beautiful reunion

one of my favorite filipino actors is sharon cuneta… and i grew up watching her movies and television shows… and of course, following her life… i was happy when she and the dashing gabby concepcion married and sympathized with her when they separated… and when her daughter KC Concepcion grew up to be a beautiful young lady and out in the public, i couldn’t resist to follow her career as well… she went to study in France a couple of years ago and recently decided to meet her father, whom she hadn’t met for so many years…

last august, she finally had a reunion with her still super handsome dad, gabby concepcion… and she shares with her fans and readers that beautiful event on her blog… it’s amazing how she grew up with no resentment towards her biological father… like she had said in one of her entries, it must be the way her mother brought her up… seeing their pictures together, one can’t help but be amaze at how beautiful they are… (hmm! ang guwapo talaga ni gabby!)


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