Bookmarks for free!

Want a souvenir from Korea? I have several bookmarks that I’d like to give away (it’s Christmas!). I have no use for them since I find it more convenient to fold the last page of the book I’m reading. I couldn’t post a picture since my husband, who’s on a business trip to India, has my camera. Anyway, they are similar to the ones posted on this page.

If you’d like to have one of the eight, just send your address to buhaykorea AT I have eight of them and I’d like to send them out before Friday (as I will be traveling to the Philippines this weekend).


  1. No “sa” in your e-mail addy? Boo, lol.

    This is a very kind gesture, btw. Lemme know if I can return the gesture by sending something to you from the US, hehe.

  2. hey sorry! delayed ang bookmarks. i was sick so i couldn’t go to the post office before i left korea. i’ll just send them when i go back home in 2 weeks!

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