationed in Korea

              1. Application Form
              2. 1piece of Passport size colored picture
              3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
              4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
              5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable, and Korean Visas will not be counted)
              6. Invitation Letter
              7. Photocopy of Inviter’s Military ID (Front & Back)
              8. Photocopy of Military Order / Military Contract
              9. Photocopy of NSO Marriage Certificate
              10. Photocopy of USFK Form 166
              11. Photocopy of CFO Certificate

    2. Hi Mrs. Helm, I am also a military dependant, and now living in south korea with my huzbee., i am a green card holder, I went to visit my family last may in philippines and tried to get the visa in korean embassy but they told me that they don’t issue that visa for me in philippines coz i am a US permanent resident. But I did get/saw the visa requirements for the military dependants. You the spouse living in the philippines is the one that needs to apply the visa in korean embassy in philippines. your husband just need to give you the papers that you will be needing those are his orders to korea, I.D, and invitation letter for you. You can get the forms in the korean embassy in the philippines. Hope this can help you.

  138. mis betchay, this was the post i was referring about… how was he able to get his filipina wife to S.Korea? thank u

    April 19th, 2008 at 8:16 am · Reply

    ^^ i just got an email from someone who asked me before about getting a F3 visa for his filipina wife… his wife will now be coming to Korea… did you get a confirmation of visa issuance first from the immigration here?”

    wendy (of Wendy’s Domain) is also here on F3 visa


    1. Punta ka na lang sa korean emabssy sa makati para malaman mo. Pero i know na kapag nagpakasal kayo sa pinas, wait ka lang ng 1 month tapos pwede ka na mag apply ng visa papunta sa korea as a wife of a dependant. Hindi naman matagal ang pagkuha ng visa kung ang asawa mo ay US military.

  140. hi po ask ko lang po if you are invited by a korean friend but you still dont have the itr because you are not working. but you can support yourself paano yun???thanksss…

  141. hi po pls help…im working as nurse in a hospital for almost a year now and a part time tutor in a korean school tapos ininvite ako ng student ko to go to korea….then she sent me some requirements and that includes the itr i have but wala pang payment ok lng ba yun???

  142. Parang ITR prob ko dito ah. @_@
    Can I go to the Korean consulate rather than to the embassy to apply for a visa? Manila is far from Cebu and we do have a Korean consulate here in Cebu.

  143. ms. betchay,

    do you think my american bf who is working in korea as a teacher can help me to get in korea? uuwi kasi sya this august we talk about maybe we can go to korean embassy..pero ayoko naman po madenied for 6 months i have money in bank 100k, i just have small business and i have a simple job korean company..what do you think po?

  144. I am an america Gi stationed in korea and I am marrying my filipino girlfriend soon. Her Visa has expired over 2 years ago. Will she be able to recieve a visa to the US by Oct

    1. Yes, she will be able to get another visa. If you marry her and get her to korea with you, it will be easier for her to go wherever you go next. But if you marry her in the philippines you need to apply for Spouse visa for her and wait for like 2 years to get approved.

  145. hi! my bf is a korean, and I will going to get a tourist visa so I cann visit in korea next month his father will going to send me an invitation, I just wanna ask if it is difficult? and may possibility ba na hindio ako ma-approve?

  146. hi miss..i was invited by a korean friend to go to korea.what are the requirements that i need to prepare. and can i work there after i have been invited? what are the chances of getting approved?i really need you help..

  147. Hello po!

    I visited South Korea last year April with my mom and sister and stayed there for 10 days.

    I am planning to go back to Korea with my mom and dad this time. However, I want to stay longer like for 2-3 months because my friends want me to stay longer there.

    This is our plan: I will be coming to Korea with my mom and dad and travel with them for 10 days and then they would go home ahead of me after I tour them around the whole South Korea.

    Now, I have some things in my mind regarding this situation.

    Pano po mag pa-extend?
    Up to ilang days po ang sasabihin ko? )Gusto ko sana Maximum.)
    Meron po ba na dedeny sa pagpapaextend?

    1. To extend your visa, punta ka lang sa nearest immigration office kung san ka nag-stay. Kung ma-deny, di uwi ka. Pero dapat pa-extend ka in before the expiration of your visa.

  148. my husband work in korea (legal) for almost 4yrs now.i want to visit him.i have all the requirements to apply for a visa except for an invitation it okay for me to write his address as to where im going to stay?is it okay for me to be honest that my husband is working in korea?will it not be a ground for me para ma-deny?my husband is an e9 visa holder,and im afarid they might think im not going back here in the phil. which is not bcoz i also have my work here.pls somebody give comment or suggestion from my post.your answer will be very much apreciated.thanks

    1. hi jamie! others here have said that it might be a disadvantage in your application if the embassy knows that your husband has an e9 visa… the invitation letter is optional… a commenter here named “Iah” got her tourist visa last year… her husband is an EPS worker here in SK… you might want to send her an email, she posted it here last year

  149. betchay, how can i get a visa if i will visit my fiancee in korea? he’s not a korean but he is an american army based on camp humprey’s. i’ve been in korea because i used to work there.

    1. hi din2x! tourist or C-3 visa pa rin… yung friend ko si sofie na nasa US at married na ngayon, tourist visa ang kinuha niya para mabisita niya ang then-bf nya na US army…

    2. hi,

      my friend and I just tried the tourist visa deal. please read my comment on what the embassy said to our fiancees!! and Good luck.

  150. Hi po Ms. Betchay, i really need your help kasi my fiancee which an american is gonna be in korea this august for work and he wanted me to visit him there, he’s not an army only his dad. My problem is I don’t have a bank account yet and an ITR, I am just working at the internet cafe here in cagayan de oro. what should i do po kasi im getting crazy na just to think all the stuff that i need for my documents. Plz reply back soon Ms. Betchay….:)

  151. I would like to know, “How do the Pilipina Girlfriends of Korean Nationals” who are not working get their visas to come to Korea to visit their fiancee or Boyfriend? A friend of mine and I recently tried to bring our fiancees over so we could show them around korea and shop with them. We plan on marrying in the Philippines in a few months. Our “Fiancees” were told they cannot visit fiance`s here in Korea, and they don`t have a Job in the Philippines! My Friend and I had our invitation letters done by Koreans and they said that we had no problems because we made more than The korean people do and have more saved up! The embassy said that all the paperwork was in order, but! 1. Can`t visit fiancee`s and 2. No work in the Philippines! So, I ask again, “How doe`s the Girlfriend/ fiancee of a Korean National, who also has no Job in the Philippines Happen to get her visa? I have seen several comments on women getting visas who have never been abroad and have no work, but manage to gat visa approvals. Sounds like “Discrimination” in part of the Koreans in the philippines!

  152. @Fil Am contractor

    “I have seen several comments on women getting visas who have never been abroad and have no work, but manage to gat visa approvals”

    1. who are they? i also wanna know how. coz as far as i know, COE or certficate of employment and itr are just 2 of the major requirements in getting a Korean visa and they really call the company who issued the COE to verify the person’s employment. (well, sometimes, if the COE looks dubious)
    2. maybe they fabricated some documents…maybe..
    3. maybe they don’t have their own jobs but their parents have a business which means they can use their parents’ bank account, business permit etc…
    4. maybe they’re students so they just need to submit some docs from school
    5. etc 😀

    P.S. one thing im sure of is, they give visa to those whom they think will not overstay in Korea that’s why a stable job is necessary. even so, a lot of Filipina also failed to get their visa even if they submitted genuine and complete documents, just like the author of this blog. for what reason? it’s the Consul’s judgement.

    anyway, i hope that those Filipina will get their visa in any way possible so that they can be with their loveones. *^^*

  153. hi.. i’d like to ask… what if.. i just quit my job as an esl instructor coz i will be volunteering as a nurse in a hospital here in the philippines… and also.. i will be reviewing for NCLEX… will my enrollment in a review center help? i mean, for students they just need to submit their school’s documents right? coz they don’t have any job.. so they will be using their parents’ account and so on….

    so what about my case? im not a student anymore, i don’t have a job.. but i am currently enrolled in a review center… and also.. i will have my masters this second sem… will these things help me in getting a visa?

    i don’t plan to stay forever in korea.. my students just invited me to attend their university graduation this coming February.. i only plan to stay there for 2 weeks…

    hope to hear from you soon.. thank you..

    1. hi arabella… if you’re studying (as in a review center) you could still probably use your parents’ documents and provide documents proving that you’re a student, i.e. registration form

  154. Hi po Ms. Betchay, i really need your help kasi my fiancee which an american is gonna be in korea this august for work and he wanted me to visit him there, he’s not an army only his dad. My problem is I don’t have a bank account yet and an ITR, I am just working at the internet cafe here in cagayan de oro. what should i do po kasi im getting crazy na just to think all the stuff that i need for my documents. Plz reply back soon Ms. Betchay….:) Plz answer me naman Ms Betchay….

    1. hi Ivy! the korean embassy only accepts complete documents so i’m not sure what you should do but to provide them with the requirements… in my experience at the embassy, they really turn down applications that are not complete… ganun din experience ng iba… so kung sa malayo ka nakatira it’s better to complete what they’re asking for…

  155. hi!I was surfing around the net because i want to invite my mom here in korea. Im on my month of pregnancy so i want to invite her, my husband made the invitation letter and got all the documents needed,1st question: do we have to get notarized the invitation letter? 2nd:does my husband have to include a copy of his financial account?this site really helps..^^..thanks in advance and God bless

    1. hi cj! the invitation letter should come from a lawyer’s office in korea… when we invited my mother to come over, we just sent her the invitation letter and a copy of my husband’s passport/ID… you should also send her a copy of your marriage certificate as a proof of your relationship with her

  156. hello ms.betchay!thanks for your reply.unfortunately hnd ko makita ung email add ni aih as you advice me to ask her beacause our husband are both e9 visa holders.I just want to ask,if it’s a disadvantage for me to tell the embassy that my husband is a worker in korea what reason should i say for going there?and what address will i write?im just confuse!sorry ang dami kong taong!nalilito lng kc ako s dapat gawin.thanks !

  157. To Jo,

    I had experienced getting visa in Singapore. Even you are not PR, its easy and it took 4 days to get the approval. I made it for 3 times already. Just bring you work permit (original and photocopy), certificate of employment stating job title, salary and date joined, round trip ticket reservation, ID pasport size and completed application form(you can downloaded in the website).

  158. thanks ms. betchay.i got the email add of iah.i emailed her already just waiting for the reply.thanks again and God bless!

  159. hi Ms Betchay.. 🙂 i would be glad if you could help me..
    Im 18, student,and I’m really interested in going to korea this December hopefully.
    if December ko po plano mag punta kelan po kaya ako pde mg apply ng visa?
    do i need hotel reservations? how about if i have multiple accounts? lahat po ba un ikukuha ko ng bank certificates? i also have a korean friend.. just friend(male) would it help to get an invtation from him..? thanks po.. 🙂

    More power!!

  160. hi ms. betchay.. ask ko lng po kung pwede po pasend ng sample ng invitation for tourist visa in korea.. here’s my email address : iniinvite po kasi ako ng isang family from korea this winter mahirap po bang makakuha ng visa?

  161. i read in one of Korea tourist books that Philippines can stay ‘unlimited’ in Korea? true/false? i’m sure that it’s not a typo but check it out & i could hardly believe it myself when i saw it. U.S. citizens are allowed only for 90 days if i’m not mistaken, Canada is for 6 months. check it out on their website!

  162. Gud day po Ms. Betchay!
    Kasalukuyan po akong nagtatrabaho sa Korea under EPS. Ask ko lang po sana anong documents ang kailangan ng isang student to get a tourist visa para dito sa SKorea. Gusto ko po sana kasing papuntahin yung “long lost” sister ko as tourist dito sa SKorea kahit 1 month lang. 17 pa lang po sya but she’s turning 18 na this September. Please give me some answers po Ms. Betchay….
    Thank you!

  163. Hello Ms. Betchay,

    This might be a different case..

    I’ve been to Korea last 2003~2004 as an exchange student
    and now would like to go back there on a tourist visa.

    I’m currently employed with the same company for 4 years now, merong ITR (around 700K gross last year–if this info is needed lang po) and employment cert pero walang laman ang bank account because I used up all my savings to build the family house.

    I want to visit my best friend, a Korean, who is scheduled for a delicate surgery this September. Out of desperation siguro, I want to pay her a (surprise) visit at the hospital–so parang I’ll be staying for a week lang siguro.

    Without a bank account and an invitation, totally zero kaya ang chance na ma-approve ang tourist visa if I apply?

    Please help. Thank you..

    1. hi rachel! you need to submit a bank certificate kahit na wala kang pera… an invitation is optional… you’ll only know your chances if you apply… i think a stable job would convince the consul to give you a visa, think positively!

  164. Hey mam Betchay,
    I have been in a relationship with a Norwegian guy(now my fiance) for almost 3 years…I was in Norway 3 times with a Schengen visa and mostly traveling the past years.The thing is my fiance is a marine engineer and is working in one of the shipyards in Busan.He is not staying for so long in S.Korea and next month he will be there again.I really want to have a Korean visa but last time I was in a travel agency they told me I have a very less chance to get a visa.I don’t have work (but my fiance is supporting me financially).He is not a Korean citizen.Do you think I can still file a tourist visa?I will only be in Korea for 3 weeks max. and my past stays in other countries was a very good record 🙂

    Thanks mam Betchay …I hope to hear from you soon

  165. Hey mam Betchay,
    I have been in a relationship with a Norwegian guy(now my fiance) for almost 3 years…I was in Norway 3 times with a Schengen visa and mostly traveling the past years.The thing is my fiance is a marine engineer and is working in one of the shipyards in Busan.He is not staying for so long in S.Korea and next month he will be there again.I really want to have a Korean visa but last time I was in a travel agency they told me I have a very less chance to get a visa.I don’t have work (but my fiance is supporting me financially).He is not a Korean citizen.Do you think I can still file a tourist visa?I will only be in Korea for 3 weeks max. and my past stays in other countries was a very good record 🙂

    Thanks mam Betchay …I hope to hear from you soon…

  166. hi miss betchay..

    im married to a korean national but we’ve already seperated now for some private reasons and we dont have any contact now.. the last thing ive heard from him is he already go back to korea, im currently a F-2-1 visa holder but i decided to go back here in philippines when my visa ends..

    i just want to ask if i can still apply a tourist visa because my korean friends invites me to visit them..

    im studying now so i dont have ITR and i have my bank account but i think that was not really enough but since my friends are going shoulder all my expenses there is it ok? and since im living with my uncle as my guardian can i use his bank certificate instead of my parents bank certificate?

    pls answer my questions..


  167. Hello ms. betchay, good morning.
    I am a filipino citizen, green card holder. I am here in south korea with my husband(he’s military, we are stationed in here for maximum of 3 years. is it possible that i can invite my sister from the philippines to visit me here in south korea. what are the requirements?

  168. Good day po! i’m still a college student and i’m really having a hard time understanding some of these. i’m a filipino citizen and i’m planning on going to korea next summer as a tourist. i’ve read in some sites that you need a sort of letter of invitation or something if you’re just visiting for a few days. like an official letter of invitation. it’s quite confusing. and what are the exact requirements po in applying for tourist visa for the first time. and about po dun sa bank certificate and ITR, i’m still a student so obviously wala pa po ako ng mga documents na to.:D sorry for the long questions. 😀 thanks po in advance. Kamsahamnida~!

  169. hi mam betchay,
    hello mam betchay,,may bf po akong tga USA and then ako nasa pinas marami na po kaming countries napuntahan lalo na sa asian countries ,, gusto niya kasi mag celebrate ng birthday ko sa korea, now , do i still have to get a visa for pleasure?,,,gusto ko po talaga pumunta duun ehh,, i hope di na ako kukuha ng tourist-visa for my holidays!!!

    perry soco

  170. hi miss Bechay,
    i’m planning to visit my korean bf in october…
    gusto ko lang malaman kung yung invitation letter is one of requirements for applying visa or pag meron nito khit wla n ung ibang requirements like employment lance online tutor kc ako…looking forward s reply mo..thanks!!!

  171. ms betchay

    i have my business here in ph i have my own boutique on process pa lang business permit ko and bir but i alreardy have my dti after ba matapos lahat yun and after makuha ko ITR ko pede ko na ba yun ipakita sa embassy including all the requirements like my bank account etc. hindi ba nila tinitingnan kung kelan ka nagsimula kase last july lang ako nag tayo ng boutique..tingin nyo ba madedeny ako? maganda bang reason pag sinabi kong bibili ako sa korea ng mga damit shoes bags kc mas mura kund sa korea ako bibili kc yung karamihan ng product ko eh made from korea.please answer naman po please?

    1. hi khay! that’s a valid reason to come to korea… basta ba mapapatunayan mo na kaya mo mag-shopping sa Korea… i don’t see any reason why they shoud deny you… but then i’m not the consul 🙂

      try mo lang, kung hindi ka makakuha eh di try again…

    2. hi khay ..i have same concern like you nakapg-apply kna ba ng visa?how much yung bank certificate na naprovide mo kasi di ko alam kung how much yung kailangan ipakitang pera once ngapply ka ng visa..hope you can also answer my question

    1. hi ms. khay

      ask ko din kung nagpareserve kna ba ng hotel sa korea or pgdating mo na lang sa korea dun ka na lang hahanap ng hotel na matutuluyan..hoping for your response

  172. gud day to all! Gus2 ko sna mg aplay ng tourist visa together with my daughter. shes 13 yrs. old. Promise ko po kc pg mataaa ang grades nya dadalhin ko sya sa everland. Dti po akong E-9 visa. Finish contract lng po ako kya umuwi na ako d2 sa pnas. pro almost 8 mos na akong stay d2. makikita ba ung record ko na dti akong gling dun as working visa? dba un mgging problem. Kailangan pa bang bukod ung bank cert ng anak ko o pwd na ung skin? plano ko 2 wks vacation lng. no po ma advice nyo skin? pls replay ASAP. tnx.

  173. hi ate Betchay follow up questions ko lng po kung ipapasyal ko po ung anak ko sa everland this coming vacation. need pa ba ung separate bank cer. nmin? d kya maaapektuhan ung dti akong gling jan as E-9 visa? I hope na msagot nyo ko agad.Pti birth certificate nya at sa akin isasama ko pa rin ba sa mga documents na ipapasa ko? Katunayan na anak ko ung kasama ko.

  174. hello miss betchat, tanong ko lang, kung ma-grant ako ng tourist visa, how long bago mag-expire from the day na na-grant ako?

    and magkano po ang minimum na nasa bank account ko para ma-grant ako ng visa?

    thanks po.


  175. Good Day Ms. Betchay,

    I am currently in Kyunggi-do & staying with my husband. I arrived here last 22 of august & so far me & my husband shares an harmonious wedding life but there is one major thing that makes me upset & that is their language. Ung korean embassy po sa Makati gave me a book about the basics of hangul at pinagaaralan ko po pero talagang hindi ko maintindihan even i-explain pa sa akin ng husband ko. I’ve known my hubby po for 2 years before we got married pero nung nasa pinas pa ako wala talaga time para mag-aral ng hangul. tanong ko po sana kung may mga free hangul tutorials ang korean government? since bago pa lang po ako dito may mga plans sana po akong magwork kahit ung mga tutorials sa mga bata. possible po ba yon or may kailangan pa akong tapusin na course para makapag tutor? thank you po Ms. Betchay. ^^

  176. Hi miss betchay.. I have a bf in korea and he wanted me to go there in Korea this coming December after my board exam. I don’t have any job or any bank account. And I truly understand what’s my requirements. But my problem is I am married here but we got separated. My korean bf’s knows about my past but still he wants me to go there in korea. He told me that he will invite me. BUT my passport is single BUT my school documents is married??? I want to apply sana as a student visa cz I dont have job or bank account…I need ur advice.. Im sooo anxious right now..god bless

  177. Anyeonghaseyo Miss betchay. Hello everyone. Thank you Miss Betchay for your highly informative website. It’s of great help! I have been teaching English to Koreans since I was still in college in UP. I enjoy teaching foreigners and since I live in an affluent Village in Makati where most Japanese, Indians and especially Koreans reside, my network grew and teaching soon became my bread and butter. My number of students grew, soon my schedule’s packed. Since it’s a highly convenient, accessible and a relatively well paying job, I decided not to enter the traditional 8 to 5 job. My Korean students treated me like family. My student’s entire family is going back to Seoul, they’re taking me with them. Since non native speakers aren’t legally allowed to teach English, my sponsor will just hire me in their company in Seoul. I am preparing all the requirements for a visa. As of this writing, I have everything including the Korean business permit and their notarized invitation letter, bank statements, etc. My dilemma is this: Since I am employed in the non traditional way, I don’t have a certificate of employment. I don’t think it’s wise to get a COE from my current students as the Embassy would deem my application suspicious, it’s highly probable that I’d do the same in Korea. I have all the other requirements including the ITR which I got through filing my income tax as a freelance consultant/teacher, modest savings in US$s, Visas in Schengen countries and as I have mentioned, the two documents from Korea. I am stumped with just one piece of vital paper, the COE. What should I do? My apologies for the lengthy post. Kahmsahamnida for your uber helpful website.

  178. ask ko lang po ang release kc ng itr ko e april pa kc this sept pa lang ako nag i plan to go to korea this december..i have business permit,dti/sec bank account itr lang talaga…please mam answer it

  179. hi ms betchay

    plano ko sana pumunta sa korea for business purposes just want to ask kung requirement ba na meron ka na agad hotel accomodation once na nagapply ka ng visa plano ko kasi once nakapunta na ako ng korea dun na lang ako hahanap ng hotel na matutuluyan..di ba reason yon para ma-deny ka sa embassy kung wala ka png hotel accomodation if business ang purpose mo..

  180. hi ms. betchay..

    ask ko lang po kung ano po yung mga frequent questions sa embassy if you are applying for visa and ang purpose ko po ay business kya po ako pumupuntang korea..hope you can help me ..god bless

  181. hello po ako po c lyn andito po ako sa korea,ang nanay ko po nakapangasawa bg koreano, my problem is pano ko po iinvyt ang aking bf sa pinas,wat rizon ba maganda para mabigyan po xa ng visa?ininvyt namin xa minsan,c nanay ko ang nag invyt sa kanya kaya lang deny visa nya.d pa po kasi ako korean citizen,on the process plang ano po ba gagawin ko para makapunta rin xa here?ill wait ur reply po!

  182. hi ms betchay!ask ko lng po about sa sofa visa ng mga anak ko meron na akong sofa visa kukunin sna nmin ang mga anak ko sa dec ok po ba ung padadala ung passport ng mga bata d2 then patatatakan nmin ng sofa xa immigration dito sa korea then uwi ako ng pinas kunin ko na sila?my husband is contractor here in think thats ok? i need your advise pls!

  183. panu poh buh aku makakakuha ng visitor visa..dadalawin ku ang kaibigan ku dun and mamimili rin aku ng personal things po..anu poh buh kailangan para makakuha ng visa….hoping you relpy po…anyongigesoyo

  184. Kailangan po ba ng tourist visa sa SK khit 4 days lang kami magstay dun. Gusto kasi ng mga friends ko na pumunta dun for 4 days? Ang if my visa magkanu po?

      1. hi miss betchay..really need help a student balak po namin ng korean bf ko pumunta sa meet his parents,nasa vietnam siya now coz of work.hinahanapan po kasi ako ng itr at employment certificate..itr na lang po ang kulang..kaso ayaw magbigay ng dad ko..may ibang way pa po ba para makakuha ako ng visa?alis po sana kami 3rd week ng oct…pls help po

  185. rixobelle

    by january pa ko mag aaply for visa actually hindi ako kukuha ng hotel dun kc my friend ako na money ako sa bank na 150k balak ko magstay for 1 month dun kc gusto kong i convinced yung korean friend ko na sumosyo saken..

    1. thank you po sa reply ninyo bka by october or november pa ako mgaaply ng visa..parang ang hirap mag-apply..usually po ba may interview pg nag-aaply ng visa?

      1. mukang mahirap talaga eh..kaya nga napilitan ako kumuha ng business permit bir and by january pa release ng itr ko..sabi nila my interview but just a simple interview lang siguro anung purpose mo bakit ka pupuntang korea..well tell me what will happen if you apply for your visa y.m ka ba much easier there…add me up

        1. bibili rin sana ako ng mga ititinda this coming xmas kaya lang parang nakakatakot naman mgapply kasi sobrang strict naman..thank you sa reply i will keep you posted pg nagaaply na ako..

          1. wag ka matakot if tourist lang naman talaga eh db? keep me update ok..gusto ko malaman yung pag aaply mo in visa till when ka ba dun?

  186. hi mam!
    this is bf is a US army and wil station to korea nextyear.he wants me to visit him there but the problem is i dont knowhow can i hav the tourist visa.i was in UAE now,for work n plan to comeback after i visited him in u think i could get a tourist visa?or getting a korean visa in UAE could help more?or it would be better in the philippines?i wil greatly appreciate your response..
    thank you so much in advance!

  187. need help a student.i have a korean bf,balak sana namin umalis ng 3rd week ng oct..kaso hinahanapan ako ng parents ko..panu po kung live in na kami ng bf ko at wala ng communication sa parents ko?may other way pa ba na makakuha ako ng visa?

  188. good day!! i want to go to korea sana this coming winter coz me and my friend want to experience snow.. :)) kaya lang some requirements wala kme , only the bank statement sure na meron we have enough money nmn to show that we can spend in korea.. but we r not working , my friend was only sponsored by her mom while ako sponsored by my jap bf .. pano po kaya un? wala kming work nor business .. coz wer just planning pa lan to put business.. help nmn po .. what shall we do ? meron ba nababayaran to provide some documents for us?! we just want to tour and stay there for 7 days… pls some suggestions or help po .. thanks!!

  189. we can book hotel && round trip ticket , kaya lang the visa ung prob .. makaktulong po ba un para ma.approve kmi? pls anyone here may alam what’s the best way n gawin nmin? coz wala kming work only money from bank .. tnx

  190. HI Ms. Betchay,

    I am an ESL teacher and I have been invited to work in Korea. I have some questions po. This will be my first time to get out of the country kasi. I am planning to stay there for 2 years.

    1. Before getting a visa, may interview pa po ba?
    2. Kelangan daw po ng show money, magkano po ba?
    3. What should my future employer do to make the application easier?
    4. What are the other things that I should do para di po ako magkaproblema sa visa application?

    Please po, I really need some clarifications. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Thanks po in advance.

  191. Good Day Ms. Betchay, gusto ko lang malaman ang possibility just in case mag-apply ako for a visa application (travelling o mamasyal for only two weeks ). I don’t have any relatives there but then I know someone na may kapatid sa korea.


  192. hi there

    i just want to inquire regarding applying tourist visa for korea im planning to visit next year. by march, the main concern is im OFW here in saudi do i still need to have the ITR as a requirement? coz ill be having a 1 month vacation thats y im planning to go there. I already have my accomodation ready. if you can advise me it will be greatly appreciated

  193. i haven’t been employed for so long so i still don’t have my itr. i can probably provide the certificate of employment but what can i do about the itr? also, how much do i need in my bank for me to get get approved for a tourist visa? thanks.

  194. good day!
    what is that ITR? pls help me~~
    i want to go to korea by january but i still dont have my bank account..they said the money must be with you within 3 months,
    but i can have it by next korean boyfriend will come here next month and he will be the one who will put the money on my it possible? anyway,what are the other requirements to have the visa going to korea?pls help me…thank you so much~~~

  195. hello po…
    ask ko lang po if ano ano yung requirements para makakuha po ako ng student visa? i’m a 21 years old and an undergraduate student… i want to study and work at the same time sa korea…

    thanks po..
    hope to hear from you soon…

    i need it badly..

  196. hello miss betchay,

    ask ko lang po kung ano ang gagawin ko kc po my fiance na american gusto nya ako papuntahin sa korea before ung married namin sa december this year ang problema po wala po akong income tax return and certificate of employment kc po di naman ako nagworked sa company, pero meron po akong invitation letter galing sa kanya and i have my bank statement po kc suportado naman po nya ako. i hope u can helped me. GOD BLESS PO.

    1. hi valerie,
      share ko lang natutunan ko in this forum site account and invitation letter isn’t enough para makapunta ka ng korea because napakahigpit ng korean lalo na sa filipino and another thing is american is not korean so its not that easy to get you even if you have an invitation letter as i know only korean citizen can invite you or give you an invitation letter we have the same situation kaya i know what you feel..and one more thing you need a proof na babalik ka din dito sa pinas that’s why ITR business permit is the most important requirement ng korean’s better if you and your fiance will get married here its more easier than to be a tourist…hope can help you a bit

    1. ang ITR or income tax return eh yung statement ng income mo quarterly ipa file dapat yun dun makikita kung magkano babayaran mongtax and magkano kinikita mo yung BIR form yun yung dapat ata naka post sa store mo its one of the certification that you can have a business

  197. hi po.. please pakisagot naman po ang tanong ko… my plano po kasi ako pumunta ng korea this december… and balak ko na po magapply ng visa… wala po akong work since january so hindi ako makakapagprovide ng ITR and employment certificate… ang meron lang po ako ay US visa… bank certificate.. passport (which i have just renewed).. i have a korean friend, na currently staying in korea…. tinanong ko siya tungkol sa invitation letter at ito ang sinabi niya…. hindi rin niya alam kung paano gawin ang invitation letter… please help… kung ito lang ang requirements na meron ako, would it be enough para magkaron ako ng visa?

    below yung reply ng korean friend ko regarding the invitation letter…
    i’ve inquired some offices about the letter of invitation thing..

    and it has to be sent from a company.. inviting you to attend a meeting or seminar or whatever company stuff….

    an individual can not give or issue an invitation letter..

    i asked the notary office and they told me that…

    if i have the letter then i can notarize it and send it to you.

    that’s all i could find about the letter.

    if you found any other way to get a letter of invitation, tell me..

    if it’s in korea, i’ll try to contact them..

    really really hope you could come~~

  198. my husband will go home this december from and he want to take his dog with him.what are the procedures para madala nya ung dog nya.kakatawa noh? pero kung may paraan sna. is there anyone who has an idea?thanks!

  199. I have a question. I married my filipina wife in March in the Philippines. I am getting ready to petition for her to immigrate to the US this month. Recently my biological mother who lives in Korea has hospitalized with an illness. My wife and I agree it would be agood idea to have my wife go and visit Korea and to help my mother. What do we have to do to make this happen.

    Facts: My biological mother gave me up for adoption back when I was a little boy and have since been in contact in person.

  200. mam plan q po sana to visit my hubby in korea kht 1wk lng.ngtatrabaho p xa don…mdali lng po b maaprove application pag ganun reason?teacher po aq d2 s pinas…tnx po

    1. hi bang! kung eps ang asawa mo, eh hindi daw ganun kadali kumuha ng visa pero hindi naman imposible… kailangan lang maipresenta mo ng maayos ang mga documents mo – may stable ka na trabaho at nagbabayad ka ng buwis… dagdag na puntos kung nakapunta ka na sa mga 1st world countries

  201. @ Bang… I agree with Ms. Betchay. You just have to complete all the required documents and there is no need to mention that you’re husband is working there. I was informed that the korean embassy is not giving visa to relatives or friends of OFWs. Me too, my husband works under EPS in Korea but I was able to visit him last Sept 30 to Oct 12 with my approved tourist (c-3)visa. It will really just depend on the documents you submit. Wishing you luck!

  202. Hi Ms Betchay, I’ll be submitting my visa application form tomorrow. I hope you could help me with my simple query (or anybody who has already gone through the visa application process). As I’ll be asking a representative to submit the form for me, I need to make sure that all the requirements are complete and correctly presented. My question is regarding the passport photo. Do I need to attach it already in the form (staple or glue?) or I just need to submit it separately? I was trying to call the Korean Embassy earlier to no avail. Thanks in advance.

    1. Oops! I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to your comment earlier. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it. They will tell your representative what to do.

  203. ms. betchay

    gud eve..ask ko lang planning to go to korea this last week of january,and i plan to stay there for 40 days my requirements are complete i just wanna ask if possible ba na makapagpakasal ako sa korea for that 40 days..the reason why will i come there is that my american fiance is teaching there and we want to get married there since he cant stay long here in ph,so we decided that i will be the one to go to korea to get it possible for that 40 days to process the marriage thing?
    thanks and more power!

      1. mam betchay…

        how can i say na wala naman talaga ako kakilala na koreano do i need to booked a hotel in busan before i come to embassy baka naman pagalitan ako? pd nyo po ba ko turuan panu ko sasagutin yung question na ” what will you do in korea, whats your purpose” i know if ill tell im going to get married there is a no it ok if ill said i want to tour in korea…sa 40 days ba ok na ba yung 100k?mahal ba gastusin dun?please i need your jelp i alreday complete my req today and maybe next week ill go to embassy…

  204. hi ms betchay please please reply. i have booked our flights today for travel on march 10-15. i do not have an itr yet since i just started working again last august 3, 2009. how much should i have on my bank cert? please please reply. our booking is non-refundable so i really want to get my visa application approved. also, i have a joint account with my mom but she’s not coming with me to korea. can i use a joint account or should it just be my own? pretty please reply, i will forever be grateful to you. thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. As was mentioned here in Ms. Betchay’s blog again and again, wala talagang formula sa kung magkano ang dapat amount ng bank certificate. I know people who were granted their visas with less than 50k in their bank account whereas this other person had half a million pesos per was denied a visa.

      I just got my visa approved yesterday and I used my dad’s bank certificate/ITR/etc. because wala pa naman ako ng mga yun. Approved naman application ko and ito ang magiging first time ko na pagtravel abroad. 🙂

  205. Hi Miss Betchay,

    We’ll go back to Korea on March. Do you know how long can we get the Visa is its our second application already? 🙂

    Thank you.

  206. hello ms.betchay…
    i have a retired u.s army husband work in korea.and we have a 3yrs. old u.s citizen husband wants us to go visit him there.we already have the invitation letter he sent but notarized from legal inside base only is that right?i just want to make it sure coz we are far from manila (mindanao).and i got some other documents too like the copy of his passport and i.d,work offer letter that says how much he make then a DA form 700-19 that also says he really work in korea.pls tell me what else we need.and do they need the appearance of my son?and how long it will take to get the visa?
    pls.reply soon thank you so much and god bless you always.

  207. is there a downloadable visa application form? or do we really have to get one from the embassy? does it really have to be typewritten? please reply pls pls pls this is my 3rd message 🙁

      1. thanks for your reply 🙂 we’ll be applying by the end of this month, but the itr won’t be available until feb and i called the embassy and they said it’s ok for as long as my certificate of employment indicates my monthly income. 😉 i was hired just last august 3 by our company, do you guys think i could get granted if i say my mom will pay for my expenses? and show both of our bank accounts? pls reply again. thanks in advance. 😉

  208. hi arlene…

    you can download the visa application form at this web address : From there you can get na din other details for your future travel to Korea. I was there din last Sept 30 to Oct 11. Goodluck.

  209. hi kris…

    you can simply say na you’re going there for vacation. as in just to see and tour the place. but i think 40 days is too much for that purpose. when i went there last month 7 days lang ang nilagay ko sa application but they give me 15 days validity. you can extend naman pag andun ka na. and they wouldn’t care if you have a plane ticket na or hotel booking. goodluck.

    1. adreuan,
      thnx for the information..ok so ill just state there that ill be just there at 7 days? panu naman po mag extend? where po ako pupunta sa korea? what are the requirements na dapat dalhin when i will extend my visa?mag aaply na po kc ako this monday ng visa and im very nervous…but im excited too gusto ko makakita ng snow kc =) please answer my questions po or better if you can text me 09291906751

  210. Hi Adreuan,did you travel alone? I’ve read somewhere that there are some who had an airport to airport cases…this scares me a lot=(

  211. @ Kris : i’m not sure of this but i think you can apply for extension of visa sa Philippine embassy in Korea. Meron din yata post si Ms. Betchay about the said extension. Just read through this blog. Just be sure na pag punta mo next week sa Korean embassy complete ang requirements mo or else they will not process your application. Goodluck.

    @ Lightning : Yes, i travelled alone although my husband is working there pero di ko sinabi yun sa Korean embassy kase hindi allowed mag-visit dun ang relatives ng mga OFW’s. If you are granted a visa, it doesn’t mean na nakalusot ka na. Super higpit naman sila pagdating sa immigration dun. Dami sila ask na questions and totoo na meron A to A (airport to airport cases)- that is if hindi sila convinced sa mga answer mo. Goodluck.

    1. adreuan,
      anu po ba itinatanong sa airport sa korea…grabe naman koreano buti nga me gusto magtravel sa kanila nakapgsabi nga po sa kin na mas madali mag extend pag nasa korea kana kaso it depends naman..hay anu kaya magandang reason pagpunta ko kc dun business and pleasure and reason ko..kaso ewan ko ba kung magagrant ako ng visa…hayyy..wish me luck ill be there on wednesday

  212. @ Kris: I’ve been to Korea twice and extended my tourist visa twice as well (granted 30-day visa then extended it for another 2 months there). To extend your visa, just go to a Korean Immigration Office, fill-out a form and pay 30,000 won. It would be a lot better if you have a Korean friend who can come with you and guarantee for you.

    As regards questions at the airport, just truthfully answer whatever questions they have (e.g. how long and where will you be staying in Korea, what’s your purpose for the visit, what’s your job in the Philippines and the like)… don’t be scared, be confident and be truthful although it’s better not to divulge info if your spouse is an OFW or if you have a profession related to teaching English. Hope this helps…

    @Ms. Betchay: Your blog is very informative, been a follower for 2 years now and really learned a lot from it. Keep it up!

    1. Sawitree,
      hey tnx for the info it really helps alot..yes i have a korean friend there but can you please help me on a good reason to extend my visa if ever the embassy will grant me a visa..i will be on the embassy this tue..even i dont have any purpose to stay long in korea still i feel very tense its my first time and i dont wanna get deny for no reason…what did you said on the embassy when you try to extend your visa whats your reason?please help po please…

      1. Hi Kris! If you’re applying as a tourist, then don’t apply for a 90-day visa. Wait until you come here to apply for an extension.

  213. hi! need help! im just wondering if what kind of visa do i have to apply for? my korean student asked/invited me to stay with her family in seoul..we don’t really know what to do..she said that she’ll be the one to shoulder all the expenses..she asked me to find ways on how to get a visa(tourist,student or working visa)so that i can stay with them…hope to hear from you soon..

    1. Hi Tintin! The only visa you could get is the tourist visa and it will allow you to stay in Korea for up to 90 days only. If you want to get the student visa, then you must contact a school and apply for enrollment. For working visa, your student’s family should have a business qualified enough for them to import a worker.

  214. @ Kris: Ms. Betchay is right, do not apply for a 90-day visa. At most, apply for a stay of 30 days only. I think it’s easier to extend a visa than apply for one. As to the reason for extension, just simply put more fun/got more places to visit (which was what my sponsor wrote in my application for extension). Good Luck on your application!

    1. SAwitree,
      thanks po for the info…will be on embassy on wed. i hope its easy to extend and hope they will not question me why,when and where it will really makes me nervous..all my papers are prepared now..
      @ ms. betchay im going to ochang and i already signed the application form that i download here, same ba yun in the embassy application form?

  215. hi Ms. Betch,
    Entertainer po ako dati dyan for almost 3 yrs pabalik balik po ako sa korea. Tapos po nag change ako status naging f2-1 po ako(married).. For some reasons na-divorced ako. Tapos po ngayon almost a year na ako dito sa pinas working na din sa office na. Gusot ko po mag tour sa Korea tapos my friend will give me an invitation. Makakuha kaya po agad ako? thanks po.

    1. Hi Raffy! Apply as a tourist, kasi paso na naman ang F-2-1 visa mo di ba? You can use your korean friend’s invitation pero mas importante ang documents mo. Hindi ko alam kung makakakuha ka agad. Kailangan mo lang subukan 🙂

  216. Betchay,

    my friend who is working in Korea invited me to visit him. this is my first
    time getting visa. will visit in the second week of December 2009..
    Can i have the visa?
    what will be the docs needed from me?

    hope you can help me by this..


  217. so sad.. my friend was denied a visa.. kasabay pa naman sana namin next month. nakabuy na kami ng roundtrip ticket non refundable pa naman yun. hay…
    kami naman bukas namin susubmit application namin. so malamang next week pa kami iiyak.
    nauna lang friend namin na yun kasi inuna namin Chinese visa namin ng isa kong friend. tapos nalaman namin na kanina pagkuha nya ng passport nya DOCUMENTS RECEIVED ang tatak sa passport nya.
    she has 500k sa bank acct nya at madami ding tatak passport nya. COE nya is from the States pa. pero denied. hay. goodluck samin ng friend ko next week.

  218. hello knc…i’m so sorry to hear that..I’ll be going din po s korean embassy within this week. I’m just worried kc ala akong ITR and COE…I’m afraid to be denied…pls text me. 09298900585

  219. hi betchay,
    just came from the korean embassy here in makati this morning (nov.16, 2009) and was informed upon submitting our docs (together with my husband) they told us that our scheduled date of visit to korea (which is june 2010) is too early for us to apply for a tourist visa… we were quite surprised because both of us have US and Au visas and we didn’t encounter such. maybe you can enlighten me on this. thanks very much!

  220. @justG : the Korean Embassy is accepting visa applications at least 1 month before the desired travel/departure date. Anyway, it’ll only take a week for the processing of visa. You can apply by May 2010 if you want to visit in June 2010. I hope this helps.

  221. @justG: if you will be granted a visa, you should make your entry within the next three months after being granted a visa, thus, if you applied in november, your final entry would be in February which is too early for your planned June 2010 travel. hope this helps.

  222. hi ms betchay.. how are you doing?? i jst want to ask if what are the things that i need or do i need some things to go in korea and visit my fiancee there? well, im planning to visit him on dec this yr. he is an army there.. im going to celebrate xmas with him and probably new yr too.. actually the purpose of going there is, to stay with him till he get an approval to their bosses that he can marry me here in the philippines.. and go back here in the philippines to fix our marriage.. hope to hear from you soon! salamat!!! have a blessed day!!!

    1. hi! Ms. Kim:

      i was reading your post and we have similar situation. I’ll be going to Korea to complete military marriage requirements my Fiance is stationed in S. Korea too. Did you apply already?

  223. hi everyone here
    im going to embassy tomorrow im really nervous even my docs are complete…wish me luck and i wish eve a good luck!!!

  224. Hi Miss BEchay,

    Just want to know if typewritten application is a must or does Korean embassy accepts application form handwritten in caps.

    Thank you!

    1. @ love,
      just get the application form in the korean embassy…the form here on net and on the embassy has a little different!just bring passport size pic with you

  225. hello Ms. Betchay,

    galing ako sa korea last oct 21 2009, I stayed there for 10 days. My friend doctor here in phils ask me if I want to go with him because his attending convention in korea because my bf was there, his OFW for 2 years na. I don’t have any documents with me when I went there but the immigration did not ask for anything. I’m planning to go back there alone as tourist on december is that possible? I’m working as a medical technologist for almost 6 years. What are the documents that I still need to submit to embassy, do I need the documents of my fiancee? I’m also 6 months pregnant. I want to spend christmas with him pls answer? thank you

    1. hi beng. clarify ko lang, you were able to visit your ofw boyfriend without any documents? what type of visa was issued to you?

    2. Hi Beng! When you came here, what was your visa? If you came here with a tourist visa before, I’m pretty sure they asked you to submit documents.

  226. hi ms betchay.
    im planning to go to korea on the 2nd week of feb pa para mgvacation pero ill apply sna on january. ask ko lng sana kng how much ang desired amount ng bank account? kc before i traveled with my family sa china, hongkong, singapore ang thailand but this time ako lng magisa ang pupunta dun. I have a business pero kakastart pa lng eh and ung ITR ko this january pa. I have the following requirements na:

    * passport
    * business permit
    * bank certificate (how much po ba ang kailangan, i have mga 100k lng po eh. ok na ba yun?)

    ano pa po kelangan? ung itr ko this january pa. do u think na magrant ung visa ko?

  227. hi everyone! and for the first time will try to appy for visa..heres my story!!
    i went to the embassy yesterday i arrived there at 5:30 am hehehe too early..but its ok cuz ako ang kaunahan sa line though wala palang # na binibigay and i thought first come first serve!!!so when im on the elevator naunahan ako nung isang magaaply so yun 2nd na lang ako saka ka pa lang magkaka # pag nasa loob kana ng embassy…but its ok madali lang naman ang process mas matagal pa yung pila sa labas..i was so nervous then, i think no need to download and print yung application here on net kc magkaiba sila! yung first na my # ang tagal nya kc my mga tanong ka sa kanya and i dont know what was it then when its my trun i gave my documents and i greet her good morning but then mukang masungit yung nagproprocess eh,so i just stand up there waiting for a question hindi ako mapalagay i dont know whats on their mind even complete docs ko!!!then after a min. they gave me a claim stub that ill be back on nov. 25! oh my god!!! kala 8 working days yun pala 6 working days lang pati yung passport kala ko makukuha ko na on afternoon hindi pala kasabay na pala yun sa 25!! im clueless!to all my advisers here i follow all your advices to me to sawitree, adreuan and ms betchay!!!yung kasunod ko as in buti pa xa shes very confident she just have an invitor’s letter and her passport with the application form i yun madame tanong pala pag my guarantor ka kakatakot talga! hay well i have 6 days to go to get the final decision whether is it to go or not to go! hay bahala na si god! sya naman talaga magdedecide eh!!=)

  228. Hello Ms. Betchay,
    I would like to ask for some opinions and ideas. My husband is an ofw in korea, he wants me to visit him early next year, but I am no longer employed for almost 6months now so I could not provide COE and ITR. Am i still possible to grant C-3 visa? Another way, my husband applied c-3 visa for me at the Catholic church in korea, does the church itself works on the process of visa? is it more possible for me to be granted a visa?

  229. hi there, i read all the comments here and i was pushed to ask for help. Ask ko lang po pano po ang procedure ng pagkuha ng visa. Ang asawa ko po ay sa Military U.S. Airforce nagwowork base sa korea. Madali po ba ako makakakuha ng visa. Ano po ang mga requirements ? Pano po sa ngayon ala naman ako work ano po ang pwede kong isubmit para makapag apply ng visa..thanks po..

  230. Hi,

    Me and my american partner would like to visit Korea this February 2010. I am a Filipino. Can you give me an advise as to how i could visit Korea for a short stay like for 3-5 days?



    1. Hi Aldrin! apply for the C-3 visa if you’re a Philippine passport holder… please check the documents listed on this page

  231. hello po ask lng po ako kung ano magandang visa kuhain ng asawa ko papunta d2 galing na xa d2 at nag change name,ang problem lng po until now dpa din nagbaba mg memo ang poea pra sa exam for(klt)kc yun ang requirements pra ma i forward yung application nya d2,dahil kukuhain ulit xa ng amo namin,pls help nmn po kung papano or anong magandang kunin na visa for him dahil willing nmn ang amo ko na kuhain ulit sya yun lng dnla alam ang procedure,thanks

    1. hi jhoy! sorry pero mas maganda na itanong ng amo mo sa immigration office na malapit sa inyo… dahil ang alam ko lang ay tourist visa 🙂

  232. hlo ms.becthay….
    i’ve always visit ur blogs in times i need some infomations and its very helpful,but i can’t find some blogs and comments related on my case. i’m currently working here at korea and my fiancee (american visa holder) and were planning to marry here at korea is it possible for us to invite my whole family (9pax) in philippine to come here to attend our wedding?do you think the visa (tourist visa) is not that complicated to process?if so what do you think are the requirements we need to prepare?thanks a lot..hope you can help me wiht this, any hints is greatly helpful…thanks a lot and more power to you and your family…

    1. hi nedette! since you are marrying an american and not a korean, they’ll have to apply like any other tourists… the documents they need are listed above… however, it would be best to call the korean embassy

      1. ok po ms.betchay.i ‘ll call nlng the korean the staff there know how speak in english po ba coz in not good in hanguk,bk po hnd lng kmi magkaintindihan..hehehe…
        thanx a lot po for replying…:

  233. im denied without any idea why….now i know that they doesn’t really look on your requirements even if youre complete or not even if you have money or not…its in the consul decision and its unreasonable basis…sorry but its true!!! i will never try to get visa from korea ever…

    1. @ kris: sorry to hear that… i guess the basic premise in applying for a tourist (C-3) visa to korea is for you to convince them of your close ties to the Philippines… a stable, good-paying job is an advantage. i just applied for my third tourist visa and been experimenting on the show money. So far, this third try is the least with only 100k+ but i still got approved. Don’t lose heart, if you really want to visit Korea, it’s worth giving it another try. good luck on your travel ventures 🙂

      1. sawitree,
        i have a business here in ph its not small business..all docs were complete but think koreans are unreasonable by giving the visa to a filipino…it depends on the consul if he/she likes you to go there or not..its just awful that they dont follow their requirements…they should not put tourist visa in PH if they dont want some ph to travel there..i will not try again…im very disappointed sorry..

  234. @ kris….sorry to hear about that 🙁

    Now I am getting nervous. I have a korean girlfriend. I have been two times to korea already this year but with a C-2 visa , single entry. Now I planning to spend my christmas and new year and plan to stay there for 3 months with my korean girl. I will be applying a tourist visa this coming december. Do you think there is a chance that i will be denied? Does my girl needs to send me a notarized invitation letter. I was thinking what would be the best. Should I apply for a 90 days visa or get a less than 30 days and just extend it when I am there. Please advise

    1. @ night. fox: good luck on your application. i think a notarized invitation letter from a korean national would help. i suggest you apply for a visa good for 30 days or less. for one, you don’t have to pay for the application fee (you need to pay P1,500 for an application of 59 days or more) and it’s easier to extend a visa than to apply for one. hope this helps..

      1. @sawitree:
        Thanks and thank you for your reply I think I will take your advice then to apply for 30 days or less first then I’ll just extend when I’m there already. But do you have any idea how many days I can extend the visa just in case?

  235. oh by the way, what would be the cheapest flight going to korea. I have read about the Cebu Pacific cost only 3k pesos. ( wow that is really cheap). Anybody have a experience with Cebu Pacific going to korea?

  236. @sawitree:
    no need to answer about my query earlier. You have mentioned already in your previous post above. Just for a visa application. Purpose of visit. Would it be wiser to say for fun/vacation rather than visit girlfriend?

    1., i don’t exactly know your circumstance, so i can’t suggest a purpose for your visit… either way is acceptable but just bear in mind that your application shall be assessed on your own documents’ merit, all other’s like the invitation letter and show money are just secondary, i think…

      btw, as regards the airline, i guess nothing beats cebupac in terms of airfare (especially if you can book a promo fare which could be as cheap as P2,599!)…

      hope i’ve somehow shed light on your queries… good luck to you!

      1. Sawitree is right,Cebu pacific air is the cheapest,yun nga lanag wl sila food gaya sa ibang airline,but what is a 3.5hrs trip when it saves you a lot.
        i got my niece’s ticket online, i got her round trip ticket good for 6month for 11,680 pesos..if you book and pay online it would be a lot cheaper,becuase there you can choose the date and the cheapest fare they offer,actually i already checked the incheon-manila round trip fare for summer…it’s 80Twons+80Twons ….which means 160Twons only for a round trip’s sometime between july 25-august 25,2010…hindi pa available ang december,2010 ticket.but my friend who is going tomorrow or maybe they’ve already gone to PI paid just 240Twons for a round trip ticket.after you’ve paid,they will send you an itinerary on your email which means that is your ticket.
        my niece’s ticket is 4,999to incheon and 4,999to manila,plus yung seat reservation ko online which costed 100pesos each(200 kasi round trip) plus insurance and other taxes..

  237. Hi Ms. Betchay!

    Do you know how long po makukuha ung visa if second tourist visa mo na? We went to Korea last Jan 09 and we’re going back on March. Pag first visa mo it takes 5-7 days, mas shorter po ba if second na?

  238. Hi po sa lahat! is ITR really a must? I’m an OFW kc eh isnt OFW tax exempted? how can I get ITR if I dont have any taxes paid?

  239. hi ms betchay.
    im planning to go to korea on the 2nd week of feb pa para mgvacation pero ill apply sna on january. ask ko lng sana kng how much ang desired amount ng bank account? kc before i traveled with my family sa china, hongkong, singapore ang thailand but this time ako lng magisa ang pupunta dun. I have a business pero kakastart pa lng eh and ung ITR ko this january pa. I have the following requirements na:

    * passport
    * business permit
    * bank certificate (how much po ba ang kailangan, i have mga 100k lng po eh. ok na ba yun?)

    ano pa po kelangan? ung itr ko this january pa. do u think na magrant ung visa ko?

    1. hi anne! i don’t really know about the desired amount. there are some who had a lot of money in the bank (as much as half a million) and yet they weren’t granted a visa. meron din naman na may business pero wala rin. just complete your documents and try. good luck!

  240. I’m planning to visit Korea next year to see my Korean bf.This is my first time to apply for Korean visa.I’m pretty sure that I could complete all the requirements in January.I want to apply this month, but my ITR will be released in January.Probably I will apply for the visa in February.However, I read form one of the comments here that one should not divulge that he/she is a teacher.Could you tell me what the reason is?I’m worried because I am teacher and has been teaching Koreans for 6 years now.I have a permament job here and gets good pay as well.I’m looking forward to reading your reply.

  241. Good morning,

    i would like to know what are the requirements in going to south korea at the immigration. what are the documents to be presented if one traveler has its passport and visa approved?

    Thank you.

    1. hi mrmp! you only need to present yourself and a proof of your financial capacity (credit cards, cash)… don’t forget your hotel reservations and if an itinerary… dress nicely and speak english without a thick accent

      1. Hi ms Betchay. do you really need to present proof of financial capacity?? You are talking about the korean immigrations at the airport right?

  242. how can i apply for tourist visa if wala naman akong bank account. i have just passed an exam tapos regalo ng parents ko is a vacation. and i want it to be in korea. kailangan ko pa magpresent ng bank certificate? wala rin naman akong work. is there a way i can get a visa without these requirements.

  243. Hi! Since you’re unemployed and you’re parents are supporting your trip, then you should submit their documents. This is what I did because I’m still a student. Submit their bank certificate, certificate of employment, ITR and the like. I also had an affidavit of support from my parents notarized.

  244. hello po .
    i was in korea for almost two years bcoz i work there
    but before i finish my contract for 3years i went home . so now im planing to go back to korea to visit my friends as tourist.
    i want to ask if it advantage to get a tourist visa for korea and what is the requirements?
    thanks po.

  245. ms, betchay,

    what are the requirements at the immigration? passport, round trip ticket, cash on hand, credit cards, hotel reservation?

    salamat po.

  246. ma’am betchay…ako po uli….tanong ko sna ung kung ilang months ba ang required ng ITR??at ilan po minimum na show money sa bank account?

  247. Hello all,
    Just went to the embassy this morning to apply for a tourist visa. I will be visiting my boyfriend who is an officer of the US Army but i don’t have any invitation letter from him because we just decided days ago that i will be the one to visit him there.. I already had travelled several countries and been to the US twice..
    I was assigned at the window 4 and the lady there just received my documents wihtout any questions and gave me a claim stub for my passport.. but the claim stub has a disclaimer thatit doesnt mean that when that releasing your passport on the stamped date means you get your visa.. unlike in the US embassy, if you apply for visa, you will know n the same day whether you are approved or not. if they return your passport then you’re denied a visa. if they let you fill-out a claim stub, then you’re all set..
    does the korean embassy get all the passports of the applicants and until you get it on the claim date, you won’t know whether your visa is granted or not? or if they get it, it means you get a visa? any info will be helpful. thanks

    1. ms cyandie,

      yes, they will give you a piece of paper stating the date of release and on that day of releasing that would be the time you can determine if you get a visa or not. hope you get approved. Just pray.

  248. hi im mayumi….
    i have a korean boyfriend in cebu now.. he wants i go to korea next month.. he will go there on jan.6 and he want i go there jan can i get the invitation to visit korea from him..and i dont have any bank account not student anymore and he will pay everything as well .. how can i do in korean embassy?

    1. hello! Ms Mayumi,

      just want to share: you can get invitation letter from your boyfriend and notarized it in Korea.

      Merry Christmas
      God bless.

  249. tulong lang po. kc andito ako ngayon s malaysia. my contract will finish until january. my return ticket from here is in bangkok. do you think i can get a visa from bangkok? i called them up and said i’d be needing a working permit as a proof that i will go back to bangkok again. is there any other way i could get the visa? my primary purpose is to visit an English teacher boyfriend. He’s from England. thanks more power!

  250. May I know my chances if I go to Korea next year for a three day tourist visit? I just got my passport when I saw a Cebu Pacific sale. I thought of getting a ticket for Incheon because I could not get any other cheaper flights in more popular destinations. I thought then that Korea did require a visa for Filipinos but I just realized it when I already to the ticket. My supposed vacation is in July 2010 but with the requirements that listed above I might not be able to oblige. You see I am still beginning to work as a freelance writer because I left an 8 hour job for a career change. Thus I might not be able to provide the Certificate of Employment and ITR. I think the fear of many countries is that Filipinos tend to take the opportunity to go T and T when they get the country of their destination. I really do not intend to do that. As a writer and photo enthusiast I just want to visit Korea and its historical spots. For someone like me who just wants to travel and see new horizons, is there a chance for me to get a visa?

    1. Brent, how could you not have an ITR when you said you only have recently left an 8-hour job? If you used to be employed, then you must have had an ITR, right? As for the COE, then just indicate on your application that you’re self-employed.

      The only way you’ll be able to know if you have a chance to be granted a visa is to apply for one. Only the Consuls at the SK Embassy know for sure if they are going to give you a visa or not based on your credentials.

      1. Hi, Agent P!!

        i am planning to visit south korea this year, i have my sister already in SK who married korean citizen and now they have daughter my sister wants me to visit them even for a short time, my question is how to get a tourist visa if i had a relative there?



  251. hi everyone…thanks much!! KHAMSAMIDA ms. betchay for having this blog…within one month of gathering infos (because of this blog)how to get visa ..finally i got it 28th of dec.,2009…so im off to SK by 17JAN….please email me i want to meet filipino for tour… a million.

  252. ROY: ABOUT ITR better ask BIR and about Bank Certificates,mine I have 200K in Bank Account. It really matters if you’re working in company and stayed longer as guarantee u can go back Philippines.

  253. hi miss bechay!
    Good morning! i’m still a undergraduate student and i’m really having a hard time understanding some of these. i’m a filipino citizen and i’m planning on going to korea this march. i’ve read in some sites that you need a sort of letter of invitation or something if you’re just visiting for a few days. like an official letter of invitation. it’s quite confusing. and what are the exact requirements po in applying for tourist visa for the first time. and about the bank certificate and ITR. I only work as a free lance English tutor thats why I dont have my ITR yet..and i still dont have my bank account..they said the money must be with you within 3 months,but i can have it by next korean boyfriend wants me to me his family and he will be the one who will put the money on my it possible? and whats the easiest way..I’m only plannning to stay there for #weeks max.

    pls help me…thank you so much!

    1. I was an undergrad too when I applied for a visa last month. I was approved naman. I didn’t dare submit an invitation letter kasi parang it complicates things kasi nga hassle for the inviter and baka hassle na rin sa invitee. For the ITR, I submitted my dad’s documents plus his bank certificate and COE. I also submitted a notarized affidavit of support from my dad (kahit na ako ang nag-finance sa trip ko) and certificate of enrollment ko sa university. Yung money kasi na ilalagay sa bank account mo baka i-question kapag masyadong malaki lalo’t undergrad ka pa and wala pang stable job. Unless maeexplain ng ibang documents mo yung laman ng bank account mo then I suggest you use na lang your parents’ documents.

      1. Ms. Unica Hija..

        is the affidavit of support necessary??.. I already graduated last 2007… but I recently enrolled for a masteral degree in a University solely for this visa.. do u have other tips??.. so I dont need to add more money in my account i have around 90K.. the I’ll just use my mom’s??.. what must be the date of the bak certificate?/.. Can I use the bank Cert of my mom dated Dec10??
        thank you so much..

        please email when u please or just post it here.. salamat..

      2. hi there… thank GOD somebody answered my questions.. i guess i have to try my luck…one more question ilan months mo pinrocess documents mo?
        thankyou…Godbless! =)

      3. hi there! than God somebody answered my questions..
        I guess I have to try my more question ilan months mo pinrocess documents mo bago ka nabvigyan ng visa?

      4. Hi Unicahija.

        This means that Intivitation letter is optional naman. Meaning kahit wala OK lang. Did they asked you about the invite letter or kinuha lang nila yung docs mo? with regards naman sa place kung saan ka tutuloy or if you know someone from Korea as contact person, wala ka din nilagay duon or nag book ka sa hotel as proof na may tutuluyan ka? hope you could help me.


        1. Yes, it’s optional. Parang submit at your own risk? ^^ The officer at the window didn’t say anything. She just received my documents, returned an extra picture, gave me a claiming stub then I’m good to go. Oh! With the address and the contact shiz, when I applied for a visa kasi, I’m not sure pa where to stay so I just typed in a random address of a hostel (BEEWON GUESTHOUSE) with their contact info. This is what my friends do rin and in other forums ganun din ginagawa nila. When I arrived in SK, I stayed in an apartment and in a different guest house 🙂

  254. To: Unicahija,

    i applied b4 kaso na going to try my luck next month.kaya lng bago palng ako sa work.3 months pa lng.i dont want to submit an invitation letter na kse bka yun yung reason kung bket na deny last yr. im not gonna have ITR pa since im new nga, bank cert pwede and COE. panu kya yun? sbi nga ng invitee ko.sasamahan daw ako pg initerview. pero parang malabo din ata yun khit korean planning to stay there less than a week lng naman to celebrate my birthday in march.sana naman pgbigyan ako..can u email me ur suggestions?thanks in advance..

    1. what’s your email? 🙂 I’m no expert at this but I’ll try to answer based on personal experience and online accounts that I’ve read.

    2. Hello to our pinoy friends here..Thank God Ive found this website..I have a fiance who invited me to visit Incheon, He wants me to leave as early as March 2010. The problem is, am not currently employed coz I already lect my call center job last year of October. meron kaming nakita sa websites nagooffer ng ITR, COE and Bank Cert, . Is it safe to pay them for me to get those documents? My cousin and I will juts stay there for 3-5 days. Walang problem sa cousin ko kasi nakapagtour na siya sa Kuwait to visit her bf so madali na siyang maapporove. Do u think it qill help if I’ll indicate dthat she will pay for my trip? Please help….

      1. Hi Mafet! It is really up to you if you’d like to pay for FAKE documents 😀 Just remember that there might be consequences in the future.

  255. hi ms. betchay,
    i have american bf he is working in korea as esl teacher and im here in ph, we will get married this april can you tell me what should i need to get the dependent visa?the other problem is that i got denied in korea last november eh dapat after 6 months pa ako ulet mg apply eh pero this time i will be married its not tourist visa anymore pede kaya yun kahit wala pang 6 months

    1. hi tintin! apply ka ng tourist visa talaga… kasi wala namang fiancee visa sa korea… tsaka hindi korean ang bf mo so medyo mahihirapan ka talaga… yun lang talaga ang way for you to come here first kung hindi kayo kasal… and yes, you’ll have to wait for six months bago ka uli mag-apply

      1. hello po sa inyong lahat!,..pwede ko po ba malaman kung pwede pa bumalik ng korea kung natatakan na ng 68(1) ang passport nung umuwi ako dec 11,2010…??? ngoverstay po kc ako sa korea for 1 yr then i decided to voluntarily went back to phil,..gusto ko lang po malaman if i still have a possibility to work or tour in korea,..thank u po sa inyo, God bless and more power!,..

  256. hi,im planning to apply for a visa to korea tourist visa..i have around 85 thou savings..ive been to england..australia and few othercountries as a housewife with 3 kids..anu ano need ko i submit requirements…my husbands australian but dito kami nakatira sa philippines..nasa ausie sya ngayon working..ano and chance ko makakuha 5 days tourist visa..i really want to see soul korea..i plan to travel alone..pls help me with some planning mga 26 27 ako travel if ever..and alsotourist visa ba need to get a return ticke na even wala pa assurance sa visa? thank you and more power

    1. Hi Lei! I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting a visa since you already visited countries that require visas. As much as possible it would be better to apply for the visa first before you purchase your tickets.

  257. ms. betchay,
    im trying to say is that after namin magpakasal ng bf ko dito sa pinas on april saka pa lang kame mag aayus ng visa ko, db dapat dependent visa na kunin ko hindi na tourist? kc kasal na ko sa kanya that time? kelangan ko pa rin ba mag intay ng 6 months nun if kasal na ko sa american?kelangan ba tourist pa rin?please po i need reply..

  258. i’m me and my friends are planning to go to korea
    for an audition in YG entertainment.(3-5days) Were barely minors, are we allowed to take the c-3 visa that’s free?
    and do you know how much to get into korea? like the processing?
    i already have a passport.

    thank you very much.

    1. Of course you may acquire the visa, but you might need more documents for the Philippine government to allow you to travel on your own.

  259. hello. i am a filipino and just arrived here in south korea last jan 2, 2010 with an E-1 visa. my alien’s card registration was released last jan 6,2010. My husband (also a filipino citizen) is planning to visit me here on jan 30 to feb 14, 2010. he is working in a government school for 15 years already and has been appointed as a director of one of the offices. I think we have enough money (as stated in the bank certificate) to support that we can finance his stay here in korea. we have prepared all the required documents and i also sent him a scanned copy of my invitation letter (but not notarized), copy of passport and copy my alien’s card. he has been in korea in august 2003. do you think he has a good chance of getting a tourist visa even if i have just been here for a week? how long is the processing?
    thank you very much…

  260. hi ms. betchay, meron po akong tanong sa inyo…kung nakapag-invite na po ako dati ng relative dito sa korea tapos nag-tnt pero 2 years ago na ang nakaraan at ngayon mag-iinvite uli ako ng relative..maaari bang magkaroon ako ng problema sa immmigration nito at ung iinvite ko siguradong deny na sya sa embassy? pano ang gagawin ko kung sakali..
    salamat po.

    1. hi Lani! hindi ko alam… yung isang kakilala ko nag-invite ng kapatid at nag-TNT yung kapatid tapos nahuli ata (sorry medyo magulo kuwento niya eh) at sinabihan siya na wag na niya ulitin yun or something…

      1. thanks ms. betchay!! meron ka bang nalaman na details like nagbayad ng penalty ang nag-invite or nakulong??? medyo worried kasi ako bka meron mangyaring ganun sa akin. nagwowork pa nman ako dito..

  261. hi gud pm. would just like to ask mei chance ba maapprove ang tourist visa ko? im an undergraduate. my friend’s family and I are planning to go to south korea this coming holy week. We already purchased our ticket and our ticket is group ticket. The agency asked us to give some documents para sa visa. the agency will be the one to get our visa. I’m dependent with my sister and my sister is in the US she can only provide me scanned copies of her ITR and Bank Statement. I have passbook pero 10k lng laman and tomorrow dadating un money ko. sa monday pa iproprocess un visa. Ok lng ba kng scanned copies lng un documents? ano pa pede ko ibigay as requirements?

    1. They’re very specific e. They want original copy of the Bank Cert and ITR. So I don’t really know kung tatanggapin nila yan. Pero check mo na rin baka pwede.

  262. Hi 🙂 ask ko lang ano bang maganda mag pa visa muna then buy ng ticket tapos duon na kukuha ng hotel kasi i have a friend there.

    1. hi Emma! korek! mas mabuti kung kumuha muna ng visa bago bumili ng ticket… yung nakilala ko na nag-tour dito last year, apat sila pero dapat anim sila kaso yung dalawa hindi nabigyan ng visa kahit nakabili na ng ticket

      1. thanks Ms. Betchay 🙂 plan ko kasi this sep sa chusok pero anong tip mo sa akin when can i apply for the visa what month? kasi im going to Macau this May then side trip kami sa Hongkong i’m working sa go’vt agency you think ma aapprove ako, then duon na lang ako hahanap ng matitirhan kasi mahal ata sa mga travelling agency ano sa tingin mo? thanks in advance ulet 🙂

        1. The better chance you’ll get a visa if you’re working for a government agency. The same thing goes, apparently, when you apply for a US visa.

  263. Tanong ko lang po yung requirements for a tourist visa for students. I won’t be going there to study, vacation lang. ayun. thanks! 😀

    I’m of legal age na pala. 😀

  264. Hello, nabasa ko lang po mga message d2 sna matulungan nyo rin po ako… Im 1 year employee npo so may ITR npo ako pero ala akong bank certificate? wala nbang ibang process for application of tourist visa??

    at san po kaya ako pwedeng maginquire d2 sapinas reagarding that…

  265. Hi!

    I would like to share my experience in getting a tourist visa. By the way, me and my friends got our visa this week. We will be visiting Seoul by Feb. 16.

    -complete all the requirements (application form, certificate of employment, ITR, and bank certificate)
    -no need to include plane ticket or hotel accommodation, embassy folks will just return it to you
    – if you have Japan, USA, Canada or Australian visa, it is a plus and processing time will only take 3 working days unlike if you don’t have one, processing time will be 5 days
    – having a lot of money in the bank will not guarantee that you will be approved. I think, they are checking if you have stable work in the Phils which will support that you will be definitely return to Manila
    – do not be intimidated by the folks inside the embassy, but make sure to bring your PATIENCE with you 🙂
    – If you are lucky and be granted a visa, check all the details in your VISA are correct and complete.
    – submission of visa application is from 9am to 11am while releasing time is from 2pm to 4pm.
    – no interview for a tourist visa application

    Good luck to all of you who are planning to apply.

  266. hi i just want to know if i could get a tourist visa i had a working visa before but i want 2 go back there as a tourist.i want to know if my record is okay

  267. hello po ask ko lng po my bf po kc aq na u.s army nsa korea po xa nkaasign ngaun dti po me ngwork sa korea as entertainer pro umuwi po me nun sept.d2 sa pnas dq po tnapos un cntract ko pwde po ba aq mgapply ng tourist vsa?tska pno ko po kya mla2man kng clear ba un record ko o kng db ako pnablacklist ng employer ko sa korea embassy?sna po m2lungan nio ko pra mkapagapply na me ng tourist vsa.thanks po

    1. Hi Maricel! Sorry pero hindi ko masyado naintindihan ang sinulat mo kasi hindi ako sanay sa SMS 🙂
      Anyway, pwede ka naman mag-apply ng tourist visa. As for your other questions, hindi ko alam at baka hindi mo rin malalaman kung hindi ka maga-apply. Sana may mapadaan dito na mas nakakaalam 🙂

      Good luck sa ‘yo.

  268. a quick question:
    “Documents received” on your passport means you have been denied.
    —-> so when would you know if your application’s been denied? do they tell it outright or you have to wait a week and look for that “Documents received” label?
    many thanks!

    1. When you submit your documents, they will give you a slip of paper indicating the date and time when you should pickup your passport. It usually takes a week (or 5 business days). It doesn’t mean that you’re going to receive a visa, unlike when you apply for a US visa where they’ll tell you outright if you have been denied or not. Anyway, when you pickup your passport check if there’s a visa. If none, you’ll find instead a “Documents Received” or “Application Received” on one of the pages of your passport.

      1. ah. so that’s how it works!
        many thanks for the clarification! you’ve been quite helpful 🙂
        will be trying my luck tomorrow.

        thanks again

      1. What she meant by “you can fill the application up in the embassy” was handwritten applications will do.

        In my case, I got OC so I submitted a typewritten (filled up via computer) application. But handwritten apps will work just fine. I know someone who has been to SK thrice and all her application forms were handwritten.


  269. hello!i’ll just want to ask what are the recent requirements pag magtotour sa south korea.i’m planning to have a vacation there this year probably sa May sana coz it’s my birthday kaya lang,baka di ako makaabot for passing of the me @

  270. hi! tatanong ko lang po sana kung pano magapply ng tourist visa sa korea? nagwowork po asawa ko dun at balak ko po sana vacation sa march. studyante pa din po ako kso d aq nkpagenroll last 2 semester. nginquire aq sa embassy kung anu requirements ng visa tpos sbi ko ddlawin ko asawa ko as an entertainer sbi sakin d daw allowed ng government nila ang mg visit ng entertainer. pero ung agency nila na korean ngpadala na skin invitation letter. sa tingn nyo po ba ano ang mas mgndang gawin? ipakita ko pa po ung invitation letter o as tourist and with requirements n lng nila? gusto q po ksi talaga mgkaron ng visa. la po aq itr o coe pero ung parents q po ngwowork as government employees. la din po aq bank certificate pero kung pwede nmn po pakita ung sa parents ko cguro ok nmn po un.. pls..pls..pls.. i need help.. desperado n po ako na magkaroon visa dun. sana po maintindihan nyo.. salamat po…

    1. ah ok thanks kasi as i red it should be typewritten so puede pala goodluck ha ako kasi sa july pa mag papavisa kasi im planning to go this sep pa eh deba 3 months validity lang yang visa nila

  271. how much is the application fee for a korean visa for tourist. i have plans in visiting korea this year for about 7 days. thank you so much.

    i really find this site very informative..

    thank you ms betchay and more power.

  272. Good morning Ms.Betchay! I need your advice..I got a cebu pac incheon seat sale for April 29-May 12, I took advantage of the promo & took the limited available slots in a flash..Eto ngayon ang problema,,I dont have a visa yet.My hubby & I will go to California March12-April 12..Sa palagay mo ba friend I should apply for my korea visa after my tour to U.S or will it be better to acquire this early? My concern is the 90 days visa validity,,& almost 90 days na on May 15 ..One thing more betchy, what do you think are my chances for the visa? baka ma-deny ako sayang naman the seat-sale..
    Thanks in advance.I’ll get in touch with you IF (hopefully, yes) ma-approve ako.

    1. But you’re going to California na right? Meaning you’ve been granted a US Visa already. That should help you much for the approval of your SK visa.

      As regards the application of visa, why don’t you apply before you leave for the US? Like first week of March or end of Feb. With your US visa, the processing of your application should only take you three days.

  273. hi!misss betchay..
    ask ko lng po kung pwede rin akong mbigyan ng visa puntang korea..kc galing na po ako don last dec. 2008 ako tnt po ako for almost 5 yrs.pero surrendered po ako.wla nmng po akong bad records .gus2 ko po kasing mg apply ng multiple visa .then ung passport ko po eh issued in seoul embassy..ok lng po b un..thanks po..

  274. good afternoon po! tatanong ko lng po kung pwede pa akong mabigyan ng chance mkabalik sa korea?natapos ko po ung 3yrs contract ko kaso dpo ako umuwi bale almost 3yrs po akong nag tnt don.gusto ko po sana muling mkabalik para mkuha ung perang ipinautang ko sa pinay na asawa ng koreano.ung pera pong iyon eh binayad sa akin ng company sa pgkakaputol ng daliri ko.pls…give me an advice kng ano po ang tama at dapat kong gawin.MARAMING SALAMAT PO.

  275. Thank you unicahija for the reply but I would like to ask one more thing, what kaya is the best reason for my intent travel to korea? Should i mention about the seat-sale purchase or I’ll just say we would add SK to our itinerary for our U.S tour since we’ll be flying via Korean air,stopover incheon..Nakakatense din kase even I have U.S visa basing sa mga stories dito sa thread may mga topak din daw consus sa Kembassy.

    1. For sightseeing and visit Kdrama shooting locations? Or this and that concert. Basta reasons na hallyu related they almost always favor that. HAHA. Yun kasi lagi dinadahilan ng friend ko pag nag-aapply siya ng US visa and yun din nilagay ko nung nag-apply ako. HAHA. Wag mo i-mention ang seat sale. Care nila doon? LOL. Lagay mo lang why you want to visit Korea. Basta be true lan with the reason.

      Think of it this way. SK visa lang ito. And you were granted a US visa. So why would the SK embassy deny you entry when a super power such as the US trusted you and granted you a visa diba?

      1. Hi!

        I would like to ask if the Invitation letter is optional. I’m planning to go to korea as a tourist and I do not know someone there. I have all the requirements with me except the invitation letter.

  276. @ unicahija
    Thanks ha nagkita din tau dun sa other site LOL! Atat kse ako sa response,,busy yata si betchay. ‘Know sis, 1 ticket lang kinuha ko sa seat-sale,,stressed-out ako great adventure to haha! Mas excited pa nga ko sa SK tour ko kesa sa U.S vacation namin ng husband ko eh..Hope you dont mind,where you located now? La k ba balak magKorea ulet para may kasama ko,takot ako eh! Worried din ako kase I read somewhere na mas mahirap daw get ng Kvisa than U.S visa…Bahala na si Bro.,pag di ukol,di bubukol at pag denied e di goodbye seat-sale.
    Thanks again unni!

    1. Kaya nga e nagulat ako when I saw you there. Kasi kakareply ko lang sayo here. Anyways, I’m somewhere in QC and as much as I want to go back to SK and ditch school, I can’t e. 🙁 By the time you fly to SK, it’s crunch time na in the university so I’ve to stay.

      Really?! Di ko pa naencounter ever yan. Yung may US visa (and valid pa at that) e denied of a K visa. And to think confirmed na ang trip mo to the US. Basta be sure to complete all the requirements pag-lodge ng application, baka dun magkaprob sa kulang na docs lang. I’m sure Ms. Betchay will agree with me in saying na mas madali kumuha ng SK visa than US visa. Kkkk? ^^ And kaya mo i-conquer ang SK mag-isa at mag-eenjoy ka talaga.

  277. hi im planning to go to south korea this april to celebrate my 24th birthday. btw, nag purchase na ako ng ticket kasi sale ang cebu pacific.

    i have a question, kasi i’m going with my younger brother (college student), and my boyfriend (self-employed / freelance). i’m also self-employed so it means wala akong ITR kasi exempted sa tax business ko kasi small business lang ‘yun. i do have a credit card and bank account (both peso and dollar savings and time deposit) (yun dollar account ko e nasa 2k usd which is equivalent to 90k php and yun peso account ko is nasa 90k php din) so yun tanong ko is kun kailan yun date ng bank certificate, pwede ba ng march 2010? kasi sa march pa naman ako mag apply ng bank certificate. and ilan days ba makukuha yun bank certificate?
    btw, wala rin pala akong ITR and COE kasi nga self-employed ako. and meron lang akong DTI registration. wala naman akong mayor’s permit kasi online business lang naman ako. so paano yun? okay lang ba na meron akong DTI and bank certificate pero walang ITR and COE?

    sa question ko naman sa bf ko is meron siyang SEC, DTI and mayor’s permit pero maliit lang yun laman ng saving account niya kasi shopaholic yun e haha. so paano yun? wala rin pala siyang ITR. btw, self-employed din siya kasi may own business din siya.

    with my younger brother naman, he’s still a college student and he’s only 18 years old. wala siyang bank account. ako naman kasi mag support sa kanya. so ano kailangan niya, certificate lang from school?

    actually, ako mag susupport sa kanila.

    btw, my bf and i have been to china na last 2008 but since mga college students pa kame nun e madali lang kame nakakuha ng tourist visa kasi educational naman yun reason ng tour namin. eh this time hindi na kame college students, so tour lang talaga gagawin namin sa seoul. 5 days lang naman kame dun. ang problem kasi is kame lang naman mag aasikaso ng visa, wala naman kameng agency. but do you think eh mas madali ang pag apply ng visa through agency?

    sorry dami kong questions and medyo magulo yun pagka explain ko. hope to hear from you soon. thank you! 😉

  278. btw, pahabol lang. uhm, saan ba pwede mag download ng visa application form? btw, ‘yun reason ng tour namin is to celebrate my birthday, and just to have a vacation. thanks! 😉

  279. sorry talaga pahabol ulit, i forgot to ask kasi kun kailan ako pwede mag apply ng tourist visa kun april aalis? 90 days ba valid ng visa before umalis? kasi pag 90 days eh it means, pwede ko na pala asikasuhin requirements ko for tourist visa. and pwede na rin pala ako kumuha ng bank certificate. i’m sorry talaga ang dami kong tanong. thank you! 😉

  280. hi sa lahat…

    ask ko lng ok lng po ba kumuha or apply ng visa ngyon sa korea if ang intended alis ay mga november pa??or dapat ba if ever meron ka na visa ilalakad mo na cya or meron ring expiration un??

    thanks po

    1. Tourist visas are valid for 90 days ergo it’s still early for you to lodge your visa application now if you intend to travel pa on November 🙂

  281. madam….ako naman magtatanong…gagraduate nako sa wakas this march 21…plano ko bumisita ng korea 3 weeks after…im planning to apply for a korean visa within that 3 weeks…upon reading your entry…naisip ko na baka pwedeng ipresent ko rin yung application documents ko for the board exam…to prove na talagang babalik pa ako ng pilipinas..pwede kaya yun?

    pupunta lang ako ng korea for vacation..apparently, im unemployed, so ano kaya dapat ko gawin? kelangan pa ba ng guardian? or bank account nung tutustos sakin papunta dun? nanay ko kasi gagasto.. ^^

    i’ve had 2 visas na rin in ireland and dubai, would this even help me guarantee for a visa? as for a notarized letter, i can ask my friend for it. i’m thinking na ang pinakaimportante ata rito eh ang savings at saka ilang documents to prove na babalik pa talaga ako sa yung requirements ko lang for board exam ang naisip kong ipresent hehe…

    hoping to get a response from you soon ^^ salamat
    .-= sendzki´s last blog ..lady gaga medley =-.

  282. Hello! Ask ko lang ano po ba pwede ilagay dun sa reason to travel? may nabasa ako dito na okay lang daw ilagay kun manunuod ng concert or kdrama shooting? Is it true? Kasi ang purpose ko for going to sk is manunuod ako ng concert kasi magllaunch ng new cd ang kpop group na gusto ko. Plus magttour na rin ako and sightseeing and shopping. But my problem is im a fresh grad which means i have no itr and coe. May savings account naman ako. But can i use my mom’s itr and coe kahit d nako student? Hati naman kasi kame sa gastusin. Hope to get a response from you. Thank you.

  283. hello po! gusto ko din po snang mag ask kung pwede po ba kme mag apply ng visa since undergrad plng kme.. 2nd year college plng… me and my bstfriend is planning to celebrate our 18th birthday @ korea.. pra maiba nmn po sna ung celebration 🙂 ung parents po namin ung gagastos.. anu po massuggest niyo na pwede nming gawin for application of visa?? thanks po 🙂

  284. hello ms betchay, gandang araw po sau, mag ask lng po me if pano ko po ba iinvite ang parents ko dito sa korea, di ko po kasi mkta ang requirements sa website ng korean embassy e, at saka possible po ba na mainvite ko ang mga pnsan ko dito?
    thanks a lot sa time mo. God bless you po. 🙂

    1. hi eyna! are you a korean national? it really depends on your status. mas madali mag-invite ng magulang kesa pinsan pero hindi naman imposible.

  285. Hi,

    can i ask anyone here if S. Korea is allowing BS Information Technology Or BS Computer Science graduate to be allowed of a VISA as an employee to their company?

    for example, a company in S. Korea (specific’ly inside the US bases), wants to hire me, a BS IT or BS CS as a worker, is it possible for me to acquire a working visa?
    Thank you. regards to all

    1. Hi Barz! The company should be the one to apply for your visa. There are lots of Filipinos working in the bases. I know some working at the US Engineering Division (or something – sorry I’m not sure about the name) in Dongdaemun. I often see them whenever I visit my bank.

  286. hi betsay ask ko po naka apply ako visa pero na deny nman di ko alam kung bkit complete naman ang document at legal lahat at may invitation pa ako di ko alam kung bkit ako na deny tanong ko lang pwede ba uli ireconsideration ang visa ko kung kakausapin ng nag invite sa akin yun korean embassy may nangyayari bang ganoon? salamat

  287. hi ms. betchay, thanks a lot for responding so fast, by the way ung aswa ko po ang korean international, 1 year plang po ako dito e, di ko po ksi alam what should be the rquiremnts for my parents visa.
    and one thing more po pala, ask ko po pwede ko po ba ask sa inyo what will be the rquirements for my niece and nephew na gsto ko iinvite na mamasyal here sa korea? thanks po tlga, I really appreciated your response. God bless you po always!

  288. hi, just to share my experience in applying for a korean tourist visa, i applied through an agency and i didn’t have my itr yet because i am newly hired last august. but i submitted the complete documents of my mom and she is now retired but they granted both of our visa applications. 🙂 i suggest applying through a travel agency. a reputable one at that. 😉 we’ll be in korea on march 10. can someone be our tour guide? hehehe 🙂 pls? any nice place you can suggest where we could stay at an affordable price? thanks in advance

    1. Hi!

      I just would like to ask if you submitted an invitation letter? Ang reason lang bang inindicate mo sa application form ay for Tourist?

      Thank you very much. Hoping for your response

    2. hi shane! What requirements did you pass? I’m planning din kc to go there bi=ut i dont have work so i dont have ITR and all.. But my husband is working hter in Korea..

  289. Hi shane,

    ask ko lang kung ilang days or validity ang visa na binigay ng embassy sa inyo ng mom mo? Just wondering lang po kapag thru travel agency ka nag apply, kung the same then. tnx.

  290. Hi good day, I’m seeking help here regarding korean visa application. This is my status: Im a 4th year college student currently enrolled in a tri sem university. Me and my friends will be going to korea in april together with their parents. we bought tickets already and we already booked a hotel to stay there. All expense will be paid by my guardian, who is a good friend of my dad. Since my dad passed away, my guardian serves as my parent (as a second mother) already. But then we have no legal papers. She has all the documents needed but our surname is not the same. Though she has already have an affidavit of support and consent for me. i have travelled to asian countries before though countries that doesn’t require visa. the travel period is under my enrollment period as well so i really need to go back here in the philippines. We only set the date during the holiday that all of us will be free. so it’ll be just a long weekend off. Can someone kindly help me with this? what other documents should i prepare to apply for the visa? Do i still need to pass a copy of our tickets? Your answers will be very much appreciated

    1. I suggest you go there personally lalo na if you’re a first time applicant. Sayang lang yung babayaran mo sa agency e libre naman ang visa. My two cents.

          1. thanks for ur reply.. how many days ka permitted to stay in korea? does that depends on the desired length of stay sa application form? thanks

  291. hi! i am planning to go Korea but i am really afraid that i might be denied in the embassy. i already had a visa when we went to different states of US… i am really excited to go Korea but still uncertain of what will be my future in going there

  292. hello! mag bday kasi friend ko this march eh gusto ko sanang i suprise siya by giving him a gift may alam ba kayong website or how to send? Thanks

  293. my reason was just for tour… we applied through a travel agency named pan pacific, i think they are located in manila… i happen to have a friend who has a cousin working for that travel agency 😉

  294. thanks ms. Betchay!!,

    I have another inquiry..

    do you happen to know a web link /web posting or news stating or saying that S. Korea is giving work-visa for pinoy IT professionals like me? coz as of i know, they only issue working visa to those that they don’t have.. like a 3d workers, English teachers, Engineers, and so.

    thank you again

  295. Miss Betchay,
    Hello po, i just want to ask po if malaki ang chance po namin ng parents ko mbgyan ni visa? Ang father ko po ay nagka visa na din ng US visa at nagpunta na din sa ibang bansa, like japan etc po. i asked my father po kasi na mamasyal po sa korea with my mom. pero si mama po, wla din pong visa pa, same po kami na wala pang experience sa pag iibang bansa. gsto lang po namin mamasyal ng buong family. Salamat po Miss Betchay. 🙂

  296. Hello Ms.Betchay!
    Nabigyan po ako ako ng C-3 visa last Nov. 16, 2009.I went there last Dec.01, 2009 then i extended for 2 months.Umuwi ako dito sa Pinas last Feb. 09, 2010.Employed po ako nung nag-apply ako ng visa.
    I just wanna ask, me and my husband want to visit Korea this May.My chance po ba akong makakuha uli ng visa , hindi na po ako employed pero as businesswoman yong requirements na isubmit ko.
    Possible po ba na makakuha kami ng husband ko.He had Japan and Taiwan visa and he`s working dito sa Pinas as Japanese Interpreter.This time i dont want to have invitation letter.
    Possible po ba? Thanks Ms.Betchay and More Power!!!

  297. hello miss betchay!
    just wanna extend my sincerest thanks to you. I’ve been reading your blogs since mid last year. It’s truly informative.

    I got a lot of infos from your site especially on getting a tourist visa to korea. Just few hours back, i got my passport back with a visa stamped on it. Just had mine processed by an agency since i’m from cebu. Thanks much for all the infos and to all the people who shared their experiences (esp to “aneng”- for replying my email).

    Thanks again miss Betchay!

  298. Hello Nikki!
    Congrats! Enjoy your stay in Korea…Could you please give me the agency`s name,address and contact number.Last time kasi nong nag apply ako I went to Manila personally.So this time I wanna try through agency dahil taga cebu din ako.
    Thanks..I`ll wait for your reply..Goodluck!

      1. Hello Nik!
        Thanks for the info.Wish you iready mo na rin other things mo like company ID and LOA as what you have declared in your application together with the photocopy of your requirements dahil baka hanapan ka sa immigration.Bring also dollar and won coin with you..para cgurado pag tanungin ka sa immigration.
        GoodLuck sa iyo..Enjoy mo pag stay mo dun..

  299. Hellow miss betchay!

    i just want to ask kung pano po mkakuha ng student tourist VISA going to koREA for almost 20 days gus2 po xe aq ipakilala ng bf q s parents nia kea aq pupunta ng KOREA … korean po xa…blak po namen punta dis march 25, 2010…kung aabot p po b aq kung naun q lang aasiksuhin? thanks alot

    wait ur reply

    1. hi joyce! what do you mean by student tourist visa? if you’re a student and you want to get a tourist visa, then you’ll need additional documents from your school like your registration papers and TOR… or do you mean you want to get a student visa to Korea?

  300. Ms. Bechay ,
    I just want to ask an advise .Nandito na ako sa korea holding a tourist visa .I have a korean Boyfriend four years na kami .After he introduced me to his parents ayaw na ako pauwiin ng nanay nya magpakasal na daw kami .posible po ba na magpakasal kami dito ?if yes ano po ba ang mga papers na kailangan..
    please help me ..

    1. Hi Crissy! You need to go to the Philippine Embassy and get a “Certification of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage”. These are the documents that you’ll need:

      – CENOMAR (NSO copy)
      – birth certificate (NSO copy)
      – valid passport (with valid visa)
      – if you’re 18-20 years old, a notarized Parental Consent for Marriage from your parents
      – if you’re 21-25, a notarized Parental Advice from your parents
      – affidavit of singleness from your parents

      Your birth certificate and the certification to contract marriage should be translated to Korean. Ask your boyfriend about the other requirements from the local city hall.

      1. ms betchay ung Parental Advice from parents at affidavit of singleness eh gawa lang mismo ng parents ko or kukunin sa munispyo then ipapanotarize?

  301. Hi Ms. Betchay, just want to ask if i am allowed to get a visit tour to southkorea coz my fiance asked me to visit him on his birthday this coming march 31…its my 1st time to visit southkorea so i don’t know what to do..he is a us army, and we’re getting married this year…need your help..

    1. hi Ian! you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa… just check the requirements above and bring them to the embassy…

  302. Hi Ms. Betchay,

    Is it possible to apply as a group in the Korean Embassy? 6 of us will be applying personally this May, in time for our June trip.

    Individual evaluation pa rin naman yun kahit sabay sabay ipasa ang documents, diba? I’m hoping all of us would be granted visas. We’ve all been outside of the country and most of us are full time employees and grad students.

  303. Hi Ms. Betchay,

    its me again JOYCE ask aq lng po ul8 if need paren po namen ng VISA kh8 20days lang po kame mag iistay sa korea? tska po kung tot0o bng may interview p pag kumuha ng visa kh8 20days nga lng po kame mag iistay dun? and sbi po ng friends q need din dw po ng savings account? kh8 200,000? tska kailang p din po b namen ng invitaion kh8 ksama namen papunta s korea ung may ari ng house?

    un lng po thanks ang marami
    await ur reply
    take care

      1. Ms. Betchay let me help you understand what she is trying to say.

        -its me again JOYCE ask aq lng po ULIT if need paren po namen ng VISA KAHIT 20 days lang po kame mag iistay sa korea? tska po kung tot0o bng may interview p pag kumuha ng visa KAHIT 20 days nga lng po kame mag iistay dun? and sbi po ng friends KO need din dw po ng savings account? KAHIT 200,000? tska kailang p din po b namen ng invitaion KAHIT ksama namen papunta s korea ung may ari ng house?-

  304. Hi! Ms. Betchay,
    I’ve been reading your blog about living in Korea, when I came acroos this post.
    I just wanna ask if meron kang kakilala na nakapaginvite ng family members nila not using a tourist visa. Yung brother in law ko kasi ay may malaking poultry, so he suggested na iinvite ung mga brothers ko to help him. So hindi ko alam if ano bang klaseng visa ang aaplyan nila. Kung sa EPS ba sila dadaan sure na dito sa amin sila mkkpagtrabaho? Kung visiting visa naman applyan nila, masyadong naguguluhan ako..
    More than 4 years na ako dito, and a Korean citizen, while ung mother ko is staying with us, and more than 3 years na rin sya sa amin. So balak ko naman ung iba kong kapatid iinvite…
    Thanks po in advance and more power!!!

  305. Dear Ms. Betchay,

    I come across this site, because I’m researching regarding my visa application. Yesterday, I received my VISA for Korea C3.
    So suprising co’z I just declared 10 days but they gave me 59 days. I don’t have ITR,bank account, nor credit card even monthly salary declaration/proof, no business at all. I declared freelancer status. And yet, I was approved. Therefore, money doesn’t matter. But, most of all prayers is the most powerful requirement. kkkkkkkkkk


    1. Hello Gie,
      Congrats! Swerte mo naman.Just want to ask how about the address ano nilagay mo at reason mo to go there?Pleasure or visit? So meaning wala kang requirements idineclare?Pano yon tinanggap lang nang embassy without any supporting docs?? Thanks and GOOd luck.

      1. hahahaha yes Ms. Eva.
        Kailangan lang marunong kang sumagot , patunayan at magpaliwanag bakit wala. Intimidating ang manner ng questioning ng consul. Matapang. As a matter of fact, it is useless for anybody to greet window 3…”Good morning”, like what other applicants are doing. I observed, “deadma”,they will not look at you in the eyes or face except when they are already interviewing you. And when they look at you in the eyes and asking you it is truly sharp seems like saying, “wanna fight”?
        And be tough in answering because her manner of questioning were really scary.
        Therefore, I proved that money whatever amount even you don’t have any centavo declared or ITR, or proof of salary, freelancer,… doesn’t really matter to them.
        What matters most is you prove to them your sincerity and you don’t have any intention of staying there.

        And lots of prayers, hahahaha

        1. Hi Gie! I’m just wondering what kind of visa you applied for. Usually, the consul doesn’t conduct interviews unless you’re coming here as a foreign wife. I know that not only from my experience, but others as well. Just asking. I think your info might be useful to the others who’d like to visit Korea too 🙂


            C 3 – 59 D –
            2010/03/09 2010/06/09 PH

            I am single and never been married. That is why, I am so suprised because before I went there to apply, I conducted alots of research and including this sites. I didn’t expect and totally opposite of what I’d read. And in deed I was interviewed with strictness and somewhat intimidating manner. So, if mahina tuhod mo bibigay ka. I will never forget that Korean. And I understand her, perhaps that is how they were trained.

            Another thing, expect several questions and kung ano lang ang tanong siyang sagot. Or else she will bluntly say to you…” Miss, Miss, you’re not aswering my question!” ( with hands topping on her table and eyes staring at you, so taray…yike!!!)

            But, God gave me strength and mouth to answer all the questions smartly. So, all prases and glory to HIM!!!

      2. Requirements:
        Of course, meron like passport and with xerox, I.D. xerox, itinerary ng mga pupuntahan kong lugar, application form with passport size picture, invitation from a korean ( notarized with the invitors xerox passport) All requirements they are asking I gave it to them except ..I don’t have bank account cert. credit card, ITR or proof of money.
        And ….

          1. ms gie, ang swerte mo naman! Ako din i’m hoping na i can get a tourist visa. My husband is working Korea and his employer is inviting me over. But we’re the same, I don’t have work. Please, please tell me what are the requirements coz i don’t have ITR, etc. Thanks!

          2. I regret to say that you are not allowed to visit your Filipino husband working abroad. I have all copies of requirements for visa for different applicants and none in the category of your status.

          3. So, what’s the best thing for me to do Ms Gie? His employer kc is inviting me over for a tour and he will pay for all the expenses. How about the time when you appllied, whats your purpose? Can i still get a korean tourist visa even I’m not employes just like you? Kc I’ve read your comment here and parang we’re on the same status. Pls help Ms Gie! Pls email me at Thanks!

  306. hi. i would like to ask kung yung certification of enrollment (since im a student na magaapply for c-3 visa) kanino naka address?? yung sch ko po kasi nilagay nila “bureau of immigration”. ok na po ba yun or kelangan may specific na kung kanino naka address? thank you po!

    1. Hhmmm… It’s a certificate so walang inside address. Mine read something like: CERTIFICATION / This is to certify that blah blah is blah blah… signed by the head of registrar’s office with dry seal.

  307. Mam,magtatanong po uli ako pasensya na po sa abala.
    mam isa po sa requirements ng nanay at pamangkin ko ay yung ITR,kaya lng mam wala po kaming makukuhang ITR kc hindi pa nmn po nakakapagtrabaho ang pamangkin ko ano pong pwedeng ipalit na document kung wla pong ITR?
    pra po mam pagbalik uli nila sa embassy dala na po nila yung iba pang mga posibleng kakailanganin kc po province pa po sila magmumula.
    slamat po ng marami!

    more power po!
    .-= jane´s last blog ..ê³° 세마리 =-.

  308. Hi Ms. Betchay,

    Phoebe here again. Just want to ask, pano po yun kung typewritten yung application form? so pagpunta ko dun s embassy, kuha muna ako form then uwi para itype infos? di po b pwede n handwritten, ung tipong fill-up lang pagdating ko dun s embassy?

    Also, ano po b mas ok, may invitation letter o wala? iniisip kasi ng husband ko hingi sia ng invitation letter from his korean supervisor. bka kasi di ako maapprove dahil dun coz I’m not related naman s korean n ng-invite? what do u think po? should i present or not? anyway, may ITR nmn ako, bank cert, and cert of employment..thanks in advance for your advice.

  309. maam,good day ask ko lng po my sister in law sa korea kasama ang husband nya americano.dun kc ang work ng husband nya.gusto ako mag tourist ng sister in law ko sa korea,pero dito ako sa jeddah nag wowork anu po ba ang mga kkailanganin ko para maka pag tourist korean embassy ba rito sa jeddah.maraming salamat po

  310. Hi Ms. Betchay!
    I have been reading this site since August 2008. It was then when I first applied for a C-3 visa to Korea. Luckily, I got my third one just last March 5. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing important infos. More power!

    Hi Phoebe!
    The application need not be typewritten. Prepare all the requirements and get to the Embassy before 7am. You will be given the application form there and you can fill it up there while u wait for your turn.

    1. @cecille thanks very much for your reply regarding kung pwede n handwritten yung application form…as for my other question, ung s invitation letter, ano kaya mas ok, magsubmit or not? baka kasi madeny pa ako ng dahil friends and I are also going to singapore and malaysia on, I was thinking, baka mas ok n wala n lng n invitation letter since makikita s passport n parang nagto-tour nga lang ako s asia..thanks in advance for the reply on this follow-up question. 😀

  311. You’re welcome Phoebe! I honestly do not know much about the invitation letter and its bearing on the application. It is for a fact an optional requirement. I didn’t submit one in any of my applications and was given the visa on all occasions.

    1. Just curious Cecille, for the third time ba during your visa application, did you undergo an interview or they just gave the visa to you? Also, what was your purpose for visit? Thanks and hoping for your response 🙂

  312. hello po.
    ask lng po ako kng meron bang required na amount of money ung sa bank certificate. na invite lng po kasi ako ng friend kong korean for tour. so mag aapply po ako ng tourist visa. ano po bang mga requirements na kailangan talaga? yung visa requirements po for employee as written above ung dpat kong icomplete? plus yung invitation letter ng friend ko? thank you po.

    1. hi charles! walang minimum required amount… hindi lang naman kasi yun ang basehan sa pagbigay nila ng visa… importante rin yung ibang documents

  313. Kelangan ba ng NBI? kelan papasok ang clearance from NBI? kasi my boyfriend is inviting me to visit his family kaya lang di ko alam ang process… never been out of the country before…

  314. ms. ask ko lng kung pwede ako mag apply ng student visa ..,??i want to continue my studies in korea .. ill wait for your reply. ..thanks

  315. hi! i really really want to go to korea as a tourist how can i get a visa and how much money do i have to show them dont have my bank account yet dont have work but my sisters provide me money.. my parents dont have work too coz there too old to work… i wanted to visit korean for at least 5 to 7 day only…. only for a vacation….

  316. how long is the certificate of enrollment valid? mine was issued last march 13,2010 and we’re planning of applying on april since i won’t be in manila earlier. will it still be valid?

    1. unless trimester ang uni mo or you’re enrolled ng summer. but in any case, the certificate of enrollment should cover yung semester na aalis ka ng bansa. this is my own logic on the issue ah? you’re submitting one kasi diba to say na I’m coming back to the Philippine ’cause I’m still studying. But try mo na rin submit yan.

  317. Hello Betchay:

    I already bought a ticket MANILA-INCHEON(round trip). I would like to share the price between the two airlines though, I can’t disclosed the company. Might think I am promoting without pay. kkkkk

    First company that I reserved/inquire: P38,225 ( 1USD=45.95/ required to bring passport/visa ( with meal)

    2nd – I reserved in a travel agency in our province ( 45 mins from MNL): P18,755 ( subject to change) (excluded terminal fee) ( without meal and non refundable)

    The one I avail is…3rd – P17,705 + P100 seat choice ( including tax ) excluded terminal fee of P700+plus. ( without meal and non refundable)
    I choose to avail the third company which direct to the ticketing office of the airline itself.

    I found out too ,that buying ticket ON LINE is cheaper though you need credit card and you should bring it with you.

    Even though I already have ticket and visa… I was told by the airline that I might be hold from bording if the immigration said so because of some reasons and their airline can’t control nor have the liability. Having a round trip nor visa can’t truly guarantee your bording yet! huhuhuhu

    I’m still nervous! So, I will not stop praying hard. kkkkkkkk