Sexy dance contest

And you think that Koreans are very conservative…? That’s what I thought before since you don’t usually see people kissing on “koreanovelas”. Then I got here and saw some of Kim Ki-duk’s movies, celebrity sex scandal and more. On television, they don’t wear bikinis the way they do on “Eat Bulaga” but you can see female stars dancing oh-so-provocatively on dating game shows. And now this… The conservative older generation are probably shaking their heads…

Naked in Seoul
Naked in Seoul

image from chosun


Baby baby baby… In time with Eve’s “Got What You Need,” a young woman gets on stage and takes off her t-shirt. Another woman, wearing a skirt but no underwear, gets on top of a Russian man next to her and simulates sex. A third, stripping off her red bra, takes a turn around the stage. A fourth in a miniskirt is greeted with thunderous cheers each time her bottom shows. But since none of the women will dance naked, they are bumped out of the rankings.

Full story: Another Monday Night Out With Their Clothes Off


  1. so surprise to see this old picture, i was there that night, watching this contest,

    sure i was little surprise to see korean girls, like this…
    but however, the same night use to have russian girl as well so…

    it s more that one year old, and still i think korean young people start to free themselves, just this…!!

    they need to experience what there parents never use to do^^

    yu know as a french guy, i can told yu this kind of sexy nude dance contest allways use to be, in nights club in paris!

    i saw that first time i was maybe 14 years old so…

    korea start to change, and yu cannot do nothing…

  2. I read similar article also named nce contest | Buhay sa Korea, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me

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