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If you’re in Korea and you’ve been watching a lot of Korean TV the past few days, you would have noticed a CF (commercial) featuring both Koreans and Filipinos frolicking in white sandy beaches that happen to be somewhere in the Philippines. The reason is probably this…

Korea is now the Philippines’ second largest tourist market with 34,154 tourist arrivals during the first four months of this year next to the United States, overtaking Japan, which is now on the third slot.

Source: Korea Times

So now the Philippines is working harder to promote the country to more Koreans. Maybe the goal is to overtake Thailand as the number one ASEAN destination.

Whenever I see that CF, I can’t help but be proud of how beautiful our country is. Last Saturday night, Chuseok eve, the family was watching TV when the CF was shown. Of course, everybody’s eyes were glued on the screen and after that I heard some sighs and my chageun ajubonim (second older brother-in-law) said “Wow! Is that in the Philippines?”. I proudly said “Yes and the television doesn’t do it any justice :D.” That was followed with the whole family now planning to go to the country in February 2006. Nothing is definite yet and I guess they were just awed by the beauty they saw on TV. Sure they have lots of beaches in Korea but nothing like the ones we have back home. Here, the beaches are muddy (west coast) or just so-so (east coast) so Koreans travel to ASEAN countries like Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia (Bali) to experience really fine white sandy beaches during the summer and winter seasons. And of course, our country has a lot more to offer than just the beaches. Wow na wow talaga Philippines!


  1. One reason of the why Korea is getting more attention is the Korean telenovelas being shown in Philippine televisions. When I was there last April-May, these Korean telenovelas were so popular. Of course they dubbed the language so they speak Tagalog instead of Korean in these soap operas. I was even asked if I were Korean when I was there.I guess it’s a good thing,Filipinos touring Korea and Koreans getting attracted to the beautiful Philippine Islands.

  2. Philippines, the best talaga! anyway, dumaan lang po, from ate Ana, nabasa ko po yung previous post nyo na Chuseok, ha haa, ganun pla spelling nun? yung friend ko po kasi sa korea rin nakatira, chusok lang sabi nya sakin he hee.. anyway, I’m off to browse some more here, he hee take care po! n__n

  3. bethski >> i “sometimes” discourage fellow pinoys to come to korea… it would be better if they spend their money touring the philippines instead… 😀

    justice >> kainggit naman… gusto ko nang umuwi!!!!

    myepinoy >> sinabi mo…

    kitty >> uy thanks for visiting… it is spelled as 추ì„? kasi in korean… if it was 추ì†? then romanization would be chusok…

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