korea’s most beautiful faces

who’s the korean with the most beautiful face? according to the nation’s top photographers, it is Kim Hye Soo… if you’re not familiar with her, that’s because she hasn’t been on television a lot… and as far as i know, she has not been on any drama shown in the philippines… but if you’ve been watching Arirang TV as early as six years ago, you might have caught her in a weekly dramedy (sorry i’ve forgotten the title but i used to watch this show) shown on that cable channel… as far as i can remember, she played a stewardess and an aunt to an jae wook and park chae rim (all about eve) in that show… following Kim Hye Soo on the list are Jeon Ji Hyun (My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, Il Mare), Lee Young Ae (Dae Jang Geum), Jeon Do Yeon (she’s the widow who Bae Yong Joon’s character seduced in Scandal), Lee Na Young (Please Teach Me English)…

Jang Dong Gun (as expected) possesses the most beautiful face among Korean men… Cha Seung Won (one of my favorites!), Jo In Sung (Nonstop, Memories in Bali), Hwang Jeong Min (Heavenly Soldiers) and Jeong Woo Sung (A Moment to Remember, Musa)…

the following is a complete list of korea’s most beautiful faces and links to their images…

image links: (women)
Kim Hye Soo
Jeon Ji Hyun
Lee Young Ae
Jeon Do Yeon
Lee Na Young
Jang Jin Yeong
Kim Hye Jeong
Bae Du Na
Um Jung Hwa
Kim Tae Hee
Mun Geun Yeong
Su Ae Ga
Im Soo Jung

Jang Dong Gun
Cha Seung Won
Jo In Sung
Hwang Jung Min
Jung Woo Sung
Ryu Seung Bum
Won Bin
Yu Ji Tae
Lee Byung Hun
Kang Dong Won
Lee Jung Jae
Lee Jun Gi


  1. I am surprised that Song Hye Kyo isn’t part of the list. But I’m happy about Im Soo Jung making it. I think she’s really cute, especially in her seasonal ads with Kim Rae Won.

  2. filipinos love koreanovelas…m one of those hooked! my all time faves are full house and goong! unfortunately for me, i watched goong with bad subtitles! i am so gaga over goong right now that i continuously watch the “kilig” scenes in my spare time! i can’t find much in the internet about my fave actors’ personal relationships! so i hope you find the time in replying to these! does rain have a girlfriend na and who is she? same for song hye kyo? joo ji hoon? yoon eun hye? gosh i just love joo ji hoon! yoon eun hye is cute too! any updates on what they have been doing, esp joo ji hoon! oh and about the job thing, i am interested in teaching english in korea! is it hard to find a job there from here? hope you can make kwento more about living in korea!

  3. oh yeah! hope you can create a blog about goong! love it so much. email me. i’m dying to hear answers about my questions! hope you find the time!

  4. Im happy to know that my choice is there and one day my dream is to go there, see her personally it was my biggest dream ever and i hope it will come true. So take care jeon ji-hyun always

  5. Yes, yes!! Finally.. Someone speaks about Kim Hye Soo–my first-ever favorite Korean actress. I remember tuning in to this Korean Series called “ONE OF A KIND” on Arirang channel (in 1997). She was in it and she used to be my favorite. It was because of this show that I started a liking for Korea, its language and its culture. I so love Korea!! And also Kim Hye Soo. Even though I don’t see her on TV anymore, she is still my favorite.

  6. marami namang mas magaganda sa korea na wala sa listahan… song hye gyo, go so yeong… siguro mas type nila yung mukhang koreana talaga…

  7. hello, iv tried sending my resume to the email ad that you’ve listed here bout the winter camp hiring for teachers. unfortunately, lagi syang nagba-bounce.

    is that ad still working?


  8. the series ur referring to where kim hye soo stars is “one of a kind”, it used to be shown on weekends, with reruns on tues n weds. that was my first taste of korean dramas. so i can say that even before hallyu got started, i was already hooked on korean dramas. kim hye soo is aging beautifully.

  9. They are all pretty but Song Hye kyo should be there because a lot of people are admiring her. Song hye kyo is really very pretty compared to them.

  10. nagpapaniwala nman kyo sa sinabe nung nagsulat nito ako sigurado sa mga napanood ko sa korea napatira ako ng 5 years sa korea tignan mo ginawa pa tayong ewan pinaliwanag pa yung arirang kasi yun lang yata ang source nya! yayayaya! no hard feeling dun sa nagsulat nito este! hurt na rin it’s just a comment. be reliable pls! on what u write in this site! okay its only a commnent i work on tv in korea as production as production manager and i know celibrity events in korea in five years so you only give us like this crap! thank u its just a comment!

  11. Why the most beautiful girl is not there? They are all pretty but song hye kyo is the prettiest. I love the way she smile especially her eyes. I love her so much.

  12. ^^ my husband said it was probably because Song Hye Gyo’s face is too western for the photographers’ taste… i don’t even agree with some of the celebs on that list

  13. Is this list a joke? Jang Dong Gun? What the hell?
    Where is Jae Joong or Yunho from DBSK?
    I’m not a big fan of Jae Joong but I can admit he’s the best looking Korean. Ever.

    Someone must have been drunk when making this list up.

  14. whaaaaat??? wheres Song hye kyo… Are you blind?? I think she deserves to be atleast be on the lists… gOsh… Many people admire he… You should consider that fact that she is the favorite of many..specially in the philippines.. we love her… A beautiful lady needs a beautiful personality and atittude and I think Son hye Kyo has that…hmp!!!hehe..

  15. my fevorite actress in korea ms lee hui hyang bcoz shes prety & smart all korean dramas my all fevorite most all stairway to heaven someday to meet here in person,

    1. sobra ka na… parang gusto ko na tuloy ibigay sa ‘yo yung poster ko ni Lee Min Ho na nakatambak lang kung saan kasama ng posters ni Bi, Lee Hyo Ri, BOF, at Super Junior

  16. Eugene lg pra skin…ano pa hahanapin nyo…maganda nah,matalino pa, at hgit xa lhat…ambassador pa ng Phil. Tourism..

  17. SONG HYE KYO is not pretty…she’s beautiful…beautiful is best than just pretty..you know…,well i can say all of us has different thinking…it depends on you if a person is not beautiful at all…..so you cannot blame someone…if you want, you can create your own most beautiful korean…its just simple….

  18. The Korean people are some of the most beautiful but the Western styles are bad. If they would have not converted to Christianity and Western fashion they would be far more beautiful. Christianity has stolen the beauty of the orient. It is all because the Hindus and bhuddists do not know their faith and switch to inferior new religion.

  19. hola y por que hyun bin no esta ahi no es justo hyun bin es uno de los rostros mas bellos de corea y de to do el mundo HYUN BIN te AMO yo JAQUI

  20. Lee Da Hae, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Nam Gil, Lee Min Ho and Yoon Eun Hye these are beautiful and handsome faces you don’t wanna miss…c’mon who ever made this list is blind…….don’t be to close minded…there are a lot who are not in the list…some of the people in the list are not even appealing and they look very old..

  21. I really love SONG HYE GYO, she’s very very beautiful and she’s also good in acting…..in korean drama in titled “endless love” and “full house” i really love her the most…

  22. these are my top 10:
    1. Lee Yo Won
    2. Kim Yoo Jin (UEE)
    3. Go Hyun Jung
    4. Shin Se Kyung
    5. Park Eun Bin
    6. Lee Min Jung
    7. Lee Yeon Hee
    8. Han Ji Hye
    9. Song Hye Kyo
    10. Park Ye Jin

    most of them are from queen seon deok..they are the most beautiful faces dat u would never missed…

  23. lee jun ki is beautiful among others.that’s true..his face so cute .his fighting is the best..i like iljimae,my girl,times between wolf and dog and others..i want him be the first but why you place him at the bottom..

  24. y goo hye sun isn’t part in that list..
    for me she is pretty..and as i know she is also talented..she has the cutiest smile and angelic face and voice..

  25. Pinka mgnda c kim tae hee.! dahil kht anung anggulo maganda prn cya…….
    eh c song hye kyo minsan panget……mas mgnda p nga c lee yo won eh……

  26. This is a 2006 article…no wonder the latest beauties like han ye jin and song hye kyo, won bin are not in the list.

  27. i’m not happy Ha Ji Won, Kim Sa Rang, Yoo In Na, Hyun Bin, and Lee Philipps did’nt mak it..huhu.. :'(

  28. how about choi jiwoo? she might not look beautiful on the first glance.. but she has that classic look that’s mesmerizing…

  29. hello ,
    bakit hindi top 1 c LEE MIN HO na cia nga ung pnaka gwapo …
    patay na patay akuh sa kanya pag na no2ud akuh sa knyang mga movie .. lalo na ung sa BOF at PERFECT MATCH , ang gwapo nia .. hndi na nga aku noon kumakain ..

  30. Ewan ko sa ranking niyo..ang kagandahan ng tao nasa paningin naman yan ng bawat tao..So I respect your RANKING, but I don’t agree..For Me, KOREAN ACTRESSES PRETTIEST…
    1.Lee Da Hae
    2.Song Hye Kyo
    3.Yoon Eun Hye
    4.Kim Tae Hee
    5.Choi Jung won
    6.Shin Min Ah
    7.Jung Ryeo Won
    8.Moon Geun Young
    9.Son Ye Jin
    10.Park Shin Hye

  31. Why is Song Hye Kyo not in that list???…. I expect Song Hye Kyo is the number 1, and she is not even there???… Why??? She’s the most beautiful in Korea, She’s Beautiful, Sexy, a good Actress, and other things that can we describe about him, Song Hye Kyo is the perfect person in Korea and for me here in the Philippines and especially a perfect Beauty or we should say “A Perfect Face” that is my opinion only…

    1. that’s right, I think Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life, how I wish I’ve got that face too

    1. Hi Wae! I love “Sandglass”, “Chuno”, “Damo” and of course “Autumn Tale”. They all have sad endings. The first three made me sad for days!

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