Daum’s JDG mini-planet vs. Naver’s Lee Jung Jae blog

The two stars of “Typhoon” have their own sites that fans can visit. Jang Dong Gun (Taegukgi) has a mini-planet in Daum while Lee Jung Jae (Sandglass) blogs for Naver. Unfortunately, both are written in Korean and have no English translation.

Jang Dong Gun's miniplanet
Jang Dong Gun’s miniplanet

Jang Dong Gun and Lee Jung Jae are busy promoting their movie. The two are considered topstars in Korea. They have an extensive filmography both on the boob tube and the silver screen. While they have their own blog or miniplanet, I doubt if they personally update them. They may be too busy for that.

Having a blog or a miniplanet is a good way for the two actors to update their fans with happenings about their entertainment life ~ Hallyuwood style.

Lee Jung Jae's Naver blog
Lee Jung Jae’s Naver blog

So if you want to know the latest on what’s happening to Jang Dong Gun and Lee Jung Jae, just visit their blogs.

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