You’ve got mail!

Snail mail, that is! I finally sent the bookmarks promised almost two months ago. They were rotting in my drawer and I really had to send them out. It took me a long time because I’m just a very “good” procrastinator. Truly A1!

I just sent them this afternoon. It might take a week or two before you can receive it, depending on where you’re located. The bookmarks were given to me so I only paid for the post, which is not that much. It’s a simple token appreciation.


  1. I have mixed feelings about that, haha. At first, I was disappointed since I figured I was not one of the first eight to e-mail you. Now I will be hoping again that I get one! lol

    You really know how to put people through a rollercoaster. =P I have been reading a lot lately and what better incentive to start Anna Kurenina than a fancy new bookmark?

  2. ..i reaLLy admire u 4 your achievements..probably because of the fact that it’s my lifelong dream to be successful in my endeavors and live in Korea a student,, you’ve become my inspiration to pursue my seemingly impossible dream..thanks 4 that!..Ãœ

  3. @AzureWolf >> i would have sent you one anyway 🙂

    @jez >>about me, i’m not really sure… hehehe… anyway, korea is really not a very foreign-friendly place… but i’d rather be here than anywhere else 🙂

  4. thank you, ate betchay! 😀

    azurewolf, anna karenina is really wonderful. when i read that, i made my own bookmark for it. i should reread it one of these days. happy reading!

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