December is the season for birthdays. That’s because I know so many people celebrating their birthdays on this month. In my family alone, there are 5. My birthday falls on the 7th, a brother-in-law on the 10th, a nephew on the 12th, another nephew on the 17th, and my father on the 21st. When I was in grade school, six or seven people celebrate their birthday in December. And among my closest friends, two of them celebrate their birthdays on the 2nd and another two on the 15th. And not to forget, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday on the 25th. (I saw this documentary on Discovery Channel where they calculated Jesus’ birthday and it fell on the 7th of April, 5 BC.)

I celebrated my birthday on the 7th. My husband and I planned to have a dinner in a buffet restaurant but I was so lazy to go out! I and my friend Rina, who celebrates her on the 2nd, decided to have a small gathering at my small abode on the 10th. Everybody contributed with the food preparation. We had lasagna courtesy of Anna, Rina and Jas. I prepared the filling for lumpia that Zoe, Karen, Malou and Razel wrapped. We also had potato salad and chicken wings plus the cake that Rina bought from my favorite bakery, Tous Les Jours. Surprisingly, the girls all came on time. I wonder why!

After the small party, we all headed down to a “noraebang” where the girls sang to their hearts’ content. This is actually my first birthday party in Korea!

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  1. the party was fun, the lasagna was delicious and all I did that day was EAT!

    if you gals went with cat and me, nalunod kayo sa food. twas a potluck party and there’s so muchhh food. Shey’s brownies were great, too 😀 not to mention the “puto” in christmas colors. (as in green na green and pulang pula~!)

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