biyahe tayo

this video gave me goosebumps and just made me homesick… can’t wait to go home in december, see my beautiful country (an understatement!) and have pampanga’s sisig again!

from ruralf’s videos


  1. hi miss betchay!

    i was browsing pinoytopblogs and saw your site listed there. and now, i’m here posting a comment. hehe.

    i live in angeles city and i just got excited by the fact that you grew up here. makaintindi kayu pu bang kapampangan?

    so there. i hope you’re living a happy life in seoul with your husband and kids. mimingat kayu pu ken. 🙂

  2. hi miss betchay,

    i’ve e-mailed you at your gmail addy but i don’t know if it has reached you. anyway, i’ve got a very urgent message to get across to you and to other pinoy orgs there. it’s about a concert that i’m helping organize for the filipino community in seoul where part of the proceeds will go directly to a pinoy migrant group who’s willing to help us out in this. we’re almost done with negotiations to bring in ara mina and jimmy bondoc for a wonderful hour and a half of “unplugged” concert. a pinoy band based in daegu will serve as front act. i was wondering if, through your large network in the pinoy community there, you’d be able to help us out find the perfect org for us? i’m working with filipino prof. marlon aves diloy, of the yeungjin college in daegu, on this project. by the way, i’m the filipino journalist who sought your help before the apec busan summit last november. you referred me to prof. diloy and he has been my friend since.

    i hope you’d get back to me as soon as you can because i plan to be there for the june 11 migrant workers day.

    thank you so much and God bless.



  3. hi betchay,

    this is the first time i got to browse your blog site. and by accident, if i may add. i am also a filipino housewife here in seoul married to a filipino working on an E7 visa. i have an ACR already. i resigned from a good job in the philippines to be with my husband. you see, we just got married last december 2005. i find your blog site interesting as i am also into reading and writing. i tried to get your email address but can’t seem to find it anywhere on your site. the Contact Me section doesn’t work, too. i hope i get to receive a mail from you. thanks.

  4. Algol,

    Bro, Ara Mina is one of the hottest Filipino actresses around. She used to do really sexy films but I guess that’s all behind her now and she’s now into serious stuff, doing the hit comedy show Bubble Gang and into singing which surprisingly, she does very, very well. In fact, she’s doing regular concert tours abroad, the latest of which is a US tour. The US tour was a huge success, twas told to me by bro-in-law. Sorry, got carried away. Ara’s my ultimate crush, bro and I can’t wait to watch her perform here. Jimmy Bondoc? I asked my friends in the Philippines they told me Jimmy’s an awesome acoustic music guy. He’s well-loved daw by female fans because of his boyish charm and his cute dimples. Heard he and Ara and good, good friends and I’d love to watch them perform together.

  5. For Algol and all Pinoys in Korea,

    We are about done with negotiations to bring in RIVERMAYA for a concert there very, very soon. Will keep you guys updated. If you have other artists in mind whom you’d love to perform there, please let us know. Peace!

  6. anne

    You’re an angel!

    And for any concert that you are going to organize here, please have a good audio system. The audio system used during the Parokya concert really sucked big time.

    Other artists? Afterimage, the Dawn, Asin/Lolita Carbon, Apo Hiking, Joey Ayala, jeez, I’m betraying my age here hehehe

    I don’t know about the others, but for a good mix of artists, I am willing to pay from 50USD to 100USD (5-hour concert?)


    I knew who Ara Mina was. I didn’t know that she’s singing these days.

  7. Algol,

    We’ll certainly make sure that the sound system’s ok and that we’d start on time. The concert will be an hour and a half. Thanks for the shortlist of the artists you want to see there. How about Side A band? And about the Ara-Jimmy concert, it would be great if you guys could watch it, too. Yep, Ara sings, and she sings well! Will keep you posted.

    Your suggestion of a 5-hour concert is actually in our plans. Parang Muziklaban or “Battle of the Bands.” That would be neat, no? Imagine, if we could bring in Rivermaya, Parokya, The Dawn, Eraserheads, After Image, all in one concert?!



  8. Is the Seoul Ax-Live concert hall accessible to you guys? We were thinking if the rate is reasonable enough, it’s a good choice for the concert since they claim to have state of the art sound system and lights. It’s in Gwangjang-dong, eastern Seoul. Please let us know if this is a good venue.

  9. pede baliktad, dalhin nyo muna c hyun bin o c jeon ji hyun kapalit ni regine velasquez, sma pa c aga muhlach! heheh

  10. ATTN to my fellow filipinos in Seoul:

    if you have time to spare please support the Philippine Tourism mission to KOTFA Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) slated at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul on June 7-11. Secretary Joseph Durano along with filipino performers will be there.
    A spectacular exhibition and performances for the launch of our marketing campaign in Korea is in store for the Seoul event. Bring a friend with you if you can.
    Let’s take part in promoting our own country. It’s the least we can do.
    thanks ! 🙂

  11. Algol:

    Thanks, the address of Seoul-Ax Live is Gwanjang-dong eastern Seoul and yes, Barbi has now gone solo. Another name in the league of Barbi would be Kitchie Nadal who’s immensely popular here in the Philippines.

    If you have other suggestions on huge venues which could sit in at least 3,000 pax minimum and preferably not open fields, please let us know.


    Regine Velasquez’ tf would be in the same range as those of Ogie Alcasid, Vina Morales, Pops Fernandez, Martin Nievera. I won’t give the exact figure but at least you have an idea. It’s so sweet of you to ask for support for the Philippine Tourism Mission. I pray for their success.

  12. ANNE:

    Thanks for your reply. Hope you get Rivermaya, watch kami ng mga friends ko. 😉
    Pasensya na kasi hindi namin kilala ung jimmy bondoc eh. Kaya we’ll just look forward sa Rivermaya ha. thanks again! 😉

  13. Thanks, Geraldine. As I’ve said earlier, we’re 95% ok na with negotiations for a Rivermaya gig. However, we might be doing the concert in Incheon or Busan. Hope you guys could still watch it coz the band is simply awesome and it’ll be their first time in Korea so they’re very excited about the prospect of performing there.

  14. Anne
    Busan is so far.

    But if you do the concert on a July or August weekend, many people from the Gyonggi/Seoul area may come as Haeundae will be an added attraction. If you still don’t know, Haeundae is that famous beach in Busan.

  15. Yup, I’ve been to Busan last year for the APEC Summit and Haeundae beach is truly awesome. A weekend in August is exactly the date we’re looking at,that’s why were fasttracking everything. Wish us luck. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for all the inputs.

  16. Hey guys,

    if we move down the rivermaya concert to sept. or october, still in busan, will it be problem for you?

  17. i was just searching for some good music in the net,but i accidentally click this video and wow!bigla ko tuloy namiss ang philippines.kung sana lang di mahirap ang buhay sa atin di ko na ipagpapalit ang buhay sa pinas together with my family

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