gomplayer part deux

gomplayer is a korean-made media player… imo, it’s the best there is… and the only media player one would ever need… gretech, the company responsible for this wonderful player, had updated gom a few months ago… and they also came up with an english website… so there is no need to download the player from their korean website…


also, i’ve been seeing a CF (commercial film) for gom TV… you can watch streaming movies from their media library and some of them are for free… but i think it’s only available for korean citizens since a korean ID number is necessary for registration…

if you’re not yet using gomplayer, visit their website and give it a try…


P.S. this is not an advertisement, i just love this media player and i’d like to share it with others… 😉


  1. ye, Gomplayer is pretty good but there is a better media player called Kmplayer

    you can download it from http://www.Kmplayer.com, It will seem a bit complicate at fist, but It’s got endless features which you can do anything related to media files.

  2. I live in Korea and learned about it here. took me a while before i found the English version but I swear by that program. best i’ve used.

    As for the free movies, only the ones that have 19 next to them require korean id’s. unfortunately those with 19 are usually the america ones.

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