Kim Sam Soon’s Daniel Henney

“My name is Kim Sam Soon” is by far the highest rating Korean drama this year… partly because of the main character (ala-Bridget Jones Kim Sam Soon), partly because of Hyun Bin and of course Daniel Henney… the gorgeous Korean-American who’s now melting every Korean woman’s butter!

Daniel Henney online
Daniel Henney online

In the drama, he didn’t appear until the third episode but in a video. Anyway, I first noticed the guy in Jeon Ji Hyun’s Olympus commercial. Daniel Henney looks incredibly good ~ and with Jeon Ji Hyun too. She happens to be one of my fave Korean topstars. From the short commercial, Daniel Henney already caught my attention. He fully got noticed in the Korean drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.” Almost every Korean woman that I know is drooling over him. Even the married ones.

Daniel Henney has a screen presence that could captivate everyone. He is tall and handsome with a very arresting smile that will simply melt you.

Daniel’s dad is an American and his mom, Korean. She was adopted and lived in the United States from when she was young. Daniel’s mom is a looker too. I thought he looks more like his mom than his dad. Great genes!

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  1. hey……well, im from america, here visiting korea, and i think Daniel Henney was pretty hot looking the first time i saw him in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon… yea….peace out

  2. finally…a filipina who likes “My Name is Kim Sam-soon” TV series. I’m glad that i’m not the only filipina who watches korean’s tv series. This mini series ROCKED! i love the characters esp. kim sun-ah & hyun bin…i like daniel henney too he’s cute & a great actor…hey, pls. let me know when will they have another series…when u have a chance…i’m out!

  3. Hello! Im an avid fan of korean telenovelas, simply because of the uniqueness of their plot. I’m currently watching My name is Kim Sam Soon. And wow!!! Hyun Bin is sooooo hot, somehow he has a bit of similarity with Jang Hyuck!! Kim Sam Soon ROCKS!!!!

  4. hi rika-san >> i also like Hyun Bin… he’s just soooo hot! and of course, kim sam soon the drama is one of the most enjoyable i’ve seen…

  5. I truly enjoyed the romantic comedy, Kim Sam Soon and wish they do a sequel. Kim Sun An and Hyun Bin just had wonderful chemistry. Bechay, I’m a Pinay here in L.A. who just happened to watch this show by accident. LOVED it. I also just had a chance to visit this site and am still enjoying reading a lot about Korea.

  6. I loved My Name is Kim Sam Soon, especially the parts with Daniel Henney and Sam Soon were just way too hilarious. Wahaha. “He said, this is sexy cookie..” Cracks me up everytime I think about it. Not to mention Daniel’s super shine smile everytime he didn’t understand her blabbing on. Sigh, BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER!!!

  7. ^^ there’s a new guy in town… Dennis O’Neil who’s as hunky as Daniel Henney, not sure if he’s as adorable though…

  8. it is hard to believe that the craze has prevailed the whole world. I am from China and almost all of my friends think it a huge success it tv play history

  9. Im from Indonesia and it is the first time i saw such a handsome Denny in ‘MNIKSS’!! even the girls in the series almost bumping their head to the wall when see him! OMG! he is soo handsome! haha….
    anyway, look forward to see his act in good K-drama like ‘MNIKSS’.. good luck Denny!

  10. I love the series My Name is Kim Sam Soon and i think that Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney are so hot. I’m from UK but I went to Taiwan and was hooked on it. All my friends from Taiwan love it too. But I was wondering what does ‘Samsoon’ mean that they all laugh at her name?

  11. omg~ da perfect site x)ma bro used 2 work wit daniel henney in a model agency (bro is not model.. to ugly) n ma bros friend waz his manager, but changed jobs… luckily 4 me, still works wit him xP BEST THING OF ALL!!!!! he (da manager guy) has daniel henneys PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!!! (sooooo wanna b him!!!!!!) cya l8rs ppl~ o, n im from california but am livin in korea rite now… I MISS CA!!!!!!

  12. Dis guy is so hot!!!First time i saw him i was like….oh my gosh!He’s so gorgeous!…Well..dis guy is really hot!

  13. hi!!!henney i love your korean tv show my name is kim sam soom i hope your carrier will be up.i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi, I am from Canada. Would u know by chance the title and the artist of the song, where kim sam soon and the guy were singing and playing @ the piano, and then it was sung by a male group later on in the show? Could that be the Canadian/Korean group Clazziquai? Anyone who knows the title and artist, pls email me @ Thanks…ciao

  15. hey guys tiahnna here from melb. same as you guys i’ve seen kim sam soon too really like it, watch it aboutthree times already. cant help it anyway yeah like korean too they’re so hot and real.

  16. Hey there! I’m a Filipina living in San Francisco. I came across “My Lovely Sam-Soon” by flipping channels. I stopped by the AZN channel, saw it, and wanted to see what it was all about. I enjoy and am intrigued on learning about other cultures, and plus I love romantic comedies! I fell in love with it after seeing the first episode, I just had to watch all of it, so I went online and bought the series on DVD. It was worth it! Also, I think all of the actors and actresses are beautiful and did a great job! I’m glad I got to share. Take care…

  17. Hi, I also would like to know the title and the artist of the song samsoon was singing when hyun bin was playing the piano, and then it was sung by a male group later on in the show? Anyone who knows the title and artist, pls email me @ Thanks

  18. Hi, i know you guys have probably read this message a lot already. But i`m also looking for that “oldies” song that Sam Soon and Hyun Bin play/sing on the piano. She said it was an old song and written by XXX, and later on they play it in the movie with a guy singing it. If anybody could please give me the title, please re post or it send it to my email: Thanks!

  19. nini his last events are Seducing Mr. Perfect and My father^^ I hope I will can help you

    I´m from Spain and I LOVE HIM!!!


    with love Elena^-~

    ¡adiós! O hasta pronto^///^

  20. hello my name is nur farzana athirah.i’m from malaysia.i’m a big fan of you and i want to say that you are so hendsome man.

  21. hi i am from phillippinse…. u amaze me of ur face… u look like my nephew bcos my nephew is a half swiss and half pinoy… i hope he will be like u… great face men… and i like the way u act in ur movie…. good luck and take care…. u are the most handsome guy that i seen in tv…

  22. Sonny Says:
    February 3rd, 2007 at 9:35 am

    Seo Yoo Suk – ah reum da oon sa ram

    There is a link for this song at:

    Anyeong! Can you please repost the link? I know I saw the date of when it was posted but if any way can it be reposted? I’m going nuts over this song teehee such a cute song kasi. Pretty please anyone? 🙁 I’m watching MNKSS now for the nth time and just so love the song.

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