100 days / Bek-il

if you watch korean dramas, you’d probably have noticed that couples celebrate “100 days” of dating… last september 1, my korean-filipino son celebrated his “bek-il” (or 100 days)… there’s a simple ceremony held on the morning of the baby’s 100 days… first, “miyeok guk” (seawood soup) and rice are served with a special rice cake called “bek-seol-gi” (white with beans)… the “miyeok guk” is a reminder of the mother’s sacrifice in childbirth and the rice cake is traditionally served in every korean occasion… a special thread is worn on the baby as a symbol of long life… the parents bow and pray to “sam shin halmoni” or the grandmother who takes care of children…

when korea was poor, a lot of the babies die before they even reach 100 days… so “bek-il” is a celebration of life, that the baby has survived the difficult first 100 days…

next year, we’ll be celebrating my son’s “dol” or 1st birthday… time really flies so swiftly

rice cakes, miyeok guk and rice as offering to samshin halmoni

the pink diaper was a gift from hubby’s colleague who didn’t know that there are two kinds of Huggies diapers 🙂


  1. I have come across this page by searching for information on Korean Babies 100 days. I live in australia, my korean sister in laws baby will be 100 days in a week or two and wants to celebrate. Could someone please tell me If I should buy a present for her little boy and what would be the correct thing to buy? ..your help would be appreciated melissaharris_2001@yahoo.com.au

  2. i’m glad to have found your page….gotten so much info from it, have always been curious about the importance of 100days celebration in Korea and about why seaweed soup were always served during birthdays, thanks so much for that info…..and more power!

  3. This is very helpful since Im married to a Korean and our baby will be turning 100 days this october. Thanks for sharing this info. 😉

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