banana’s tag!

I’m just gonna reply to anna banana’s tag

    1. What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play?
  • “working” on my computer – internet surfing, downloading stuff, playing games, writing emails, lurking on forums, online shopping…
  • baking/cooking – i never really liked cooking until now… and it’s really a lot of fun… i prefer to cook/bake alone
  • watching television/movies – i really prefer to watch TV by myself… when nobody around me will complain of my “channel surfing”… when nobody will laugh at me for watching foreign shows without subtitles 😀
    2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/ anxiety level? Make a list and post it in your journal.
  • nagwawala ako! – one of my sister’s favorite song is “Shout” by Tears for Fears (she has been a fan of this group for as long as i can remember!)… and shouting or screaming really relieves my stress… i always feel better after a good scream/shout not directed at anybody but just to let it all out
  • nap – i just take a 2-3 hour nap and everything’s gone and forgotten
  • walking – a good sweat is scientifically proven to alleviate stress
    3. Tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.
    Hmm… a lot of my old friends don’t blog… hehe… or if they do, they don’t update often 🙂


  1. whoaaaa!!! was that really me??? be careful what you wish for…. something for me to do….good….keeping me sane….thanks!!! ….let’s see if i get to do a good job….

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