tae kyeon battle

last saturday afternoon, my family went to insadong purposely to watch “tae kyeon battle“… “tae kyeon” is an ancient korean martial arts from which “tae kwon do” was derived (more info on “tae kyeon” from this site) … i first learned about this martial arts almost three years ago on my first visit to insadong… i was attracted by the music accompanying it and the graceful movements of the athletes… my hubby, who is a TKD black belter, told me about the sport… unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of info on the net (in english) on this particular martial art… the presentation started with a traditional korean drum music performance, followed by a demonstration of “pumsae” (a basic movements in tae kyeon)… then, a short skit showing how women can use tae kyeon to defend themselves… and lastly, the main program where two teams (red and blue) with five members “battle”… here are video clips (taken using a digicam) of some of the performances last saturday… if you ever find yourself in seoul, do visit insadong and watch tkbattle on saturdays until october 28 at 5PM… i’m sure you’ll enjoy it like i did…


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