the sexiest CF on korean tv?

this has got to be the sexiest CF on Korean tv now… Jeon Ji Hyun limbo dancing to Britney Spears’ “(I got that) Boom Boom”… it’s actually a commercial for “17 Cha”, a green tea drink… her previous CFs for the product were sexy as well… could it really be the green tea? oh well, if i could look half as good as her i might as well drink green tea everyday!


  1. what a weird commercial for green tea. 😀 I drink green tea myself, but there’s never a sexy korean lady involved, doing sexy poses. 😉

  2. Okay, pin naman ing Green Tea. Good for the vital organs and for the skin. But, its bad for the bones. Kaya easy on the tea. Pero, I suggest to blend your own tea. Thats what I do.

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