My husband never fails to alert me whenever there is something new about Jang Dong Gun, my favorite Korean “topstar” (as superstars are referred to here in Korea). Last Monday night, YTN Star showed the press preview for the movie “Typhoon” starring JDG. This morning he informed me that the movie “The Promise” JDG did with Cecilia Chung has been nominated for the Best Foreign Film category of the Golden Globe Awards. Great! An international exposure could only mean more women will go ga-ga over him… hehehe.

More than a week ago, my husband told me about this site featuring JDG in his half-naked glory. He reminded me of a young Elvis Presley in a coffee table book I bought about 16 years ago. Well, he doesn’t really look anything like Elvis Presley but just the poses and the fact that JDG’s pics were in black-and-white.

Aiyyyt JDG fans… drool with me over these pics 😉

jang dong gun

More pictures here…


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