Joriz de Guzman

I was amazed after reading this boy’s story. I know he’s not the first genius to walk on this planet but the story caught my attention because he’s a pure-blooded Pinoy and quite good-looking. I’ve seen his images on his Friendster account and you wouldn’t even imagine that he’s just 15. He’s tall for a Pinoy his age at 5-feet-10-inches. “Malaking bulas” as they say in Tagalog.

The story is on the online edition of the Inquirer

Fil-Am genius, 15,
here to relax, unwind

ALL of 15 years old, this whiz is set to begin graduate studies in computer science at the University of California-Santa Barbara in August.

Filipino-American Joriz de Guzman has been a staple in the California media for his remarkable academic achievements, the latest of which was being the youngest among the 3,400 students of California State University of San Bernardino (CSUSB) who received their college diplomas last Sunday.

Link to the full story.

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