Time to bring out the hanbok!

It’s the lunar new year holiday once again and I’ve been busy cleaning the house! Tonight, we’re going to my first brother-in-law’s house and stay there for at least three days for the holidays. They say that the holiday is only for the men, children and the seniors as the women in the family will have to work really hard. I’m glad that my husband is the third son in his family 😉

It’s time to bring out the hanbok again. Hanbok (“Han” for Korean and “bok” for clothes) is the traditional Korean attire. There are different kinds of hanbok for different occassions. There are readily available hanboks in department stores, but people still prefer the custom made ones. My hanbok is my most expensive piece of clothing (but not as much to afford me a Wilmington NC real estate) and yet I only wear it once a year, during “seol-lal” or the lunar new year holiday. Last year, I wore my hanbok twice. Once for seollal and then for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday. I would’ve worn it for a third time if we had the traditional “dol” or 1st birthday for my son but we didn’t.

The hanbok may not be as exquisite (and as difficult to wear) as the Japanese kimono but I always feel like a princess everytime I wear it. However, it’s really difficult to work while wearing it. I’m also okay that I don’t have to wear it a lot since the dry cleaning is soooo expensive!

We purchased my hanbok as a complete set, with two underwears, an overcoat for winter, accessories and a pair of shoes that I lost. I really have to take care of it well, as I know I’ll never be able to buy another!


  1. Haha, my friend said the same thing about women and the Lunar New Year, and for the same reason. But like you, she looks forward to it.

    Happy New Year!

  2. oh, so pretty. the kids are adorable. 😀 didn’t know the hanbok can be much work (to take care of)

    happy new year! more power to you, your family and your blog.

  3. how much does a hanbok cost?

    we chinese are kinda similar in that there is a lot of baggage that comes with being a son, especially the firstborn. but things arent that extreme anymore in the philippines. hehe

    oh yeah, you have mail 🙂

  4. betchay… have a Happy New year! I know its a big deal there in Korea. Lots of food and celebration, how i envy you. 🙂
    anyways, all the best of health and happiness to you and your family. by the way, your kids really cute in their Hanbok!

  5. @Cio >> the price of a hanbok depends on the material used… to give u an idea, mine is between 500-1000 dollars 😉

    @ marian >> thanks, but they’re not my kids… hehehe… lots of food pero lots of hard work din… kaya nga, most korean women complain…

    @gail >> thanks… and TG it’s over

    @AzureWolf >> it only happens once a year, so might as well enjoy the beef

    @Ann Murray >> thanks so much! i owe you something… sorry for the delay 🙂

  6. hi.
    im wanna study in a korean cooking school. do u have any idea how much the cooking lessons for a month would cost me?

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