dae jang geum (jewel in the palace)

“Dae Jang Geum” (The Great Jang Geum) or “Jewel in the Palace” is currently the hottest Korean drama showing in the Philippines. I never expected that it would be a hit back home since it’s a historical drama with a lot of Korean culture thrown in. I thought that most Filipinos are not interested in anything “cultural.” I don’t remember “Noli Me Tangere” enjoying the same popularity when it was shown on TV more than a decade ago.

Honestly, I wasn’t able to watch this drama in full. I had just arrived in Korea when it was being aired. I just remember that people were talking about it. When we were in a “kalbi” restaurant in Jongno3-ga, I remember salarymen still dressed in their suits talking about this drama. I remember them saying that it was a big comeback for Lee Young Ae, the actress playing “Jang Geum”. She was in almost every CF (short for “commercial film” as they call TV ads in Korea) and billboards in Seoul with her long and milky white legs gracing the ads of “Whisen”, an electronic appliance maker. That was more than two years ago.

Lee Young Ae is still enjoying her immense popularity after the drama was shown here. She was the lead of the hit and critically acclaimed movie “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” where she played “Geum Ja”. Recently, she was invited by the Berlin Filmfest to be part of the jury. A first for a Korean actress.

Going back to “Dae Jang Geum”… My husband and I had planned to go there in October of last year but we had so much weekend activities that it was hard to include it on our schedule. Last weekend, my friend Katie had to do a report on the Dae Jang Geum craze in Korea and we thought it was the right time to go there. My husband drove the four of us (Zoe, Katie, Anna and I) in our compact but very reliable Matiz to the the Dae Jang Geum theme park. The drive was about an hour from downtown Seoul (Jongno-gu, where we live).

The theme park is located at the MBC Cultural Valley in Yangju, Gyonggido. We got there at around 2 PM. The entrance fee is 5,000 won ($5)… very expensive! Don’t expect a Disneyland-like theme park. This place is where some of the scenes in the drama was shot, so expect to see a replica of a palace and a traditional village. There are similar and better places that you can visit in Korea but the difference is that, it was a location for some of the scenes in Dae Jang Geum!

entrance to DJG theme parkLee Young Ae's handprintposters of the leadsstanding postersouvenir shophanboks for renttraditional kitchencostumes and props


  1. nararamdaman ko malapit ng matapos ang jewel in the palace…kac patindi na ng patindi ang mga pangyayari….wala lang hula ko lang…

  2. grabe wala akong masabi sa jewel in the palace. although i’ve already finish watched this koreanovela hindi ako nagsasawa panuorin.if i miss an episode sa gma malungkot ako. i like lady han the way she act as well as jang geum.lagi akong napupuyat dito minsan nga i wasnt able to report at work kasi tinatanghali ako ng gising but its ok basta mapanuod ko lang yung every episode masaya na ko.Gma 7 is the best mamili ng telenovela kasi talagang magugustuhan mo.my sister and i also make a kwentuhan sa phone as in overseas call from taiwan she also like this koreanovela.more power to gma 7. god speed!!!!!!


  4. hello. i envy you! i want to go to korea also. anyway… about PICT4236, are those sets of Hanbok can be worn while inside the park for picture taking?
    by the way, i enjoy reading your blog. the pictures are awesome too. very relaxing to the eye. 😀

  5. Hi!! Im so addicted the korean Drama called ” JEWEL IN THE PALACE”. This story is really different from other korean drama. I saw alot korean dramas but this one is really feel good, because people watching really cried for what jang geum and lady hand happend. For me that was really tradic scenario for them. The moment i saw lady hand pass away… i was really cried…cried….
    For me the most wondeful drama story in whole world… keep watching it

  6. hello! well lahat ng mga nakapost here are true… napakaganda ng jewel in the palace every one is amazed, shocked and inspired sa lahat ng mga pangyayari sa palasyo… i hope makapunta din me jan… ang ganda at napakakulay ng buhay niya…
    Para kay chie, ganun din ang nangyayari sa akin kahit pagod na aku galing school kinakkaya ku paring hindi ma2log at hanggat maaari maaga ako sa bahay para mapanood ko lang… ang hirap ng ganitong sitwasyon… hehehe
    galing nga GMA 7 na pumili nga asianovela… the best ang jewel in the palace kung maarin ulutin nila ito kahit sabado at linggo… hehehe more power sa GMA at maslalo nating tangkilikin ang walang sawa nilang paghahatid ng serbisyong 100%… taktak GMA ay tatak ng pagiging isang mapagmahal na pinoy!!! Godbless sa ating lahat. (“,)

  7. the truth is, even in the two-way amateur radio hobby, they are practically talking about dae jang geum.

    i am inviting all ham enthusiasts who are at the same time JEWEL IN THE PALACE (JITP) fans to visit 145.300 mhz frequency. you can share with DV1VGE (emil), 4F1VDU (alan), DW1LIV (edgar), DY1JRU (jun) or DW1NSK (dj) your thoughts about JITP. it’s probably the best korean tv series ever made.

    i suggest, however, that GMA 7 pity us viewers who are still awake late at night just to wait for the time slot of JITP. i must admit i often get late at work, the next day, because of jang geum. hehehehe…

    well, i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate GMA for a very interesting tv series. i have to say that i seldom or do not at all watch the other GMA tv productions (extra challenge, darna, encantadia, etheria, sugo, star struck) but mind you, my wife wakes me up before 10 in the evening to watch JITP. i even plan to purchase the complete dvd series of JITP as soon as i can save enough money.

    this is the kind of tv series that is worth spending our time watching. again, CONGRATULATIONS GMA-7

  8. hi everyone!!
    uhm, i would just like to ask what do you think is the thing that makes it different from other korean soaps? and, if there’s one thing you least like about it, please share it to me.. i would like to hear criticisms from you.. please help me, im making a paper on this topic: koreanovela .. thanks a bunch! ^_^

  9. ^^ anong tulong? super hit ang Jewel in the Palace sa Korea… hindi ko nga ine-expect na sisikat din pala sa pinas… kasi period drama siya…

  10. i wanna go to DJG themepark too! 🙁
    kaiingit ka naman ate betchay ^__^

    ang galing-galing tlaga ng DJG anoh! imagine its a major hit not only in asian countries pero sa USA din, UK and ive read i will be shown in egypt too.
    anyways isnt LYA the CF queen in korea? kasi ive watched her CFs eh, andami =D
    fluent na po kau in speaking korean? paturo naman..heehee ^^,

  11. ang ganda talaga ng jewel in the palace sana magkaroon ako ng cd ng jewel in the palace kc ang ganda talaga suportahan natin salamat!!!!!

  12. ang ganda ganda ganda ni jang geum,sana ulitin uli yon panatapos.ang ganda talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. grabe ang ganda talaga n jewel in the palace sna 24hours a day 7 days a week n lng yun pinapalabas……..nkkkilig din ung love story nila jang geum and kapitan…….. tpos cnabayan p n theme song nila n alipin………gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaabbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. napakaganda ng jewel in the palace sana pumunta d2 s phil.cla jang geum pag laki ko pangarap kong pumunta sa korea.sana ipalabas ng paulit ulit ang jewel in the palace ng gma7 sana mabasa nila ito.sa kaibigan ko na lang nalalaman ang nangyayari sa jewel in the palace.sana ipalabas nila ng sabado ito.nakakaakit.idolo ko si jang geum sana makita ko siya sa personal request ng pilipino yan.thaks talaga sa gma7.i love u jang geum isa kang huwaran ng mga babaeng pilipino lalo na ako.

  15. well, i’m an avid fan of jewel in the palace. since start nung telenovela pinapanood ko n yan. lalo n ngaun 19 episodes n lng kya kailangan abangan tlga yan. well, the soap is very inspiring, god-fearing. i can say that Jang Geum is very kind and a model to everyone of us, hayyy basta panonodin ko un palagi khit paulitulitin p ng GMA 7 un ok lng

  16. jewel in the palace is the most exceptional asianovela being aired in history (although majority of kapamilyas will strongly disagree). the show contains lots of educational and inspirational elements than any other shows
    (reality/pinoy drama/chinovela). you will be also fascinated with the cooking skills executed as well as proper prescription and attending the patients.
    (side comment: mas maganda siya sa only you, forbidden love, lovers in paris, kahit pa pangako sa iyo…hahahahha…LOL!)

  17. My US version of “Dae Jang Geum” has 54
    episodes. I saw a Japanese version with
    70 episodes. Is it possible that the US version is trimmed down? Can I get the full version with English subtitles?

  18. im watching a re-run of jewel in the palace….it’s really quite addicting. perfect narrative and all….reality grounded and anyone can relate. i get forced to get home earlier everyday to catch up with each episode. we talk bout it a lot at work!!! congrats!

  19. haay.. kakainggit ka naman, nakapunta ka ng korea and even been to the dae Jang Geum theme park..

    sobrang paborito ko ang Jewel in the Palace.

    Grabe! wala pa sya sa halfway ng story sa GMA noon bumili na ko ng complete and ORIGINAL DVD SET niya. My Gosh!! Di baleng kanda utang ako sa pagbabayad ng DVD ni Jang Geum eh, ok lang..
    It was well worh it to watch the said koreanovela.

    THE BEST!!!

    I loved it so much to the point that my 1 1/2 year old baby boy can now speak and understand Korean languae (just by watching Jewel in the Palace DVD’s everyday.. hehehe)

    I even mentioned to my husband that if ever we’d have a baby girl, I’d name her either Young Ae or Jang Geum.. ayaw nya eh.. baka daw magalit baby namin paglaki.. hahaha

    Seriously, Dae Jang Geum is one of the best epic-films/story ever made into TV Drama ever made. Historic, educational and best of all, inspiring.

    It’s not too late to catch the Jewel in The Palace Fever.

    Hanggang ngayon nga baliw na baliw pa rin ako sa istorya nya…

  20. Thank you for your very interesting serial I do apriciate for your attemts inorder to make this film . I know many of people will be grateful like me . would you mind giving me some information so that I achieve to this film’s scenario ?. I would rather read the scenario myself . thank you again . I mean all actresses , all acters , stars , respected director and all people who have work on this film .

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  24. Annyeong Haseyo,
    My family (my wife and two young girls) are flying to Seoul, Korea during the Thanksgiving week. Can you give us some tips on how to travel around the city? We’re very much interested in taking the “Winter Sonata” tour. Where and how do we get this package tour? My girls and wife are in love with Bae Yong Jun. Any help you can give us will be deeply appreciated. We’re from San Francisco, California and this will be our first time to fly to Seoul, Korea. We’re also Filipino-Americans.

    Maraming Salamat po,

  25. hi Ed! here’s a very useful website with tons of information on visiting film locations… http://english.tour2korea.com/03Sightseeing/ThemeTours/drama_tour.asp?kosm=m3_3&konum=5

    it’s not that difficult to tour seoul, even for a first timer… you can take the seoul city tour bus or do it on your own… you just have to be ready for the walk!

    in seoul… i’d suggest touring the palaces, N tower (namsan), night shopping, experience noraebang (singing room) and jjimjilbang (korean sauna)… if you’d like to visit Cheongwadae (Presidential palace), you’d have to make a reservation now… you can also take the DMZ tours… you can go to Imjingak by train and take the tour to Dorasan near the border… or if you’d like the JSA tour, you’d have to make a reservation to an authorized travel agency… my favorite DMZ tour is Cheorwon in Gangwondo…

    Namiseom… the “winter sonata” island… you could go there on your own by taking the train from seoul… lots of info on the link on top of this post 🙂

    anyway, if you need more help i can give you my home number… call me anytime 🙂

  26. Thanks for the info. We’ll be staying at the Ramada Seoul Hotel. Are you familiar with this hotel? Is it around the commercial area? I tried to send them emails but i get rejected-cant access to their websites. Do they provide tours to Winter Sonata? Os is it better and cheaper to take public transportation to Nami Island?
    Is it safe to walk around the city of Seoul? Can we use our cell phones in Seoul? That’s so nice of you to offer your phone number. Maybe we (my wife and my two teenage gilrs and you and your family can get together for a nice lunch or dinner)–our treat..we’ll be arriving Nov. 18th ..I guess there are not very many Filipinos in Seoul, right? . We’ve been watching several Korean dramas (w/english subs) and we learned some Korean words and phrases already but it’s the pronunciation that we’re having difficulties. Is Tae Wang sa shin gi still showing in Seoul TV? Is there a tour for TWSSG? I’m sos orry for my endless inquiries- we’re just so excited to visit Seoul…..Maraming salamat muli…..hope to see you soon…..Ed

  27. Hi again,
    It would really be nice to get together with you when we get to Seoul. I mentioned you to my wife and she would love to talk to you. Do you think you can send your email address and phone number to our email address which are:
    smil3pnaigurl@yahoo.com or kibilee1015@sbcglobal.net or broas4@aol.com
    Is it better to book the Winter sonata tour ahead of time? The hotel said it would cost us 130,000 won per person to book this tour..aint this too much? And then there’s this “TIK tour Service” online and they charge 72,000 won plus admission. Which is better? Or do you know other means of booking this tour? BY the way have you been to San Francisco, Calif? We would like to invite you and your family to come and visit and you can stay in our place-we’re only five minutes away from the airport. Is there anything you would like us to bring you from San Francisco? Hope to hear from you again……Gamsa Hamnida….

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