downloading — the Korean way

While the the rest of the world uses P2P programs like eDonkey, Kazaa, Bearshare, Limewire, Bittorrent as well as dc++ to download files, the Koreans do it differently and probably more efficiently with Clubbox.

Clubbox is not P2P. It’s actually a web disk or a virtual hard disk where users upload files and open them for other people to download. You’ve got to have a Korean ID to open an account but it isn’t always necessary if you’re just leeching. There are some user accounts with all files open to everyone while others require a 4-digit password and still there are those where logging in is necessary. The website will install a small program to enable downloading.

Most of the stuff that I get from the website are episodes of Korean dramas that I’d missed, which are usually thrown away or deleted right after watching them. My husband loves the animation “Konan” that he used to watch when he was so many years younger. Ordinary download speed is 55 kbps and it usually takes four hours to download a 750 MB file. Of course if you prefer to download at a faster speed, you must be willing to shed a few thousand Korean won but it isn’t the only option. In my case, I use our “OK Cashbag” points so I can download faster. The fastest I’ve done by far is 1.5 mbps for an episode of the Korean drama “Lee Sun Shin”.

The variety of files available on the website is unbelievable… from Italian movies to full seasons of American sitcoms, Japanese anime and so much more.


  1. betchay, another option is IPOP, same as clubbox. me, i frequent “filebox” by unitel(p2p), kaya lang will take you time to find files. kasi iisa isahin mo yung files ng may-ari ng filebox, but if you have lots of time in your hand (like me!!!) it’s also fun going through all their files. kasi you can find lot’s of things you wouldn’t expect, programs, utilities, movies that aren’t on the theaters yet, mp3’s, ebooks, cartoon and lotsa lotsa more. It’s pirating , (ok don’t poke me in the eye anymore I only have one left ^o~ hehehe)

  2. nga pala, if you’re interested with old movies, I know of a filebox that contains movies from 1930’s(i think!) to present. I’ve used IPOP and CLUBBOX coz my “charmed”(yes the three witch sisters!) and “friends”(joey, monica, rachel, and d rest of the gang) korean e-groups stored all their mutimedia files there. Managed to watch all episodes of charmed from season 1 to 7. Friends too! ^^

  3. clubbox has been proven as an unformal p2p program. They don’t tell you its a p2p program however, and you don’t know who’s downloading. It seems like a web hard drive you are downloading from, but that’s a lie… that’s why sometimes some files don’t download (ie nobody has the file atm) Soon as you turn on your computer if you check your upload stats, it’ll be uploading 400-600 kb per second.

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