Jang Dong Gun’s pad

I was deleting some files in my computer when I saw these photos of a house’s interior. They are of Jang Dong Gun’s bachelor’s pad when it was featured in a famous magazine last year. I don’t remember exactly the website where I got them. Anyway, JDG lives in the same building as Song Hye Gyo. Based on last year’s prices, a unit in their building costs about 3.2 million USD. How I wish I could be their neighbor… I’ll probably stalk them. 🙂


  1. Haha, I second that stalking idea! I love luxury condos, and I wish I had the money for them…

    Do condos work the same as other Korean apartments? Where you get the money back at the end of the year? hehe…

  2. I like the flat. Very minimalist and elegant. A man as industrious as he is, deserve the best. Regards to JDG. Happy Birthday as well. Take care. God bless us.

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