election time

Tomorrow, May 31st, is a holiday in Korea. After all, it’s time for local elections or “ji-bang seon-ji il”. Unlike back home, you don’t see a lot of the politicians’ posters here. There are designated places for them to hang their banners. The government also sends an election pack to each individual voter. The election pack contains brochures from the candidates in the area where the voter lives. Voting is done electronically, so results are known fast. Like in the Philippines, there are a number of political parties here. The biggest of which is “Hannara Dang”, surprisingly headed by a woman, Park Geun Hye. Last week, Park Geun Hye was attacked ala-Imelda. She was slashed on her jaw with a box cutter during an election campaign.

The biggest showdown tomorrow will be for the position of Seoul City’s mayor. After all, 25% of Korea’s population are Seoul residents. One of the leading candidates is a woman. Would it be the first time for Seoul to have a woman mayor? Hmm…


  1. I’m just happy to get the day off! You know the current Mayor is very good. I sure hope the new mayor of Seoul has the same vision as he did. Girl power right! Current Prime Minister, and maybe the Seoul Mayor! Wouldn’t that deal a blow to the male egotistic group that normally runs the country!!

  2. I really envy you now.. T T actually I’m also a Kapampangan and I live in Angeles City and I’ve been dreaming of living there in Seoul.. it must be really nice.. Are you a Korean citizen already? Very lucky..

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