“gwang” is the korean word for king and “neung” is tomb… gwangneung is located in namyangju city in gyeonggido (province), a 30-minute drive from where we live in seoul (jongro district)… it is the location of King Sejo’s tomb, the 7th king of the Choseon dynasty, and his wife Queen Jeonghui…

we were supposed to go to the “national arboretum” near gwangneung but we didn’t know we had to make a reservation and it was closed during the weekends… so we just decided to go to the tombs… we weren’t disappointed and i think we spent our late afternoon well… we had a nice walk from the gate to the tombs and sat on green, green grass while watching other people enjoy their afternoons too… we had a breath of fresh air and we didn’t have to go far from polluted seoul!


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