baseball frenzy

baseball is the most popular professional spectator sport in korea… and now the country has gone baseball crazy what with the national team’s clean slate in the world baseball classic… having beaten japan (twice!), the US (the home of baseball), mexico, china and taiwan (in the elims)…

proof of the game’s popularity? how about the 9 o’clock news devoting about the first 30 minutes of its broadcast on the country’s second win against japan… and last night, around the first 15 minutes of their airtime… how crazy can they get?

baseball is one of the games that my husband and i love! well, he’s more soccer crazy but he loves baseball as well… in my case, i’d learned about the game eons ago when the americans were still in Clark… they would play at the Astro Park in Angeles City every Sunday… and afterwards head to our restaurant to eat barbecue!

i had the chance to watch professional baseball live here in korea… one time we decided to head over to kangnam (when we normally go to jongno) and upon learning that there was a baseball game, stopped by jamsil stadium and bought two 10,000 won tickets… if i remember it correctly, it was a play-off game between Samsung Lions and Doosan Bears (our team!)… we sat about four rows from where the (anorexic) cheerleaders do their routine… since we were there about two hours early, we had the chance to participate in the cheering practice… ’twas a lot of fun… our team didn’t win that time… i didn’t even notice the game since we were cheering the whole time!… anyway, we went home with a free doosan towel and an autographed baseball…

baseball loot

anyway, the national korean baseball team is on the semi-finals of the WBC… they will have a game against the japanese team (for the third time) on sunday… i’m pretty sure almost all korean eyes will be glued to the boob tube to cheer for their (our) team…


  1. haha


    nothing could be more apt a description.

    in our office, my colleagues just stopped working and were glued on the PCs

    and I have just become a baseball fan

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