the nation on the other side of the world

I have been absent from blogging for more than two weeks now. I haven’t been feeling well since my bout of diarrhea! Probably the raw oysters I had days ago… Anyway, I’ve been busy watching downloaded television shows… from Everybody Hates Chris to Desperate Housewives season 2.

The weather here is actually what’s making me so lazy…

Anyway, a few days ago I stumbled on this “wiki” entry for the Philippines. The part about the people (“conyos” and “jologs”) illustrates the polarity in our country’s society. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself belonging to the two subcultures.

The paragraphs describing our government made me depressed. No matter how good the Filipinos are, it seems like we’ve been cursed to have bad governments.

The Philippines is the nation that is on the other side of the world. It’s that one that isn’t China, Japan or Korea.

Source: Uncyclopedia


  1. I have to admin I am insulted by this site. I know I should not let it affect me. It is obviously created by people who think less of us. But then again, actions speak louder than words and this should not put the multitude of good Pinoys down.

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