Kimchi refrigerator

I guess only in Korea can you find a refrigerator specially made for kimchi storage – “kimchi neng-jang-go” as what the Koreans call it. “Neng-jang-go” is the Korean word for refrigerator or iced box machine. This fridge extends the “life” of your kimchi. There are different kinds of kimchi in Korea and one family probably stores a minimum of three to four kinds in their refrigerator. Other households might have more varieties of kimchi in store. In our case, we usually stock up on “paechu kimchi” (chinese cabbage), “dong chimi” (water kimchi – my favorite!), “kkaktugi” (cubed radish), and “oi” (cucumber).

Every winter season, Koreans make kimchi to last for the cold season (4-5 months?). This tradition is known as “kimjang”. In the olden times, holes are dug on the ground where vats containing kimchi are stored to preserved its freshness. This practice had been replaced with the advent of the refrigerator and of course, with the more efficient kimchi refrigerator. Kimchi stays fresher longer with a “dimchae” – another name for the specialized refrigerator. Aside from kimchi, fruits and vegetables also stay fresher inside the kimchi fridge.

kimchi refrigerator

Having a kimchi fridge wasn’t our idea. It was my parents-in-law’s and they are the ones who bought it for us as a gift. It has been two years since we cancelled their first order of the fridge since we didn’t think we needed it that time. Good thing my husband accepted the one they ordered on the eve of my birthday.


  1. Just saw kimchi refrig in Sacramento today.
    At Korea Plaza Market, off Zinifdel rd. Rancho Cordova……Samsung model fairly expensive 1500

  2. hi stefoodie… the temperature is lower but not freezing… it takes advantage of nanotechnology so there’s no smell… the best part about it is you can keep your veggies fresh inside the kimchi ref for a longer time than inside the average ref…

  3. Is there a place I can order such a fridge online? I don’t want to go all the way to Sacramento (I live in the US) to buy one. $1500 is a little steep but I will pay that if it’s shipped to me.

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