Hyun Bin toothpaste?


I received a gift set yesterday from my favorite bakery. The set included three 300-ml pouches of detergent, fabric conditioner, and dishwashing soap plus a box of two tubes of toothpaste. The toothpaste box has a picture of Hyun Bin!

I remember how I was so enamored with Hyun Bin in Snow Queen. He’s got a teasing bedimpled smile and his “rough” look suited him well, IMO. Ironically, he didn’t show his teeth in the toothpaste photograph. He should’ve smiled like the models in the Close-up tubes/boxes.

Anyway, the toothpaste is just so-so. Texture is good but it tastes ordinary, like the taste of toothpaste 20 years ago? Hehehe… I got the tubes for free, so I really shouldn’t complain. The tube could be a collector’s item.

He’s an endorser for SomangCos.


  1. Aww! That is really nice! Although I can’t help but be surprised by what a BAKERY store chose to give as gifts. O_o

    Interesting endorsement. I bet there will be buyers for such a thing later, hehe.

  2. really? wow. i want that toothpaste.what’s the name of the bakery? Paris Baguette?
    anyways cant wait to watch his new cf with han ye seul^^

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