What’s wrong with pink?

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see a guy wearing a pink shirt? Do you think he’s gay or that he’s comfortable with his sexuality? In the western world (or countries that think they’re western), pink connotes femininity so we usually think that a guy who wears pink is gay.

When my husband and I first lived together, I went through his wardrobe. Most of his 와이샤쓰 (wai-syaseu – dress shirts) are blue but I saw one that is pink. I asked him who bought it and he said his younger sister did. It was in fashion for some time here. I told him not to wear it again. He asked why not and I just said it’s because men don’t wear pink. And he replied “what’s wrong with pink?”


Where I grew up, blue means manly while pink is feminine. I prefer blue over pink and I have a lot of blue shirts myself, does it mean I’m manly? Hehehe… There are no gay men here, I was told. So I asked what aboutHarisu? She’s a transgender and was legally allowed to change her sex. After some time, I thought it’s because they don’t have the same concept of gayness like we have. But then, I’m not a psychologist/sociologist/anyother-ist.


When my sister came here for a visit, she was shocked to see two young policemen holding hands, patting each other’s back and resting their arms on each other’s shoulders. She screamed “gay”. No, we’re not homophobics. One of our nephews is gay and we love him dearly. And I have several gay friends. I was reminded of that time when it was okay to hold hands with the same sex and it was OK. When I was in school, I would hold hands with my girl friends not even for a second thinking it’s gay.

Korean men wear pink tees (and floral shirts) and are vain. They often carry their gf’s handbags/purses too. They sometimes sit with their legs crossed. To some people, either they’re gay or they don’t have the same hang-ups as other men do about their sexuality.


Seeing pictures of Daniel Henney or Hyun Bin wearing pink shirts, or of Jang Dong Gun in his floral get-up doesn’t bother me anymore. I’ve gotten used to it. I don’t think “gay” anymore. It’s just the way they are (vain!). My husband doesn’t wear his pink shirt anymore. It’s really old now and he’s not planning on buying anything pink. We both like blue. However, he still carries my purse (specially when I have to carry my son!) and really, I don’t mind it.


  1. Growing up in the US it’s really odd to see men wearing pink. A few years ago it was a trend, but I mostly saw high school boys wore the color hahah. It’s a total culture shock for me to see men holding hands or having their arms around each other. It’s just not seen here. And yeah when I first saw it when I first visited the Philippines I thought they were gay, but now i know it’s just how they are and it’s not neccessarily gay…live and learn hahah…another great blog :o) sorry for the long comment

  2. PINK is one of my favorite colors. When I first began watching K-dramas, my friend and I were discussing how the actors looked great and can pull off wearing colors such as pink and lime green. I think they still look handsome and sexy (^o^). On one of my trips to the Philippines when I was in a senior in highschool (waaaay back when), I recall my cousin grabbing my hand to hold it as we strolled. I thought, “OMG! They are going to think we’re together!” That was not the norm back in Hawaii. I crack up when I think about that. Thanks for another interesting blog…I enjoy reading them. Have a great day.

  3. ~*LoL…I loved this post. Yeah, when I first saw a man wearing a pink shirt and two men holding hands, while studying abroad, my first thought was “…they must be really secure with their sexuality” 😛 *~

  4. Haha, tell your husband it is ok if he bought the pink shirt. 😉

    I don’t like pink, nor do I like neon colors on guys. Natural, calm colors work best, IMO

  5. @AzureWolf >> my husband is a penny pincher… he won’t really buy anything for himself unless i prod him over and over again!

    @Orchid >> it’s not just a color to westerners (and countries pretending to be western)…

    @Maricel >> i wouldn’t have thought that holding hands by the same sex is gay until a transferee (from Queens, NY) to our school influenced us

    @Gracie >> metrosexual… there are still some k actors that i can’t stand!

    @Jennifer >> some people just don’t think it’s really gay… i mean, russian men kiss…

  6. i cant believe….there’s a man existing in this universe like hyun bin..grabe ang gwapo nya tlga!!!!!!! kumbaga sa girl dyosa sya haiiii, mas higit pa sya sa hearthrob..how i wish i could be with him..forever and ever,..i love u hyun bin..mwuaaahhh…

  7. pink is very odd for boys but it is because it is not in vogue. when it comes in , in vogue then there will be no shame in wearing pink for boys

  8. pink is one of my favourite colour and think so in shirts boys look cool & handsome. ithink its fine for men to wear pink shirts.

  9. hahah~ cute post!
    i recalled, I asked my boyfriend to buy pink shirt because he looks good on it.
    and oh~it was very cheap!!!
    we bought it together~
    and I could still see him wearing that until now~ ^^

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