Coffee and skin cancer

I’m drinking coffee while typing this. I drink about seven cups of black coffee a day. Coffee vending machines are ubiquitous in South Korea. Most restaurants here give complimentary coffee to customers. My husband has been criticizing my coffee drinking habit. However, I’ve been drinking this beverage (black please) since I was 9 years old! I had to look for something on the net on the benefits of coffee to defend my habit. Voila! Coffee is good for you.

I’ve heard some the anti-oxidant properties of coffee before but I never thought that studies have been made suggesting that coffee can fight skin cancer. If that is so, why not put it in skin lotions or even better, tanning lotions and sunscreen? One company did just that. The brand is called Summer Solstice and they have a coffee based tanning lotion. They said that coffee has natural effects for anti-aging. I think it is better alternative to staying under the sun for hours. However, if you can’t avoid the sun then it’s best to use a sunscreen with a high SPF. I’m sounding like a doctor here but I always use sunscreen even in the winter πŸ™‚

Summer is just around the corner…


  1. ~*LoL…I loved this post. Yeah, when I first saw a man wearing a pink shirt and two men holding hands, while studying abroad, my first thought was “…they must be really secure with their sexuality” :P*~

  2. thanks for this info ate betchay… i actually have an overly sensitive skin.. so i had the chance to see different dermatologists but all to no avail.. my uncles from the US sent me sets of ProActive and Murad but then again, no effects… i guess i just have to live taking antihistamine everyday…

    then i got hold of this skin care brand iWhite Korea having coffee grains for a facial scrub.. i tried using the whole trial set and my skin had good reactions with it.. but now i stick to VOV skin care line, i sometimes use Deoproce which i buy from a korean beauty shop here in baguio.. it turns out my skin reacts very well with Asian skin care products…

    now i can fully switch to iWhite’s (coffee) facial scrub…

  3. @jehan >> i’ll have to check that brand… i haven’t really tried a lot of korean brands… the ones i use are usually gifts πŸ™‚

  4. Guess I should have been drinking more coffee, maybe I could have avoided getting basal cell carcinoma three times on my nose. This last time they cut off half my nose and rebuilt it using a cosmetic surgery procedure where they take a flap of skin from the forehead and attach to to area that was removed. It produced good results with not much scaring.

    You can see pictures of my experience with basal cell on my site at:
    Not all the picture are pleasant but the whole procedure was fairly remarkable. I’ll have to add something about drinking more coffee, that’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Do you think that it is an enough reason to drink that amount of coffee? You should reconsider it and should find some more reason or some reason to get rid of this habit.

  6. Have you never tried drinking tea instead. That is full of antioxidants and so on and can still have as much or as little caffeine as you want (depending on the type)

    Remember that caffeine is a drug and worse than that coffee stains your teeth too. It can’t be healthy drinking that much!

  7. I am a huge coffee drinker and I have always wondered about any negative affects it has in my body. I am glad to hear that it actually helps fight skin cancer, but like you I wear sun screen year round!

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