adobong sitaw with tofu

adobong sitaw with tofu
adobong sitaw with tofu

A dear friend (ate Ning) from Jeonju sent me a box of vegetables early this week. She packed several “ampalaya” (bitter gourd), okra, “kangkong” (watercress), “sitaw” (string beans) and “saluyot” (moolah :D). It was so exciting considering that these vegetables are not readily available in Korea. I immediately thought of the “ginisang ampalaya” (sauteed ampalaya) that my niece, Cristina, used to make back home.

This morning, as I was frying some tofu I decided to cook it “adobong sitaw” without the meat. It was pretty easy! Just saute garlic and sliced onion, then add the string beans. Stir-fry and then add 1/4 cup of soy sauce and the same amount of vinegar. I put it some crushed peppercorns and waited for it to boil… simmer for a couple of minutes and that’s it! Actually, you need to taste and adjust the seasonings. 😀

It was my first time in two years for me to eat “sitaw” or string beans. I can’t wait to have “ginisang ampalaya” this weekend!


  1. 😀 sauteed all of the veggies(all the “talbos” stuff) with some of the string beans. Cooked cnigang with “kangkong”, string beans and okra. Now I have about a few okra and ampalaya to cook. I will try “ginisang amplaya” later. Ate Ning said the ampalaya ain’t sour, so will definitely try cooking it soon. (Thanks Ate Ning!!!)

  2. YUMMMMMMMMM……It has been ages since i’ve bought those veggies. There is a small authentic chinese store in my town that occasionally sells ampalaya and okra. Would you be an angel and let me know if there is a seller who can courier this stuff? Thanks a million

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