the Wood Tiger

2006 is the year of the Dog.  Koreans follow the Chinese horoscope instead of the Western one.  I was born in 1974, making me a Wood Tiger (1914, 1974).

Tiger people are sympathetic, kind, emotional, and sensitive. At movies, they can cry their eyes out! Despite their kindness, they can be extremely short-tempered. The rage of Tigers is terrible to behold but it also gives them the adrenaline needed for the sublimest of bravery. The Tiger is also a deep thinker and can make the most astonishing intellectual connections, with great mental agility. On the negative side, they tend to be suspicious and a bit self-centered, OK selfish, and indecisive. Above everything, however, the Tiger stands as a supreme emblem of protection over human life, admirable always.

Soup and Oolong Tea are among the keys to good health.

Look no further than the Wood Tiger for true friendship. This compassionate human being is always ready to lend his or her shoulder for friends to lean on. Friends show a reciprocal spirit. When the Wood Tiger needs it, friendship and support are always there and indirectly help the Tiger’s successful ascent up the career ladder. Once there, this Tiger experiences such prosperity, it’s almost like winning the lottery, except it’s earned good fortune. Wood Tigers are very creative in finding ways to make life exciting, never lacking inspiration to change what can be changed and to forge ahead with native wit and charm. When it comes to Love, the male Wood Tiger has to fight his fantasy of becoming a playboy. When he experiences that familiar lust-in-his-heart tickle, he has to give in instead to his ingrained gentility. When it’s time for a Wood Tiger to marry, he nearly always attracts a very beautiful wife. Also gentle, the female Wood Tiger is very generous with love and kisses and is always good to her husband. Wood Tigers in general have a very fulfilling and happy family life, with no regrets.

Famous TIGER people: Sun Yat-Sen, Jiang Zemin, Ho Chih Minh,Princess Anne, General Charles de Gaulle, Charles Lindbergh, Beethoven, Queen Beatrix, King Juan Carlos I, Jonas Salk, Queen Elizabeth


Check your Chinese sign too at this website.


  1. hmmm… bat ganun? opposite ng male and female wood tigers? checked out mine, will blog about it too 😀 nga pala i noticed puro soup ang keys to good health, at least ang wood tiger lahat ng soup ata pwede akin chicken soup lang eh 😀

  2. hi betchay,

    I’m really glad knowing we have the same sign in the chinese horoscope.

    it’s really useful for me..anyway i’m an aquarian…how about you?


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