Out in the cold!

Last night’s big news is about a day care center in Seoul located in the “foreigner” district of Itaewon. A female Caucasian took a picture of a naked kid freezing in the cold at the balcony of the day care center. She thought that it was child abuse and sought the help of Korean media. Apparently, the kid was being punished by his teacher. What a cruel punishment! Thankfully, the blonde foreigner was there to witness and expose this atrocity!

In the news, the teacher was seen bowing to the parents of the child. If it were my child, I would strip the teacher of her clothes and drag her outside in the freezing cold!

Thankfully, this is not the norm in Korea. However, I now feel less at ease thinking that I’ll have to leave my son in a day care soon when I start working.

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  1. Dang, that is crazy. But at least it is not as bad as those horrid babysitter recordings they had in the states. You know, where they found them hanging the babies upside-down to shut them up.

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