SM City Clark

I’ve been to a lot of malls both in the Philippines, Korea and the US, and yet the thought of going to SM (Shoemart) still excites me. Perhaps it’s those wonderful childhood memories when a few weeks before the school year starts, we would travel south for two hours to Cubao to buy books and school supplies at National Bookstore and school bags and shoes at SM Department Store.

SM City Clark opened in May 2006. My first time there was in April 2007, while on vacation. It isn’t as big as (e.g.) SM City Pampanga, but it is just a few hundred meters away from our residence and I’ve been going there by foot. There is a department store, hypermart, Watson’s, surplus shop and appliance center. Most of the stores are no different from the stores in other SM malls (e.g. National Bookstore, Cinderella, Bench, Penshoppe) but I like the selection of restaurants available in the mall. There is a Gerry’s Grill, Congogrille, Flavors of China, French Baker and of course, Jollibee and McDonald’s.

I was able to take a few pictures of the mall. I noticed that there is a “No Photography” logo at the entrance.


  1. ive been there once.
    yea it’s not as big as sm sn.fdo…
    but a lot of koreans go there!
    we even took pics of them.haha

  2. I hope you don’t mind, but I used 5 of your pictures in my blog. I did make sure to list where I got the pictures from. In fact I put a link to your site in there twice.
    If you have a problem with me using the pictures, please let me know and I will delete them.

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