that parokya concert

more than a month ago, i posted something about “parokya ni edgar” performing for the filipino community here in seoul, south korea… so it was scheduled on the 16th of april, easter sunday at 4PM… from dongseong auditorium, it was moved to dongseong field…

so on april 16th, my husband and i met my pinay and pinoy friends at exactly 4PM… there were no more seats, as some people horded the chairs… guess what? the concert started TWO HOURS LATER!!!… i don’t complain a lot, in fact i don’t like complaining… but to have to wait for TWO HOURS in a windy spring afternoon is just too much… lucky for me, my friends borrowed a chair from a horder… but imagine those who had to stand for that TWO HOURS and an hour of performance?

in the middle of waiting, my friend and I just had to pee… and there was only one cubicle available for women… so we decided to go to the men’s johns… a couple of other pinays followed us… at least the pinoys were gentle enough to allow us to use their toilets… when my friend and i came out from the men’s restroom, there were about 10 pinoys waiting outside… it was a little embarrassing… it was my first time to use the men’s toilet…

anyway, the band started their performance a couple of minutes before six… i don’t really know the reason why it was TWO HOURS LATE but the hosts said that first, they didn’t an amplifier… second, they needed a bassist… and third, oh well i forgot the third reason but they should have been ready and they shouldn’t have made us wait that long! (TWO HOURS!)

i’m not a big parokya fan… but their performance was good and entertaining… they played songs as requested by the audience and gamefully posed for pictures… unfortunately, the sound system was lousy…

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  1. hi betchay, i like reading your blog kaya lang parang ang liit na yata ng font mo, di ko gaanong nababasa or malabo na lang mata ko. pasensiya na, na add na kita sa link ko before asking your permission.

  2. hi! i liked your story. specially your recipes and the names of vegetables in korean. oh i almost forgot panget naman at naghintay kayo ng matagal para sa concert ng parokya, pero alam mo it remind me yung madalas na sabihin nating mga pinoy na “filipino time!” hay.. pati ba naman dito sa korea … aside from waiting i agree na maganda talaga ang mga kanta ng parokya….
    by the way. im elsa bayot, 23 yr old. magto2 months palang me here sa korea. my husband is korean. im having hard time studying korean language, my husband force me to learn as fast as i could. hay..
    im pregnant right now and im graving for filipino food sobra lalo na sa pakbet.. limitado lang na korean food ang kinakain ko kasi yung amoy nung iba hindi ko talaga gusto. salamat sa recipes mo kasi nalaman ko yung name ng vegetable in korean..
    gusto kung pumunta dun sa seoul kung san makakabili ng filipino food pero sabi ng asawa ko marami daw kotse dun tsaka maraming gas ang magagastos… hay…
    mayroon po kaya dito daejeon na mabibilhan din ng filipino food?
    thanks a lot po….

  3. grabe, nabasa ko po lahat ng blog nyo sa site nyo, cguro kagustuhan na rin na karating ng korea, sayang parang mapapako pa ang pangarap ko, huhuh no filipino teachers for korean student,

    musta na po kau dyan?

    visit nyo po site ko, cge po

  4. Hello there! I was wondering if you could help us out in linking up with a Filipino migrant workers association in Korea regarding a concert we’re planning to produce this October. Part of the proceeds will go to this group and we’ll only be asking for their assistance in processing and securing visa and work permits for the artists and their entourage, sourcing of hotel and car rental services and of course, mobilization of the Filipino community there to ensure success of the project. We hope to bring in Ara Mina and Jimmy Bondoc for an acoustic type of concert, tentatively titled “Ara Mina: Heart n’ Seoul” A Pinoy band which is very popular in Daegu will serve as their front act. My partner, Prof. Marlon Aves Diloy, would be going to the Migrant Workers Day on June 11 and hopefully by then, we’d already have estabished contacts with a migrant group that could help us. Thank you and God bless to all of you.

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