Young Widow

This morning I received a call from a friend telling me that her husband died. He was only 29 years old. He was diagnosed with stage-4 liver cancer last March. He was treated at the National Cancer Center in Ilsan, Goyang City. Unfortunately, his disease was really serious that the chances for him to survive was almost nil. His family tried everything so he can be cured but it’s probably his time to go. The western and oriental treatment he undertook didn’t make him any better.

It was difficult to talk to her because I didn’t know what to say. Her voice was so sad and I don’t know how to comfort her. She might be a citizen of this country (since last week) but it’s still foreign for her. I know she doesn’t have a lot of friends who can be with her right now. It’s a good thing that her mom will be flying from the Philippines to be with her in this difficult time.

He died so young. And he left his wife too early.


  1. o di ba sabi ko sa iyo, ang puti ng kilikili niya? i was distracted by that…hindi ko na-appreciate ang facial make-up niya! but then, tama ka betch, she is really very pretty! sexy pa!

  2. becth, sorry..i posted the above comment on a difgferent post! i was referring to jeon ji hyun’s kilikili..not this friend of ours…haaaay, naku windang talaga ako!

  3. While searching for an article about Jeon Ji-Hyun, I stumble upon this website. I’m very sorry about your lady friend who just lost her husband to liver cancer.

    I’d like to tell a story to your friend, hoping that somehow this will make her feel better.

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