Kim Sun Ah (a.k.a. Kim Sam Soon) in the flesh!

An Unexpected Celebrity Sighting

I love “MY Name is Kim Sam Soon” and when I saw Kim Sun Ah in the flesh, I was just excited! Here’s how it happened.

Yesterday, September 11, Anna and I decided to meet each other in Namdaemun, the “Divisoria” of Korea. The typical me arrived 30 minutes late at the designated meeting place, Hoehyeon subway station. We decided to just go to Myeongdong, the fashion capital of Korea, instead of the original destination. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the station.

As soon as we arrived in Myeongdong, we noticed a crowd in front of Paris Baguette, a popular chain bakery. There was a small stage set right beside the entrance to the store. We continued walking until we heard some people screaming.

Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah in person
Kim Sun Ah in person

Right there on the stage was Kim Sun Ah, the heroine of the hit drama “My name is Kim Sam Soon.” Of course, we walked toward the stage so we can get a closer look at her. She said something in Korean, but I didn’t listen and I wouldn’t have understood what she was saying anyway. I just took pictures!

Kim sun Ah just appeared for a few minutes and went back inside the store. We tried not to get in since a couple of men-in-black were blocking the way to the store. We didn’t expect to see any celebrity but I guess we were at the right place at the right time.

Living in Seoul makes it possible for us to see Korean celebrities. First, I saw Lee Hyori at a book signing in COEX. I also saw a kpop star at a subway one time while they were filming. And now it’s Kim Sun Ah in the flesh. I hope to see more of my favorite Korean stars!


  1. betch,
    asus! muntik na akong tubuan ng puting buhok sa ilong sa kakahintay sa iyo! grabe! ako naman madalas makakita ng artista, from lee young ae to jang dong gun, dami na, kaso the problem is i don’t know many artistas, so when i see them, i don’t know im looking at an artista…:D

  2. shes hot hot hot, before kim sam soon shes a top model from korea, i heard that she grew up in japan and shes 31 now, sad to say she had a bf now, but i like her with sham shik (bin)… hehehe, i really hate the existing lovely samsoon dvd, i did not saw their wedding scene… see it it

  3. wow mga kabayan ang suerte nyo at nakita nyo in person si kim sun ah. big fan talaga ako ni kim, hawig sya ng wife ko. wala b kayo news kung kelan sya punta ng pinas? kakabaliw kse si sam soon!

  4. hi candy, ngayon jo lang nabsa itong blog na ito.just want to know where did you get the info that Kim Sun Ah had a boyfriend already. Kasi naka kuha na rin ako ng info about her di lang clear kung sino yung guy.Wanna ask if the guy is Gong You ,his partner in her latest film “Shes on Duty”.If ever send me naman info.thanks.

  5. Totoo ba na mag on Si Suna at Hyun Bin as of now, at break na daw si Suna sa dati nyang bf? Puro hint kasi si Hyun Bin sa interview recently ng press sa kanya na he really like and love Suna. Anyone know about the rumor? Mga kababayan ko sa Korea, may alam ba kayo sa tsismis? waiting for your reply.

  6. Hello…Aseem here,I’m from Malaysian and I loved Kim sun ah as my sis because she make me so hectic… I really enthusiast with their performer on Tv and a lot…. I,d to wish by giving something surprise to kim sun ah..I loved you and keep a great life.

  7. Hi! Im a Filipina,I have this dream of meeting Suna in person ,but I guess for now its impossible coz Im still here in the Philippines.I envy you people who saw her in person.How beautiful she is?Can you tell us more about her looks.How tall she is?Is there a lot of job apportunities in Korea? Can you give me some tip on how to find a job there or in w/c agency should I go?

  8. i love you very much kim sun ah…hope 2 see you soon in korea or in japan….i do really love your show and as a matter of fact i am now looking forward for your next koreanovela, im sure it will be a great hit again…take care always…and pray hard it works…

  9. Hello(:
    I’m a 14 year old girl from Singapore and i happened to come across this webpage. I enjoyed reading your posts and will definitely come back for more. Great work!

  10. I am very lucky! I watched her soap Kim Sam Soon and thought that she is not really “big”, isnt she? What would be her next soap? I’m going to look forward to it. Thanks.

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