Lee Myung Bak is South Korea’s new president!

Today was D-day, presidential election day in South Korea. The polls opened at six in the morning and closed at six in the evening. By nine o’clock in the evening, the president is known and not surprisingly the former Seoul City mayor has won the elections. Lee Myung Bak (also Lee Myeong Bak or 이명박) was Seoul City’s mayor who was responsible for the restoration of Cheonggyecheon (stream). He belongs to Hannara-dang (Grand National Party) and is a conservative. As of this moment (10:38PM), he is 20.4% ahead of his nearest competitor, Jeong Dong Yeong.

Lee Myung Bak will assume office on February 28 next year. He was a former Hyundai executive and people are counting on him to improve South Korea’s economy.

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