Choi Min Sik in the flesh

Choi Min Sik's one-man-protestI really wanted to go to Jang Dong Gun’s one-man-protest last Monday afternoon but I had an appointment that time. Boy am I glad I didn’t go there! He just spent three minutes there and later transferred to a different venue because of the huge crowd that gathered to see him.

Today, Anna and I decided to spend our afternoon at the Kyobo Bookstore in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. I’d known that it was Choi Min Sik’s (Old Boy) turn to stage his one-man-protest but I wasn’t counting on it because of the heavy snowfall this morning. I got to the venue at around 2:20 PM, about 10 minutes later than Anna. Choi Min Sik (pronounced Chwe Min Shik) was there, bundled in his winter clothes and standing in front of about 30 people, a lot of them from the press. Mr. Choi is one of the most influential actors in Korea. If you’re a Korean movie fanatic, you would have heard of him. He’s the star of critically acclaimed movies like “Old Boy” (a Cannes Film Festival winnter) and “Failan”.

On Wednesday afternoon, more artists will gather in front of the Kyobo Building to protest against the reduction of the screen quota. Hmm, I wonder if I can cancel a previous appointment :D.

The picture on the right is of Choi Min Sik in front of the Kyobo Building in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, and my friend Anna smiling on the background.


  1. hey betchay! bakit si anna lang may pic? nasan ang picture mo with choi min shik? hehehe… akala ko you went to the JDG protest!

  2. camera-shy ako eh… hehe…
    i almost went to the JDG protest… kaso may appointment kaya hindi pumuwede… hindi bale, 3 minutes lang naman daw siya sa Kyobo eh… tapos lumipat na sa National Assembly…

  3. whoa! u got to see him in person! a korean friend of mine here in davao let me watch the movie old boy.. it was good.. a bit twisted though.. but still good..
    it was just so unpredictable.. i like it..
    but i dont think i’ll watch it again.. i had this really weird feeling after watching it.

    nice blog u got here.. it’s nice to see korea in a filipina’s perspective.. i’m learning a lot here.

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