What to buy this February?

My first brother-in-law and his family visited us last night. He owns a jewelry store in Seoul’s version of New York City’s Diamond District. He told us that business is doing well as jewelry buyers abound this season. Why? Because of the month of February!

Next week, we will be celebrating the lunar new year. And what could be a better gift than fine estate jewelries? I, myself, would love to have a new watch. I make it a point to buy a new one every year. I’ll probably invest in selling watches (or why not rolex watches?) in the future. It’s almost a passion, after all.

Aside from the lunar new year, February is also when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. I bet there would be lots of diamond buyers as this is the most romantic month for men to propose. 😉 Hmm, come to think of it, my husband did propose in the month of February and he got a yes!