I’ve been dying to watch this movie since I’ve read some reviews on Pinoyexchange. Majority of the posters claimed that it’s scarier than “Ringu”–the Japanese horror movie remade by Hollywood. Actually, I was able to download the movie (bad!) but I haven’t had the courage to watch it. And besides, movies like these are better seen on the big screen. The movie opened on June 30th in Seoul. I wanted to see it on the weekend but my husband wanted to visit his parents in their hometown. I wouldn’t wait until the next week to see the film so we compromised.

Shutter - movie leaflet
Shutter – movie leaflet

We decided to go out on Friday evening and see the movie at the Seoul Cinema in Jongno. It is located near Jongno3-ga subway station. There are two newly-opened multiplexes in the area but we always go to Seoul Cinema first. Tickets were priced at 7,000 KRW (almost $7).

Shutter, being a Thai movie, was subtitled in Korean. So I had to watch it without the benefits of an English translation. My hubby diligently translated some of the very important conversations to moi.

Unlike in the Philippines, we had to wait here for our schedule before entering the cinema. We also had designated seats and unfortunately, ours was located near the left aisle. We moved to the center just before the movie started. Bad move since the movie’s musical score was so loud (and so scary!).

I almost expected that there’s gonna be a Sadako-like ghost (from the Japanese movie “Ringu”) but fortunately, the ghost in this movie wasn’t like her. Some scenes would remind of other horror movies, though. I heard a lot of screaming from the audience while watching the film. It’s pretty scary but the nice thing is that it has a story. And lots of shocking moments. I wouldn’t want to spoil any of them for those who haven’t seen “Shutter.”

Although the movie gave us a lot of goosebumps, I still prefer the other Thai horror “The Eye.”


  1. ey..juz wanna ask wer u’ve downloaded d movie…hehe…im kinda bad too..hehe. but seriously, there’s no DVD available here in the US kaya yon…would u tell me the address please? hehe..tnx a lot!!!

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